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    South Florida race could give Senate Republicans veto-proof majority

    The most closely watched race in the Florida Senate is a bare-knuckle battle between two political rivals....


    'Walking Dead' recap: Bob's leg — it's what's for dinner!

    Zombies and human fallibility aside, The Walking Dead needs a true villain, a neo-mustache-twirler who's abandoned all shred of new-world reason. The One-Eyed Gov was megomaniacally eeeevil by his grisly end, and the show was better for it -- a Bad Guy that gooses the Good Guys. When Rick & Co. 'sploded Terminus and set out on a Road to Nowhere in the Season 5 premiere, I feared the show would once again wander and weave into a sloggish, too-many-plotlines pace. And blame it on my ADD, but Sunday's followup ep -- titled "Strangers" -- was a slow-builder for almost its entire length. Here we go againzzz. Then Gareth, the subtly creepola Terminus chief, showed up in the final frame...AND SNACKED ON BOB'S BBQ'D LEG RIGHT IN FRONT OF BOB! "You taste much better than we thought you would." Dannnggg!! I'm hooked and, oddly enough, hungry....


    Lane DeGregory on a life-saving dog

    Today on 1A:...