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Bizarre News

  1. New research finds sexting is the 'new norm' for teens


    Texting and "sexting," sending sexually explicit messages via mobile phone, are firmly entrenched in the high school dating scene these days, but until now little solid data has existed on to what extent these social media connections have been misused to control, harass, threaten or stalk.

  2. Florida man steals chain saw by sticking it in his pants, police say (w/video)


    PORT ST. LUCIE — Police say a Florida man stole a chain saw by sticking it down his pants.

  3. Years of tracking giant snails costs Florida taxpayers millions



    At a little-known government laboratory in South Florida, they keep the snails under lock and key. Sure, any escape would be sloooooow. But giant African land snails are such a threat to humans that the rules say they have to be kept locked away, just in case.

    Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services scientist Mary Yong Cong holds a live giant African land snail in her hand. Cong keeps live snails in her office (under lock and key) so that dogs trained to sniff them out can get their scent.
  4. Quad amputee named 'person of interest' in Florida parents' slaying


    ORLANDO — A former South Florida resident who as a teen lost his hands, feet and parts of his limbs is a "person of interest" in the fatal shootings of his parents in their Orlando-area home, police said.

    Sean Petrozzino uses his computer to play Diablo 2, an RPG, in 2000, after many surgeries to treat bacterial meningitis. Fourteen years later, Petrozzino, now 30, is a "person of interest" in the fatal shootings of his parents in their east Orange County home. [Preston C. Mack | Sun Sentinel]
  5. Missing Broncos fan found 130 miles away, 5 days after game (w/video)

    Human Interest

    DENVER — A man who disappeared during last week's Denver Broncos game, touching off an extensive search by family and friends, told police he had "his fill of football" when he walked and hitchhiked about 130 miles to a city in southern Colorado.

    Paul Kitterman, left, and his stepson Jarod Tonneson pose for a photo during a San Diego Chargers-Denver Broncos football game in Denver. A short time later, Kitterman left the stadium and wasn’t found until five days later.
  6. Toys R Us pulls 'Breaking Bad' dolls after Florida mom's petition (w/video)

    The Feed

    NEW YORK — Toys R Us is pulling its four collectible dolls based on the characters of AMC's hit series Breaking Bad after taking heat from a Florida mom who launched a petition campaign last week.

    Some parents are incensed over the new "Breaking Bad" action figures now being sold at Toys "R" Us, including a Florida mom. [McClatchy-Tribune]
  7. Woman trapped in chimney had been dumped by homeowner (w/ video)

    Bizarre News

    A woman who was arrested after being trapped inside a chimney had met the California homeowner online and dated him before he recently broke off the relationship, according to the homeowner.

    Ventura County firefighters worked for two hours, removing each brick in the chimney to rescue Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa after she became trapped inside, fire officials said. [KTLA-Los Angeles]
  8. The skinny: Gunman takes money, gives hug, kisses and an apology

    Bizarre News

    Front seat frenzy

    Bear follows nose for snack, ends up stuck

    Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
  9. Coast Guard rescues man in bubble off Florida (w/ video)

    Public Safety

    A longtime endurance runner and peace activist whose latest goal was to reach Bermuda in a homemade floating "Hydro Pod" was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard on Saturday after he began suffering from fatigue.

    The Coast Guard arrives on scene off the coast of Miami to respond to a report of a man aboard an inflatable hydro bubble who was disoriented. Coast Guard air crew were able to safely pick up Reza Baluchi and the bubble Saturday, Coast Guard spokeswoman Marilyn Fajardo said in a statement. [Coast Guard photo via AP]
  10. Tampa woman with three breasts? Suitcase find points to false front

    Bizarre News

    TAMPA — The tale told by the Tampa woman who claims she had a third breast implanted onto her chest created an Internet sensation.

    Alisha Jasmine Hessler, who favors the name Jasmine Tridevil, is sticking to her story of a third breast.