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Real estate transactions

Hernando County real estate transactions for July 25


15715 Oakcrest Cir., to Bruce Alan Burbee by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Mccalla Raymer LLC, $191,000, 06/13/2014.

20200 Powell Rd., to Gonzalez Oscar Luis Castro & Oscar Luis Castro Gonzalez by Charles J. Uchytil & Barbara M. Uchytil, $190,000, 06/20/2014.

15180 Centralia Rd., to Shirley Melton & Janie I. Melton by Terri Lee Heckman & Joseph G. Allesi, $175,000, 06/17/2014.

9394 Wallien Dr., to Ann B. Hodgson by Brian P. Turbet & Sheila A. Turbet, $170,000, 06/26/2014.

16491 Pawnee Dr., to Wilbert Fleming Jr. & Sonya Fleming by Land Trust Service Corporation & Trust No 16491, $165,000, 06/20/2014.

9372 Wild Horse Tr., to Teddy A. Pierre & Cheryl L. Hungerford by Sonya V. Kennedy, $165,000, 06/20/2014.

24115 Winding Creek Dr., to Builders Investments Inc by Carl A. Thomas & Fran M. Thomas, $147,000, 06/20/2014.

13192 Citrus Way, to Luz M. Diaz by Stephen M. Smith Jr. & Christopher Perez, $140,000, 06/20/2014.

2370 Rose Terrace Path, to Daniel Mandreanu by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Morgan Stanley Abs Capital I Inc Trust 2007 He7 Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2007 He7, $124,700, 06/06/2014.

8483 Pinetop Ridge Ln., to Justina L. Seebaran by Stephanie A. Salls Trustee & Seth A Salls Trust, $99,900, 06/13/2014.

31129 Park Ridge Dr., to Michael T. Maytas & Amanda R. Maytas by Joseph W. Burcar & Catherine Burcar, $87,000, 06/23/2014.

31194 Stoney Brook Dr., to Luis Arzola & Jacqueline Perez by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $76,500, 06/20/2014.

14238 Rialto Ave., to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC by Brookridge Community Property Owners Inc, $69,200, 06/05/2014.

15186 Brookridge Blvd., to Stephen R. Young & Kathryn G. Young by Thomas M. Salvati & Joanne Salvati, $65,000, 06/19/2014.

8064 Dinsmore St., to Leslie D. Dickinson by Justine A. Kramer, $65,000, 06/09/2014.

9408 Langworthy Dr., to Panther I LLC by Bank Of America Na, $61,000, 05/08/2014.

10454 Eton Rd., to Carl Pedersen by Clovis M. Fimple & Ammeda R. Fimple, $45,000, 06/19/2014.

1205 Dove Ln., to Asset Trust Holdings LLC & 1205 Dove Lane Land Trust by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & J P Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust 2007 Ch3 Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates Series 2007 Ch3, $42,000, 06/09/2014.

14160 Delsilver Dr., to Susan M. Sardiello by Linda E. Jeffries & Linda E.Jeffries, $42,000, 06/19/2014.


3343 Croaker Dr., to Robert B. Miller & Natalia M. Miller by Christine Koutsogiannis & Frank Koutsogiannis, $350,000, 06/26/2014.


16143 Palacky St., to Nvision Capital Advisors LLC by Hometown Community Development Corporation & Usa Homestrong, $54,900, 06/18/2014.


4607 Golf Club Ln., to William R. Sargent Jr. & Paula M. Sargent by Raymond W. Mino Jr. & Beverlee G. Mino, $290,000, 06/27/2014.

13501 Hunters Point St., to National Mortgage Association Federal by Donald A. Vaccaro & Jill R. Vaccaro, $281,300, 05/23/2014.

5370 Leather Saddle Ln., to Steven Don Brown by Benjamin H. Lacy III. & Suzanne D. Lacy, $279,900, 06/19/2014.

10107 Loretto St., to Jeri L. Williams Busby & Busby Jeri L. Williams by Troy A. Englund & Ronda M. Englund, $200,000, 06/27/2014.

3221 Aldoro Ave., to Adam Avramides & Nicole Avramides by Edward M. King III. & Cheryl C. King, $155,000, 06/16/2014.

4877 Brightstone Pl., to James Colonna by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $152,000, 06/17/2014.

13906 Dunwoody Dr., to Joseph A. Kassay & Stephanie L. Kassay by Jong Gon Nam & Seung Min Lee, $145,000, 06/12/2014.

2335 Holston Ave., to Jason M. Kogel & Heather M. Kogel by Laurie A. Pizzo, $145,000, 05/23/2014.

4085 Chadwick Ave., to Ivan Diaz & Charlotte A. Diaz by Wayne R. Selover & Stacie N. Selover, $143,000, 06/20/2014.

13305 Asbury St., to Jacqueline A. Lackner & Joseph Lackner by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Connors Llp Aldridge Atty In Fact, $140,000, 06/05/2014.

4669 Mariner Blvd., to Pascal Dion by Dennis Bailey & Starr Bailey, $127,000, 06/25/2014.

432 Hampshire Ave., to Elvin R. Rodriguez by Wolfgang F. Predoehl & Gisela Predoehl, $126,000, 06/26/2014.

4454 Marsalis Ct., to Javier Salatiel Paez Cadena & Lesy Maricela Ospina Ocamp by Carole Alice Tagerty, $125,000, 06/23/2014.

4378 Knollcrest Ct., to Maria Abadie by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $122,500, 06/18/2014.

2089 Cottondale Ave., to Michael Ranz & Ineva L. Ranz by Thomas J. Morrin & Therese E. Morrin, $120,000, 06/18/2014.

3270 Coronet Ct., to Daigoro Perez & Barby Perez by Alex Maimone & Katherine C. Maimone, $117,000, 06/18/2014.

2057 Deborah Dr., to Douglas A. Carmichael by Claude Petroski & Darlene Petroski, $112,000, 06/18/2014.

2249 Grandfather Mtn, to Charles J. Ostrowski & Roberta A. Ostrowski by Ann C. Skillen & Ann C. Lockwich, $103,000, 06/18/2014.

7372 Landmark Dr., to David T. Neale & Megan F. Neale by Marguerite S. Ferratto & Brian J. Ferratto, $100,000, 06/19/2014.

4420 Odin St., to Norman J. Soucy Sr. & Betty A. Soucy by R. L. Vanderveen & Robert L. Vanderveen, $95,000, 07/02/2014.

5315 Freeport Dr., to Matthew H. Cutshall & Allysha N. Cutshall by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $92,500, 05/29/2014.

11042 Lightwood St., to Cornelis Vandenoudenhoven & Correa Ernestine Vandenoudenhoven by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $85,100, 06/20/2014.

4433 Chamber Ct., to Tiela Mcafee by Hernan L. Santiago & Lydia R. Santiago, $80,000, 06/20/2014.

6002 Airmont Dr., to Florida Investment Houses Inc by David Belovicz, $80,000, 06/19/2014.

6181 Rhine Ave., to Michael J. Pearson by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $80,000, 06/05/2014.

112 Arcadia Ave., to Thomas R. Jablonski & Gloria A. Jablonski by J C K Investors Inc, $75,500, 06/13/2014.

9572 Horizon Dr., to Barbara J. Anderson by Olga M. Valle, $74,000, 06/20/2014.

12228 Pine Bluff St., to Keith N. Slaman & Edward Slaman by Corey Browne, $70,000, 06/23/2014.

2254 Meadow Lark Rd., to Campground Estate Properties LLC by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Shuler Pa Kass Atty In Fact, $69,900, 06/19/2014.

2033 De Carlo Ave., to Guillermo Perez by Richard John Infante, $67,000, 06/17/2014.

2351 Gimlet Ave., to Hector M. Correa & Marie E. Triana Montoya by National Mortgage Association Federal & Maie Fannie, $64,500, 06/18/2014.

9213 Horizon Dr., to George W. Bell & Bell Anna M. Dejose by Barbara Zapata & Luis Manuel Zapata, $60,000, 06/20/2014.

12680 Eddington Rd., to Paula S. Mcgough by 12680 Eddington Rd LLC, $56,000, 06/06/2014.

13019 Groveland St., to Gary E. Odom & Alice S. Odom by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Shuler Solomon Spector Foyle &. Singer Pa Kass, $50,500, 06/19/2014.

10548 Blythville Rd., to Shirina Hartman & Edward Hartman by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary, $47,500, 06/16/2014.

4096 Pavia Ln., to Neil N. Corini & Kathleen Corini by Geraldine Sgherza, $42,500, 06/20/2014.


7276 Crystal Spring Run, to 7276 Crystal Spring Run LLC by Adam Avramides & Nicole Marie Avramides, $230,000, 06/13/2014.

15476 Mellon Rd., to Irene G. Vanselow by Quick Turn Properties LLC, $111,500, 06/27/2014.

8412 Dunnellon Rd., to Richard Rose & Sharon Rose by Peggy Ann Boyles & Brent Boyles, $99,500, 06/27/2014.

8950 Ostrom Way, to Michael S. Brady by Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC, $78,000, 06/18/2014.

16448 Medley Rd., to Julia Silva by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & R. Wolfe &. Associates Pl Ronald Atty In Fact, $75,000, 06/11/2014.

7145 Westwind St., to Ward Consulting Inc by Wilbur E. Roebuck & Marilyn J. Roebuck, $70,000, 06/20/2014.

7086 Lykes St., to Louis Prettyman & Noel Fell by William H. Watts, $69,500, 06/17/2014.

Theodan St., to Alfred D. Stanford by Kathleen Lisk & Kathleen Lisk Succ Trustee, $68,000, 06/18/2014.

10165 Noddy Tern Rd., to Marilynn Jessup by Helene A. Cody, $64,000, 06/25/2014.

8025 Indian Trail Rd., to Dennis Ray Watts & Andrea Lynn Prince by Shirley A. Lancaster & Melissa L. Kick, $49,500, 06/23/2014.

Hernando County real estate transactions for July 25 07/23/14 [Last modified: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 3:39pm]
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