Friday, November 16, 2018
News Roundup

Henderson: Leaving your home is very overrated

Our question for this morning: How long can we really survive without leaving our house?

Society is driven by the necessity of interacting with other people. The rhythm of life means leaving our homes for work so we can make money to buy necessities like food and booze.

Remember the good old days when the only food you could get delivered was pizza? Now you can basically have a house delivered to your house ó maybe one of those tiny houses, but you get the point. Almost anything we need can be delivered to the man (or woman) cave.

I guess we already knew that, but it was still an eye-opener the other day to open my Tampa Bay Times and read that Publix will now deliver liquor to your home, provided you live in an area where the service is provided.

Yes, other outlets have provided this service for a while now but this is Publix ó which loves to say itís the place where shopping is a pleasure. Is that still true if the store comes to you?

So we ask again: Do we really have to leave our house any more to receive lifeís necessities?

I say we donít.

You can get groceries delivered. You can even get the ingredients for recipes delivered for you to cook. If you donít feel like cooking, no need to drive to the Outback take-out lane.

Uber Eats will bring meals from local restaurants to your doorstep.

Battling the mall crowd to buy Christmas presents? Puleeze! A few clicks on your computer and your holiday offering will be delivered to your house or anywhere else. Gift-wrapped, too.

You can watch a thousand movies on your 4k Ultra High-Def television. No need to pay for a ticket to a sports event, either. Want to see USF menís basketball? Check out ESPN 3.

The same applies to shoes or clothes. Make like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz Ė click, and there it is. Thereís no place like home.

Ah, you say, what happens if you get sick. Doctors donít make house calls anymore, right?


Some insurance plans pay for medical people to come to your house to perform routine checkups.

Remember those ancient times where car problems meant a trip to the garage? Not long ago, my car battery died. I called AAA for a jump and the driver was kind enough to bring a new battery in his truck.

Instead of a jump, the man said he would install a new battery right there in my driveway if I chose ó which I did.

You say your dog needs vaccinations or a checkup? No problem. There are mobile vet services happy to tend to Fido in your living room for a nominal fee.

Need to work off all those calories from Uber Eats? Order a home gym and follow an online workout.

One can only take so many TV episodes of Dr. Phil though, so we need some interaction with other humans. That means we leave the house, right?

Uh, ever heard of Skype?

You need a little intellectual stimulation? No worries. You donít have to physically attend some high-class and expensive university. There are hundreds of free online courses from places like Harvard, Stanford, Yale and so on.

Go Crimson!

Amazon will deliver any household good you need Ė cleaners, toilet paper, detergent to wash the clothes you ordered online, Cheerios, and supplies for that home office located a brutal 10-foot commute from your living room.

For at least the time being though, Iíll still make that run to the market for basic supplies. Asking one of those impossibly cheerful Publix workers to deliver food or booze is not something I want to do.

Well, unless a ball game is on and we just ran out of wine. Gotta keep up with the times, right?

Football playoffs: Jefferson 34, Lakewood 23

Football playoffs: Jefferson 34, Lakewood 23

ST. PETERSBURG — Jefferson continues to prove that seedings don't matter in Class 5A. A week after upsetting top seed Hardee, the No. 8Dragons took down No. 4 seed Lakewood 34-23 in the region semifinals.Niko Duffey scored two first-half rushin...
Updated: 2 hours ago
Football playoffs: Bloomingdale 21, Palmetto 14

Football playoffs: Bloomingdale 21, Palmetto 14

VALRICO — In the offseason, Bloomingdale coach Max Warner told his players the goal was to play on Thanksgiving weekend.That left a lot of perplexed looks from the Bulls."They didn't know what that meant," Warner said.Bloomingdale had neve...
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Football playoffs: Plant 39, Viera 18

Football playoffs: Plant 39, Viera 18

VIERA — Once again, the Plant Panthers proved they're the kind of team that can take a little momentum … and run you over with it.That was the case in Friday night's Class 7A, Region 2 semifinal as the Panthers rallied from an 18-10 halft...
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Football playoffs: Seffner Christian 27, Carrollwood Day 16

Football playoffs: Seffner Christian 27, Carrollwood Day 16

DOVER – Isaiah Knowles connected with Christian Helms on a pair on 10-yard touchdown tosses as Seffner Christian defeated Carrollwood Day 27-16 on Friday, giving the Crusaders their first playoff win in school history. The win, a rematch o...
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Football playoffs: Nature Coast 17, Baker County 16

BROOKSVILLE — Nature Coast, an easy winner most of its past 10 games, really never had the need to attempt a field goal this season. Nor did the Sharks need to throw much, despite quarterback Fabian "2 Fabe" Burnett possessing a talented arm.Bu...
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Football playoffs: Admiral Farragut 40, Cambridge Christian 14

ST. PETERSBURG — Admiral Farragut's Courtney Eubanks came out for his first home playoff game ready to play.Early in the first quarter, Eubanks had an interception on defense and followed that play with a touchdown on offense as the Blue Jacket...
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Football playoffs: Citra North Marion 40, Zephyrhills 21

ZEPHYRHILLS — Zephyrhills' perfect season is imperfect now that it is over. A 40-21 loss to Citra North Marion in Friday night's Class 5A region semifinal ended the Bulldogs' season at 11-1. They were ousted in the second round for a second str...
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Football playoffs: Jesuit 31, Immokalee 3

TAMPA — What a celebratory year it would be if Jesuit could win its second state championship in the golden anniversary season of its first.The Tigers are three wins away from making that happen.Jesuit moved to the next round Friday with a 31-3...
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Football playoffs: Clearwater Central Catholic 30, Tampa Catholic 3

CLEARWATER — A defense that strong can forgive a lot of sins. Coming off of a two-week break with an uncharacteristic streak of undisciplined play, Clearwater Central Catholic presented itself with more challenges in the early stages of Friday'...
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Football playoffs: Armwood 65, Lake Weir 7

SEFFNER – E.J. Wilson scored four touchdowns and Aamaris Brown had an interception return for a touchdown to carry Armwood to a dominant 65-7 win against Lake Weir in the Class 6A region semifinals Friday.The 11-1 Hawks will travel to Ocala Van...
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