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News Roundup

Despite the shift to new chip-enabled credit and debit cards to thwart large data breaches, some experts think credit card fraud will increase with a rise in online fraud. [File photo: The New York Times]

Scam-central Florida leads country in credit card fraud

Florida doesn't have to worry about losing its reputation as a haven for scamsters and fraudsters of all stripes. With nearly double the rate of credit card fraud complaints nationwide — and a 130 percent leap in complaints just since 2011 — Florida is retaining its crown as the credit card fraud capital of the cou …


Rubio's first ad paints him as tough on national security

Marco Rubio's first TV ad plays off national security concerns and illustrates his dual campaign against Democrats for Senate and Hillary Clinton....


St. Pete City Council advances utility rate hike

A St. Petersburg City Council committee voted unanimously Thursday to add either $3.73 or $5.60 to the average  monthly utility bills. ...


Newest Pasco School Board member calls for improved communication with parents

In her first notable foray into school district politics a year ago, Colleen Beaudoin took on Pine View Middle School's aggressive attempt to adopt and implement a new curriculum and calendar with minimal parental input....