News Roundup

Avalanche sweeps down Mount Everest, killing at least 12

NEW DELHI — The Sherpas always go first, edging up the deadly flank of Mount Everest while international clients wait for days in the base camp below. They set off in the dark, before the day's warmth causes the ice to shift. They creep one by one across ladders propped over crevasses, burdened with food and suppli …


    Francisco Diaz, who rode his bike to Washington from Florida, outside the White House on Friday

    Florida man caps journey to urge Obama to stop deportations

    Francisco Diaz was never going to accomplish his goal Friday, but he pedaled up to the gate of the White House anyway, pressed the call button and told a guard he wanted to speak with President Obama. A guard told him he'd have to make an appointment....


    Dunedin: Blue Jays architect to calculate spring training upgrade needs, costs

    DUNEDIN| It will be at least another month or so before the Toronto Blue Jays submit a spring training facilities wish list and cost estimate to the city....


    Pasco superintendent urges parents to monitor kids' social media

    Pasco County schools superintendent Kurt Browning sent a phone message home to middle and high school parents on Friday, reminding them to keep on top of what their kids might be doing on social media sites....