March Fools Day: Notebook 2 is NOT being filmed in Clearwater

Published March 8 2016

An obscure celebrity fantasy site set hearts aflutter with "news" that The Notebook 2 starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams will be filmed in Clearwater.

It isn't true, folks. None of it. posted the hoax, which is apparently a product of the site's call for users to send local news stories that apparently can be made up.

Not everyone reads the site's contact page that clearly states: "ALY News is a fantasy news site. All news articles on are satire or pure fantasy."

An e-mail request for comment from failed in delivery to the e-address provided by the site. came to my attention through a reader's e-mail inquiring about extras being hired for The Notebook 2. Unaware of any such project,  I contacted St. Petersburg-Clearwater film commissioner Tony Armer, who also knew nothing about it. "You're the second person who asked," Armer messaged.

Armer contacted Jacksonville's film office and reported by e-mail: "Appears to be gossip only with no basis in fact."

A potential sequel to The Notebook has always thrilled fans of Nicholas Sparks' novel and its movie incarnation. The author penned a follow-up titled The Wedding, focused on the son-in-law of Gosling and McAdams' characters. No plans are announced for a movie version.

The article isn't credited to any news source, and no involved parties are quoted, although Gosling, McAdams, Sparks and The Notebook director Nick Cassavetes are name-checked as participants.

An almost identically worded article was discovered, claiming Winston-Salem, N.C. is where The Notebook 2 would be produced. It is apparently also a hoax.

Oh, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie probably haven't purchased a home in Highland Village, Tex., as another uncredited local news article on declares.