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Money for nothing: Duke Energy cancels Levy County nuclear plant | Aug. 2

Politicians in their pockets

Thanks to Times reporters Ivan Penn and Robert Trigaux for their articles on Duke Energy and the Levy County nuclear project. The subject is so infuriating. Our legislators are nothing but a group of lemmings being led by the power companies.

I implore the Times to print a list of every elected official that voted to line the pockets of the Duke Energy shareholders, along with the donations they received from said industry. Additionally, when each of these individuals comes up for re-election, print it again. Floridians have very short memories.

Del Palmer, Tampa

Money for nothing: Duke Energy cancels Levy County nuclear plant | Aug. 2

Let's charge the utility a fee

The announcement by Duke Energy that it is abandoning plans to build the Levy County nuclear plant only confirms what all of us captive customers of the Progress/Duke cartel have known for years: We have been padding their shareholders' portfolios for absolutely nothing in return. The nuclear cost recovery bill passed by our "free market" Republican Legislature is crony capitalism at its worst, and arguably criminal fraud. So what can we captive customers do to return some of the pain they have caused us? First, we can vote out anyone in the Legislature who supported this fiasco and/or who refuses to pledge to repeal it during next year's session. Second, we can all deduct $10 from each monthly electric bill until 2018 when this mess comes off the Duke books. Would Duke really cut off power to all their customers who decided to take back a little of what was fleeced from us? I doubt it.

Doug Robison, St. Petersburg

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