Ernest Hooper: Let’s hope post-9/11 generation will stand, engage and act

Published February 19 2018

Weíre approaching a new era. Before our eyes, a post-9/11 generation, stunned by mass shootings, roiled by political divides and connected through social media will soon reach the age of majority.

They will be able to vote, hold elected officials accountable, demand change and eventually seek office. Some wonder if they will tune out, bury their noses in smartphones and grow complacent.

The reaction to the Parkland mass shooting from such courageous students as Marjory Stoneman Douglas senior Emma Gonzalez, the anger being channeled into action, leads me to believe weíre on the precipice of real change. Letís hope this initial swell of outrage burns long into the night. Letís hope they remain engaged and committed.

Itís an effort I respect. .?.?.

The Cathedral Church of St. Petersburg, 140 Fourth St. N, continues its monthly Restoring Respect series with a focus on race, starting at 7 p.m. Tuesday. Iíll be part of a panel at the event.

Itíll be interesting to hear how we can foster a valuable social commodity when the tone of the day appears to be making it a dwindling commodity. Marriage counselors often advise couples on how to fight fairly. I wonder if thatís a lesson we all need. .?.?.

Seen on a bumper sticker: Good, Fast, Cheap. Choose Two. .?.?.

I respect the Rays executives, who have proven in the past that they know more than the average fan. But the decision to release Corey Dickerson, who hit 27 home runs last year, makes me wonder. Itís going to be a year high on questions and short on answers. .?.?.

My friend says respect should be a given in some situations, earned in others. The problem is too many people seem to be working to lose it.

And without respect, every issue becomes that much more difficult to solve.

Thatís all Iím saying.