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Marty St. Louis is a class act

Re: Unspoken words Marty must say (Gary Shelton column, tbt* Feb. 27)

Someone get Gary Shelton a box of Kleenex! Shelton waxed on romantically about Marty St. Louis, but then chose to insult his character by insinuating that he might not give his all on the ice if not traded.

In choosing to keep a private conversation private, Marty St. Louis continued to be the class act he always has been. I can find no fault in an accomplished athlete wishing to represent his country at the Olympics, especially in what was most likely his last chance to do so. Like a sad, brokenhearted teenager, Gary Shelton demanded that St. Louis "say the words." I think his two goals in Thursday's first period against the Predators say more than words ever could.

Bill Riemer, Tampa

Racist comment

Re: The (sad) anatomy of a campaign 'gaffe' (News Talk, tbt* Feb. 28)

I was quite amused by the spin doctor of (a radical left leaning organization) justifying Alex Sink's racist remarks. One has to commend that the entire quote of Sink's was printed. It is a pity that such is not afforded to those whom Slate eviscerates on a regular basis.

The racist (and they were racist and offensive) comments were the first thoughts that came from Sink's mouth in response. If I have to tell the Slate columnist or any of your readers why the comments were offensive, then it is probably likely that they are racists and like most racists are ignorant about how they offend and why it is offensive. Selective sensitivity does not excuse racism.

It is the same explanation that many justify themselves as innocent when they say I don't dislike (fill in the blank) people. Some of my best friends are (fill in the blank) people. Sink not only made a racist statement, but she categorically insulted many who are landscapers and work in hotels who are legal citizens of the United States by placing the canard upon their occupation which demonstrated her elitist and privileged status.

Why did David Jolly not answer in real time to her racist comment? You would have to ask him. One imagines that politicians generally cannot believe what they have heard out of their opponent's mouth or they want to get their message out there and do not want to deviate from it. Of course, they might want the media to do their job and question, but that is done selectively as well. I saw your paper reported on one of Jolly's incidents when he was 16.

Personally, I have no use for Sink or Jolly as candidates for their respective masters (Pelosi and Boehner), but Sink made a racist and bigoted comment and the other side, like good sharks smell blood and are going for the political kill.

Samuel Catalino, Wesley Chapel


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