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Pasco letters: The facts on Dade City landfill plan

What's wrong with NIMBY? Feb. 20, letter

Here are the facts on landfill plan

Letter writer Linda Cluey raised important issues; unfortunately, on most of them she has fallen victim to the misinformation being peddled by Carl Roth. She applauds Mr. Roth's passion, yet he is the one who said in an open forum that many Dade City residents would welcome another garbage incinerator to be sited in their back yard. That would require increased truck traffic along with a landfill for the resultant toxic ash, so his protestations about our project ring a bit hollow. (According to published reports, the county is looking to build two more ash landfills for the existing incinerator.) In open forums Mr. Roth has been completely unable to defend his numerous mischaracterizations, and I welcome the opportunity to debate him anywhere, anytime, in front of anyone who cares about this issue.

Our engineering is being reviewed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, DEP, which conducts possibly the most stringent reviews of these types of projects in the nation. Even those who have raised questions about our project acknowledge its forward-thinking composting and recycling technology, and our environmental safeguards vastly exceed DEP requirements. The agreement we have offered the county forbids accepting trash by rail, and the characterization about 200-foot composting towers is completely off the mark. County officials have praised the manner in which we designed our nearby construction debris landfill and our new facility would similarly be well-buffered from view. Frankly, most people are surprised to learn that both we and the county already have active landfills in this area.

Our project has been endorsed by some of the foremost environmentalists, academics and experts in the state. Further, it will save the county an estimated $500-million at a time when local budgets are extremely strapped.

I appreciate Ms. Cluey's concerns, but she will see that our project is best for the environment, best for taxpayers, and will belie the false information being peddled.

John Arnold, Project Engineer, Angelo's Recycled Materials, Dade City

Agency leader hits the ground running | Feb. 25, story

Glad to see new faces on coalition

As I have been a severe critic of the Pasco Hernando Early Learning Coalition in the past, culminating in my walking off the board, I was pleased to learn of the appointment of James Farrelly as executive director. By all accounts, he brings long overdue talent and energy the board.

I was also pleased to learn of Susan Arnett's appointment to a Pasco seat on the board. I would still suggest that a change in board leadership is long overdue and would go a long way to healing the wounds among Pasco and Hernando members.

The board must remember and admit the errors of the past if it is to function wisely in the future. I will continue to watch from the sidelines and not hesitate to raise issues as I see them, hopefully more positive. After all, they are responsible for spending $25-million in taxes annually.

Marc J. Yacht, Hudson

Property rules put pinch on patriotism | Feb. 24, Andrew Skerritt column

Old Glory gave you your freedom

If you're offended by Old Glory, you're in the wrong country, not to mention the wrong subdivision. Being in that subdivision — the freedom to live where you want to, in the fashion in which you freely choose — is what Old Glory has given us as Americans.

What patriotism on behalf of 1st Lt. Geoff Grant. I commend him and all of our troops that have served and are serving our country. I was completely moved by this column. All of his actions stand for and his tours of duty are for you to have the choices that we have today. I'm proud of Lt. Grant and his grandfather's service in World War I.

I am a proud American of Italian decent. Oct. 12, I fly the colors of the United States of America first and foremost and an Italian flag for my proud heritage. No one in our deed-restricted community has said one word. Now that's freedom. God bless America.

Elisa Williams, Hudson

Property rules put pinch on patriotism | Feb. 24, Andrew Skerritt column

Laws already cover flag displays

The headline of this column seem to suggest another story of homeowner associations gone amok. In fact, the subject of American flags is a serious one.

However, had Mr. Skerritt done some basic research, he would have discovered Congress addressed this subject in H.R. 42, the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005. More surprising is state Sen. Fasano's lack of knowledge of Florida statute 720.304(2), passed in 2007. This statute also addresses this issue in definitive terms.

Please, Sen. Fasano, don't waste time introducing bills already passed. Hopefully this was an oversight on the senator's part and not a grab for votes next election.

William Jenkins,

Land O'Lakes

Legal burns need another look

Recently, residents of Holiday have been subjected to smoke that has been generated from burning leaves and garbage. When I questioned the environmental authorities in Tallahassee, I was told that it was a legal burn because the people who was doing this had a burn permit issued by Pasco County.

Since when does a legal burn permit allow a someone to make us sick, and make us choke and cough? Something is wrong here, and I hope our Pasco officials will look into this very serious matter.

Most of the residents in our area are senior citizens and many have respiratory problems. As a taxpayers of Pasco County we deserve nonpolluted air.

Joseph P. Galea, Holiday

A silver lining shines through | Feb. 22, column

Special Olympics story brings smile

I just wanted to comment on the wonderful article that Michele Miller wrote about the Special Olympics and all the children. It sounded like a magical day from beginning to end. The photo was outstanding also.

Thank you for bringing a smile in the newspaper.

Gene Hills, Hudson

Wal-Mart snubs some 'neighbors'

On Feb. 20 a meeting was held at the Beacon Woods Civic Association clubhouse led by Wal-Mart representatives for their "neighbors'' in Beacon Woods. It was to introduce themselves and answer questions.

It was not open to the public. What happened to Country Club Estates and other subdivisions? Our properties are actually adjacent to the Wal-Mart property. Doesn't that make us "neighbors'' too?

When will they meet with us?

Janet Zimmer, Hudson

Good idea then, maybe not so now | Feb. 15, letter

Bring back CCC in place of welfare

I thank letter writer Clint Thaxton for reminding of the Civilian Conservation Corp. It's too bad we don't have that instead of welfare. But, I guess none of our homeless would take advantage of it. Why work when government will support you?

My father, a U.S. Army reserve officer, was recalled to active duty to run camps that build the Skyline Drive and the Virginia part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We didn't live at the camp. We lived in Luray and then in Bedford, Va.

I even got to spend the summer in President Hoover's old summer getaway cabins. For a 6-year-old girl, that was heaven.

The men couldn't have their families with them. So, when we went to camp to pick up my father, my brother and I had a whole lot of babysitters. The men loved me because I reminded them of their own little girls.

When we stayed in the cabin, we only had one problem. I would pick up and play with anything that moved. The countryside was full of rattlesnakes. Mother gave my brother, two years older and not as brave as me, the task of keeping an eye on his little sister and to not let me play with the snakes.

Yes, the CCC was a life saver. It kept many families out of the bread line. I'm all for bringing it back.

Kathryn L. Robinson, New Port Richey

Brown-Waite insensitive, arrogant | Feb. 19, guest column

Brown-Waite said nothing wrong

One definition of sensitivity is "easily offended."

Carmelo Delgado's scathing criticism of U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite's comments about "foreign citizens" who do not pay income taxes and expect rebates is an example of liberals and minority groups who attack anyone who differs with their agenda. They also throw in "racists, insensitive,'' etc., for effect.

He mentions that Puerto Ricans became citizens "not by their choice," but does not say that independence has been rejected in the past by those same citizens.

He warns that Puerto Ricans are moving to "this country, every day." We can only guess why.

He throws in a plug for "illegal immigration" without mentioning they are breaking our laws. (Imagine that coming from a former law enforcement officer!)

He urges his Muslim "friends" and Hispanic brothers to vote against Rep. Brown-Waite. I, on the other hand, urge all of us "others" (who are in the majority, but don't seem to realize it) to support Ginny, who does not pander to special-interest groups and has the guts to speak out.

Bob Gagne, Spring Hill


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