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Nursing home suits blocked? | April 24

Bill that shields investors appalls

I am appalled but not shocked that SB 670 was passed and approved by a vote of 109-7, shielding nursing homes from lawsuits when residents are abused or neglected. The Legislature surely did hand the nursing homes a "get out of jail free card" and protected the investors who now can relax, increase costs and reduce the level of care for the sole sake of increased profits to line their pockets at the expense of the nursing home residents and the caretakers.

From experience I can vouch for this happening. Where my wife currently resides, the rate has increased, level of care has decreased with less staff, activities reduced or stopped all together. I understand why the trial lawyers are in favor because now, instead of filing a lawsuit against one entity, they will wind up filing the lawsuits against multiple workers, which means they will collect, or try to collect, from the poor workers who are trying to do a good job while the fat cats are protected.

I believe this will also deter individuals from wanting to work for a nursing home knowing they might get a lawsuit filed against them personally. I imagine Gov. Rick Scott will sign this, so he can invest money into the industry knowing his investment is safe from lawsuits. I am also ashamed of AARP for supporting this when they should be looking out for the benefit of the elderly who support them.

Vern Von Werder, Largo

Nursing home suits blocked? | April 24

Shame on AARP for supporting bill

It's no secret that the care at nursing homes is poor. Even at the so called "better" ones. While all vary in degrees, regarding their strengths and weaknesses, the bottom line: "They are all bad." A nursing home can only be as good as their employees. And being that the pay is so low, how can they bring in primetime help? It's the same old, same old — you get what you pay for. Shame on AARP of Florida for approving Senate Bill 670. I can't help to wonder who lobbied them and perhaps slipped some money under the table. Over and over again, it's been proven that nursing homes fail to shield their patients from inferior care. And after stripping patients of their dignity and in some cases their life, why should the assets of nursing homes be shielded in case of a lawsuit? This bill is deplorable.

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater

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