Missing a goat in Hillsborough? Check the impound lot

Published March 15 2018
Updated March 15 2018

TAMPA — Some days, deputies impound cars. On other days, bicycles. But on Thursday, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office impounded a goat.

"He’s a sweet little guy," said Deputy Crystal McClelland. "He must have been somebody’s pet because he’s very friendly, but nobody’s come forward at this point."

Missing a family member with white hair and a beard? Speak now or forever hold your bleat.

An auction looms. If the rightful owner claims the goat before March 23, the cost will be a $75 impound fee. Otherwise, the goat will go to the highest bidder at a March 24 auction in Thonotosassa.

McClelland took in the goat after responding to a call that it had been roaming around in a stranger’s Thonotosassa yard for a week.

"They had posted notices around the area at different locations and on Facebook trying to locate the owner," McClelland said. "We went out there, picked up the goat and took it to an impound lot."

The Sheriff’s Office posted a legal notice in the Tampa Bay Times on Thursday, trying to find the owner of the animal before the auction, even leaving a phone number for reclaiming the goat: (813) 247-8000.

The March 24 auction would happen at All Stock Auction, which holds such events weekly in Thonotosassa. Bobby Henderson, the owner of the auction site, said it’s uncommon for the Sheriff’s Office to bring in animals to auction, something that happens only two or three times a year.