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Pinellas reaches deal with hospitals over health care for the poor


Former MacDill worker sentenced to 30 years for making child porn


    Court hears case over redistricting docs, consultant claims conspiracy

    BainterOne of Florida's top Republican political consultants stopped short of accusing the state Supreme Court of lacking "integrity" Friday if it rules that he must disclose emails in a case brought under the state’s new anti-gerrymanding laws.

    Pat Bainter, whose firm Data Targeting Inc. has battled for two years to keep the documents private in a lengthy legal battle over the state’s redistricting maps, argued that the release of his emails violates his First Amendment right to anonymous political speech.

    But after the justices – who have had access to the documents -- raised doubts about Bainter’s argument that they were trade secrets, he issued a blistering statement.

    "Today’s Supreme Court hearing is the culmination of a legal assault and press sensationalism as to whether or not I, a private citizen, have the right to petition my government without fear of a political inquisition into my private matters," he wrote after the oral arguments. "After today's hearing, it is clear to me that, as interpreted by the Florida Supreme Court, Amendments 5 & 6 are unconstitutional because they criminalize political speech based upon its content."...


    2014 Fall TV Preview: Get show reviews and a customizable schedule

    Another season, another new crop of eager shows waiting to see if they’ll pass or fail with a TV audience whose attention is more divided than ever. Gracepoint, black-ish, Gotham, How to Get Away with Murder, Mulaney: Which will succeed? Which will drop out before the year is over?...


    Better times.

    Buy orange juice or else, Florida!

    Tough times and whatnot. Here's what Jack Payne, the senior vice president for agriculture and natural resources at the University of Florida and the head of UF's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, had to say on 13A today:...