After a long silence, ‘Florida Man’ is back (sort of)

The twitter page for @_FloridaMan as scene on Feb. 2, 2018. [Twitter].
The twitter page for @_FloridaMan as scene on Feb. 2, 2018. [Twitter].
Published February 6 2018
Updated February 6 2018

Florida Man is back

Not the guy who’s constantly generating news headlines like, ’Florida Man Arrested For Calling 911 To Complain About Small Restaurant Portions’ and Florida Man Calls 911 To Report Himself Drunk Driving

No, I mean the @_FloridaMan Twitter account that has 381,000 followers eager to hear about the exploits of "the world’s worst superhero."

First launched in February 2013, the popular Twitter account regularly distributed stories about wacky Floridian antics. Never mind that the mug shot for the account was not, in fact, a Florida man, but rather, as a piece in the Tampa Bay Times pointed out back then "an Indiana man, Ricky Lee Kalichun, who was arrested in Evansville in January 2011 for attacking a neighbor with a sword".

Within months, the account had caught the attention of Slate, National Public Radio and other outlets that delighted in its outrageousness, and its list of followers grew and grew. In fact, when the website Thrillist gave its (thoroughly unscientific and completely inaccurate) rankings of the 50 states last summer, it put Florida at dead last solely on the basis of @_FloridaMan’s Twitter feed .

But then the tweeting abruptly stopped last fall.

Whoever runs the account fell silent after a last tweet in October — and Lord knows there’s been plenty of weird Florida news to tweet about since then.

I sent three e-mails to the address listed in the Twitter bio asking what was going on. Finally, on Jan. 19, someone on the other end responded: "Yeah dude, all is good. Appreciate you checking in. Don’t know when I’ll be back, but hope to eventually."

At last, on Jan. 26, he (or she, you never know) tweeted something new — a gag comparing the Pope’s tweet calling for a "journalism of hope" with the story about the Florida man busted for DUI after he mistook a bank drive-through for a Taco Bell and ordered a burrito Florida man who mistook a bank drive-thru for Taco Bell and asked the manager for a burrito.

Despite the long silence, that tweet still drew 203 retweets and 769 likes.

He or she has tweeted several more time since then, including disputing the Thrillist finding and sending congratulations to Philadelphia for winning the Super Bowl. For that one, the tweet referred to Philly as "the Florida of the Northeast."

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