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New Seminole Heights business expands your what-to-wear options

Valhalla opened in Seminole Heights on Feb. 18, offering shoppers a "limitless closet". Photo courtesy of Valhalla.
Valhalla opened in Seminole Heights on Feb. 18, offering shoppers a "limitless closet". Photo courtesy of Valhalla.
Published February 24 2017

Pacing back and forth between the closet and the bureau until all the discarded clothes cover the bedroom floor in a tornado of colors is not a fun beginning to a night out.

A new store in Seminole Heights, Valhalla, which officially opened on Feb. 18, offers a "collective closet" for those times when there's just nothing to wear.

"I was writing my business plan and I saw how women treat their clothes: like they're disposable," Danielle Ferrari, owner, said. "They just collect and collect and have so much stuff we don't actually wear."

So, the former civil construction worker opened Valhalla where women can purchase a membership for $39 a month and borrow three items of clothing at a time, for as long as they like, with unlimited swaps throughout the month.

Members can also purchase pieces at a discounted price.

"There are no physical stores that do this," Ferrari said. "Perhaps most excitingly, members can say goodbye to laundry. All subscription items are laundered upon return to the store."

Ferrari buys the clothes from customers including brands like Free People, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, BCBG and more.

They are then sorted and separated into sections: special occasion dresses, business clothes, everyday clothes, jeans and more.

"Before I did this I didn't realize how many different brands there are out there. You can have 2,000 pieces of clothing but every one is a different brand," Ferrari said.

Those not interested in a membership can still go in and shop.

Valhalla will have a joint grand opening block party with their neighbors, Health Mutt who are celebrating an expansion of their pet market and dog wash business.

The event takes place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on May 6 at 6112 N Central Ave.

For more information call, (813) 231-3344 or visit,

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