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Bizarre News

  1. Does Marco Rubio really want a statue of Tim Tebow in the U.S. Capitol?

    State Roundup

    FORT LAUDERDALE — The Florida Legislature is actively seeking a replacement for the statue of Edmund Kirby Smith that currently resides in the U.S. Capitol. And Sen. Marco Rubio has a novel idea about who that replacement should be.

    Tim Tebow.

    Sen. Marco Rubio suggests former University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow would be the perfect person to have a statue in the U.S. Capitol to replace the one there now of a Confederate Army general. [Associated Press]
  2. Florida man charged with impersonating senator to get out of loan


    TAMPA — A Florida man is accused of impersonating a U.S. senator to avoid paying off his home loan.

  3. Florida alligator is photographed after swiping watermelon from field


    Florida alligators are known for eating many things: turtles, birds, the occasional human limb.

    "Gator caught stealing watermelon out of watermelon field in Hendry County," a Florida Agricultural Crimes Intelligence Unit officer wrote May 13 on the group's Facebook page. Sgt. Charles White of the Hendry County Sheriff's Office took the photo. [Florida Agricultural Crimes Intelligence Unit]
  4. Obituary says Richmond woman chose death over voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump


    Mary Anne Noland's obituary certainly seems to be a slam against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

    Mary Anne Noland, 68, died Sunday. Her obituary says, ""Faced with the prospect of voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, Mary Anne Noland of Richmond chose, instead, to pass into the eternal love of God." Her husband, Jim, explains it wasn't really a slam against the candidates, but rather a joke among her family. [Billey Funeral Home]
  5. Whoa! Video shows 109-mph wind tossing man on Mount Washington


    MOUNT WASHINGTON, N.H. — Winter has been over with for nearly two months, but you wouldn't know it from recent conditions at the tallest peak in the Northeast.

  6. Cool video: Police dashcam captures meteor streaking across the sky


    PORTLAND, Maine — A Maine police sergeant looking for speeders has captured a fireball streaking across the sky on his dashboard camera.

  7. Copperhead snake in a tree bites worker at Lowe's in North Carolina


    DENVER, N.C. — A poisonous snake in a tree in the gardening department has bitten an employee at a home improvement store in North Carolina.

    The East Lincoln (N.C.) Fire Department posted a photo on its Facebook page of the copperhead that bit an employee of a Lowe's. [Facebook]
  8. Woman taken to Florida hospital with shark still attached to her arm (w/video)


    BOCA RATON — It was an alarming sight for beachgoers when a woman walked out of the water with a shark biting a meaty portion of her right forearm.

    A woman at the beach in Boca Raton near the 1400 block of North Ocean was was bitten by a small nurse shark on May 15, 2016. [Courtesy of Boca Raton Fire Rescue]
  9. E.T., phone Hillary — she's receptive

    Bizarre News

    When Jimmy Kimmel asked Hillary Clinton in a late-night TV interview about UFOs, she quickly corrected his terminology.

    Hillary Clinton’s not being beamed up here, she’s just at an April campaign event at The Fillmore in Philadelphia.
  10. Florida man shoots self, doesn't realize it until changing his shirt three days later

    Bizarre News

    DELTONA — A Florida man shot himself in the arm while cleaning a handgun, but didn't realize it until three days later when he finally changed shirts and found a bullet hole.