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Real estate transactions

Hernando County real estate transactions for July 4, 2014


13079 Saddle Way, to Christopher S. Currier & Jessica Leeann Currier by Karl C. Hogan, $150,000, 05/30/2014.

15437 Deer Path Dr., to David Curiale & Dawn Curiale by Clifford P. Kenney & Kenney Rita Diaz, $128,900, 06/02/2014.

15393 Burbank Dr., to Quick Turn Properties LLC by Joseph F. Reid Sr. & Terry L. Reid, $125,000, 05/30/2014.

1294 Candlelight Blvd., to Aaron G. Brooks & Angela G. Brooke by Jay Justice & Mary Justice, $123,000, 05/30/2014.

9465 Southern Charm Cir., to Miguel Micheo Santana by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $92,900, 05/30/2014.

830 S Mildred Ave., to Cory J. Skinner & Danielle R. Skinner by Christopher Myers & Cara Myers, $75,000, 06/04/2014.

8313 Scotch Pine Ave., to Roger Gates by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $65,000, 05/29/2014.

15921 Brookridge Blvd., to Frederick D. Tomeo & Maureen B. Tomeo by Ronald G. Schrecengost & Renate G. Schrecengost, $58,000, 06/02/2014.

26195 Powell Rd., to Earl E. Hazelwood & Gwyn Hazelwood by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $55,900, 05/23/2014.

8004 Fiat Ave., to Phillip C. Schifano & Catherine J. Schifano by Julia J. Little, $45,600, 05/29/2014.

12022 Formosa St., to Norma Ponzo by Russell Heiney, $45,000, 05/27/2014.

242 N Lemon Ave., to Ian D. Kafrissen & Diane D. Kafrissen by Gary P. Emerson Jr. & Janet G. Emerson, $45,000, 06/02/2014.

14839 Brookridge Blvd., to Viola A. Caine by Francis J. Kenney & Phylis M. Kenney, $44,000, 05/12/2014.


4059 Gulfview Dr., to Jeffrey P. Longo & Linda M. Longo by Richard J. Zarcone & Alwin Zarcone, $160,000, 06/02/2014.


14317 Hunt Club Ln., to Alan R. Visgar & Kathleen A. Carter by Robert E. Ebert & Sandra R. Ebert, $315,000, 05/23/2014.

5121 Golf Club Ln., to Stephen Guzik & Jaime Guzik by Mary Ann Coogan, $310,000, 06/02/2014.

14305 Hunt Club Ln., to Barry J. Motta & Lois J. Motto by Clarence L. Bolin & Patricia A. Bolin, $233,000, 06/03/2014.

13081 Sigmund St., to Manuel Pereira & Deborah Santoni Pereira by David R. Vanhorn & Ondrea C. Vanhorn, $220,000, 05/29/2014.

11685 Fairfield Ct., to John L. Higgins & Christine M. Higgins by Patricia King & Patricia A. King, $194,500, 05/27/2014.

382 Florian Way, to Omar Oliver . St Aubyn Morris by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Connor Lp Aldridge Atty In Fact, $168,000, 05/28/2014.

7459 Blue Skies Dr., to Robert C. Harris & Julie A. Harris by Douglas J. Englund & Edna M. Englund, $167,000, 05/29/2014.

14154 Nugent Cir., to Lauren Marie Davis by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $160,000, 05/28/2014.

2320 Whisper Walk Dr., to Stephen L. Tomiak & Kathy E. Tomiak by Anna Tortorici & Anna Tortorici Trustee, $157,200, 06/02/2014.

11583 Mcleod St., to Maureen B. Gengler by Sheila Odonnell & John Odonnell, $150,000, 06/02/2014.

8038 Sugarbush Dr., to Denis S. Sujka & Michele A. Sujka by Robert C. Petersen & Martha E. Petersen, $150,000, 05/29/2014.

2627 Imperial Pine Dr., to William V. Scully & Martha L. Scully by Glenn W. Walters & Sharon W. Walter, $145,000, 05/28/2014.

14115 Oak Knoll St., to Ondrea C. Vanhorn & David R. Vanhorn by Ana L. Cruz & Jose R. Cruz, $142,000, 05/14/2014.

5284 Bevens Ave., to Jane Pauze & Richard Pauze by Zdzislaw L. Kosturowski & Teresa E. Kosturowski, $140,000, 05/30/2014.

14243 Mansfield Rd., to John T. Rutkowitz III. & Claire M. Rutkowitz by Philip M. Seminerio & Diana T. Seminerio, $139,900, 05/30/2014.

14060 Lawrence St., to Steven O. Perez by Liberty Trust Holdings LLC & 14050 Lawrence St Land Trust, $135,000, 05/30/2014.

10476 Norvell Rd., to Jose Ramirez by Lawrence C. Beitel & Lawrence Beitel, $130,000, 04/18/2014.

5500 Moongate Rd., to Joseph A. Wolford by Esther M. Evans & Esther M. Evans Trustee, $124,000, 05/23/2014.

10452 Bedford Rd., to Terrence C. Colligan & Diane M. Colligan by J. Sullivangeorge & M. Sullivanmarie, $119,000, 05/30/2014.

493 Greenwich Cir., to Carole Lauterborn & Arnold Lauterborn by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $118,500, 06/06/2014.

5587 Pillar Ave., to Denise E. Newhouse by Seggie Custom Builders LLC, $115,000, 05/28/2014.

2221 Merion Ct., to Barbara Ann Northup & William E. Northup by Robert J. Gallo, $114,900, 05/30/2014.

14032 Banyan Rd., to Theodore Bartucci & Jennifer Bartucci by Dennis Bruce Talbot & Lois Ann Talbot, $112,900, 06/03/2014.

5045 Elwood Rd., to Katie L. Groff by Island Motocross Of New York Inc, $112,000, 05/30/2014.

4343 Hedgewood Ave., to Ruth A. Jones Trustee & William J And Ruth A Jones Revocable Living Trust by Richard F. Harding & Elizabeth G. Harding, $110,000, 05/14/2014.

10086 Huckleberry Dr., to Dorance Wood & Ethel Wood by Cristina Fermoselle Tartari & Cristina T. Miller, $109,000, 05/22/2014.

11408 Spring Hill Dr., to Melissa Chance by Stress Free Property Management Inc, $105,000, 06/02/2014.

13176 Siam Dr., to Israel Rivera & Lydia Rivera by Charles R. Rogers & Anne T. Rodgers, $105,000, 06/02/2014.

140 Center Oak Cir., to Cardoza Martha Rivas & Martha Rivas Cardoza by Apt Properties LLC, $105,000, 06/02/2014.

3152 Deltona Blvd., to Robert D. Jaeger by Edward A. Pepper & Lisa B. Pepper, $105,000, 05/30/2014.

14103 Newcastle Ave., to Frona J. Bevins & Jesse R. Bevins by Sally B. Novak & Frank C. Novak, $103,000, 05/27/2014.

1347 IVydale Rd., to Pr Real Estate Group Inc by U S Bank Na & Structured Asset Securities Corporation Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2007 Bc4, $99,000, 05/27/2014.

9122 Dorsey St., to Bruce A. Santee by Robert J. Muehlbauer & Elizabeth Muehlbauer, $85,000, 05/23/2014.

2473 Deltona Blvd., to Mih Real Estate LLC by Brian C. Dobkin & Alton Faircloth, $84,000, 05/22/2014.

2204 Deltona Blvd., to John Caccamise by Nationstar Mortgae LLC, $75,500, 05/06/2014.

5276 Dellbrook Ave., to Edward A. Dibella by Miriam Arriaga & Evelyn Vaz, $69,900, 05/21/2014.

11011 Gifford Dr., to Sharon C. Estep by Stephen F. Remish & Katy S. Remish, $65,500, 06/05/2014.

8045 Pagoda Dr., to Bradley M. Feldt by Robert J. Dirado & Gail K. Dirado, $65,000, 05/30/2014.

8349 Boyce St., to Charles G. Sarges & Gail T. Sarges by Philip Schifano Jr. & Catherine J. Schifano, $65,000, 05/28/2014.

10401 Lansfield St., to Mildred Cartty & Eduardo A. Cartty by Of Housing &. Urban Development Secretary & Lp Hometelos, $62,000, 05/30/2014.

2458 Rim Dr., to Tyrone A. Turner by Virginia C. Dart, $60,000, 05/20/2014.

3128 Montague Ave., to Randall Bluhm by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $57,200, 05/29/2014.

9143 Sewell Ln., to Clifford A. Payan by Adele Kingslien, $55,900, 05/28/2014.

4471 Augustine Rd., to James T. Price by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & J P Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust 2007 He1 Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates Series 2007 He1, $55,000, 05/20/2014.

2313 Gaucho Ave., to Charles G. Netherland & Patricia C. Netherland by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $54,000, 05/22/2014.

5467 Mariner Blvd., to Enrique Flores by Eileen Tennyson & Mary Discala, $50,000, 05/28/2014.

3496 Orion Rd., to Shirina Hartman & Andrew Hartman by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $48,500, 06/03/2014.

6224 Halstead St., to John Gibson & Rachel Gibson by Shannon Saracinaj, $45,000, 05/29/2014.

6194 Kimball Ct., to Aniercey Diaz Sanchez by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $42,500, 05/23/2014.

6455 Pinehurst Dr., to Peter C. Ceccarelli & Luz D. Ceccarelli by David Griffith & Deborah J. Griffith, $40,000, 05/29/2014.


11336 Woodland Waters Blvd., to Miguel A. Bisono by Norman W. Hatch Jr. & Norman W. Hatch Jr. Trustee, $340,000, 05/28/2014.

11108 Frigate Bird Ave., to John Flores Jr. & Rhonda Sue Flores by Angel Aviles & Iris Aviles, $192,000, 05/30/2014.

3467 Cyclone Dr., to Michael Garfinkel & Mary Anne Lang by Ralph D. King & Ralph D. King Succ Trustee, $179,000, 05/29/2014.

8170 Christopher Ln., to Kimberly A. Duffy & Carol A. Fylypczuk by Bluhm Marital Deduction Trust & Randall Bluhm Trustee, $146,000, 05/20/2014.

10142 Duffy Cir., to Lindy Mcquown & Gail Mcquown by William O. Hermann, $130,000, 05/06/2014.

9330 New Orleans Dr., to Clark Hotham & Jo Ann Hotham by Faye E. Campbell, $123,000, 06/02/2014.

10158 Cabana St., to John Devine & Suzanne Devine by Hsbc Bank Usa Na & Ace Securities Corp Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2006 Fm1 Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates, $85,000, 05/22/2014.

6458 Arbutus Ave., to Robert L. Taylor by Corey M. Wharton, $79,000, 06/03/2014.

4352 Hillside Ave., to Mario C. Arenas Jr. by John F. Mason Jr. & Robert Wightman Mason, $75,000, 06/03/2014.

10091 Noddy Tern Rd., to Robert Taylor & Amanda Taylor by Eldwin L. Vanalstyne & Rosalynd P. Vanalstyne, $68,000, 06/04/2014.

8422 Dalewood Dr., to Kempkens Linda M. Kronenberg & Linda M. Kronenberg Kempkens by Joseph Valadao & Natercia Valadao, $55,300, 05/29/2014.

Hernando County real estate transactions for July 4, 2014 07/02/14 [Last modified: Wednesday, July 2, 2014 3:12pm]
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