Monday, November 20, 2017

Hernando County real estate transactions for July 11



19204 Oakfork Tr., to George Sheldon & Dee Dee Sheldon by Clifford P. Schultz & Victoria M. Schultz, $565,000, 06/09/2014.

4846 Southern Valley Loop, to Victor Sietsema & Danette Sietsema by Shp Group LLC & Gp Homes LLC, $360,000, 06/10/2014.

26136 Blackjack St., to Sharon M. Perschke & Timothy E. Perschke by Christopher Alan Brown, $225,000, 05/28/2014.

604 Erin Way, to Geoffrey Harvey Dunn by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Mccalla Raymer LLC, $190,000, 05/29/2014.

15580 Oakcrest Cir., to Kristen C. Doherty by Gloria S. Williams & Gloria S. Williams Trustee, $170,400, 06/06/2014.

14129 Wake Robin Dr., to Joseph M. Defazio & Rebecca A. Defazio by Christiana Trust & Savings Fund Society Fsb Wilmington, $147,000, 06/05/2014.

6290 Drew St., to Christine Marie Libengood by Robert W. Briggs & Constance K. Briggs, $129,900, 06/03/2014.

8474 Indian Laurel Ln., to Thomas F. Mcknelly by Lawrence Dion & Rosalie Dion, $117,000, 06/16/2014.

15338 Blanford St., to Randall E. Koser & Linda D. Koser by Laura A. Meadows, $110,000, 06/09/2014.

5099 Cedar Ln., to Robert M. Carlisle by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $98,500, 06/06/2014.

9500 Weeks Dr., to Sean Rook by David L. Burk & Linda A. Burk, $95,000, 06/12/2014.

9146 Admiral St., to Mark A. Keller by Raymond Coomer Sr., $83,000, 06/02/2014.

9242 Denmarsh Dr., to Jack L. Brickles & Gail D. Brickles by Madonna M. Brenyas, $77,000, 06/02/2014.

15193 Durango Cir., to Reo Resolution Group LLC by Hsbc Bank Usa Na & Deutsche Alt A Securities Mortgage Loan Trust Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2007 Ar3, $75,100, 05/06/2014.

14505 Brookridge Blvd., to Sharon Battaglia & Ciro Battaglia by Andrew Zink Trustee & Betty Zink Trustee, $69,000, 06/10/2014.

8079 Fort Dade Ave., to Neil Millard Hosford Ii. & Ashley M. Hosford by Shirley A. Vandemark & Ruth E. Petersen, $62,500, 06/09/2014.

26317 Seidel St., to Jennifer Clark by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Financial Asset Securities Corp Soundview Home Loans Trust 2007 Wmc1 Asset Backed Certificates Series 2007 Wmc1, $51,500, 05/19/2014.

15140 Rialto Ave., to Richard S. Thayer & Ellen T. Thayer by Richard B. Halkyard Sr. & Richard B. Halkyard Sr. Trustee, $45,000, 06/07/2014.

2443 IVywood Dr., to Robert L. Brooks by Brian Romas & Stephanie J. Macary, $45,000, 06/06/2014.


3495 Triggerfish Dr., to Ryan A. Ferreira & Nicole M. Ferreira by Fred M. Kirchhoff & Wanda Kirchhoff, $245,000, 06/09/2014.


15098 Surrey Bnd, to Roweland G. Huettner & Virginia Huettner by Sandy S. Damato & Theresa Damato, $280,000, 06/11/2014.

4460 Rachel Blvd., to Gerald B. Wall by Rene Cintron & Digna Cintron, $200,000, 06/06/2014.

4009 St. IVes Blvd., to Frank Rossetti & Paula Rossetti by Peter Maggiore & Maria Maggiore, $187,000, 05/23/2014.

2498 Moss Creek Ct., to Douglas Brooks & Elizabeth A. Brooks by Ronald E. Raymer & Dorothy M. Raymer, $175,000, 06/10/2014.

2226 Fentress Ct., to Radames Alvarado Jr. by Linda L. Reutimann, $173,900, 06/13/2014.

14190 Pullman Dr., to Charles Franceschini & Carmen Franceschini by Michael J. Kierzynski Trustee & Evelyn C Remelski Revocable Living Trust, $153,000, 06/03/2014.

1121 Florian Way, to Hector IVan Castro & Adriana Burgos by George G. Basar & Donald J. Basar, $149,000, 05/29/2014.

14406 Finsbury Dr., to Robert J. Wisniewski & Aubrey Wisniewski by Secured Trustee Services LLC & 14406 Finsbury Land Trust, $145,500, 06/09/2014.

11441 Trumbull Dr., to John G. Hornock & Ellen G. Folk by Joanne B. Pilibosian, $145,000, 06/11/2014.

13325 Haverhill Dr., to Alpesh Patel & Minaxiben Patel by Srmof 2012 A Trust & U S Bank Trust Na, $145,000, 05/05/2014.

11313 Sheffield Rd., to Kevin Kelly & Stephanie Kelley by Juliet H. Christy & Shirley R. Christy, $139,000, 05/23/2014.

1269 Thornton Ct., to Yorian Rodriguez by Eric J. Buffum & Kathleen C. Buffum, $135,000, 05/30/2014.

274 Portland Ave., to Joyce A. Steward & Wykeisha D. Fulwood by Erza N. Dennis, $135,000, 06/09/2014.

10436 Avila St., to Sandra Kay Wells & Carl K. Wells by Paul A. Ernandes Jr. & Marieva Lastenia Ernandes, $130,000, 06/04/2014.

4479 Goldcoast Ave., to George P. Myers & Patricia R. Myers by Joan V. Banaszak & Joan V. Banaszak Trustee, $117,500, 06/13/2014.

6284 India Dr., to Larry K. Stanley & Julia C. Stanley by Johanna M. Huisinga & Johanna M. Huisinga Trustee, $115,000, 06/04/2014.

6414 Lost Tree Ln., to Ronald James Hovell & Marcia Lee Hovell by F. Michael Toye & Vicky L. Toye, $114,000, 06/04/2014.

10265 Sevenleaf Dr., to Michael J. Danko & Tonya L. Danko by Sevenleaf Dr Land Trust 10265 & Jax Property Trust Group LLC, $112,500, 06/10/2014.

2300 Arrow Ave., to Edgar Guzman & Brandy Trebilcock by Henry Corr & Sharon Ross, $110,000, 06/06/2014.

6311 Nodoc Rd., to Donald T. Lotz & Jamie L. Lotz by Harry Paul & Rosemarie Paul, $108,000, 05/30/2014.

4082 Braemere Dr., to Tracie Michelle Trotter by Jpmorgan Chase Bank Na, $107,900, 06/06/2014.

5162 Teather St., to Christopher J. Seitz & Bethany R. Seitz by Fahima Sarwari, $105,900, 05/06/2014.

2498 Westchester Blvd., to Suzannah J. Folsom & Steven D. Folsom by James W. Rockwell, $101,500, 06/06/2014.

6382 Lost Tree Ln., to John L. Richards & Constance M. Richards by Richard S. Berry Trustee & Sandra H. Berry Trustee, $101,500, 05/27/2014.

14206 Trollman St., to M & K Management Properties LLC by Laura Lastari, $100,000, 06/05/2014.

11360 Libby Rd., to Christopher Prewitt & Amanda Walsh by Otto A. Gottwik & Iris L. Gottwik, $92,500, 06/04/2014.

10452 Lansfield St., to Earl Wharton Hargan & Sarah Josephine Hargan by Jerry Gabrielle & Marjorie Gabrielle, $87,500, 06/06/2014.

5229 Abagail Dr., to Joseph N. Martino & Laurene J. Martino by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & Lp Hometelos, $87,000, 06/09/2014.

13081 Hanley Dr., to Btra V LLC by Mary Ann Poulin & Laura Grace Poulin, $85,000, 06/04/2014.

6027 Freeport Dr., to Barbara K. Bielawne & Keith G. Bielawne by Sonja Sue Gibson, $82,000, 06/16/2014.

2203 Canfield Dr., to Richard A. Doherty III. by Christiana Trust & Savings Fund Society Fsb Wilmington, $80,000, 06/04/2014.

7363 Lamplighter St., to J. Sullivangeorge & M. Sullivanmarie by Naomi B. Solomon, $80,000, 06/05/2014.

5171 Jenson Ave., to John W. Scott & Vilma Scott by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Garcia Group Pa Gilbert Atty In Fact, $69,900, 06/05/2014.

6133 County Line Rd., to Joseph Braccio by Wells Fargo Bank Na & Lehman Mortgage Trust Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2006 9, $66,500, 06/06/2014.

8481 Vicksburg Rd., to Leonard A. Gomes by Kerry M. Caine, $66,000, 06/10/2014.

4384 Duval St., to Kristen Leigh Tyo by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Mccalla Raymer LLC, $65,000, 05/23/2014.

5264 Berrien Ave., to Olivia M. Tordesillas by Roger Fongar & Joan Ann Riedmiller Atty In Fact, $65,000, 06/02/2014.

3066 Dothan Ave., to Peter P. Brusie & Ana Brusie by Frank Depina & Carlota Depina, $62,000, 06/11/2014.

8172 Roycrest Ln., to Jerry Kendrew & Pamela Kendrew by Bank Of America Na & Home Loans Servicing Lp Bac, $61,300, 06/04/2014.

3151 Coronet Ct., to Btra V LLC by Of Veterans Affairs Secretary, $60,000, 05/13/2014.

7404 Philatelic Dr., to George Xanthopoulos by Jpmorgan Chase Bank Na, $56,000, 05/13/2014.

11065 Norvell Rd., to Maureen Ann Sass & Merissa Annette Sass by Nancy Fay & Nancy Faye, $55,800, 06/11/2014.

4051 Ramona Dr., to James Patrick Hunt & Karen Dorene Hunt by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Hallinan Plc Phelan Atty In Fact, $48,500, 06/04/2014.

7453 Apache Tr., to Kimberly Martin by U S Bank Trust Na & Volt 2012 Npl1 Assets Holdings Trust, $44,500, 06/04/2014.

10261 Horizon Dr., to Florida Eagle Investments LLC by Of Housing And Urban Development Department & Ltd Pemco, $41,600, 06/02/2014.

4497 Bromley Ave., to Sheyla Cabrera by Hsbc Bank Usa Na & Backed Pass Through Certificates Series 2006 Rm2 Asset, $40,000, 05/20/2014.


5361 Circle Dr., to Brickner Family Limited Partnership by Rick A. Mcdonald & Deborah Mcdonald, $470,000, 06/09/2014.

9464 Ruby Falls Ct., to Randal E. Workman & Karen A. Workman by Howard J. Latimer Jr. & Howard J. Latimer Trustee, $314,000, 05/23/2014.

9017 Heather Blvd., to Michael Hughson & Nora J. Hughson by Charles H. Lovaglio & Linda Smith, $110,000, 05/23/2014.

7410 Glasgow Rd., to Marcia A. Litchfield by Gregory E. Allen & Christine J. Allen, $86,000, 05/27/2014.

14428 Ermine Owl Rd., to Yosvany De La Rosa Acuna by Fifth Third Bank & Rg Crown Bank, $85,000, 05/21/2014.

14355 Leisure Ln., to Patrick James Mckenna by Harvey T. Smith & Mary Jo Smith, $80,000, 06/06/2014.

Eight women say Charlie Rose sexually harassed them - with nudity, groping and lewd calls

Eight women say Charlie Rose sexually harassed them - with nudity, groping and lewd calls

Eight women have told the Washington Post that longtime television host Charlie Rose made unwanted sexual advances toward them, including lewd phone calls, walking around naked in their presence, or groping their breasts, buttocks or genital areas.Th...
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St. Petersburg council okays restaurant deal for Manhattan Casino

St. Petersburg council okays restaurant deal for Manhattan Casino

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Tampa Electric, contractor fined $43,000 in gas leak

Tampa Electric, contractor fined $43,000 in gas leak

APOLLO BEACH — The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined Tampa Electric $18,108 and gave the company two "serious" citations for its response to a gas leak at the Big Bend Power Station in May, the agency announced late Friday.T...
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Forecast: Florida retailers expect strong holiday shopping sales

Forecast: Florida retailers expect strong holiday shopping sales

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Up for sale? Activist investor grabs stake in Tampa’s Bloomin’ Brands

Up for sale? Activist investor grabs stake in Tampa’s Bloomin’ Brands

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Glenn Thrush, New York Times reporter, accused of sexual misbehavior

Glenn Thrush, New York Times reporter, accused of sexual misbehavior

The New York Times said Monday that it was suspending Glenn Thrush, one of its most prominent reporters, after he was accused of sexually inappropriate behavior.The move came after the website Vox published a report containing allegations that Thrus...
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Most air travelers say taking off your shoes is okay. An etiquette expert disagrees

Most air travelers say taking off your shoes is okay. An etiquette expert disagrees

Unless you are ensconced in first class, sleeping on a plane is as intimate as dozing off in a waiting room on jury duty — everyone on the aircraft knows the decibel level of your snoring and the sad state of your socks.To gauge how passengers percei...
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Stolen car crashes in St. Pete, leaving passenger, 15, with life threatening injuries

Two boys in a stolen car struck a dip in the roadway and crashed into a tree, leaving the 15-year-old passenger with life-threatening injuries, St. Petersburg police said.The crash occurred about 11:25 a.m. Sunday as the car sped west on 11th Avenue ...
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Search suspended for missing Cortez boater who left from Egmont Key

The U.S. Coast Guard suspended its search for a missing 63-year-old boater on Sunday evening, two days after he and his dog were reported missing 5 miles northwest of Mead Point, just inland from Anna Maria Island.On Friday, Fraser Horne of Cortez le...
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Parents, children welcome downsized MOSI in Tampa

Parents, children welcome downsized MOSI in Tampa

TAMPA — Avery, 6, slid his sneakers up the side of 200-pound rubber tire from the space shuttle Columbia and sat on top.His father, Ilder Jeannot, called for him to get off of it — usually climbing on museum displays is frowned upon. But in the new M...
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Updated: 11/19/17