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Real estate transactions

Hernando County real estate transactions for June 27


5185 Broad St., to Sfl LLC & Broad Street Trust by Thomas Eagan & Thomas Eagan Succ Trustee, $320,000, 05/23/2014.

9135 Weeping Willow St., to Charles R. Drake & Kristi L. Drake by Michele J. Walls, $260,000, 05/15/2014.

12491 Old Crystal River Rd., to Nuriel Hadad & Audrey Hadad by Ellenjane Mancuso, $229,900, 04/28/2014.

16263 Pawnee Dr., to Tammy Coffman by Elma Marie Tharp, $155,000, 05/30/2014.

8238 Amish Ln., to Gerard W. Rousseau Sr. by Nancy E. Maxwell & William H. Maxwell, $150,000, 05/16/2014.

21850 La Finca Ln., to Marguerite E. Martin & Thomas Donald Keesler by Emmett V. Barber, $145,000, 04/17/2014.

571 Painted Leaf Dr., to Russell D. Daigneault & Michelle H. Diagneault by Thomas Dietzel, $135,000, 05/22/2014.

8265 Sunshine Grove Rd., to George Fenno & Sheila Fenno by Scott Joa, $120,000, 05/20/2014.

4698 Lisette Cir., to Audrey E. Statham by Sullivanmaureen, $119,900, 05/23/2014.

14249 Brookridge Blvd., to Charles E. Calandra & Patricia J. Calandra by Isabel A. Schafer, $112,000, 05/28/2014.

15364 Perimeter Dr., to Thomas D. Aldridge & Linda S. Aldridge by Nathan C. Hickerson & E. Jean Hickerson, $105,000, 05/23/2014.

28061 Cricket Hill Rd., to Timothy Ryan Ames & John S. Ames by U S Bank Na & Residential Asset Securities Corporation Home Equity Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2005 Ahl1, $80,800, 05/16/2014.

15786 Brookridge Blvd., to Leo G. Benoit & Jeanne I. Benoit by Ronney K. Handschuch, $59,000, 05/13/2014.

14330 Adair St., to Delores L. Hawley & Arnold T. Hawley by Fred Wojtuniak & Annette B. Doris, $57,500, 05/08/2014.

14299 Brookridge Blvd., to Rosalind L. Sanza by Willard C. Gowen & Elsie M. Gowen, $55,000, 05/26/2014.

122 W Fort Dade Ave., to Donna Smith by Hsbc Bank Usa Na & Fremont Home Loan Trust 2006 D Mortgage Backed Certificates Series 2006 3, $50,000, 05/12/2014.

14222 Edmonds St., to Robert H. Singleton by Robert A. Sauter & Arlene M. Sauter, $50,000, 05/15/2014.

16481 Oakview Dr., to Teri Zieschang by Marice Rae Miller & Marice Rae Duckham, $45,000, 05/21/2014.

14224 Sandhurst St., to Anthony Zorbas by Keith Debruhl & Denise Debruhl, $40,000, 06/03/2014.


6049 Beechwood Dr., to Michelle Echols by Susan Meinhardt, $148,000, 05/29/2014.

34370 Ridge Manor Blvd., to Daniel J. Westfall by Robert C. Littlefield & Ava Littlefield, $46,000, 05/16/2014.


4117 Camelia Dr., to Six Amigos LLC by Harold S. Clayton, $410,000, 05/21/2014.

3337 Flamingo Blvd., to Fred Kirchhoff & M. Wanda Kirchhoff by George J. Rosicky & George J. Rosicky Trustee, $309,000, 05/21/2014.

3324 Holly Springs Dr., to Robin Robert by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & American Home Mortgage Investment Trust 2005 2, $114,000, 05/13/2014.


17479 Squirrel Prairie Rd., to Michael S. Caldwell by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $95,000, 05/23/2014.


5498 Firethorn Pt, to Joshua David by Dennis Gonzalez & Robin S. Gonzalez, $625,000, 05/27/2014.

6149 Schalekamp Dr., to U S Bank Na & Lsf8 Master Participation Trust by Paul G. Weston & Cheryl A. Weston, $246,600, 05/20/2014.

13214 Linzia Ln., to Yolanda Polz by Keith Denny & Gail Denny, $245,000, 05/19/2014.

435 Lorenzo Dr., to Brian L. Hughes & Lindsey A. Hughes by Dixie Investment Properties LLC, $235,000, 05/21/2014.

3791 Bramblewood Loop, to David T. Foster & Diana L. Foster by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Offices Of Daniel C. Consuegra Pl Law Atty In Fact, $157,000, 05/09/2014.

2142 Finland Dr., to Donald C. Craft & Jennifer J. Craft by Julia M. Simmer & Ronald A. Simmer, $144,000, 05/27/2014.

11320 Riddle Dr., to Gregory S. Garman & Rebecca S. Webster by Jerry C. Rodgers Jr., $139,500, 05/29/2014.

10149 Loretto St., to Diane L. Perkins & Glenn C. Perkins by Theresa M. Oconnell & Timothy W. Oconnell, $135,000, 05/23/2014.

11234 Richford Ln., to Carol Jean Hartigan by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $135,000, 05/29/2014.

1207 Fayetteville Dr., to Elisha L. Mckinley by Ciro Battaglia & Sharon A. Battaglia, $132,000, 05/23/2014.

12812 Coronado Dr., to Marvadean Fauci & Francis C. Marvadean by Gary Gray & Vickie L. Gray, $130,400, 05/15/2014.

13473 Pullman Dr., to Ami C. Cook by Leonard H. Robinson, $130,000, 05/21/2014.

2480 Dustin Cir., to Felix A. Anih & Norma Anih by Joanne M. Rivera, $127,500, 05/30/2014.

336 Cobblestone Dr., to Manuel Solorzano by Michael C. Koehler & Vincent F. Koehler, $125,000, 04/18/2014.

13199 Don Loop, to Gary Williams & Jennie Williams by Dale M. Grdn Leftridge & Florence C. Butler, $124,000, 05/14/2014.

2632 Royal Ridge Dr., to . Larry T. Kuntz & Jean A. Kuntz by Jeffrey P. Sabotta & Patricia L. Sabotta, $123,000, 05/21/2014.

10435 Casa Grande Cir., to Diane C. Visnaw by Gaylon G. Olson & June H. Peterson, $122,000, 05/23/2014.

11881 Valley Falls Loop, to Carl Paul Johnson & Sheila Walczak Johnson by Daniel K. Rees & Joetta K. Rees, $120,000, 05/28/2014.

11204 Redgate St., to Elizabeth A. Oancea by Hans Juergen Hildebrandt & Anita Hildebrandt, $118,000, 05/23/2014.

1312 Antilles Ln., to Brian J. Huth by Dmd Investors Inc, $117,300, 05/23/2014.

7630 Landmark Dr., to Renate G. Schrecengost & Ronald G. Schrecengost by Mark A. Regin, $115,000, 05/20/2014.

11447 Topaz St., to Lian Z. Lin by Hsbc Bank Usa Na & Fremont Home Loan Trust 2006 C Mortgage Backed Certificates Series 2006 C, $108,000, 05/23/2014.

6137 Turnburry Ct., to Vicky M. Kuffner Trustee & Thomas M. Kuffner by Federal Home Loans Mortgage Corporation & Onnors Llp Aldridge Atty In Fact, $107,500, 05/28/2014.

4052 Elwood Rd., to Hector E. Aleman & Margaret A. Aleman by Christiana Trust & Savings Fund Society Fsb Wilmington, $99,000, 05/07/2014.

5189 Winterville Rd., to Renzo Barco & Gisela Barco by Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, $99,000, 05/20/2014.

11426 Corinthian St., to Catherine M. Scardino by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary, $98,800, 05/21/2014.

8280 Kingsdale St., to Matthew Markum by Eleanore H. Hart & John M. Hart, $89,900, 05/19/2014.

14128 Payne St., to Kathryn L. Schmidt by Michael Rodier & Elizabeth J. Rodier, $89,000, 05/27/2014.

2054 Lema Dr., to Fletcher John I by Steven K. Poulsen & Carol A. Tiedje, $87,500, 05/15/2014.

9029 Swiss Rd., to Monroe A. Byler & Christina Byler by Christine M. Scherrer, $86,000, 05/20/2014.

6613 Inverary Ln., to David M. Stanziale & Lucy Stanziale by James F. Logan & Anne M. Logan, $85,500, 05/27/2014.

12382 Curry Dr., to Jeremy M. Becker & Becker Kristina Wolfe by Roberto Gonzalez & Ramona Gonzalez, $85,000, 05/22/2014.

8065 Pagoda Dr., to Clara E. Yohey by Mary O. Mundy & James G. Mundy, $85,000, 05/19/2014.

6417 Wedgewood Dr., to O. Edward Wright & Joan E. Rhoads by John Michael Mauro & John Michael Mauro Trustee, $82,000, 05/19/2014.

3063 Alex Ave., to Sandra J. Berg by Donald J. Points & Judy R. Points, $77,000, 05/27/2014.

3435 Charmwood Ave., to Barbara Anderson by NancyJones & Peter John Viernes, $77,000, 05/07/2014.

8362 Sunflower Dr., to Lawrence J. Jackson by Patricia A. Natiello & Diane Orlando, $76,900, 05/22/2014.

2412 Hidden Trail Dr., to Eugene J. Collier & Judy M. Collier by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $76,000, 05/28/2014.

10043 Cara St., to Badger Investments LLC by Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $72,000, 04/16/2014.

3816 Lema Dr., to Barbara J. Anderson by Florida Eagle Investments LLC, $69,900, 05/23/2014.

9510 Lakeview Ct., to Robert S. Goldner by Kimberly A. Martin, $69,000, 05/30/2014.

11232 Archer Ave., to Joshua M. Price by Violet L. Shaw & Harold C. Shaw Jr., $68,000, 05/19/2014.

3540 Arrowhead Ave., to Ralph J. Anderson & Patsy A. Anderson by Glen R. Brickey Sr. & Nancy K. Brickey, $68,000, 06/02/2014.

11286 Roland St., to Felipe S. Carmona & Ana Maria Carmona by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & R. Wolfe &. Associates P. L. Ronald Atty In Fact, $67,500, 05/21/2014.

7410 Aloe Dr., to Raymond P. Ercolano Sr. & Toni D. Dodson by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Connors Llp Aldridge Atty In Fact, $65,000, 05/21/2014.

5039 Chamber Ct., to Deborah Melich by Stephanie Maurer & Stephanie A. Jordan, $59,900, 05/30/2014.

6001 Applegate Dr., to Patricia A. Wilson & Jeffrey L. Wilson by Arthur F. Campbell & Beatrice L. Campbell, $57,000, 05/30/2014.

2376 Holston Ave., to John Sekelsky by Jpmorgan Chase Bank Na, $56,500, 05/21/2014.

5422 Hornaway Ave., to Asset Trust Holdings LLC & 5422 Hornaway Avenue Land Trust by Karen L. Neumann & Jordan F. Neumann, $53,800, 05/08/2014.

11266 Blythville Rd., to Valerie T. Rabideau by Eric M. Birkeland, $53,500, 05/29/2014.

2027 Beckwith Ave., to Luis A. Nieves & Ana Mounier by Bank Of New York Mellon Trust Company Na & Bank Of New York Trust Company Na, $48,000, 05/23/2014.

2331 Covington Ave., to Marquis LLC by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Home Equity Mortgage Loan Trust Asset Backed Trust Series Inabs 2005 C Home Equity Mortgage Loan Asset Backed Certificates Series Inabs 2006 C, $48,000, 05/21/2014.

4037 Baybriar St., to Ron Eckert by U S Bank Na & Bank Of America Na, $46,000, 05/02/2014.

4590 Mariner Blvd., to Julia Chwalik by U S Bank Na & Structured Asset Securities Corporation Structured Asset Investment Loan Trust Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2005 He1, $45,000, 05/27/2014.

10398 Claymore St., to Lisa Connell & Bill Dennis by Ralph A. Mojica Atty In Fact & Ralph A. Mojica, $44,000, 05/27/2014.

10101 Blackburn St., to Kelly Gilbert by Garfield Hansson & Ralph Hansson, $40,000, 05/15/2014.


9640 Southern Belle Dr., to Robert H. Page by Roger L. Jackson Succ Trustee & Noel E Jackson Revocable Trust, $195,000, 05/15/2014.

9735 Southern Belle Dr., to John Schilling & Doreen Diodato by Rossi Francis A. Bai & Francis A. Bai Rossi, $175,000, 05/15/2014.

12372 Hooker Rd., to Catherine Jean Hebb & Carol Elaine Niquette by Ted Stelmack, $156,000, 05/20/2014.

16353 Penn State Rd., to Laura A. Jostes by Dustin R. Hines & Tiffany R. Hines, $112,000, 05/22/2014.

7287 Edinburgh Way, to Marlene Ganzer by Eugene Fraley, $88,500, 05/29/2014.

7428 Heather Walk Dr., to Robert Tucker & Adalina Tucker by George John Nickel Jr. & Barbara Ann Liuzzi, $60,000, 05/28/2014.

Hernando County real estate transactions for June 27 06/24/14 [Last modified: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 9:10pm]
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