News Roundup

Jessica Leigh Robbins is federally charged with stalking Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell. [Photo courtesy of Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (2012)]

Tampa woman accused of stalking Soundgarden singer Cornell

TAMPA — Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell and his wife pulled their children out of New York public schools, fearing that a Tampa woman would try to hurt them, according to a federal complaint that charges the woman with stalking. Jessica Leigh Robbins, 32, may have tried to enter the couple's other home in Miami la …


    Fundraising email

    Frankel joins in Democratic fundraising frenzy over Obama lawsuit/impeachment talk

    Democrats are feasting on dollars raised amid played up concerns over a lawsuit House Republicans are pushing against President Obama and talk of impeachment - talk Republicans accuse Democrats of stoking despite only scattered calls for impeachment....


    Oldsmar tech company gives $25,000 to Friends of Greenlight

    An Oldsmar technology company has helped nudge the Friends of Greenlight closer to its $1 million fundraising goal....


    Hillsborough district and critics seek to ease racial disparities

    As the Hillsborough County school district develops new ways to reach out to students who are at risk of failing or dropping out, they are doing so amid a chorus of concern about racial disparities....