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Bizarre News

  1. Coloring books for grownups? Mauvelous!

    Human Interest

    It may surprise fans of Johanna Basford's intricately hand-drawn coloring books that the artist is, by her own admission, "pretty bad" at coloring.

    Johanna Basford is a Scottish illustrator who has sold more than 1.4 million copies of her coloring book for adults, A Secret Garden. She’s now at work on her third book. Grownups can’t get enough of the zenlike, self-soothing activity.
  2. Creator of the Pet Rock, that '70s craze, dies

    Bizarre News

    It was a craze to rival the Hula-Hoop. For a mere $3.95, a consumer could buy … a rock. A plain, ordinary, egg-shaped rock of the kind one could dig up in almost any back yard.

    Gary Dahl, originator of the Pet Rock, holds Pet Rock items in 1976. The creator of the wildly popular 1970s fad died March 23 at age 78 in southern Oregon. 
San Francisco Chronicle
  3. 17-year-old bit by alligator after wading into Tampa retention pond

    Bizarre News

    TAMPA — A 17-year-old girl who waded into a retention pond near University Square Mall was bit on the hand Friday afternoon by a 3-foot alligator, authorities said.

  4. Toddler survives near-drowning after 101 minutes of CPR


    In a survival story his doctors call extraordinary, a 22-month-old Pennsylvania boy whose lifeless body was pulled from an icy creek was revived after an hour and 41 minutes of CPR and has suffered virtually no lingering effects

    Gardell Martin came home from the hospital on Sunday, and his doctors said Thursday he has made a full recovery.  [AP photo]
  5. Police: Stranger lures pregnant woman with Craigslist ad, cuts out her baby (w/video)


    LONGMONT, Colo. — A woman advertising baby clothes on Craigslist lured a pregnant stranger to her Colorado home and then stabbed her in the belly and took out her unborn child, police say.

    Dynel Lyne, 34,  is accused of stabbing a pregnant woman in the abdomen and removing her baby, while the expectant mother visited her home to buy baby clothes advertised on Craigslist authorities said.  The 26-year-old expectant mother was found beaten and stabbed at the suspect's home, has undergone surgery, and on Thursday was alert,  police said. The baby did not survive. [Longmont Police Department via AP]
  6. Milwaukee Brewers ban high fives to avoid spread of pink eye


    PEORIA, Ariz. — The Milwaukee Brewers will have to find a new way to celebrate for the next few spring training games. The team has banned high fives to avoid the spread of pink eye.

    Milwaukee Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy, left, and pitcher Francisco Rodriguez celebrate after the Brewers beat the Chicago Cubs 2-1 on Sept. 27, 2014. The Brewers are dealing with a rash of pink eye that has broken out in the clubhouse. Lucroy and pitching coach Rick Kranitz were the latest victims. Hoping to avoid spreading the annoying and highly contagious malady, the Brewers are staying away from the usual high-fives in the dugout. [Associated Press]
  7. Video: 2 loose llamas lassoed after running amok in Arizona

    Bizarre News

    PHOENIX — Two quick-footed llamas dashed in and out of traffic in a Phoenix-area retirement enclave before they were captured by authorities Thursday, causing a stir in the streets and on social media.

  8. Kentucky town has had enough of cold, issues warrant for Elsa of 'Frozen' (w/video)

    Pop Culture

    HARLAN, Ky. — The cold might not bother Disney's Queen Elsa, but it's wreaking enough havoc in Kentucky that a police department announced a joke warrant for the popular Frozen character's arrest.

    This image released by Disney shows Elsa the Snow Queen, voiced by Idina Menzel, in a scene from the animated feature "Frozen." Police in Harlan, Kentucky, issued a warrant for Elsa's arrest because of the cold weather. [Disney photo via AP}
  9. Vanilla Ice arrested in Florida, charged with burglary (w/video)


    LANTANA — Vanilla Ice has been charged with breaking into and stealing from an abandoned home that is in foreclosure in Florida.

    Robert van Winkle, aka Vanilla Ice, was arrested on charges of burglary and grand theft in Lantana after items from an adjacent house, which was in foreclosure, were discovered at his property. [Getty Images]
  10. Snowbound Bostonians jumping out windows — in fun (w/ video)

    Human Interest

    BOSTON — New England's winter blast is serious business, but there's been no shortage of shenanigans.