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It's a bike race, not a beer fest

Re: Cyclists, students thrown together (email to the editor, Feb. 20)

Tampa is big enough to host more than one event in a weekend. Email writer Paul Schaut may live in small town Lutz but if you don't like the big city and don't want your child "exposed" to the evils then don't come. He makes cyclists and their fans sound like beer-swilling drunks. We are not. In reality, Paul's child will be safer at the State Thespian Festival because there will be no automobile traffic as the streets will be closed. Welcome to the big city!

Todd Anderson, Tampa

Expensive cookies

Re: Too good at her job (tbt*, Feb. 20)

The story says the Italian cleaning lady unwittingly threw away "contemporary artwork" valued at 10,000 euros. This masterpiece consisted of cookie crumbs and newspapers strewn on the floor. I'm curious as to how its value was able to be estimated. If one wanted to purchase this gem, would the artist deliver it personally and carefully distribute it on the floor? Maybe it would just come in a box with instructions like a bed from Ikea, although I doubt the average person could recreate the genius and beauty of the original.

Perhaps we should just consider the cleaning lady an expert in her field — one who knows trash when she sees it.

Larry Miller, Tampa

Trash talk

Re: Recycling follies (email to the editor, Feb. 21)

Email writer Paul Brown is so cheap. By not participating in St. Pete's recycling program, he saves $45 a year. Even if service is not good yet, he should participate. In my family, we recycle everything. If the city doesn't offer recycling for certain items, we collect them and bring to the right recycling location. For example, we save the egg cartons for weeks or months, then bring them to Publix to recycle.

Shame on America on teaching children to buy only essential things to save the earth, but in reality encouraging adults to buy and buy.

Thai Nguyen, Largo

Keep it to yourself

Re: He's coming out, and his female friends want in on his bedroom habits (Dear Prudence, Feb. 18)

What I think is outrageous is that we have become a society that focuses on our sexual preference and whom we sleep with. When you allow people into your bedroom, then expect outrageous questions. Why was it necessary for this man to come out to his friends or anyone? Just be yourself. I'm sure if they're so close to you, then they already have an idea but still it is none of their business. True friends judge you based on your personality, not who or how you sleep with someone.

Dhanetta Knight, St. Petersburg


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