A look at the other presidential candidates on the Florida ballot


Others running for president

Including President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, Florida's presidential ballot has 12 candidates and six write-ins. Here are the others, with campaign websites as available:

• Stewart Alexander/Alex Mendoza (Socialist Party), stewart alexanderforpresident2012.org

• Ross C. "Rocky" Anderson/Luis J. Rodriguez (Justice Party), voterocky.org

• Andre Barnett/Kenneth Cross (Reform, Independent for President), andrebarnett2012.com

• Roseanne Barr/Cindy Sheehan (Peace and Freedom Party), roseanneforpresident.com

• Virgil H. Goode Jr./James N. Clymer (Constitution Party), goodeforpresident2012.com

• Tom Hoefling/Jonathan D. Ellis (American Independent Party), tomhoefling.com

• Gary Johnson/James P. Gray (Libertarian Party), garyjohnson2012.com

• Peta Lindsay/Yari Osorio (Party for Socialism and Liberation), votepsl.org

• Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala (Green Party), jillstein.org

• Thomas Robert Stevens/Alden Link (Objectivist Party), objectivistparty.us/6443.html

Write-in candidates

• David C. Byrne/ Taralyn Treat Harris

• Andrew Charles Coniglio/ John William Walsh

• Richard Duncan/ Ricky Johnson

• Stephen G. Durham/Christina Lopez

• Erin Kent Magee/William Thomas Harney

• Jill Reed/Tom Cary

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