Hernando Commission keeps 6-month rule on recreational vehicles

Published February 14
Updated February 14

BROOKSVILLE — Hernando County officials have struggled for months to rewrite rules governing where and for how long property owners can park recreational vehicles on their lots. The exercise had generated plenty of controversy focused on property rights.

On Tuesday, when the County Commission was set for a second hearing on the policy, commissioners decided not to pass new rules, but rather beef up enforcement of existing rules.

They had talked about shortening the amount of time property owners can keep a recreational vehicle on their lot in a zone where mobile homes are allowed. They decided to keep the six-month rule, which requires the property owner to get a permit.

Recreational vehicles cannot be parked and occupied on empty lots in neighborhoods that do not allow mobile homes.

Commissioners also discussed the rule allowing a recreational vehicle to be occupied for up to a year on the site of a home under construction. They dismissed an earlier change discussed that would allow an RV to stay until the building process was completed. That change wasn’t needed, they decided, because special approvals for a longer time period are available through the Planning and Zoning Commission.