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Fixing unemployment would fix much else

Unemployed feel the sting of jobless stigma | July 22

Bring the jobs to solve many issues

I read your article and I think that it is right on the money (pun intended). Years ago, someone said, "It's the economy, stupid." I would add to that by saying, "It's jobs, stupid."

Two years ago, President Barack Obama kept using the phrase "shovel ready." Where are the shovels?

Gov. Rick Scott kept saying, "Let's put Florida to work."

It seems to be that neither the stimulus program two years ago nor Scott's cuts have really put people to work.

I read recently that many corporations are enjoying increasing profits but still are not hiring (so much for trickle down). If their taxes are cut, there is still no guarantee that they will hire more workers.

It seems to me that we need to apply stimulus money directly to job creation as well as saving existing jobs in critical areas such as education and law enforcement. The same goes for tax cuts. Give them to corporations that put people to work.

I support capitalism and the great American dream. However, it could be said that World War II was a big stimulus program (unemployment was at an all-time low). None of this even factors in the mental/emotional stress of being unemployed.

Many people might turn to crime who would otherwise be law-abiding citizens if given a chance to be productive.

Carl Graham, Largo

Recovery leaves workers behind | July 23

Recovery reports are misleading

According to the White House press secretary, the economy has "vastly improved." Unfortunately, he does not report that unemployment has either increased or remained stagnant, and that American workers are being left behind.

The fact that some corporations are showing profits does not translate into good news for U.S. workers. And reports of a recovery are misleading.

The only workers who have seen any semblance of a recovery are those who are working for Obama's ever-burgeoning big government. And, indeed, it is those very job numbers that are being used to show a false advancement in economic growth.

This administration is doing little to stem the flow of jobs to outsourcing.

There is a desperate need to stimulate, not stifle, American corporations, which operate to make a profit by going lean, or by relocating.

In my opinion, there are no surprises here, so why are we seemingly always operating, desperately, in the 11th hour?

Orfeo Trombetta, Seminole

Recovery leaves workers behind | July 23

Tax cuts haven't led to job creation

If large American corporations continue their unbridled, greedy dealings that leave the American worker with a smaller piece of the pie, or no pie, how can a cataclysm be avoided?

The recent Associated Press article in the St. Petersburg Times, "Recovery leaves workers behind," describes the troubling current business climate. The existing political battle to save America's economy has a great deal to do with business and its wealthiest employees who have supporters opposing a return to the pre-Bush tax formula.

Taxing them is a bad plan, they say, because it will hurt job creation. How does that argument make sense? Haven't they had tax cuts for many years, and yet employment and wages still lag?

Large corporations seem to be entities without allegiance to the country of workers who give them life. In fact, with this country and others in the worst economic shape, perhaps ever, the patriotism of American-based corporations and highly paid employees is sadly less evident than ever before. Take GE, for instance, making surprising profits, but paying no taxes in this country.

Somehow, the passion of Americans has to be awakened to avert a historic battle that can have no winners. We have lost before we start if we continue to sleep through a most critical time in our democracy by not examining the facts and taking them with us to our polling place.

Darlene Dickson, Tampa

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