Downtown St. Petersburg breakfast staple Dome Grill goes out of business

Published June 13 2018
Updated June 13 2018

ST. PETERSBURG Longtime downtown breakfast staple Dome Grill has closed its doors.

The restaurant, at 561 Central Avenue N, announced the closing on Facebook on June 10 and will not be relocating to a new location.

"We have nothing but love and respect for those who showed us the same, our loyal customers," the announcement read. "To everyone else, thank you for the free advertisement. All advertisement is good advertisement, Hasta la Vista folks!!!"

Michael Karamalakos, owned Dome Grill, sharing the operation with his three sons. He purchased the property in June 1991 and said hes been operating it for the past 25 years.

He declined to speak about the closing.

The restaurant was ordered closed on April 4 for failing to comply with 34 different health code regulations but reopened the next day after fixing the most problematic violations, records show.

At that time, Dome Grill was operating on an expired Division of Hotels and Restaurants license which had lapsed in February 2018, records show. A health report also revealed several violations, including rodent activity and food not being stored at safe temperatures.

This was not the first time Dome Grill had been forced to close due to health violations.

On Oct. 9, 2017, the facility was closed and fined $1,400 due to health violations. The restaurant did not satisfy inspection requirements until Nov. 3, nearly one month later, records show.