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Letters: Anyone can help control feral cats

Sheriff is headed to the "pen" Feb. 14, story

Anyone can help control feral cats

As a former volunteer and president from 1991 to 1996 of the then-named Humane Society of Hernando County, I commend executive director Joanne Schoch and everyone involved in "Pen Pals."

The population of Hernando County has grown and its animal needs also have grown. But adopting out 482 pets in one year cannot in any way undo the killing of 5,475 animals at Hernando County Animal Services. Something must be done to reduce the number of animals that are being killed.

I recommend that anyone who knows of a feral (untamed) cat colony in the county contact Alley Cat Allies for information on how to reduce the cat population by nonlethal methods and save taxpayers a great deal of money that is being spent on killing animals that come into Animal Services.

If a group of concerned animal lovers, even five to seven people, gather and know of a colony of perhaps 12 feral cats, they can receive information from Alley Cat Allies on how to trap the cats and bring them into Pet Luv Non-Profit Spay/Neuter Clinic in Brooksville. Pet Luv's services are extremely low priced. The cats are spayed and/or neutered and receive all their necessary shots and are then returned to the site of their colony.

A group of people forms to pay the expenses and one person each day agrees to feed the cats. By doing this, the colony defends itself against stray cats entering it and will remain at the same number for many years.

Animal Services will never need to pick up animals at that site again. The amount of money saved is only limited by how many feral cat colonies can be set up by the public. I have been involved in the trap, neuter and return program for feral cats for six years, and it does work.

Every day, Alley Cat Allies makes strides to change policies regarding feral cats. As they educate and work with volunteers, caregivers, animal service agencies, local officials, and spay/neuter clinics, they are catalyzing a shift in public thinking — making people aware that feral cats have a right to live in our communities.

Everyone begins to see the advantages in solving overpopulation and at the same time, saving taxpayers a tremendous amount of money that is used for killing these animals.

Alley Cat Allies is located in Bethesda, Md. For information about Alley Cat Allies, call (240) 482-1980 or E-mail:

Bonnie Lenz, Spring Hill

Brown-Waite insensitive, arrogant | Feb. 20, guest column

Vote legislator

out of office

I totally agree with guest columnist Carmelo Delgado's statement that U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite has become an embarrassment to her political party, to the U.S. House of Representatives, to her congressional district and to herself. Her arrogance and bigotry is unacceptable and should be condemned by all. One can only wonder what ethnic group she and her parrot Charlie Keller will insult next.

Her official Web site tells us "Ginny has built a reputation as an independent and fearless leader with the ability and authority to get things done on behalf of her Florida constituents" and that "Ginny's arduous work is a testament to her drive, tenacity and dedication to the people of the 5th District."

These characterizations would be funny if they were not so pathetic, and possibly should include a footnote that her Florida constituents do not include "foreign citizens (Puerto Ricans and Guamians)," Muslims, French, immigrant workers, anybody with a cognomen ending in a vowel.

All voters in the district should remember her name, attitude and arrogance the next time they vote and remove her from office. I also would caution her opponents who plan to put out campaign signs to be on the alert, as her husband will surely be out and about.

Michael Cleary,

New Port Richey

Puerto Rico has the right idea

Am I understanding the proposed taxpayer rebate program, or is it true that residents in Puerto Rico will receive rebate checks, even though they are not required to pay into the tax system that all the rest of the country must?

Also, where do low-income and no-income citizens fit in, or do they fit in at all? Having no income due to being old affects a great many people. No income means no income tax filing. No income tax filing — no rebate!

I think Puerto Rico has the right idea about not paying income tax. I think all the rest of the United States should not have to pay either. Wasn't income tax a war-time tax, to be removed at a long overdue date?

Ernest Franklin, Spring Hill

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