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Meet ... Mosquito Teeth

Mosquito Teeth are a quartet of gentlemen in their mid-20s, who musically take a cue from post-punk acts such as The Descendants, The Circle Jerks and NOFX. Their songs are executed at a dizzying pace, with snide, sarcastic and often humorous lyrics. Each song has a riff that's a hook, and is sure to have you humming it hours later.

Mosquito Teeth are Brian Hawthorn, vocals and back hair; Bradley Sugarman, bass and diddlys; JJ Kimmel, drums and talk-show host; and Scott Rothman, guitar and bad equipment.

Here's what they had to say for themselves:

How long have you been together?

Hawthorn: We started back in 2010 but it was just me, JJ, Rothman, and we had a different bass player at the time. We acquired Bradley shortly after that, about two months.

So he's new but not that new?

Hawthorn: Not that new. But we have to give respect to the guy that played before him: Brian Adams, not the Canadian pop star.

When leafing through your photographs, one would easily surmise that the band enjoys performing in costumes involving underwear, diapers, wrestling outfits. Can you shed any light on this situation?

Hawthorn: With all do respect, Aaron, they're more like uniforms, not costumes. Those are for kids; we're grown-ass men.

Basically, if you were employed at McDonald's, you would have to wear a McDonald's uniform. That's what you guys wear when you work for Mosquito Teeth?

Hawthorn: Absolutely, but I graduated high school; I would never work at McDonald's. We actually have a song called Spit in my Food, which is a lash-out against, and about our hatred towards, fast-food restaurants.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Hawthorn: Our inspirations are Bon Jovi, Jesus and Satan, and vandals.

Sugarman: Not the band, actual vandals.

How many teeth do mosquitos actually have?

Everyone: 47!

Hawthorn: Everybody knows that.

Kimmel: It's on the end of a proboscis; you can look it up on the internet.

Rothman: We have a song called 47.

Where do you draw your subject material?

Hawthorn: S--- we see in everyday life.

And obviously, things you see on the Internet.

Hawthorn: Yeah the internet, the news, anything people take too seriously and shouldn't.

Hawthorn: Everybody is too serious, so we try to stray away from that. Hence, playing in our uniforms, which is sometimes underwear, clown outfits, wrestling attire, buck-ass naked, diapers, Scott with pantyhose on his head, a little bit of hot oil … hat tipped to the side. Scott Rothman is Channing Tatum.

Do you have any final words you would like to bestow upon us?

Hawthorn: Spay and neuter your children.

Mosquito Teeth

The group perform at The End of the Year Bash with DRS and Hellbent. It's 8 p.m. Monday at Lala's Brewhouse 7717 Ulmerton Rd, Largo. For info, see

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