Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hernando County real estate transactions for June 2, 2017



12277 Cyrano Ave., to Charles Kemp & Vicki Kemp by Paul H. Nessler Jr. & Vivian Kay Nessler, $390,000, 04/27/2017.

15041 Woodcrest Rd., to Dean A. Rodenroth & William H. Eckert Jr. by Barbara Rejsek & Mark Rejsek, $369,900, 04/28/2017.

18445 Lake Lindsey Rd., to Mark Willis Teut & Cheryll C. Remsen by Timothy Zulla & Timothy S. Zulla, $264,000, 04/21/2017.

11141 Lu Wista Ln., to Jean W. Upton by Barbara J. Mackeown & Elizabeth Margaret Mock Atty In Fact, $240,000, 04/21/2017.

3367 Black Oak Tr., to Danaleigh Achenbach & Timothy Achenbach by Thomas B. Berry & Arlene J. Berry, $210,000, 04/25/2017.

606 Howell Ave., to Adam M. Lillibridge & Cinda L. Lillibridge by Ray Pennington & Advanta Ira Services LLC, $205,000, 04/11/2017.

16295 Hibiscus Rd., to Glenn Jacobs & Cynthia Jacobs by George N. Millette Jr. & Claire E. Millette, $195,000, 04/19/2017.

31342 Spoonflower Way, to Dale Roy Lesch & Grace Lesch by Keith E. Huhn & Sandra L. Huhn, $160,000, 04/21/2017.

15124 Willowood Ln., to Thomas B. Berry & Arlene Jane Berry by Nolly L. Felts Jr. & Erin K. Felts, $159,600, 04/26/2017.

435 Painted Leaf Dr., to Javier J. Delesus & Malinda Deiesus by Clifford P. Kenney & Rita V. Diaz Kenney, $155,000, 04/28/2017.

8239 Cresap St., to Lito C. Costales & Yvette Costales by Kimberly A. Stratton, $153,500, 04/21/2017.

1150 Purple Flower Ct., to Robin J. Miller by Andrew K. Tuttle, $144,900, 04/24/2017.

469 Painted Leaf Dr., to Alistair St Patrick Campbell & Bonnie Stephanie Campbell by Hazel C. Burke & Leroy Burke, $135,000, 04/07/2017.

8442 Southern Charm Cir., to Gregory S. Gano by Valerie Waysome & Anthony S. Stone, $134,000, 04/25/2017.

5393 Cappleman Loop, to Violet Langieri by Grisel Saez, $132,500, 05/01/2017.

9183 Fontaine Dr., to Wayne Emerson & Carol Emerson by John S. Wood & John Wood, $110,000, 04/21/2017.

8211 Winter St., to Margo Vanessa Roberts & Desmond D. Maner by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Fremont Home Loan Trust 2006 2 Asset Backed Certificates Series 2006 2, $93,400, 04/18/2017.

15468 Arvin Dr., to Chardel Cattle Inc by Jussara Carreira, $89,000, 04/24/2017.

8055 Montrose Ave., to Donald J. Mulvaney & Mildred Mulvaney by John Fermane, $71,000, 04/18/2017.

7324 Woodland Dr., to Jbkr LLC by Robert L. Demont & Stephanie J. Demont, $68,500, 04/26/2017.

8100 Dellrose Ave., to John H. Terborg by Michael J. Nesterowicz & Carolyn P. Nesterowicz, $68,000, 04/19/2017.

24457 Malvern St., to Pearl E. Smith by Robert J. King & Elizabeth Hoffman, $65,000, 04/20/2017.

15285 Brookridge Blvd., to Jere Stephen Smith Ii. & Mary K. Smith by John J. Oconnell & John P. Oconnell, $62,000, 04/26/2017.

8040 Highpoint Blvd., to James S. Kudalski & Christina L. Kudalski by Kurt J. Hornung & Monica J. Hornung, $60,000, 04/14/2017.

8101 Moriah Ave., to Edward M. Vandetti & Luz M. Vandetti by Eugene P. Golden & Nancy P. Golden, $60,000, 04/10/2017.

17065 Frankfort Rd., to Matej Triska & Bonnie Triska by MaxwellSargent & Harold R. Thiess Jr., $47,500, 04/12/2017.

9008 Carter Rd., to Daniel Martinez by Vance Revennaugh, $45,000, 04/18/2017.


3175 Flamingo Blvd., to Todd E. Golde & Jane M. Golde by Gary D. Willis & Kandy K. Willis, $470,000, 04/19/2017.

3435 Flamingo Blvd., to John E. Romanyak Jr. & Katy L. Romanyak by Calvin M. Kolp & Casey A. Kolp, $350,000, 04/20/2017.

3357 Fernleaf Dr., to Sherri Holmes & John A. Holmes by James Woodrow Wirtz & Quick Turn Properties LLC, $238,000, 04/18/2017.

4540 Kingston Dr., to Daniel Benito & Julie Gomez by Ronald L. White & Lorraine A. White, $175,000, 04/13/2017.


12478 Linden Dr., to Home Sfr Borrower LLC by Mupr 3 Assets LLC & Main Street Renewal LLC, $444,900, 03/29/2017.

13348 Linden Dr., to Home Sfr Borrower LLC by Mupr 3 Assets LLC & Main Street Renewal LLC, $444,900, 03/29/2017.

13371 Maureen Ave., to Home Sfr Borrower LLC by Eph 2 Assets LLC & Main Street Renewal LLC, $322,800, 03/29/2017.

2060 Landover Blvd., to Home Sfr Borrower LLC by Eph 2 Assets LLC & Main Street Renewal LLC, $322,800, 03/29/2017.

5377 Legend Hills Ln., to William Blair Evans & Margaret Y. Evans by Graham C. Stockman & Gladys Stockman, $262,000, 04/20/2017.

6491 Laurel Oak Dr., to Ricky Lee Hall & Kathleen W. Hall by Jane Castro & Benjamin Castro, $240,000, 04/24/2017.

8486 Gallup Rd., to Dana Richardson & Donna Richardson by Jn151 LLC, $219,000, 04/28/2017.

5483 Legend Hills Ln., to Dennis J. Smoke & Sandra R. Smoke by Kevin J. Casey & Margaret C. Casey, $215,000, 04/15/2017.

14499 Arborglades Dr., to Marijean E. Vansyckle by Kristin M. Pigeon & Beverly A. Lecroy, $210,000, 04/14/2017.

12416 Trout Cir., to Trina Lynn Bartee by Imogene Dosenbach, $208,000, 04/27/2017.

6145 Golddust Rd., to Hp Florida I LLC by Charles J. Toro, $206,300, 04/26/2017.

1065 Larkin Rd., to Conrad S. Juergensmeyer & Cherity Juergensmeyer by Myra Morgan, $199,900, 04/21/2017.

7249 Royal Oak Dr., to Bradley Keith Fortson by Timothy W. Hughes & Timothy W. Hughes Trustee, $196,000, 04/17/2017.

14219 Pullman Dr., to Russell Brown & Randall Raymunt by Robert L. Guarino & Renee Antoinette Guarino, $195,000, 04/27/2017.

2271 Whisper Walk Dr., to Anthony W. Nazarowski & Kelly M. Jewell by Randall S. Harris & Pamela J. Harris, $193,000, 04/12/2017.

7440 Clearmeadow Dr., to Leonard J. Dobkowski & Judith Dobkowski by Patricia A. Hertel & William R. Hertel, $189,000, 04/20/2017.

7295 Bottle Brush Dr., to James H. Hicks & Alexandria W. Hicks by Daniel A. Cicone & Carole Ann Cicone, $176,100, 04/24/2017.

463 Winthrop Dr., to Reginald R. Claybrook & Ebony Ashwood by John J. Trickilo & Timothy J. Trickilo, $173,500, 04/25/2017.

13829 Flintlock Dr., to Michael F. Roman & Eileen M. Roman by John L. Rankin & Maria Rankin, $165,000, 04/25/2017.

1454 Larkin Rd., to Daniel J. Mcgraw & Aimee M. Speciale by Nathan Johnson & Laurie Johnson, $165,000, 04/26/2017.

6127 Lyon Rd., to Joel D. Velez & Darla J. Velez by Rufino Marte & Carmen Abreu, $165,000, 04/21/2017.

5455 Abagail Dr., to Pierre Faucher & Christine A. Melfi by Legacy Real Estate Development Inc, $159,900, 04/21/2017.

2078 Breezy Way, to Daniel Mark Elkin & Carolyn Ann Elkin by Charles David Richardson, $157,000, 04/27/2017.

8111 Wysocki Ct., to Vincent C. Garcia by Mark S. Frankel & Valeria Z. Frankel, $156,900, 04/28/2017.

9007 Gibralter St., to Charles Helm & Rachel E. Helm by Ilona K. Rykowski, $152,000, 04/24/2017.

11312 Pickford St., to Natasha Erica Camacho & Joshua Griffith by Justine A. Casiano, $149,900, 04/19/2017.

4429 Goldcoast Ave., to Miriam M. Vega by Michael D. Hancock & Cheryl Hancock, $141,500, 04/21/2017.

312 Hollow Oak Ct., to Tom Dietzel Inc by Frances Crabtree & Ralph Crabtree, $140,000, 04/18/2017.

4053 Casino Ct., to Kaleb Curtis by Barbara L. Campbell & Edward Campbell, $139,900, 04/13/2017.

6838 Royal Ridge Ct., to Joaquin Fernandez Stearns & Stearns Joaquin Fernandez by Timothy P. Hunt, $139,000, 04/24/2017.

8254 Blanton St., to Michael E. Dunn by Wayne T. Raymond & Sherrie M. Raymond, $137,500, 04/25/2017.

6223 Glen Eagles Ct., to F. Edward Trask Jr. by Arthur F. Lavorgna Jr. & Erica A. Lavorgna, $136,000, 04/24/2017.

1073 Vista Fina Ct., to Sergio D. Olivera & Sylvia J. Vasquez by Richard A. Windle & Patricia A. Windle, $135,000, 04/25/2017.

2634 Royal Ridge Dr., to Leroy T. Brighton & Jane L. Brighton by Mark A. Waldron, $135,000, 04/24/2017.

7489 Shepherd Ave., to Javier R. Aponte Rosario & Melissa Diaz Maldonado by Sherroll Jesson & Sandra Kay Metzler, $131,800, 04/25/2017.

7327 Gates Cir., to Home Sfr Borrower LLC by Jeff 1 LLC & Main Street Renewal LLC, $131,100, 03/29/2017.

3008 Whispering Pines Ct., to Steven A. Boothe by Donna D. Snider, $131,000, 04/18/2017.

4605 Mariner Blvd., to Luis A. Fermin & Lourdes C. Casado by Robert E. Barile, $130,000, 04/27/2017.

4873 Glenburne Dr., to Joanna L. Santiago & Angel Evans Santiago Diaz by Lawrence Pallant, $129,900, 04/28/2017.

8178 English Elm Cir., to Kimberly Falter & Michael Falter by Maria Monzon, $129,900, 04/24/2017.

413 Royal Palm Way, to Tammy Lodato by Jennifer Gierman Atty In Fact & Gwendolyn S. Maynard, $129,500, 04/24/2017.

1066 Castille Dr., to Jill Johnson by Gary Lee Milliman & Karen Benson Milliman, $129,000, 04/28/2017.

10436 Claymore St., to Bmg Enterprises Of Ure New York Inc by Bruce Struble, $125,000, 04/25/2017.

9360 Benrock Rd., to Dwight Grant & Joana D. Grant by Cremelt Jones & Sharla N. Burrell, $125,000, 04/21/2017.

6452 Hillview Rd., to Stephen A. Crotty & Crystal Crotty by Fonseca Enterprises 7 LLC, $124,900, 04/26/2017.

4635 Chamber Ct., to Craig E. Helvie by Shane Patrick Stanfield, $122,000, 04/21/2017.

12087 Corinthian St., to Wendy L. Malluck & Henry Malluck by Anthony R. Snow & Chyna M. Snow, $119,000, 04/20/2017.

2171 Wingfoot Ct., to Steven R. Blaskey & Theresa A. Blaskey by Charles J. Brown Jr. & Susan E. Brown, $117,900, 04/26/2017.

3289 Morven Dr., to Barbie Michelle Rosario by U S Bank Na & Remic Series 2007 A4 Remic Pas Through Certificates Series 2007 A4 Cmalt, $114,000, 04/25/2017.

1446 Deborah Dr., to Derrick Terbaniesingh by P. L. Allman Trustee & 1446 Deborah Land Trust, $110,000, 04/21/2017.

6322 Jamaica Rd., to Jerome A. Hawkins & Tammy L. Hawkins by Christopher M. Smith & Rachel R. Smith, $110,000, 04/18/2017.

3073 Harrow Rd., to Stephen Jeffery Straw by Kenneth A. Mendel & Virginia L. Mendel, $105,000, 04/13/2017.

9020 Vicksburg Rd., to James M. Hutchinson & Amanda M. Young by Cachughes LLC, $105,000, 04/21/2017.

10420 Timbercrest Rd., to Robert A. Storts by Martin Cohen & Kathleen Cohen, $104,900, 04/26/2017.

9304 Gibralter St., to Jose Antonio Medina & Amada Medina by Deborah Giannoni Jackson, $102,900, 04/13/2017.

1315 Overland Dr., to Chris Serfass & Barbara J. Gardner by Wells Fargo Bank Na & Backed Pass Through Certificates Series 2005 Wcw3 Asset, $101,600, 04/19/2017.

6289 Newmark St., to Michael Blakely by Kirsten B. Haag, $99,900, 04/17/2017.

1131 Desmond Ave., to Sheila G. Rusnak by Richard J. Smith & Colleen A. Smith, $99,000, 04/26/2017.

204 Rosedale Ave., to Kathleen Scott & Earl S. Scott by Marilyn Kral & Richard Kral, $92,000, 04/13/2017.

3409 Plaza Ave., to Kenneth E. Mann & Robert H. Workman by Patrica A. Fulmer, $82,000, 04/28/2017.

6203 Ansley St., to Ileana Gonzalez Lozano by Donna Walat, $81,000, 04/25/2017.

9572 Horizon Dr., to Sharon B. Graff Trustee & Sharon B Graff Revocable Trust by Barbara J. Anderson, $80,000, 04/18/2017.

8342 Peoria St., to Stefanos Tingas by Prof 2014 S2 Legal Title Trust & U S Bank Na, $77,000, 04/21/2017.

3283 Harrow Rd., to Brittney Mary Aybar & Nicole Mccormick by Albert W. Vermeire, $75,000, 04/25/2017.

6464 Fairlawn St., to Orjuela Investment Group LLC by Citimortgage Inc, $61,000, 04/03/2017.

7400 Spring Hill Dr. Apt 113, to Jane L. Grammer by Marcos A. Vega & Claire A. Vega, $60,000, 04/18/2017.

9390 Midway St., to Jeffery John Pasquale & Kathleen Jane Pasquale by U S Bank Trust Na & Lsf9 Master Participation Trust, $51,500, 04/27/2017.

10481 Dunkirk Rd., to Sandra Caraballo by Ivy F. Richardson, $50,000, 04/21/2017.

4050 Arrowhead Ave., to Patricia Faucher by Properties By Paid LLC, $43,000, 04/26/2017.

7310 Centerwood Ave., to Nicholas Leonard Ricci by Steven E. Wellington & Cyndal Williamson, $40,000, 04/25/2017.


7211 Westwind St., to Scott Anthony Frier by Olen Quilling Family Partnership Ltd, $250,000, 04/19/2017.

17378 Sierra Pl., to Dennis W. Bosley & Patricia Bosley by Bruce J. Tobin Trustee & Rosemary M. Tobin Trustee, $215,000, 04/18/2017.

9153 Michigan Ave., to Linda M. Greene by Ernesto Amaral & Auxiliadora Amaral, $154,900, 04/25/2017.

8359 Dunnellon Rd., to Roy W. Ritter & Charlene J. Ritter by Lito Costales & Yvette Costales, $140,000, 04/19/2017.

7332 Glen Cove Rd., to Home Sfr Borrower LLC by Trans Am Sfe LLC & Main Street Renewal LLC, $136,800, 03/29/2017.

8390 Dunnellon Rd., to Brad L. Fegley by John Deboe & Deborah Deboe, $130,000, 04/25/2017.

12005 Limpkin Rd., to Theresa Perna by Florence Mclean & Claudio Alleyne, $116,000, 04/18/2017.

9006 Lismore Ct., to Douglas W. Dorsey & Jacqueline Carbone Dorsey by William E. Wolfe & William E Wolfe Revocable Trust, $113,000, 04/24/2017.

7542 St. Andrews Blvd., to Robert J. Lallos & Ann M. Lallos by Susan Merschrod, $70,000, 04/21/2017.

9472 Nakoma Way, to Angela Jarell by Villy Vaerum & Ute Vaerum, $65,000, 04/18/2017.

9422 Nakoma Way, to Irene E. Adjan by Joseph J. Polcaro, $61,000, 04/19/2017.

7426 Heather Walk Dr., to Russell L. Ghent Trustee by Finance Of America Reverse LLC & Singlesource Property Solutions LLC, $58,000, 04/14/2017.

More guns being detected at Tampa Bay area airports — and everywhere else

More guns being detected at Tampa Bay area airports — and everywhere else

TAMPA — Here’s some travel math for this traditionally heavy day for long trips: More people carrying guns plus more people flying equals more guns going to the airport.The numbers bear this out. The federal Transportation Security Administration has...
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A year after impasse, Pasco school contract talks run more smoothly

A year after impasse, Pasco school contract talks run more smoothly

LAND O’LAKES — Representatives from the Pasco County school district and the United School Employees of Pasco sat together several times in the weeks leading to Thanksgiving break, trading contract proposals amid (mostly) amicable conversation.They c...
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Florida Supreme Court suspends two Hillsborough lawyers

Times Staff WriterTwo Hillsborough County lawyers have been suspended from practice because of professional misconduct.The Florida Supreme Court ordered a 91-day suspension for Richard Luther Bradford of Brandon after he was found in contempt for fai...
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Workers at luxury St. Pete condo tower say they are owed thousands

Workers at luxury St. Pete condo tower say they are owed thousands

ST. PETERSBURG — Nearly three dozen workers at ONE St. Petersburg, a luxury condo tower under construction in the heart of downtown, haven’t been paid in weeks and are owed thousands of dollars.With the holidays nearing, some of the men say they are ...
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Get all the Black Friday sales circulars today. Here’s how

Get all the Black Friday sales circulars today. Here’s how

The Tampa Bay Times Thanksgiving Early Bird edition, with all of the Black Friday ads and sales circulars, is available today.That’s right. You don’t have to wait until Thursday to check out the savings. Weighing nearly five pounds, the Early Bird Ed...
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Some cities faced with all-or-nothing medical marijuana rules are playing it safe

Some cities faced with all-or-nothing medical marijuana rules are playing it safe

When it comes to weighing the options for regulating medical marijuana through the law passed this year, Dunedin city commissioners declared local governments face a "conundrum" and "a false dilemma."They said they would welcome a dispensary in the c...
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U.S. business leaders say Cuba is still open, at least to them, despite Trump’s new rules

U.S. business leaders say Cuba is still open, at least to them, despite Trump’s new rules

WASHINGTON — When the Trump administration announced new Cuba regulations, it sparked a new round of hand-wringing in Washington over a return to a posture not seen since the Cold War. But now, the American business community is quietly spreading the...
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Online purchases, gift cards expected to rule holiday shopping

Online purchases, gift cards expected to rule holiday shopping

The name of the game for this holiday shopping season is online purchases and gift cards. According to a holiday shopping forecast by AAA, The Auto Club Group, Floridians are expected to spend $951 on gifts — up 9 percent from last year — and much of...
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Barricades reinforce security for holiday events on St. Petersburg’s downtown waterfront

Barricades reinforce security for holiday events on St. Petersburg’s downtown waterfront

ST. PETERSBURG — World and national tragedies are changing the city’s approach to security for special events at North Straub Park.With the approach of the holidays, concrete barricades have been erected at a section of the park’s perimeter, where Fo...
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A new threat this shopping season: toys that can spy on kids

A new threat this shopping season: toys that can spy on kids

ST. PETERSBURG — Not all sinister toys are as obvious as a Chucky doll. Many present more subtle threats — choking hazards, high lead content, privacy concerns. And as the biggest shopping season of the year kicks off, consumer advocates are urging s...
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