Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hernando County real estate transaction for June 16, 2017


7466 Epworth Dr., to Rex L. Johnson & Elaine C. Johnson by Donald L. Sunberg & Donna J. Sunberg, $160,000, 05/05/2017.

510 Painted Leaf Dr., to Laura Ann Sims by Randal J. Roberts, $156,000, 05/08/2017.

30823 Satinleaf Run, to Offerpad Spv Borrower10 LLC by James Lonsway, $147,000, 05/05/2017.

15483 Arvin Dr., to Diane Frusco & Daniel Frusco by Donna Vavala & Dick L. Christensen, $138,000, 05/04/2017.

15245 Durango Cir., to Wade Ramsey & Natsuki Ramsey by Jack Carroll & Ben Jack Carroll, $136,000, 05/05/2017.

7389 Harlow St., to Rashelle L. Ponchaud & Gary Ponchaud by Gene A. Stried & Margaret E. Stried, $85,000, 05/04/2017.

9499 Scepter Ave., to Alan L. Brimm & Carolyn G. Brimm by A 1 Realty Design Inc & 9499 Scepter Land Trust, $85,000, 05/04/2017.

8071 First Circle Dr., to Sara Martin & Kathryn Davis by Coralee F. Armstrong, $60,500, 04/28/2017.

14300 Starcross St., to Lance Talbott & Phyllis Talbott by James R. Keaton & Donna M. Keaton, $40,000, 05/02/2017.

22237 Woodlawn Ave., to Philip J. Putney Trustee & Phillip J Putney Family Trust by Nancy O. Heer & Kenneth R. Heer, $40,000, 05/01/2017.


3384 Misty View Dr., to William M. Fons & Gail M. Fons by Eddie H. S. Lindsay & Joyce R. Lindsay, $289,000, 05/01/2017.

14095 Bruni Dr., to Dave C. Doris & Meralisa A. Doris by Pierre Borges & Florence Borges, $272,000, 05/05/2017.

10426 Templewood Ct., to Daniel J. Vento by Norman J. Decicco Jr., $249,000, 05/05/2017.

13406 Sagewater Ct., to Steven P. Segrete & Cathy J. Segrete by James V. Greco Trustee & Patricia L. Greco Trustee, $245,700, 05/04/2017.

350 Forest Wood Ct., to Frank Vitalone by Henry A. Walker III. & Miriam Walker, $245,000, 05/05/2017.

6203 Krista Dr., to Edwards J. Mistach by Wallace G. Blair & Sandra R. Blair, $218,000, 05/03/2017.

2212 Claremont Ln., to Alfredo Cruz Jr. & Cynthia Cruz by John W. Dunlop & Wanda J. Dunlop, $211,000, 05/05/2017.

1172 Tyler Ave., to David C. Carlsen & Stephanie C. Carlsen by Art W. Carper Jr. & Maureen M. Grosser, $207,000, 05/08/2017.

4364 Quintara St., to Nick G. Wright & Dianne R. Wright by Gladys Landron, $192,000, 05/03/2017.

12075 Linden Dr., to Jodlyn Pierre & Roselande Tassy by Jose A. Rosario & La Rosa Nimia A. De, $187,500, 04/27/2017.

13551 Dunwoody Dr., to Alvin Alejandro by Ravinesh Singh, $186,000, 05/01/2017.

4546 Birchfield Loop, to Thomas Carter & Lisa Carter by Scott C. Oliver, $185,000, 05/03/2017.

11215 Valley Stream Ct., to Peter Tabarus by Claire Heroux & Claire A. Heroux, $170,000, 04/28/2017.

12460 Kearney St., to Sharon K. Switzer & John W. Switzer by Win Win Real Estate Solutions LLC & 12460 Kearney Land Trust, $170,000, 05/03/2017.

11278 Collingswood St., to William J. Griswold Jr. & Jessica K. Griswold by Sara Kloos, $162,900, 05/10/2017.

5230 Ayrshire Dr., to Zbigniew A. Huber & Wladyslawa Huber by Ramon Eduardo Eslava & Evelyn Ocasio Lopez, $159,000, 05/03/2017.

11335 Corrigan St., to Lawrence Gregory L. St & Theresa A. Hinckley by Corinne Marie Webb & Richard Webb, $156,600, 05/08/2017.

3862 Bramblewood Loop, to Troy B. Smith & Mary J. Smith by Roberto Hernandez & Melis Hernandez, $156,000, 05/09/2017.

238 Rochester St., to Charles J. Troy Jr. & Victoria E. Troy by Edward Meier Trustee & Gladys Meier Trustee, $150,900, 05/04/2017.

1480 Shady Brook Ct., to Robert C. Sandnes & Marilyn A. Sandnes by John G. Carey & Miriam Carey, $150,000, 05/01/2017.

2424 Fairview Rd., to Michael Anthony Fuentes & Yolanda Bonano by Catin Balseiro & James Balseiro, $145,000, 05/05/2017.

11409 Blythville Rd., to Kim E. Coriale by Burnside Enterprises Services Inc, $140,000, 04/27/2017.

1390 Aladdin Rd., to Roger W. Georgia & Mary Georgia by Mary T. Lamwers & Mary T. Lamwers Trustee, $140,000, 05/01/2017.

7040 Siena Ave., to Masuma B. Roberts by Michele Nicosia, $140,000, 05/01/2017.

2193 Perry Ave., to Victory R&r Inc by Infinite Trust LLC, $135,000, 05/08/2017.

13199 Drysdale St., to Carmen IVet Castano Castano by Russell D. Habbe & Diane G. Houston, $133,000, 05/01/2017.

13381 Linden Dr., to George Jeffrey Lopez by Andrevely Holdings LLC, $133,000, 05/08/2017.

2060 Towering Pines Ter., to Gerald M. Greenfield & Susan S. Greenfield by Enrico Digiulio & Beatrice Digiulio, $133,000, 04/13/2017.

2228 Lytham Ct., to Karen Bourey & Joseph Bourey by Shirley A. Beardslee & Penny Lynn Moses Atty In Fact, $131,000, 05/01/2017.

9214 Lavina Ln., to George O. Diaz by Russell Moser & Sidney Moser, $129,500, 05/03/2017.

1021 Castille Dr., to Kevin Nolan & Lila M. Nolan by Arthur D. Mitchell & Carol R Mitchell Family Irrevocable Trust, $125,000, 05/05/2017.

9062 Horizon Dr., to Juan J. Vasquez by James Polk, $120,000, 05/04/2017.

7258 Apache Tr., to Amanda Lynn Haynes by James E. Tacy & Linda L. Tacy, $119,900, 05/04/2017.

7442 Cherokee Tr., to Thomik Mckeithan by Reyes Alcazar Perez & Reyes Alcazar, $115,000, 05/02/2017.

3298 Beaver Ave., to Stefano Margiotta & Lisa C. Margiotta by Vincent E. Vetere & Deborah Ann Bennett, $114,000, 04/25/2017.

10364 Spring Hill Dr., to Stephen Norsworthy by Brandon Miller, $111,000, 04/27/2017.

6634 Sovereign Way, to Brian W. Leitch by Marcus A. Bonsignore & Anne H. Bonsignore, $111,000, 04/27/2017.

4452 Azora Rd., to Angel Rodriguez Santiago by Barbara A. Mcdowell & Barbara A Mcdowell Revocable Living Trust, $110,000, 05/05/2017.

6579 Brambleleaf Dr., to Steven A. Castiglia & Candil Castiglia by Joseph E. Kapec Trustee & Mary H. Kapec Trustee, $106,000, 05/01/2017.

264 Killinger Ave., to Pedro M. Lebron & Mercia L. Lebron by Robert Ahrens & Robert W. Ahrens, $105,000, 05/04/2017.

7548 Holiday Dr., to Chuong Luu & Richard V. Luu by Aubrielynn Schambach, $100,000, 05/10/2017.

7435 Apache Tr., to Jaime F. Carbone & Maritza A. Zamora by Lucy Ortiz & Richard Garcia, $95,000, 05/01/2017.

13100 Alishia Ct., to Hair Dawg Investments LLC by Conrad J. Mchugh & Linda R. Mchugh, $92,000, 04/27/2017.

9495 Vancouver Rd., to Michael Devilbiss by Wesley Sosna & Wesley C. Sosna, $90,000, 04/24/2017.

7359 Price St., to Sanford A. Farber & Rhonda Farber by John M. Renczkowski & Joseph J. Renczkowski, $77,000, 04/28/2017.

9242 Gibralter St., to Sunshine State Deals Inc & 9242 Gilbrater Land Trust by Scott F. Phillips & Mary Phillips, $70,000, 05/03/2017.

11036 Marysville St., to Viking Realty Inc by Isol Columbie & Roimel Columbie, $67,900, 05/05/2017.

10044 Bedford Rd., to James Chantler by Ellen Harsh & Gerald L. Harsh, $67,000, 05/08/2017.

5016 Odin St., to Florida Eagle Investments LLC by Daniel J. Moscow, $55,000, 05/05/2017.

3375 Fiskway St., to Wilson Lopez by Charles L. Schwartz & Schwartz Sharon Dolan, $54,200, 04/28/2017.


12004 Robina Rd., to Larry A. Pierce & Patricia M. Pierce by Longobardijohn & Longobardijanet, $279,000, 05/04/2017.

12115 Everglades Kite Rd., to Jenelle Romig & Ian Webster by Warren R. Perry & Teresa M. Perry, $216,000, 05/03/2017.

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Career Q&A: What to do when your boss is stealing

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23 seek vacant PSC post

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St. Petersburg’s apartment boom is spreading west

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Florida raises insurance regulation grade from C to B

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Raymond James advice for small to mid-sized companies about activist shareholders? Prepare and listen

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Dow bursts through 26,000 in record seven trading days

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Arizona-based AFI Mortgage opens St. Petersburg branch

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