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Hash browns and hurricanes

Hash browns and hurricanes

The newest way to measure a storm's wrath? A Waffle House menu, at least that's what the Wall Street Journal reported this week. Apparently Waffle House's tenacity and preparedness are so watertight that FEMA director Craig Fugate joked that he watches a "Waffle House Index" of disaster magnitude. He can tell how bad a disaster has been by how much of its menu Waffle House is serving. As Fugate explained to the Wall Street Journal, "If you get there and the Waffle House is closed? That's really bad. That's where you go to work."

Oldest woolly rhino is found

Paleontologists in Tibet have discovered a species of woolly rhinoceros that may be an ancestor of the great Ice Age beasts that roamed the icy plains of North America, Europe and Asia. The Coelodonta thibetana fossil dates to about 3.7 million years ago, about a million years before other known woolly rhinos. The findings, published in Friday's edition of the journal Science, lead researchers to believe that before the Ice Age began, the chilly Tibetan highlands may have served as an evolutionary cradle for cold-hardy mammals.

Graffiti at the Grand Canyon?

A Canadian man faces two federal charges after allegedly spray painting his name on a Grand Canyon National Park rock formation on Monday. Lucien Lionel Chenier only managed to scrawl "LUCI" in red letters on the Duck on a Rock outcrop before his screaming tour leader and other bystanders stopped him, the National Parks Traveler reported. When asked why he thought it would be wise to graffiti the landmark, he said: "It was so special that if he left his name then his kids would be able to see it 20 years from now," according to a U.S. District Court complaint filed by Ranger David Robinson.

From road rage to disaster rage

While Hurricane Irene was blowing away from the mid-Atlantic on Sunday, police said a College Park man attacked a motorist with a live power line knocked down by the storm. Times wires

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