Saturday, August 18, 2018

Hernando County real estate transactions for July 7, 2017


32260 Dashbach St., to Joan Marie Procida Trustee & Dashbach Trust by Bank Of The Ozarks & C1 Bank, $410,000, 05/18/2017.

27094 Redfox Dr., to Kenneth R. Dykstra & Barbara B. Dykstra by David Lemmerman, $325,000, 05/22/2017.

19905 Manecke Rd., to Alexander J. Danton by Earl W. Harris & Margaret Harris, $300,000, 05/15/2017.

23100 Aylesboro Ct., to Brian Townsend by Diana L. Bunn, $250,000, 05/23/2017.

444 Garfield Ave., to Theresa A. Suchar by Samantha Cantrell Long Succ Trustee & Theresa Ann Marie Papale Revocable Living Trust, $215,000, 05/19/2017.

555 Hickory St., to Richard D. Stanger by William Martin & William R. Martin, $210,000, 05/22/2017.

8073 Simmons St., to Jeffrey Scott Downes by Terry L. Hilbert & Linda N. Hilbert, $152,000, 05/16/2017.

15655 Durango Cir., to Jesse Daniel Louis Noe by Big Foot I LLC Mark 10 Series & Silver Ridge Trust, $151,000, 05/31/2017.

8524 Pinetop Ridge Ln., to David N. Davis by Carol M. Allen & David V. Holtmann, $144,200, 05/23/2017.

384 Monroe Ave., to Richard Thompson & Alicia Thompson by Margaret Lovelly & Kenneth Lovelly, $140,000, 05/16/2017.

514 Jeff A Lee St., to S&s Capital Ventures LLC by Paul A. Zambrano, $137,500, 05/23/2017.

14811 Rialto Ave., to Jerome G. Boles & Jo A. Boles by James Fenton & Sophie Fenton, $134,500, 05/09/2017.

8511 Silverbell Loop, to Anthony Vasquez by Daniel L. Lavalle & Kayla E. Lavalle, $130,000, 05/19/2017.

808 Laurelridge Ct., to Kristi Langworthy by Bradley W. Sufficool & Vanessa L. Sufficool, $125,000, 05/26/2017.

8329 Yellow Pine Ave., to Michael P. Benke by John B. Cain, $117,000, 05/08/2017.

7311 California St., to Betty Findeis & Clarence Findeis by Deborah Adams, $110,000, 05/22/2017.

9082 Southern Charm Cir., to Thomas J. Regan by Judy Goulding & Maribridget Butler, $102,000, 05/18/2017.

12468 Jacqueline Rd., to Virginia A. Whitney by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & New Century Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2005 A Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates, $98,000, 05/11/2017.

27135 Roper Rd., to Robert D. Upshaw Jr. & Janet C. Kasney by Gerry L. Alligood & Claudia C. Alligood, $73,400, 05/31/2017.

27127 Simona Ave., to Michael Washington & Tiffany Washington by New Share Holdings LLC, $72,000, 05/17/2017.

31210 Lancewood Dr., to Campos Lenin Fernando Benitez by Of Florida State & County Hernando, $71,300, 05/24/2017.

8463 Central Ave., to Everett C. Kinloch & Vietta B. Kinloch by Vincent Branciforte, $67,000, 05/17/2017.

15559 Brookridge Blvd., to John Fermane by Kay Metzger & Ray Metzger, $62,000, 05/25/2017.

917 Candlebrook Ln., to Lynn E. Coburn Trustee & Lynn E Coburn Revocable Trust by Lance C. Lobo, $57,500, 05/19/2017.

8497 Electra Ave., to Susan E. Blackburn by Judith Atchison & Deborah Glenn, $54,000, 05/19/2017.

9263 Rock Dr., to Stephen Moseley & Angelica Moseley by Douglas H. Lee Jr., $51,000, 05/31/2017.

2092 Culbreath Rd. Lot B2, to Donald R. Jaycox & Rebecca Jaycox by Thomas E. Quick & Beverly L. Quick, $50,000, 05/23/2017.


3495 Triggerfish Dr., to Craig Kestran & Jackie J. Kestran by Ryan A. Ferreira & Nicole M. Ferreira, $350,000, 05/23/2017.

4175 Camelia Dr., to Alfred Simeone Jr. by Barbara B. Hinkle & Norman R. Hinkle, $302,500, 05/15/2017.

3520 Croaker Dr., to Wlw Capital LLC by Derek Southern & Janet W. Southern, $205,000, 05/24/2017.


7349 Dogwood Cres, to Josh Nielson & Shannan Nielson by George K. Suydam, $395,000, 05/15/2017.

13394 Sagewater Ct., to John M. Sivon Jr. & Naomi L. Sivon by Syed W. Ali & Seema Nishat, $325,000, 05/19/2017.

10402 Palmgren Ln., to Roger Jon Sherr by Douglas M. Kramer & Kramer Karen J. Mazzone, $306,000, 05/31/2017.

1641 Larkin Rd., to Safari One Asset Company LLC by Jeff I LLC, $287,100, 04/27/2017.

3284 Lema Dr., to Safari One Asset Company LLC by Jeff I LLC, $287,100, 04/27/2017.

4997 Championship Cup Ln., to Pivot Silverthorn LLC by Brian Scales, $287,000, 05/18/2017.

6240 Layton Ave., to Safari One Asset Company LLC by Mupr 3 Assets LLC, $273,600, 04/27/2017.

11298 Sagamore St., to Arturo V. Gonzalez Fernandez & Maria Gonzalez by Sophia Vera Atty In Fact & Lucina Reyes Novas, $250,000, 05/22/2017.

461 Rio Vista Ct., to Roxanne Hardy by Gloria E. Talley & Gloria E. Talley Trustee, $250,000, 05/19/2017.

13239 Don Loop, to Jennifer L. Dion by William A. Mckinnon & Shauna Lee Mckinnon, $245,000, 05/26/2017.

13606 Hunters Point St., to Tammy Darlene Nunnally by Raymond G. Zinser & Tina M. Zinser, $234,000, 05/26/2017.

4353 Everett Ave., to Richard Cook Travers by Kevin R. Doucet & Rosita B. Doucet, $234,000, 05/24/2017.

10272 Swanson Ct., to Robert W. Peters & Marie F. Peters by Stirling Development LLC, $228,000, 05/22/2017.

129 Oak Lake Dr., to Lester E. Kaniok & Loretta N. Kaniok by Rodney Boblitt & Debra Boblitt, $222,500, 05/19/2017.

7416 Clearmeadow Dr., to Dorothy C. Schnorr Trustee & Dorothy C Schnorr Living Trust by Monte L. Miles Trustee & Karla K. Miles Trustee, $220,000, 05/24/2017.

1085 Tournament Dr., to Michael T. Caruso by Anthony L. Gross Jr. & Patricia Gross, $200,000, 05/31/2017.

9173 Geneva St., to Tara Vanburen & Joseph Vanburen by Peter J. Nesci & Cindi Nesci, $195,900, 05/30/2017.

10393 Locker Dr., to Gloria E. Talley Trustee & Gloria E Talley Trust by Dennis J. Daniello & Barbara Daniello, $193,500, 05/19/2017.

14236 Carlisle Dr., to Pamela L. Noonan & Michael J. Noonan by Douglas Mcinerney, $192,000, 05/26/2017.

4490 Rachel Blvd., to Kevin J. Preissler & Sheila R. Preissler by O&s Capital Enterprises LLC, $189,900, 05/26/2017.

13100 Little Farms Dr., to David W. Hand Ii. & Kayla R. Hand by Lauren Helfand & Daniel Mickey, $185,000, 05/15/2017.

4251 Stratford Ct., to Hussein M. Elbeitam by Maria Barbosa, $185,000, 05/12/2017.

1436 Overland Dr., to David Hubler & Robin Hubler by Philip Bomhoff, $184,500, 05/10/2017.

7498 Timberlake Ave., to Charles Grajales & Deena Grajales by Jel Homes LLC, $181,500, 05/15/2017.

3272 Montano Ave., to Nathan W. Oliver by Chasity Montang & David Montang, $181,000, 05/25/2017.

3081 Saw Mill Ln., to Debra A. Johns by Jeffrey R. Hinton & Jeffrey R. Hinton Succ Trustee, $175,000, 05/23/2017.

13069 Unity St., to Karen Contegiacomo Ozyjowski by Scott Pulver & Hanyeh Pulver, $165,000, 05/22/2017.

3106 Abeline Rd., to Heidil Bartek & Robert W. Bartek by Christopher K. Keats & Christopher R. Keats, $164,900, 05/26/2017.

12387 Penton St., to Guiming Lin & Jinmei Ou by Fletcher Scott T & Fletcher Lynn M, $163,000, 05/19/2017.

11428 Sand Hill Ave., to Alfred Capece & Esmeralda Capece by Robert Sanchez Jr., $160,000, 05/11/2017.

4374 Candler Ave., to Toni A. Alese by Randall S. Bluhm, $155,000, 05/24/2017.

13065 Santee St., to Kathy J. Leavens by Carol A. Carey & Joseph M. Carey, $153,000, 05/26/2017.

2152 Danforth Rd., to Christopher S. Weaver by G. Osullivandaniel & A. Osullivanjoan, $152,000, 05/05/2017.

2262 Landover Blvd., to Kristal A. Webster by Norbert J. Holz, $151,000, 05/26/2017.

2679 Royal Ridge Dr., to Carol A. Bruyere by William S. Branch Trustee & Audrey C. Branch Trustee, $150,000, 05/03/2017.

3264 Montano Ave., to Timothy S. Heusinger & Jacqueline M. Heusinger by Louis F. Roma, $149,900, 05/18/2017.

7370 Philatelic Dr., to Frank Besser & Amanda Besser by Lotte Desrochers Trustee & Lottie Desrochers Trustee, $145,000, 05/25/2017.

8549 Belmont Rd., to Ivande J. Giraldo & Maria D. Vahos by Ronald E. Usher & Bonita J. Usher, $145,000, 05/16/2017.

2413 Broadmoor Ln., to Gail S. Haley & John M. Haley by Debra A. Johns, $142,000, 05/23/2017.

9213 Geneva St., to Bryan Ille by Sara Hendrickson & Sara Pride, $142,000, 05/26/2017.

2025 Nobleton Ave., to Brandie L. Taylor by Richard K. Teague, $140,000, 05/24/2017.

10373 Lafoy Rd., to Ricciardikaty & Ricciardicarmine by A&d Ventures Inc, $139,900, 05/25/2017.

2016 De Carlo Ave., to Guillermina Padilla Aponte & Dionel A. Cruz Sepulveda by Clayton A. Brown & Natalia Carvajal Ortiz, $135,000, 05/19/2017.

2035 Springmeadow Dr., to Philip Mulcahy & Clara H. Mulcahy by Eleanor Gard Trustee & Eleanor Gard Revocable Trust, $133,900, 05/15/2017.

1003 Greenturf Rd., to Andrew Barber & Darlina Barber by Mary Buth & Daniel J. Buth Atty In Fact, $133,000, 05/23/2017.

2292 Waterfall Dr., to Robert Dale Atkinson & Jo Ann Atkinson by Kevin M. Miller, $133,000, 05/16/2017.

11049 Little St., to Joseph A. Mckinney & Dolores M. Mckinney by Tinman Property Group LLC, $132,000, 05/24/2017.

4136 St. IVes Blvd., to Brandi Dehart & Brandon Armstrong by County Board Of County Commissioners Hernando, $131,000, 05/22/2017.

1209 Van Dale Ave., to Craig E. Delerme by Cheryl L. Hanson & Cheryl Hanson, $130,000, 05/25/2017.

13035 Haverhill Dr., to Property Owner 2 LLC by Linhui Cheng, $126,000, 05/25/2017.

2476 Hawthorne Rd., to Christopher M. Hanratty by Ralph D. Haines & Janet Q. Haines, $126,000, 05/22/2017.

4268 Bayridge Ct., to Frank L. Wilkie & Natalia Wilkie by Robert Gomez Trustee & Dawn M. Gomez Trustee, $123,000, 05/24/2017.

3181 Harrow Rd., to Arin P. Odonnell by Cam Real Estate Xiv LLC & Wedgewood, $120,000, 05/26/2017.

9443 Vancouver Rd., to Jeanette Curet Rivera by James Bloemker & Wilma J. Bloemker, $116,000, 05/17/2017.

12280 Landfair St., to Campground Estate Properties LLC by Bowen Harriette O. Butler & Harriette O. Butler Bowen, $115,000, 05/20/2017.

8163 Giffen Ln., to Jessica R. Hojnowski by Nehemiah Community Reinvestment Enterprises LLC, $114,000, 05/12/2017.

11255 Murraysville Dr., to Nils I. Rundberg & Linda J. Rundberg by Joseph F. Gillooly & Helen E. Gillooly, $112,000, 05/17/2017.

11199 Marquette St., to Kem A. Benny by Michael J. Bianchi & Joseph Bianchi Atty In Fact, $107,000, 05/19/2017.

3252 Blythe Ave., to Amy E. Tejchman by Dean B. Crooks & Sherry S. Crooks, $105,100, 05/12/2017.

9136 Horizon Dr., to Ronald C. Smeeton by Maria Sol Echart & Peter Shayo, $105,000, 05/24/2017.

6174 Pinehurst Dr., to David Charles Skelly by Margareta Szentgyorgyi & Zoltan Szentgyorgyi, $100,000, 05/25/2017.

9372 Vancouver Rd., to Lynn B. Fahnestock by Nancy Lang, $100,000, 05/30/2017.

1478 Deborah Dr., to Carmel Macchia by Louis Lorenzo Vidaud, $98,000, 05/24/2017.

4203 Elwood Rd., to William Galbraith & Elizabeth Galbraith by Richard W. Houp & Richard W Houp Trust, $98,000, 05/19/2017.

8010 Kimberly Ave., to Frederick Vestea by James G. Oconnor, $95,000, 05/11/2017.

4346 Lightfoot St., to Tara Miller & Malon Thomas Musgrave by Larry T. Post & Felicia Post, $93,000, 05/31/2017.

2462 Mariner Blvd., to W Mark Coppage Family Trust by Maria Valentin, $91,500, 05/19/2017.

1055 Copperfield Rd., to Wayne A. Webb & Lillian D. Webb by Douglas H. Glenny Jr. & Brenda D. Glenny, $90,000, 05/12/2017.

10105 Bannister St., to Robert Gomez by Jeffrey P. Swartz & Joyanna Swartz, $85,000, 05/18/2017.

1485 Deborah Dr., to Enrique E. Palomino & Breanne R. Steffen by Anne Lama, $82,000, 05/15/2017.

3234 Hargrove St., to Brittney L. Bednarski by Paul A. Zambrano, $79,900, 05/31/2017.

8322 Falmouth Ct., to Bryan Ventre by Gwendolyn Vallancourt & Colleen L. Oconnor Atty In Fact, $78,000, 05/17/2017.

6178 Belkton Ave., to Ronald J. Mcelven & Beatrice E. Mcelven by Jeffery T. Jernigan & Lesly Jernigan, $75,000, 05/15/2017.

8292 Neda St., to William Petteruto by Joseph Caramanica & Joan Caramanica, $75,000, 05/11/2017.

9260 Marler Rd., to Danielle Bradley by Aimee Baizley & Jeanne Hutchins Atty In Fact, $72,000, 05/19/2017.

121 Fountain Ct., to Lcr Financial LLC by Austin Conner, $67,500, 05/17/2017.

7108 Sealawn Dr., to Robert Ganske by Dm Capital LLC, $62,000, 05/16/2017.

4050 Arrowhead Ave., to George Doura LLC by Patricia Faucher, $60,000, 05/18/2017.

9288 Regatta Cir., to Shay R. Astraea by Joseph J. Vitale & Kathleen L. Vitale, $52,000, 05/25/2017.

4033 Windswept Ave., to Sheryl L. Braccio & Joseph Braccio by Mark A. Beatty & Yanes Beatty, $50,000, 05/30/2017.

7400 Spring Hill Dr. Apt 215, to Glorida J. Sumpter & Ronald K. Sumpter by Ronald Birmingham & Louise Birmingham, $49,900, 05/12/2017.

7321 Toucan Tr., to John Jano Labonte Jr. by Richard E. Weader, $45,000, 05/19/2017.


8904 Jericho Rd., to Kelly Bye & Daniel Mooney by R. Wesley Harris & Sue S. Harris, $212,000, 05/12/2017.

6008 Avenue Of The Palms, to Robert C. Sumner & Jessica M. Sumner by Bullet Project Inc, $195,000, 05/22/2017.

12223 Island Shrike Rd., to Keith D. Crumb & Tiffany A. Prewitt by Richard C. Mann & Anne K. Mann, $161,000, 05/26/2017.

13085 House Finch Rd., to Zachary James Neblock by Robert Alan Baker Jr. & Melissa L. Baker, $161,000, 05/19/2017.

12299 Lark Sparrow Rd., to Michael S. Saunders & Kelly R. Saunders by Douglas Lynn & Francis L. Lynn, $149,900, 05/12/2017.

9311 New Orleans Dr., to Arthur G. Madden & Judith M. Madden by Lough Tax Services LLC & David Lough, $132,000, 05/18/2017.

6040 Island Dr., to Larry J. James & Lisa A. James by Linda Rice & John M. Rice, $130,000, 05/24/2017.

13029 Velvet Scoter Ave., to Robert Antczak & Sherrilynn Antczak by Andrew W. Ryan & Melanie J. Ryan, $129,000, 05/25/2017.

6423 River Lodge Ln., to Edythe Gates by Lee Schomburg & Donna Schomburg, $127,000, 05/19/2017.

9018 Bonnet Way, to Roger K. Thompson by Samuel R. Wilson, $115,000, 05/19/2017.

9207 Lingrove Rd., to Timothy H. Hafke by Shirley Ann Davis, $85,000, 05/18/2017.

9235 Michigan Ave., to Stuart S. Joyce & Amanda Ellis by Betty Jane Finstad & Betty Jane Finstad Trustee, $84,000, 04/28/2017.

7736 St. Andrews Blvd., to Paul R. Kendt & Karen Kendt by Rose A. Fitzpatrick & Robert J. Fitzpatrick, $65,000, 05/22/2017.

8034 Picketts Ct., to Marvin Zeigler & Deborah Zeigler by Paul Makosky & Michael Fye, $55,000, 05/04/2017.

Pinellas commission candidate faced stalking, abuse claims

Pinellas commission candidate faced stalking, abuse claims

ST. PETERSBURG — A political newcomer seeking a Pinellas County Commission seat has faced accusations of physical abuse and stalking from her former fiance, who twice sought court-ordered protection from her.Both allegations came after Democrat Amy K...
Published: 08/17/18
Tampa Bay’s seventh renovated Winn-Dixie opens in Hernando County

Tampa Bay’s seventh renovated Winn-Dixie opens in Hernando County

SPRING HILL — The latest Winn-Dixie remodel opened in Hernando County on Thursday.This marks the seventh remodeled Winn-Dixie parent company Southeastern Grocers has unveiled in Tampa Bay this year. The chain promised renovations following emerging f...
Published: 08/17/18
St. Petersburg ranks No. 39 in U.S. for affordable living, study says

St. Petersburg ranks No. 39 in U.S. for affordable living, study says

ST. PETERSBURG — St. Petersburg is beating the national averages on affordable homeownership, according to a SmartAsset study.The financial technology company ranked 115 of the biggest cities in the U.S., measured by mortgage payments, property taxes...
Published: 08/17/18

Florida unemployment falls to 3.7 percent

Florida’s unemployment rate hit an 11-year low in July. The jobless rate inched down a notch to 3.7 percent, according to state figures released Friday, continuing the state’s 10-month run of a sub-4 percent unemployment rate. "This is one of the big...
Published: 08/17/18
Welfont, KnowBe4, Teami and other Tampa Bay companies rank high in Inc. 5000 list

Welfont, KnowBe4, Teami and other Tampa Bay companies rank high in Inc. 5000 list

While a Wisconsin company that makes software to execute shipments and a trendy cellphone grip company out of Colorado may have taken the top spots in this year’s Inc. 5000 list — Florida still had an impressive showing. Every year, Inc. ranks the 5...
Published: 08/17/18
Wages remain stagnant in Florida despite super low unemployment. What’s going on?

Wages remain stagnant in Florida despite super low unemployment. What’s going on?

It remains our biggest economic enigma: Sluggish wage growth despite low unemployment. In a robust job market, pay rises as the supply of available workers shrinks. At least that’s the way it normally works. This time around, the ingredients appear ...
Published: 08/17/18
Children who lived with smokers are more likely to die of lung disease as adults, study says

Children who lived with smokers are more likely to die of lung disease as adults, study says

Childhood exposure to secondhand smoke is linked to lung disease decades later, according to a study published Thursday by the American Cancer Society.For 22 years, researchers have been following more than 70,000 adults who have never smoked. At the...
Published: 08/17/18
What would it take to overthrow king Publix? Safeway’s Florida exit begs the question.

What would it take to overthrow king Publix? Safeway’s Florida exit begs the question.

LARGO — Everything is on clearance inside Tampa Bay’s only Safeway grocery store. Patio furniture, 40 percent off. Beach chairs, too. Most grocery items are 30 percent off; the entire liquor store is 20 percent off.The discounts will probably get ste...
Published: 08/17/18
Trump asks SEC to look into ditching quarterly filings

Trump asks SEC to look into ditching quarterly filings

NEW YORK — President Donald Trump says he’s asking federal regulators to look into the effectiveness of the quarterly financial reports that publicly traded companies are required to file. In a tweet early Friday, Trump said that after speaking with ...
Published: 08/17/18
Dear Penny: How can I tell my boss to stop making fun of my old car?

Dear Penny: How can I tell my boss to stop making fun of my old car?

Dear Penny,I’m a recent college grad who’s been working an entry-level job for the past year. I only make about $33,000 a year, but I’m doing OK. I’m able to pay my bills without taking on more debt. One of the reasons I’m able to do so is that I dri...
Published: 08/17/18