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News Roundup

In November 2010, the Mississippi Canyon 294 coral community in the Gulf of Mexico was discovered to have been damaged during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. In the foreground is a large colony of the octocoral Paragorgia, with numerous, smaller, yellow Paramuricea coral colonies with symbiotic brittle stars in the background. [Lophelia II 2010, NOAA OER, and BOEM, via AP]

Uncharted waters: Restoring the deep Gulf of Mexico fouled by BP's Deepwater Horizon spill

NEW ORLEANS — Far offshore and a mile deep in the dark world below the Gulf of Mexico's gleaming surface, the catastrophic BP oil spill of 2010 did untold damage on the ocean floor. But scientists are unsure they can do much to heal places in the deep that were hurt the most as they undertake what's being called th …


Donald Trump's Miami mega obstacle

From the New York Times' look at the toughest battlegrounds for Donald Trump:...


Tarpon police close investigation of mysterious letters

Tarpon Springs police have closed the investigation into a string of mysterious letters anonymously sent to three former city officials after a contentious mayoral election in March....


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Charter school management company Newpoint Education Partners pleads not guilty

Newpoint Education Partners, a charter school management company that was indicted along with three related companies earlier this month, has pleaded not guilty to charges of grand theft, money laundering and aggravated white collar crime....