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News Roundup

he four sets of human remains excavated from the chancel of a church on the site of Fort James at Jamestown, Va., are thought to be some of European America's earliest leaders, including, the Rev. Robert Hunt, thought to be the first Anglican minister in the Americas; Capt. Gabriel Archer, the early expeditionary leader; Sir Ferdinando Wainman, the cousin of Sir West, the Virginian governor; and Capt. William West, the governor?€™s uncle. [James Di Loreto  |  Smithsonian Institution via The New York Times]

Jamestown excavation unearths four bodies — and a mystery in a small box

JAMESTOWN, Va. — When his friends buried Capt. Gabriel Archer here about 1609, they dug his grave inside a church, lowered his coffin into the ground and placed a sealed silver box on the lid. This English outpost was then a desperate place. The "starving time," they called it. Dozens had died of hunger and disease …


Hillary Clinton to give policy speech Friday at FIU

Hillary Clinton will give a "policy address" at Florida International University on Friday morning....


Neighbor in viral barbecue dispute says focus on smoker

Focus on the smoker.

That's the message in a statement released Tuesday by Sue Godfirnon, the Pinellas County elementary school teacher embroiled in a now viral dispute with her neighbor over barbecue smoke. Godfirnon has lodged more than a dozen complaints with Pinellas County and a video recording of an exchange between a county air quality inspector and one of Godfirnon's neighbors, Chris Matt, has racked up more than 4 million views since it was posted on Facebook last week. (Read a full report here.)...


New choices limited for families of delayed Pasco charter school

Families coping with Garden Montessori Charter School's unexpected decision not to open in August won't have many new choices among Pasco County public schools heading into the new academic year....