Belleair residents complain that plantings threaten view of golf course

Published May 10 2018
Updated May 10 2018

BELLEAIR ó Several residents who live around the Pelican Golf Course complained at a recent Town Commission meeting about the planting of shrubs and trees along the perimeter of the club, impeding their view.

Sam Hoskinsons, the president of the homeowners association, complained about what he called a natural fence being put along the course.

"We were told there would be no fence," he said. "Upon the sale of the golf club the mayor said, as a matter of trust, people have a right to the view of the rolling hills of the golf course as much as people who live by the water have a right to that view."

The Pelican Golf Club was purchased from the town by the Doyle family; they are renovating the property.

"I have to wonder if the ownerís word is good enough," Hoskinsons said. "It isnít good enough for me. Iím upset and some people are really angry."

"Please help us to get the owner to do the right thing," he urged commissioners.

Resident Joel Kehrer joined the complaints about the shrubs and trees being planted.

"I purchased my property in 2000," he said. "I have enjoyed the view and living here. I suddenly come home three days ago and discover that 12 to 15 feet from my house are large shrubs planted just inches apart. They will eventually obstruct my view as will several rows of trees that have been planted. It is an incursion on property owners who pay taxes."

The commission took no action during the meeting.