Brandon health coach living proof of weight-loss approach

Pearl Chiarenza of Body Works Health & Wellness likes her cozy set-up at CoWork Landing Brandon. ERIC VICIAN | Special to the Times
Pearl Chiarenza of Body Works Health & Wellness likes her cozy set-up at CoWork Landing Brandon. ERIC VICIAN | Special to the Times

BRANDON — From her approach to her new office space, Pearl Chiarenza helps people lose weight a little differently.

She calls herself a health coach, not a nutritionist, and after losing 57 pounds in 2011 via the ITG Diet Plan — a high protein meal replacement program — she is a walking billboard for the diet.

"I walk the walk and talk the talk," said Chiarenza, a former mortgage broker who has maintained her weight loss.

She opened Body Works Health & Wellness in Lakeland and then expanded into her native Brandon with a few standalone locations before recently opening a new location inside CoWork Landing Brandon, a shared workspace that launched in 2016.

Shannon Carlton owns CoWork Landing Brandon and said her business is a good fit for companies like Body Works Health & Wellness.

"It’s growing," Carlton said. "She’s the perfect example."

Chiarenza likes having a cozy workplace with a lower monthly rent than typical offices and networking opportunities alongside other small businesses.

"Shannon promotes you and cross markets you and is active on social meeting and hosting events," said Chiarenza, touting their combined event Jan. 13 called Create Your Life Vision Board Workshop and free Tuesday networking meetings.

When her weight loss clients visit, Chiarenza discusses how their week went, what’s ahead, takes measurements and then finishes with a weigh in using a high-tech scale that also tracks body fat, what percentage of your weight is fat and how many fat pounds you need to lose to reach your ideal levels.

"I saw a need in the community to have somebody coach you positively," Chiarenza said. "My goal is to not have you wrapped around what the number is on the scale, but to have you understand how you are feeling and if your clothes are fitting better."

Chiarenza said she tailors programs for people who work complex schedules, such as fire fighters, doctors and nurses, as well as children who are dealing with bullying and battered moms.

Body Works Health & Wellness is holding a free class Dec. 27 at 6 p.m. for people interested in an alternative weight loss program. The company also plans to start the New Year with a "Pounds for Dollars" contest and a buy one membership get another one at half price promotion.

Call (813) 324-8988 for an appointment or visit


Jarrod Wallach is another entrepreneur who has found it beneficial to rent office space at CoWork Landing Brandon. He started iR Marketing earlier this year to create print, apparel, signage and promotional collateral.

As a work-from-home father, he soon realized that having young children around doesn’t mix with important business calls. He said he couldn’t afford a full office space concurrent to opening a new business and having a small workspace is a step toward eventually opening a larger office.

Visit if you need any of Wallach’s services.

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