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Bizarre News

  1. Crocodile that bit 2 swimmers dies during capture


    CORAL GABLES — An American crocodile suspected of biting two swimmers in a South Florida canal has died.

    Trapper Todd Hardwick, of Pesky Critters, sets out snare traps in Coral Gables on Thursday. Hardwick had been trying to catch a crocodile named Pancho, suspected of biting two swimmers in a South Florida canal. Wildlife officials say Pancho died Friday morning while fighting capture by two trappers. [Associated Press]
  2. Legendary croc dies fighting capture in Coral Gables

    Bizarre News

    Pancho — a 12-foot, 300-pound American crocodile that has made its home in the backyard waters of the exclusive Gables by the Sea community— is dead.

    Trapper Todd Hardwick, of Pesky Critters, sets out snare traps Thursday. He had been trying to catch Pancho, the crocodile that bit two swimmers last weekend. Miami Herald photo

  3. Speed trap indeed: Waldo cops say they've been under ticket quotas (w/video)

    Public Safety

    WALDO — Anyone who has received a speeding ticket in Waldo has probably suspected that officers were acting under a quota.

    A sign erected by AAA outside Waldo attests to the North Florida town’s statewide reputation as a speed trap.
  4. Largo police: Man who shoplifted for son's birthday violated parole on murder charge

    Bizarre News

    A Largo man was arrested on a shoplifting charge recently after he tried to steal items he said were for his son's birthday, police said.

  5. St. Petersburg police: Man attacked fellow public library patron, cited 'mental sorcery'

    Bizarre News

    A man randomly beat up another man at a St. Petersburg public library this week, then told police he did it because of "mental sorcery."

  6. St. Petersburg police: Woman stole barber's chair from salon, held it for ransom

    Bizarre News

    A woman who believed that a St. Petersburg hair salon owed her money decided to get revenge by stealing the business' barber's chair, police reported.

  7. Crocodile attacks swimmers in South Florida canal (w/video)


    CORAL GABLES — A South Florida man is recovering after he was bitten by a crocodile while swimming at night in a Coral Gables canal.

  8. Wild moose wanders into office building

    Bizarre News

    BERLIN — Maybe he got hungry?

    A moose on the loose in the eastern German city of Dresden evaded capture before getting stuck inside an office building, tantalizingly close to the canteen.

    A zoo employee  waves at a  young  moose in an administration building of Siemens in Dresden, Germany, on Monday. A spokesman for Dresden police says the young bull walked into the offices of German industrial giant Siemens on Monday and got stuck behind a glass wall. Marko Laske says officers and wildlife are trying to shoo the moose into a container so he can be taken to the local zoo. Moose are rare in Germany and the animal is likely to have come from neighboring Poland.  [Associated Press]
  9. The skinny: Ride on stolen shopping scooter leads to jail

    Bizarre News

    What a steal

    Stolen shopping scooter ride leads to jail

    A giant inflatable rubber duck floats past container cranes at the Port of Los Angeles on Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014. The world-famous sculpture sailed into the port for the first time Wednesday to kick off the Tall Ships Festival LA and will remain in the harbor through Sunday. The duck was designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman and at 61 feet high, 110 feet long 85 feet wide is the largest rubber duck in the world. Hofman debuted the sculpture in 2007 and has since created several of them to sail around the world to places including China, Hong Kong and New Zealand. (AP Photo/Nick Ut) LA107
  10. Pinellas Park police: Man hit Home Depot employee with faucet

    Bizarre News

    A Pinellas Park man was arrested recently after police said he attacked a Home Depot employee with a faucet.