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The Legislature must stop propping up Progress Energy

The reactor building at the Crystal River Nuclear Plant has been closed while Progress Energy considers its repair options.


The reactor building at the Crystal River Nuclear Plant has been closed while Progress Energy considers its repair options.

Fasano: Progress should explain | Nov. 12

Stop propping up Progress Energy

Over several reports, the St. Petersburg Times showed how Progress Energy's inept management broke its Crystal River nuclear plant, and how Progress Energy wants its customers to pay for it.

State Sen. Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey, seems to be the only legislator in Tallahassee standing up for his constituents by calling for a hearing. When asked, Senate Communications, Energy and Public Utilities Committee Chairman Andy Gardiner, R-Orlando, said he would consider conducting a hearing, but he would not commit. Gardiner probably has to ask Progress Energy for permission first.

We need more legislators like Fasano in Tallahassee: ones who look out for consumers. Whenever the Legislature allows Progress Energy to collect more money for nothing in return, like the fictitious future nuclear power plant in Levy County, it's state-sponsored socialism for Progress Energy. But for the utility customer, it's another fee we have to pay. This cozy arrangement needs to end.

Richard Magda, New Port Richey

Italy's economic problems

Italy's economic choices led to debt

Italy has many economic problems. It has long had the reputation of being unable to collect taxes, especially on the rich, with many and varied tax cheating schemes surfacing periodically in the press. More importantly, Italy engaged in the neoconservative economic policies espoused by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

Between 1994 and 2006, the Italian government sold equity stakes in some 75 large state enterprises, more than any other European nation during the same period. This was supposed to invigorate the economy and increase competition, lower prices and raise revenue with lower taxes.

Privatization, however, failed to bring about the increased competition in key industries and lower prices for consumers its planners originally envisioned.

Lower taxes brought lower government revenue and continued tax cheating. It did shift income toward the rich and encouraged deficit spending on the promise of sunny times ahead. Instead, as with other nations that trod the same path, rising debt has been the main result.

Ian MacFarlane, St. Petersburg

Trickling down Marketplace, Nov. 13

Assumptions on chart misleading

Edward Gibbbon wrote the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire and listed five reasons the empire collapsed:

1. The increase in divorce, undermining the family.

2. The imposition of higher taxes.

3. The drive for pleasure, sports becoming more exciting and brutal.

4. The people lost faith.

5. The existence of an internal conspiracy, working to undermine the government from within, all the time that the government was proclaiming that Rome's enemy was external.

Anybody see a similarity with today's America?

Looking at the graphic the Times published in the Sunday Business section highlighting the income increase in the top 1 percent vs. the rest of the earners was so biased, it's apparent you intended to mislead the readers.

Oh, I know you'll justify it and tell the public it was provided by the Congressional Budget Office, but you intentionally omit the fact the CBO is given the assumptions and format by the administration or Congress and "must" provide the information based on those considerations.

The game in Washington is to give CBO a request in a manner that ensures the results come out with a predetermined answer they want and then tell the public it's done independently .

Anybody interested in the income for those in the 40th or 50th percentile, and so on? I'll bet they did well and should also be punished for doing well!

If the chart would show the income results in 10 percentile increments, the chart would look completely different. It's clear that the administration and liberal media mislead the public intentionally.

If Mr. Gibbon were alive today, he would add a sixth reason below:

6. Government and the media will publish information to promote their bias, intentionally mislead the public and promote their agendas.

Jim Harpham, Palm Harbor

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