Bizarre news

  1. Video: People at a cat video festival look like you'd expect them to

    Pop Culture

    Wouldn't it be a purrrfect get if the Internet Cat Video Festival came to Tampa Bay?

  2. Emails from the Afterlife: In Japan, you can prepare for death the Yahoo way

    Bizarre News

    TOKYO — In Japan, preparing for major events in life has become an institution. So much so that there's a whole preparation vocabulary: There's shukatsu, for when you're looking for a job; konkatsu, for when you're looking to get married; and ninkatsu, for when you're hoping to get …

    Yahoo Japan asks its customers, "If today was the last day of your life, would you be ready for the journey?'' [Yahoo Japan]
  3. The skinny: 'Blowtorch' to kill spider starts house fire instead (w/video)

    Bizarre News


    'Blowtorch' to kill spider lights fire instead

  4. Pinellas police blotter: serial breast pump theft, naked intruder, thirsty burglar

    Bizarre News

    12 breast pumps found in arrest

    Pinellas sheriff's deputies say they have arrested a serial breast pump thief.

  5. The skinny: Driver of stalled pickup finds slithering surprise under hood

    Bizarre News

    Snakes alive!

    A slithering surprise inside stalled pickup

    This image provided by the Santa Fe Police Department shows a 20-pound brown and yellow python that was found on an engine block Thursday July 10, 2014 in Santa Fe, N.M. The animal was taken to a local animal shelter with minor injuries. (AP Photo/Santa Fe Police Department)  RPSB102
  6. Watch: Tampa Bay's most bizarre roadside attractions


    Does Tampa Bay have the largest collection of weird roadside attractions in the world? It's hard to argue that it doesn't when we easily found 25 oddities right off the bat.

  7. Girlfriend of landscaper killed in wood chipper: 'There are no more tears'

    Human Interest

    HOLLYWOOD — As a veteran landscaper, Hernan Gutierrez knew that working with a wood chipper was dangerous, his girlfriend recalled.

    Karen Gamez-Pereira poses with her boyfriend, Hernan Gutierrez, a landscaper who was killed by a wood chipper in Davie on Monday.
 [Courtesy of Karen Gamez-Pereira via Sun-Sentinel]
  8. Slideshow: 15 oddly compelling beach photos from our archives

    Bizarre News

    Do you ever go through your old family photos and think, "What the heck was going on here when this was taken?" That's what happened to us when we asked our archive director to find us some old beach photos. We got back some unexpectedly odd ones that we couldn't resist turning into a slideshow. Feel free to share and …

    The original caption on this photo mentions something about nostalgic promwear. Anyone feeling nostalgic over those overalls? Anyone?
  9. Prized Corvette stolen 30 years ago is found (w/ video)

    Human Interest

    DETROIT — A man's prized Corvette that was stolen three decades ago in Detroit has been found in Mississippi.

  10. Family of little girl they say was kicked out of KFC denies report it's a hoax


    The family of the 3-year-old girl who they claim was thrown out of a KFC restaurant in Jackson, Miss., are standing by their story despite a newspaper's report that it was all a hoax.

    KFC Corp. says it's investigating allegations that a restaurant employee in Jackson, Miss., asked a 3-year-old to leave because her facial injuries disturbed other patrons. The company is also giving $30,000 toward Victoria Wilcher's medical bills, a spokesman said Sunday. []