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Pasco County real estate transactions for Feb. 2, 2018


14408 Mt Zion Road, to Thomas Warner Ostrander & Amanda Ramos by Kim Furlong Corlew & Lanny Dennis Corlew, $245,000, 1/11/2018.

35832 Hope Lane, to 35832 Hope Lane Land Trust & Harper Daniel Trustee by Robert M. Capaz, $205,000, 12/29/2017.

20432 Trilby Cutoff Road, to Clyde H. Roman by Robert Stone, $97,000, 1/16/2018.


2546 Wood Pointe Drive, to Angela L. Haddon & Kristofer D. Haddon by Frankie Ann Gallo & Sandra M. Gallo, $299,000, 1/11/2018.

3010 Evensong Court, to Joshua Sunderman by Campo Inalvis Matos Sanchez Del & Campo Luis Daniel Rosales Del, $197,000, 12/19/2017.

2440 Blossom Lake Drive, to Sharon A. Earley by Marina Karafotias & Nickolas Karafotias, $177,000, 1/6/2018.

5622 Ivy Lane, to Jessica R. Matyas by Kymberly Blake, $159,900, 1/10/2018.

3627 Ortona Drive, to Thomas M. Arundel by Richard C. Smith Jr., $154,000, 1/4/2018.

3525 Harvard Drive, to Rental Houses LLC by Zara Ventures LLC, $152,500, 1/11/2018.

2151 Riomar Drive, to Alex O. Vidal by Morris Development & Real Estate Services Inc, $148,000, 1/11/2018.

3250 Jackson Drive, to Dean Arthur Long by Eric Melconian, $148,000, 1/16/2018.

5307 Casino Drive, to Christine Bishop Brown & Darius Brown by Casino Drive LLC, $135,000, 1/11/2018.

3749 Elmwood Drive, to William Tyler Cole by Christopher P. Johns, $129,500, 1/8/2018.

3223 Rock Valley Drive, to Safari One Asset Company LLC by Christine L. Wright & Robert E. Wright, $102,000, 1/10/2018.

5102 Cape Cod Drive, to Catherine Zackowski & Ted Zackowski by Adam W. Taylor & Tiffany L. Taylor, $98,000, 1/9/2018.

3634 Richboro Drive, to Erica N. Ellis by Jeffery K. Benton, $95,000, 1/11/2018.

2006 Shady Cove Drive, to White Janice C Trustee & White Living Trust by Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC, $92,500, 1/3/2018.

5227 Skyland Drive, to Catherine Mercado by Tamaralyn Novak Blackwood, $92,000, 12/28/2017.

4527 Flora Avenue, to Michelle Cruz & Roberto Cruz by Donna Hixson & Donna M. Longenecker, $91,000, 1/17/2018.

4305 Cedar Grove Street, to Maria L. Zelaya by Amber Jones & Joseph Jones, $83,000, 12/26/2017.

1552 Cockleshell Drive, to Hsbc Bank Usa Natioanl Association As Trustee by American General Home Equity Inc & John Mogavero, $75,100, 1/17/2018.

2241 Tahitian Drive, to Us Bank Trust Na As Trustee For Lsf10 Master by Carolyn Dyer & Dyer Carolyn Unknown Spouse Of, $72,600, 1/17/2018.

2028 Kona Drive, to Gerald F. Dawdy & Wendy C. Dawdy by Capco Investments LLC, $57,000, 12/29/2017.

3534 Moog Road, to 3534 Moog Land Trust & Property Trustee Co Trustee by Harmony Holdings Group Inc, $56,000, 1/16/2018.

4836 Panorama Avenue, to Michael D. Hartley by Amber C. Egolf & Bruce E. Egolf, $49,000, 1/12/2018.


7410 Hatteras Drive, to Cynthia J. Phillips & Larry Phillips by Conner C. Thomas & Connie H. Thomas, $350,000, 1/10/2018.

13844 Tahoe Street, to Jerrad Sigwart by Paul Grenier, $235,000, 1/2/2018.

18550 Grand Club Drive, to David E. Gorecki & Lisa H. Gorecki by Sally Fitzpatrick & William Fitzpatrick, $209,000, 1/12/2018.

13610 Knotty Lane, to Caroline May Persinger & Edward John Persinger Jr. by Ernest W. Daughtry Jr. & Linda L. Daughtry, $202,000, 1/10/2018.

11343 Hollander Avenue, to Bruce A. Beverage & Charlotte K. Beverage by Mary Pamela Corbett & Corbett Mary Pamela Revocabe Trust, $167,000, 1/2/2018.

13949 Crater Circle, to Glen A. Altomare & Kimberly D. Altomare by Jennifer Gibson, $159,900, 1/11/2018.

12741 Saulston Place, to Steven Sodetz by Yvonne M. Rodriguez Alegandro & Hector Otero, $155,000, 1/5/2018.

16033 Tree Line Drive, to Clayton George Stage II & Luz Aliria Stage by Valerie A. Perkowski, $145,000, 1/11/2018.

8111 Valley Stream Lane, to Graham Eagleson by Dustin Stone & Patrick Stone, $131,000, 1/12/2018.

16131 Villa Drive, to Douglas Edward Milwid by Rose Builders LLC, $130,000, 1/17/2018.

8215 Reynolds Drive, to Jonathan Compton by Elizabeth Nawrocki & Nawrocki Elizabeth Trust, $125,000, 1/16/2018.

13800 Judy Avenue, to Pinnacle Property Solutions LLC by Angela Mia Stebbins & Michael Peter Stebbins, $120,000, 1/8/2018.

12606 Woodbine Drive, to G & D Homes LLC by Fair Fast Buyers LLC, $109,000, 1/10/2018.

5915 Sea Ranch Drive, to Daniel L. Schell & Tim T. Schell by Charles E. Schell & Schell Charles E Living Trust, $102,100, 1/10/2018.

13017 Club Drive, to Anthony Medaglio & Kelly Medaglio by Mae Fannie & Federal National Mortgage Association, $98,000, 1/11/2018.

12807 Settlers Drive, to 12807 Settlers Dr Land Trust & Trustee Company Trustee by Frederick A. Dorsey Jr. & Carol N. Humphries, $77,000, 1/11/2018.

13911 Parkwood Street, to Melissa Patterson by Christina Minichino & Troy Patino, $75,000, 1/11/2018.

12716 Social Drive, to Ad2 Capital LLC by Mohamed Samir Elasri, $65,000, 1/11/2018.

7305 Greystone Drive, to Dorothy Hultzapple & Paul Hultzapple by Lenore J. Hughes, $62,000, 12/29/2017.

7709 O Brien Court, to Kevin Kingsley & Tammy Kingsley by Sharon L. Butash, $61,500, 1/9/2018.

13233 Jazz Lane, to Keli Doll & Martin Doll by Paul Owen Baldwin, $59,000, 1/15/2018.


22463 Southshore Drive, to Angela Jones & Daniel Jones by Christopher James Lopez & Lillian Rose Lopez, $475,000, 1/10/2018.

11447 Murcott Way, to Daniel E. Jacobs & Kari J. Jacobs by Daniel C. Combes & Lynn S. Combes, $277,000, 12/18/2017.

21114 Diamonte Drive, to Lisa Rawls Collins & Maurice Clifton Collins Jr. by Margaret Mayhugh & Margaret S. Mayhugh, $248,000, 1/10/2018.

3024 Banyan Hill Lane, to Adriana Chiza Vazquez & Pablo Efrain Vazquez by Larry E. Davis & Marilyn A. Davis, $232,000, 1/11/2018.

23541 Forest View Drive, to Christopher G. Harmon & Valerie J. Harmon by Marsha M. Long, $210,000, 1/5/2018.

19340 Timberbluff Drive, to Fred Luter III & Jasmine Luter by Lance Brodeur, $199,000, 1/12/2018.

6006 Desert Peace Avenue, to Haley Grandon by Lorraine Roberts & Tracy Roberts, $193,500, 1/8/2018.

17443 Hugh Lane, to Carlos Henrique Cavalcante Bezerra & Daniele Teixeira Freitas Bezerra by Catherine Krysinsky & Thomas Krysinsky, $192,000, 1/16/2018.

3732 Parkway Boulevard, to Angelo J. Capriglione & Stephany Capriglione by Jandianne J. Camberlin, $181,000, 1/16/2018.

2905 Banyan Hill Lane, to Mike Riley & Francis Shembab by Michelle A. Corriveau, $175,000, 1/9/2018.


23635 Oakside Boulevard, to Jaclyn Covert & Michael Covert by Jane M. Root, $280,000, 1/12/2018.

24331 Summer Wind Court, to Mee Hee Chang & Sang W. Chang by Hokie Holdings LLC, $229,500, 1/10/2018.

24629 Portofino Drive, to Caterina Ferrara & Jim Ferrara by Reyes Silvia Droz & Luis A. Reyes, $200,000, 1/12/2018.

4926 Steel Dust Lane, to Offerpad Spvborrower1 LLC by Christopher Robison, $180,000, 1/12/2018.

21518 Clubside Loop, to Carmen Rairigh by Sandra Mccombie Foreman & Phyllis Weiland, $145,000, 1/8/2018.

1470 Lake Como Drive, to Melissa C. Miguel by Robin Louise Allen, $87,500, 1/12/2018.


5906 Lafayette Street, to Kathryn Elizabeth Nerad & Michael A. Nerad by Kimberly A. Mcpherson & Scott M. Mcpherson, $395,000, 1/5/2018.

4333 Harney Court, to David Ryan by Janet G. Comfort & Richard A. Comfort, $370,400, 1/10/2018.

10020 Living Word Court, to Eric Olbruck & Rene Olbruck by Federal National Mortgage Association & Mae Fannie, $335,000, 1/17/2018.

4601 Heavens Way, to Gregory F. Saric by Jammie Bruce Brooks & Robin Mary Brooks, $320,000, 1/3/2018.

5507 El Cerro Drive, to Annette Randolph & Jon Randolph by William J. Bunting, $271,000, 1/12/2018.

8915 Linebrook Drive, to Andrey Syrisko & Lyudmyla Syrisko by Christopher N. Sbiris & Nicole Katherine Sbiris, $260,000, 1/16/2018.

5409 Los Palos Drive, to Melanie L. Amendola & Steven F. Amendola by Diane Rice, $232,000, 1/8/2018.

4333 Olin Street, to John C. Wolfe & Kathleen A. Wolfe by Betty Ann Jacoby & Leo Jacoby, $225,000, 1/12/2018.

10046 Beefmaster Court, to Rosaura Mercedes Lopez & Nathan Kyle Rice by Lori A. Fountain & Robert E. Fountain, $220,000, 12/5/2017.

1129 Flora Vista Street, to Jon S. Fridjonsson & Margret K. Fridjonsson by George N. Cahill, $218,000, 1/12/2018.

8603 Pinafore Drive, to Joseph M. Kulick by Nataliya Gladyr & Yevgen Gladyr, $200,000, 1/9/2018.

9543 Conservation Drive, to Elena Magda & John A. Magda by Debra Keresztes & Caroline E. Kromphardt, $200,000, 1/11/2018.

6641 Runnel Drive, to David Madasz & Rebecca Madasz by 6641 Runnel Trust & Gunn Properties Of Tampa Inc Trustee, $195,000, 1/9/2018.

7107 Maidstone Court, to Rahn Hortman & Tynise Hortman by Aube Sandra L. Geberth & Robert Pierro, $195,000, 12/11/2017.

4549 Whitton Way, to Rosa F. Hibbs by Pietrogallo Rose Lockwood & Pietrogallo Rose Anna Lockwood, $190,000, 1/16/2018.

3738 Spring Valley Drive, to Joshua Lyle Sparks by James E. Smith & Lisa K. Smith, $190,000, 1/10/2018.

11238 Golf Round Drive, to Mary Ann F. Weaver & Richard L. Weaver by G. Bondinell & Bondinell G Trust, $185,000, 1/11/2018.

9842 Lopez Drive, to Alyssa Williams & Josephine Williams by Penelope S. Miller & Arthur William Standley, $167,500, 1/15/2018.

7908 Castle Drive, to Jennifer Lara & Jorge Lara by Michel Perez Nodarse, $155,000, 1/11/2018.

4208 Prado Lane, to Kelly Hoffman by Forever Home Properties Corp, $150,000, 12/28/2017.

5642 Riverview Drive, to Sandra May by Janet M. Walsh & Walsh Janet M Revocale Trust, $140,000, 1/10/2018.

8504 Shallow Creek Court, to William J. Bunting by Beatrice Aviolla & Thomas Deceased Aviolla, $135,000, 1/12/2018.

7986 Avenal Loop, to 7896 Avenal Loop Land Trust & Harper Daniel Trustee by Robert M. Capaz, $135,000, 12/29/2017.

7867 Raintree Drive, to Sunfire 3 LLC by Gulf Investments Of Pinellas Inc, $129,500, 1/11/2018.

3634 Teeside Drive, to Alyson Faye Parravano by Anthony G. Noti & Katia S. Noti, $127,000, 1/12/2018.

6449 Reno Avenue, to Irene Spirou by John Vosilla, $109,000, 12/29/2017.

4539 Glen Hollow, to Donna Kinsey by Douglas H. Mueller, $96,000, 1/17/2018.

3817 Lighthouse Way, to Patricia Perfetto by Craig Matthew Russo & Joanna Christina Russo, $93,500, 1/16/2018.

6319 Emerson Drive, to Judy Longenecker by Frances A. Vancleve & Ronnie D. Vancleve, $93,000, 1/15/2018.

3338 Scorecard Drive, to Anthony G. Noti & Katia S. Noti by Barbara J. Allen & Allen Barbara J Trust, $82,500, 1/10/2018.

5849 Louisiana Avenue, to Lousiana Trust 18 5849 & Staley Kirk Trustee by Grazyna H. Latocha, $76,000, 1/12/2018.

4652 Catherine Street, to Sunray Rental Homes LLC by Kristina Louise Goggin & Kristina Wirick, $75,200, 1/12/2018.

3634 Sail Drive, to Joseph Allesi by Steven Wisniewski, $75,000, 1/15/2018.

5420 Shaw Street, to Zulma J. Estrada by Karen E. Blahos & Blahos Karen E Trust, $73,500, 1/16/2018.

4439 Chart Court, to Vincenzo Nardone by Hans Hauser & Troy Hauser, $67,000, 1/4/2018.

5244 Tilson Drive, to Jax Property Trust Group LLC Trustee & Tilson Dr Land Trust 5244 by Leslie Jane Barile & Barile Leslie Jane Trustee, $64,300, 1/12/2018.

4424 Shoreline Drive, to Home Loan 4250 Alafaya Trail Ste 212348 Lbs by Of America Na Bank & Debbie Benton, $62,300, 1/17/2018.

3821 Teeside Drive, to Robert L. Morris by Paul A. Haucke, $61,000, 1/9/2018.

4358 Summersun Drive, to Joyce A. Dunn by Stergius Bennis, $51,000, 1/5/2018.

6802 Westend Avenue, to Theodore E. Legakis by Jason P. Terovolas, $45,000, 12/28/2017.

6009 6th Avenue, to Roberta Stropus by Dalius Stropus & Erin Stropus, $40,000, 1/15/2018.


16227 Swan View Circle, to Osberto B. Fernandez by Harrison Robert Phillos, $147,000, 1/10/2018.

1600 Villa Capri Circle, to Harry Pfannenschwarz by Jsl Tuscano LLC, $125,000, 1/12/2018.


8211 Brent Street, to Dennis E. Grimm & Susan L. Grimm by Louis Passannante & Maria Passannante, $198,000, 1/3/2018.

8823 Greenleaf Court, to Gene Hern & Lacretia Sue Hern by Debra Cipolla & Nicholas Cipolla, $179,500, 1/4/2018.

9825 Sandstone Lane, to Sfr Holdings L. P. Cerberus by Joseph Dzija & Tamara Dzija, $119,000, 12/27/2017.

8105 Golden Bear Loop, to Cal18 LLC by Bertrand Jeannot & Odette Jeannot, $113,000, 1/11/2018.

7824 Hawthorn Drive, to Marche Jeannie P. La & Marche Joseph G. La Jr. by El Woodland Partners LLC, $112,000, 1/5/2018.

10735 Los Santos Drive, to Janeen Prosser & Louis D. Prosser by Elaine Daugherty & Daugherty Elaine Revocable Living Trust, $110,000, 1/12/2018.

5640 Quist Drive, to Us Bank National Association by Robert B. Carver & Carver Robert B Unknown Spouse Of, $103,300, 1/12/2018.

9625 Gray Fox Lane, to Patience Trochelman by Christine E. Dupuis & Dupuis Christine E Trustee, $102,000, 1/9/2018.

7116 Sandalwood Drive, to Offerpad Spvborrower4 LLC by Herman Hoelscher Jr., $101,500, 1/8/2018.

10301 Oak Hill Drive, to Catherine A. Sapp by Michelle I. Hicks, $92,000, 1/10/2018.

11011 Taft Drive, to Cody Jaacks by Laurie Rose, $90,000, 1/12/2018.

10336 County Lake Drive, to Escobar Jose M. Garcia & O. Montero Edelis La by Judith A. Theodore & Michael A. Theodore, $74,500, 1/8/2018.

7638 Sue Ellen Drive, to Us Bank National Association As Trustee by Scharlau Resemarie L Unknown Spouse Of & Rosemarie L. Scharlau, $72,700, 1/17/2018.

7815 Sue Ellen Drive, to Perez Martin Vazquez by Julio A. Quiterio, $70,000, 1/8/2018.

8020 Juarez Drive, to Renee E. Doster by Marlete V. Lane & Steve W. Lane, $70,000, 1/12/2018.

11131 Pembridge Court, to Yvonne Talley by Robert G. Alvarez, $53,600, 1/12/2018.


29301 Princeville Drive, to Rosalie A. Baya by Geraldine Petersen & Petersen Geraldine Trustee, $126,000, 1/11/2018.


18124 Edgewood Drive, to Robert L. Collom by Edith Davis & James W. Davis, $177,000, 1/12/2018.

15656 Stable Run Drive, to Jonathan Rodriguez by Gregory F. Wonders & Judith H. Wonders, $121,000, 1/12/2018.

18814 Furman Drive, to Adam Kowaleski by Rmac Trust & Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC, $100,000, 1/9/2018.

18123 Deason Drive, to Angel Alvarado by Alta Reo LLC, $65,000, 11/28/2017.


3436 Juneberry Drive, to Putman Donald W Revocable Living Trust & Ethel M. Revocable Living Trut Putman by Marnad LLC, $282,000, 1/9/2018.

27610 Sugar Loaf Drive, to Kevin S. Newman by Martin E. Colon & Paula Hudson, $275,000, 1/12/2018.

7227 Bridgeview Drive, to Maribel Colon Tyson & Mark Dennard Tyson by Bluewaters Saipan LLC, $275,000, 1/11/2018.

1934 Folkstone Place, to Jeremy Baade & Elezi Lydia Esther by Christopher Mayberry, $249,900, 1/12/2018.

4024 Langdrum Drive, to Deborah Ann Kraft by Arthur Lee Davis & Dean Koceja, $248,000, 1/9/2018.

28451 Sunvale Place, to Offerpad Spvborrower9 LLC by Salvatore J. Massa & Massa Salvatore J Trust, $237,000, 1/11/2018.

27502 Amelia Isle Court, to Cody Drapeau & Morgan K. Drapeau by Nathan W. Heathcock Jr., $200,000, 1/12/2018.

31948 Northridge Drive, to Jesus A. Gonzalez & Maria D. Gonzalez by Derrick J. Dosal & Tina M. Dosal, $197,000, 1/9/2018.

30440 Randall Manor Street, to Ana Lorena Quiros Mora & Victor Manuel Uzcategul by Philip K. Gibson & Pinky R. Gibson, $196,000, 1/17/2018.

3737 Morris Bridge Road, to Haresh Kumar & Nalini Patel by David T. Ripley, $160,000, 1/15/2018.

2347 Willimette Drive, to Theresa Ann Oosting by Theresa R. Oakley, $132,000, 1/13/2018.

30052 Granda Hills Court, to Mendieta Erika Flores & Juan F. Luna by Arnaldis J. Perez, $127,000, 1/9/2018.

29254 Bay Hollow Drive, to Berta Canizares Gonzalez by Anthony P. Alessi & William J. Litwin, $115,000, 1/11/2018.

33848 Lucy Drive, to Freedom Mortgage Corporation by Caroline Cheche Deceased Estate Of & Caroline Cheche Deceased Unknown Creditors Of, $54,300, 1/11/2018.

28807 Stormcloud Pass, to Lyle B. Jacon by Meagher Joseph Michael Trust & Judith S. Meagher, $47,500, 1/12/2018.


6913 North Lake Drive, to Carlos M. Carrillo & Kori T. Guenther by Warden Eula Fay Turman & John A. Warden, $225,000, 1/12/2018.

37327 Mandarin Avenue, to Brian M. Barnes by Kendra L. Butler & Richard Butler, $204,000, 1/11/2018.

6929 North Lake Drive, to Michelle Maccluskey by Gilbert L. Deceased Peterson & Marilyn A. Peterson, $200,000, 1/10/2018.

5548 Passing Pine Lane, to Kruth Sombutmai & Saang Sombutmai by Donna J. Fite & Wolfe R. Fite, $160,000, 1/16/2018.

5225 10th Street, to James R. Haddow & Joyce D. Haddow by Gloria Eneida Delgado, $158,000, 1/11/2018.

5612 Autumn Shire Drive, to Rebecca J. Skyles by Jean Arnold Barry & Kevin Barry, $145,000, 1/13/2018.

38638 Piedmont Avenue, to Offerpad Spvborrower1 LLC by Jean M. Dery & John Dery, $122,000, 1/12/2018.

6327 Pleasure Lane, to Hildebrant Mary Jane Family Trust by C A V Homeowners Cooperative Inc & Jason Gouveia, $75,000, 1/11/2018.

40218 Otis Allen Road, to Cheryl Miller & Stephen A. Terry by Beaty Family Business LLC, $67,000, 1/15/2018.

6326 Pleasure Lane, to C A V Homeowners Cooperative Inc & Pamela A. Delorme by Georgette Theroux & Monalisa Young, $54,500, 12/1/2017.

St. Pete condo of Weight Watchers’ Mindy Grossman hits market at nearly $4-million

St. Pete condo of Weight Watchers’ Mindy Grossman hits market at nearly $4-million

ST. PETERSBURG — Mindy Grossman, the former HSN chief who now heads Weight Watchers International, has put her Beach Drive condo on the market at the hefty price of $3.95 million.The three-bedroom, three-and 1/2 bath unit on the 24th floor of Ovation...
Updated: 7 hours ago
This $4.25 million bank-owned estate is the biggest waterfront property for sale in Tampa Bay

This $4.25 million bank-owned estate is the biggest waterfront property for sale in Tampa Bay

ST, PETERSBURG — For years it was Tampa Bay’s classiest party house, a spectacular waterfront estate that hosted many an event for charity. Now, it is the bay area’s priciest foreclosure for sale. U.S. Bank recently took back the mansion in St. Peter...
Published: 09/14/18
Florida, Tampa Bay rank high in risk of mortgage fraud

Florida, Tampa Bay rank high in risk of mortgage fraud

New York, New Jersey and Florida remain the top three states for the risk of mortgage fraud as fraud on mortgage applications ticks up nationally.One in 109 applications contained fraud in the second quarter of this year compared to one in 122 in the...
Published: 09/13/18
Townhomes are planned in St. Petersburg for the site of 1905 Victorian house

Townhomes are planned in St. Petersburg for the site of 1905 Victorian house

ST. PETERSBURG — Eight townhomes are planned for the site of a 1905 house thought to have been connected to early African-American leader Elder Jordan.A project of J2 Developers, the St. James Townhomes at 758 Third Ave. S each will have three bedroo...
Published: 09/13/18
New residential loans plunge in the Tampa Bay area

New residential loans plunge in the Tampa Bay area

Rising mortgage rates contributed to a sharp decline in residential loans originated in the Tampa Bay area in the second quarter of this year. According to the real estate database ATTOM Data Solutions, loans secured by residential property dropped 1...
Published: 09/12/18
A fresh take on what Tampa’s 50-story-plus Riverwalk Place will look like

A fresh take on what Tampa’s 50-story-plus Riverwalk Place will look like

TAMPA — Weeks before the sales center is due to open, potential buyers already are placing reservations on condos in Riverwalk Place. "The pace has been awfully good, better than we expected," said Reid Boren, managing partner of Two Roads Developmen...
Published: 09/10/18
Updated: 09/11/18
Flip or Flop? Tampa Bay’s house-flipping rate plunges

Flip or Flop? Tampa Bay’s house-flipping rate plunges

As home prices continue to rise, house-flipping is becoming less popular in the Tampa Bay area. The percentage of homes flipped in the second quarter of this year plunged 18 percent from the same period in 2017, according to the real estate web site ...
Published: 09/07/18
Opponents of Bezu condo tower sue developers, city of St. Pete

Opponents of Bezu condo tower sue developers, city of St. Pete

ST. PETERSBURG — As expected, the battle over Bezu has gone to court. In a lawsuit filed in Pinellas County Circuit Court, opponents say the city failed to follow the law and erred in approving plans to build the 19-story, 20-unit Bezu next to the hi...
Published: 09/06/18
Lawsuit over 25-story St. Pete tower involves option to buy land for $720,00 and contract to resell it for $1.8 million

Lawsuit over 25-story St. Pete tower involves option to buy land for $720,00 and contract to resell it for $1.8 million

ST. PETERSBURG — The developer of a proposed 25-story mixed-use tower in downtown St. Petersburg is suing the companies that own and lease a parcel of land where the tower would go.The dispute, which has put the project on indefinite hold, centers ar...
Published: 09/06/18
Water Street Tampa plans downtown’s first new office towers in decades

Water Street Tampa plans downtown’s first new office towers in decades

TAMPA — Water Street Tampa on Thursday unveiled the "work" part of its live-work-play vision for Tampa with a pair of 19- and 20-story office towers — billed as downtown’s first such "trophy" office buildings in 26 years.Add in another 180,000 square...
Published: 09/06/18