Bizarre news

  1. Spared prison, 550-pound man sought freedom; judge weighs in


    TREASURE ISLAND — A morbidly obese man whose poor health helped him avoid prison time had his request for a shortened sentence denied this month.

    Steven Goodman, 70, arrives at federal court in West Palm Beach in 2012 for sentencing on charges he sold more than 1 million prescription meds to fake pain management clinics. RICHARD GRAULICH/ZUMAPRESS.COM
  2. Rampaging peacocks to be removed from park


    Peacocks are once again rampaging through the northern part of Pinellas Park, prompting officials to hire a trapper to remove the birds. City officials earlier this month hired Vernon Yates' Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation to trap, tranquilize and remove "nuisance peacocks" in the area around Helen Howarth Park, 6301 …

    This isn't the actual rampaging peacock. But wouldn't you freak if something like this started heading toward you?  AMY MARTZ   |   Special to the Times
  3. Video: Stealing hamburgers in their birthday suits

    Bizarre News

    Three men were caught on surveillance video stealing hamburgers from Doc's Beach House, a popular beachfront restaurant in Bonita Springs. But the real story is what they were — or rather, weren't — wearing, as you'll see in this video.

  4. Veteran goes to VA clinic, gets locked in alone

    Bizarre News

    DELTONA -- A veteran of the U.S. Marines says he was locked inside a central Florida community clinic operated by the Veteran's Administration.

  5. Video: People at a cat video festival look like you'd expect them to

    Pop Culture

    Wouldn't it be a purrrfect get if the Internet Cat Video Festival came to Tampa Bay?

  6. Emails from the Afterlife: In Japan, you can prepare for death the Yahoo way

    Bizarre News

    TOKYO — In Japan, preparing for major events in life has become an institution. So much so that there's a whole preparation vocabulary: There's shukatsu, for when you're looking for a job; konkatsu, for when you're looking to get married; and ninkatsu, for when you're hoping to get …

    Yahoo Japan asks its customers, "If today was the last day of your life, would you be ready for the journey?'' [Yahoo Japan]
  7. The skinny: 'Blowtorch' to kill spider starts house fire instead (w/video)

    Bizarre News


    'Blowtorch' to kill spider lights fire instead

  8. Pinellas police blotter: serial breast pump theft, naked intruder, thirsty burglar

    Bizarre News

    12 breast pumps found in arrest

    Pinellas sheriff's deputies say they have arrested a serial breast pump thief.

  9. The skinny: Driver of stalled pickup finds slithering surprise under hood

    Bizarre News

    Snakes alive!

    A slithering surprise inside stalled pickup

    This image provided by the Santa Fe Police Department shows a 20-pound brown and yellow python that was found on an engine block Thursday July 10, 2014 in Santa Fe, N.M. The animal was taken to a local animal shelter with minor injuries. (AP Photo/Santa Fe Police Department)  RPSB102
  10. Watch: Tampa Bay's most bizarre roadside attractions


    Does Tampa Bay have the largest collection of weird roadside attractions in the world? It's hard to argue that it doesn't when we easily found 25 oddities right off the bat.