Monday, December 11, 2017

Hernando County real estate transactions for June 9, 2017


5281 Zenith Garden Loop, to James H. Peterson & Julie Ellen Peterson by Lyons Customs Homes LLC & Lyons Holding Inc, $410,000, 04/07/2017.

5796 Summit View Dr., to Bruce G. Roshong & Patricia J. Roshong by Southern Acquisitions LLC, $375,000, 03/28/2017.

26914 Mondon Hill Rd., to Melissa Green by Jan Uiterwyk & Val Uiterwyk, $374,200, 05/01/2017.

13335 Crowell Rd., to Tammy S. Catterton & Richard M. Catterton by Leonel R. Bento, $305,000, 04/21/2017.

4623 Southern Valley Loop, to Joseph T. Massey & Ashley H. Massey by Joseph Mignoli & Joseph T. Mignoli, $270,000, 04/27/2017.

3480 Saturn Rd., to Timothy E. Bennett & Nicole J. Bennett by William C. Mcgee & Brittany S. Mcgee, $268,000, 04/10/2017.

15219 Stone House Dr., to Hal V. Sylvers Jr. & Candie L. Sylvers by Pulte Home Company LLC & Pulte Home Corporation, $191,000, 04/14/2017.

11114 Hidden Valley Rd., to Justin Wayne Magdziak & Patricia L. Magdziak by David N. Bruun & David N Bruun Revocable Trust, $177,400, 04/20/2017.

5233 Jennings Tr., to Jacqueline R. Sanagorski & Alexander Sanagorski by Anthony J. Risi, $170,000, 04/22/2017.

788 Alpine Thistle Dr., to Alyson Miller & Carla O. Frey by Alejandra Josefina Pena, $170,000, 04/27/2017.

15565 Sword Lily Pl., to Maria V. Hernandez by Thomas S. Williamson & Kathleen D. Williamson, $163,000, 04/25/2017.

705 White Flower Way, to Michael Gosnell & Stacy Gosnell by Travis L. Larimore & Jennifer L. Mcgeorge, $156,000, 04/25/2017.

25250 Richbarn Rd., to Coralanna J. Crady & Caleb Crady by Troy T. Roth & Joan Roth, $130,000, 05/02/2017.

22273 Woodlawn Ave., to Dora A. Carter by Rex L. Johnson & Elaine C. Johnson, $125,000, 04/28/2017.

14030 Simmons Lake Rd., to Wiyda Karen D. Henning & Karen D. Henning Wiyda by Christina Marie Nigro & Kevin Charles Ahles, $115,000, 04/17/2017.

1506 Arnold Ave., to Kathryn J. Hammer by Debra C. Dewitt, $112,000, 04/28/2017.

456 Jackson Ave., to David L. Monroe by Wayne J. Hotsinpiller, $92,000, 04/28/2017.

31260 Lancewood Dr., to Kerri D. Grant & Darlene J. Grant by Ronald L. Barton & Marjorie I. Barton, $79,900, 05/01/2017.

345 Jackson Ave., to Steven Weber by Us Bank Na & Structured Asset Securities Corporation Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2006 Am1, $70,400, 03/31/2017.

7710 Moriah Ave., to Joyce Pimental by William R. Stout & N. Jacqueline Stout, $68,900, 04/28/2017.

27160 Roper Rd., to Miguel F. Mena by Judith G. Davies, $62,500, 04/28/2017.

12196 Fairway Ave., to Trudy Palm & Michael Palm by Jackie K. Rolfe, $55,000, 04/28/2017.

9230 Scepter Ave., to Timothy Sean Fogarty & Patricia Yamilet Ospina Mesa by Duncan Sinclair Succ Trustee & Adeline L Mazur Trust, $54,500, 04/17/2017.

430 Cook Ave., to Angela Majette by Shannon Saracinaj Succ Trustee & Reliable Family Trust, $49,400, 04/28/2017.

14353 Nectarine St., to Viking Realty Inc by Lillian Keller & Howard Keller, $40,000, 04/12/2017.


4346 Flexer Dr., to Stephen P. Lux & William M. Reynolds by David Mozdziak & David R. Cormier, $439,900, 05/05/2017.

3272 Gulfview Dr., to Harold J. Sherman by Terry D. Wright & Leanne K. Wright, $380,000, 05/01/2017.

4108 Daisy Dr., to Hans W. Ullmer by Raymond P. Gauthier & Mollie Gauthier, $247,000, 04/27/2017.


4384 Hunters Pass, to Nazim Mohamed & Mohamed Natasha Singh by Ross A. Hardy & Alison K. Hardy, $370,000, 04/07/2017.

5161 Championship Cup Ln., to Joseph G. Amato Sr. & Carol A. Amato by Russell J. Novotny & Kay Ellen Novotny, $370,000, 05/02/2017.

7339 Blue Skies Dr., to Virgil Dykes & Gina Brimmell by Lp Okemos, $306,500, 05/01/2017.

1152 Florian Way, to Dominic Delrosso by Richard B. Nugent Trustee & Wendy L. Nugent Trustee, $270,000, 04/18/2017.

5331 Legend Hills Ln., to Zong Han Chen & Shu Xiang Lin by William A. Thompson & Helen J. Thompson, $270,000, 04/28/2017.

14194 Presteign Ln., to Debra A. Carter & Jimma Fawley by Mark A. Phaneuf & Roseann M. Phaneuf, $255,000, 04/21/2017.

5411 Joyner Ave., to Khamul Yisrael by David L. Dietl & Donna R. Dietl, $221,500, 04/26/2017.

4537 Ayrshire Dr., to Wilfredo Aqueron Ramos & Daniella Dejesus by Gerald C. Spezzano, $209,000, 04/26/2017.

4652 Lake In The Woods Dr., to Willie B. Jackson by Paula K. Rowland & Gary A. Rowland, $209,000, 04/20/2017.

14061 White Plains St., to Carlos Armando Quiles & Silvia M. Ruy by Adams Homes Of Northwest Florida Inc, $208,300, 04/28/2017.

10063 Sleepy Willow Ct., to Daniel Lopez & Vanessa Lopez by Asset Trust Holdings LLC & 10063 Sleepy Willow Ct Land Trust, $205,000, 04/28/2017.

14197 Pullman Dr., to Gerald P. Stumpf by David R. Kerker Trustee & Marcia L. Kerker Trustee, $205,000, 04/28/2017.

8115 Tedburn Park, to Tommy Jayson A. Bautista by Barbara T. Kemper Cornell & Barry J. Tillmann, $199,000, 04/24/2017.

10098 Sleepy Willow Ct., to Elizabeth Kapusciarz & John Kapusciarz by Ttg Properties Inc, $193,000, 04/25/2017.

13050 Groveland St., to Maria Torres Pizarro by Stanley Mccleskey & Karen Mccleskey, $190,000, 04/27/2017.

5084 Kirkwood Ave., to Bernard William Molekamp & Colleen Molekamp by Catherine L. Isham & Catherine L Isham Trust, $185,000, 05/01/2017.

12280 Deep Creek Dr., to John J. Terrone by Jane Kwasniewski & Steven Allen Kwasinewski, $179,900, 04/27/2017.

14490 Tamarind Loop, to Richard A. Ammen by Larry S. Linsbeck & Cathy A. Linsbeck, $175,000, 04/27/2017.

15042 Tamarind Loop, to Donna L. Beairsto by Michael Bellacosa & Lisa Steinberg, $175,000, 04/25/2017.

2423 Bent Pine Ct., to Edward Morgan Banta & Janet Pott Banta by John Wolfenden & Beverley Wolfenden, $172,900, 05/02/2017.

1338 Henry Ave., to David B. Chiccitt & Theresa M. Chiccitt by Margo V. Roberts & Ricky D. Cook, $172,500, 04/28/2017.

423 Mistwood Ct., to Joseph Omar Ecsi & Catherine Caudill Ecsi by Harrison J. Follett & Barbara L. Follett, $170,000, 04/13/2017.

13025 Oneida St., to Kenneth H. Nelson & Constance M. Nelson by Kenneth G. Wilson & Georgene Wilson, $169,900, 05/05/2017.

1430 IVydale Rd., to Elena IVette Cosme Thillet & Reinaldo L. Bermudez by Craig L. Pevarski & Joyce D. Pevarski, $169,471, 04/25/2017.

8107 Pinehurst Dr., to Mark D. Gensemer by William A. Molnar & Molnar Diane C. Wylds, $169,000, 04/26/2017.

448 Greenwich Cir., to Jon Paskiet & Sandra A. Paskiet by Bernadino P. Fiocca & Marie E. Fiocca, $168,500, 04/28/2017.

8317 Sugarbush Dr., to Joseph G. Liddick & Esther M. Liddick by Norma Pecoraro & Norma Cseh, $165,000, 05/03/2017.

2480 Abeline Rd., to Joseph Arcaro & Lisa Arcaro by Colleen Kenney & Colleen Cook, $160,000, 04/24/2017.

8185 English Elm Cir., to Kimeika S. Mullings by Alfonso Perez Hernandez & Monica Marful Lopez, $160,000, 04/11/2017.

11317 Shadow Moss Ct., to Harvey Strine & Priscilla Marie Strine by Andrew C. Yoder & Anna J. Yoder, $159,000, 04/14/2017.

7282 Rosemont Ln., to Mark A. Waldron by Joyce Fritz & Michael Fritz, $156,000, 04/06/2017.

12220 Elmore Dr., to Hp Florida I LLC by Eric C. Leasure, $150,000, 05/01/2017.

13372 Brewster Rd., to Rosemarie Barrette & Benny D. Barrette by Joseph J. Reborchick & Melanie H. Reborchick, $150,000, 04/28/2017.

624 Winthrop Dr., to Amber M. Thomas by Kathryn M. Pazanese, $150,000, 04/20/2017.

13282 Mandalay Pl., to Wendell Mccauley Jr. & Jennifer Stevson Mccauley by Robert C. Manhing, $145,900, 04/27/2017.

3411 Landover Blvd., to Ketan Kirti Mehta by David L. Sztroin, $145,000, 04/25/2017.

11459 Janet Ave., to Lisa Ann Knox by Carmella A. Puro, $139,900, 04/21/2017.

5488 Newmark St., to Steven J. Podlecki by Jay Justice & Mary Justice, $139,900, 04/28/2017.

3090 Polk Ave., to Debra Ila Press & Gary C. Press by Ronald Valure, $137,900, 04/28/2017.

5015 Ayrshire Dr., to Michael Jacobs & Ginamarie Tilli by Yolanda Torres & Yolanda Esther Torres, $136,000, 04/28/2017.

6276 Sardinia Ave., to Bruce E. Johnson & Jennine M. Johnson by Charles V. Hernandez & Charles V. Hernandez Jr., $130,000, 04/26/2017.

9464 Loretto St., to Everette J. Archbell & Michele L. Archbell by Laura L. Abram, $128,000, 04/24/2017.

11156 Heathrow Ave., to Francesca A. Sapone by Johanna Garcia Succ Trustee & Joseph And Norma Cristiano Trust, $127,900, 05/04/2017.

11910 Linden Dr., to Daniel R. Anderson by Kelli Krob & Kelli Mapes, $127,500, 04/25/2017.

162 Hartford Ct., to Riccardo Beltramello & Patricia Beltramello by Patricia L. Akroyd & Patricia L. Davis, $120,000, 04/27/2017.

1470 Hastings Rd., to Roland A. Dunlap & Anna F. Dunlap by John Orozco & Jennifer Orozco, $110,000, 04/27/2017.

10082 Brentlawn St., to Pedro M. Lebron & Mercia L. Lebron by Charles Polacek, $108,000, 05/03/2017.

3265 Abeline Rd., to Alan R. Birdsell & Andrea A. Birdsell by Steven J. Knapp & Knapp Deanna R. Livesey, $106,500, 04/27/2017.

10033 Hayes St., to Cruz Fernandez Martinez by Randall S. Bluhm, $101,100, 05/04/2017.

12044 Palomar St., to Miguel Gomez Jr. by Robert H. Bowles & Zelma R. Bowles, $100,000, 04/26/2017.

3363 Hartley Rd., to Russell R. Willemet & Ella M. Willemet by Cachughes LLC, $98,500, 04/28/2017.

1391 Mariner Blvd., to Dhanishwarie Sewnarine & Leelawattie Dhanraj by Asset Trust Holdings LLC & 1391 Mariner Blvd Land Trust, $97,900, 04/28/2017.

12244 Genter Dr., to Klugey Holdings LLC by Timothy L. Ruggiero & Marilyn A. Ruggiero, $95,000, 04/28/2017.

5018 Plumosa St., to Florida Eagle Investments LLC by Lisa A. Linares & Daniel Linares Jr., $95,000, 04/28/2017.

5209 Ayrshire Dr., to Ttg Properties Inc by Todd Kopp & Carol Kopp, $95,000, 05/05/2017.

11272 Sedgefield Ave., to David K. Kaul by Kevin Patrick Rea, $94,300, 05/01/2017.

1402 Haulover Ave., to Ronald Swanson & Celia Swanson by Us Bank Trust Na & Lsf9 Master Particivation Trust, $90,000, 04/27/2017.

6057 Nocklyn Rd., to Florida Eagle Investments LLC by Jeanine Peter, $80,000, 04/28/2017.

9388 Vancouver Rd., to James Duane Senters & Jesse Lee Senters Trustee by Arns Inc & Residential Lp Altisource, $79,800, 04/06/2017.

3287 Bartlett St., to John G. Heck by Robert G. Scott & Dorothy J. Scott, $70,500, 04/26/2017.

6077 Alderwood St., to Jann A. Andersen by William D. Cupps & Laura A. Cupps, $50,000, 05/01/2017.


9150 Mavis Rd., to Christopher Short & Stephanie Short by George W. Vest & Cheryl L. Vest, $360,000, 04/28/2017.

10158 Airy Oaks Ct., to Jeffrey S. Hall & Tiffany Hall by Carlos M. Guilfuchi & Ofelia Cosme, $310,000, 04/24/2017.

9336 Tooke Shore Dr., to Edward Farrar by Jeff B. Roberts & Joni M. Roberts, $305,000, 04/24/2017.

14136 Hurricane Dr., to Tim H. Mcdaniels & Mary E. Mcdaniels by Giuseppe Masotti & Masotti Revocable Trust, $299,900, 04/28/2017.

10129 Lazy Days Ct., to Justin L. Miller & Hannah Marie Osler by Mary Ann Pina & Francis E. Pina, $280,000, 04/28/2017.

9416 Apple Dumpling Ct., to Brian A. Alvarez by Danya Terry, $265,000, 04/28/2017.

9240 Tarleton Cir., to Marvin C. Roberson by John E. Carey & Beverly J. Carey, $244,000, 04/19/2017.

9316 Ashley Dr., to Scott A. Busey & Norma N. Busey by Leonard D. Davis, $240,000, 05/02/2017.

7061 Ovenbird Rd., to Timothy Ruggiero by Vincent Rucci & Christine Rucci, $227,500, 04/28/2017.

9225 Butler Blvd., to Kathleen Maas & Eric Meehan by Josephine Matozzo & Rocco Matozzo, $185,000, 04/26/2017.

7120 Oatbird Rd., to Brian M. Ashcraft by Darlene Nolan, $180,000, 04/05/2017.

12356 Snow Goose Ave., to David Santiago by Jan Johnson, $164,900, 04/26/2017.

6632 River Run Blvd., to Paul H. Nessler Jr. by Christopher Bell & Christine Bell, $156,000, 04/21/2017.

6642 River Run Blvd., to Kerry Kaye Cunningham by Josephine Vernagallo & Giusepina Vernagallo, $155,000, 04/27/2017.

5354 Circle Dr., to Ronald Dean Upton & Dillon Dean Upton by Judith N. Barcia Trustee & Richard M. Barcia Trustee, $150,000, 04/28/2017.

9358 Noddy Tern Rd., to Edward A. Peterson Jr. & Paula J. Upton by Alice M. Janessa & Robert A. Janessa, $146,000, 04/19/2017.

6572 River Run Blvd., to Joe M. Stephens & Barbara C. Stephens by Gerald Banach Trustee & Julie H. Banach Trustee, $142,500, 04/24/2017.

8006 Picketts Ct., to F. Raimondiernest by Stephen Louis Bedotto, $70,000, 04/28/2017.

8969 Nakoma Way, to Diamond Maison LLC by Jpmorgan Chase Bank Na, $66,200, 04/17/2017.

Ticket-fighting firm hires former Florida Bar president to sue the Bar

Ticket-fighting firm hires former Florida Bar president to sue the Bar

Times Staff WriterWell, this is awkward. A company that is suing the Florida Bar has hired a former Bar president to represent it. Ramon Abadin has joined the legal team of TIKD, a company that expedites the process of fighting traffic tickets in Pin...
Updated: 2 hours ago
Tampa: Hundreds protest Trump’s decision on Jerusalem

Tampa: Hundreds protest Trump’s decision on Jerusalem

TAMPA — Hundreds rallied near the University of South Florida on Friday night to protest President Donald Trump’s recent declaration that the United States will recognize the divided city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.The protest was organize...
Published: 12/08/17
Updated: 12/09/17

Duke outage leaves 7,700 without power near Pinellas Park

PINELLAS PARK — Up to 7,700 customers across Pinellas Park, Lealman and Kenneth City lost power in a Thursday night outage, according to Duke Energy.The outage impacted a cloverleaf-shaped area of customers, with pedals extending in the cardinal dire...
Published: 12/08/17
Express lanes set to open on Veterans. They’re free -- for now.

Express lanes set to open on Veterans. They’re free -- for now.

TAMPA — Drivers on the Veterans Expressway will gain an extra lane from Gunn Highway to Hillsborough Avenue starting Saturday.But there’s a catch: Once drivers enter the lane, they won’t be able to leave it — not until a designated exit about six mil...
Published: 12/08/17
St. Petersburg chamber of commerce charts ‘Grow Smarter’ economic development strategy

St. Petersburg chamber of commerce charts ‘Grow Smarter’ economic development strategy

Times Staff WriterST. PETERSBURG — What started more than five years ago as an exploratory conversation among a handful of business leaders blossomed Friday into a full-blown community discussion of how to nurture business while working to make sure ...
Published: 12/08/17
Visit St. Pete/Clearwater makes Orlando tourists a top target

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater makes Orlando tourists a top target

In a decision driven by some major data crunching, Visit St. Pete/Clearwater next year will focus its tourism advertising on three target markets: Orlando, New York City and its Tampa Bay home."Research is going to dictate our behaviors and direction...
Published: 12/08/17
Having JW Marriott run Water Street Tampa’s new 519-room hotel expected to help Tampa pursue more upscale conventions

Having JW Marriott run Water Street Tampa’s new 519-room hotel expected to help Tampa pursue more upscale conventions

TAMPA — JW Marriott, a luxury hotel brand new to Tampa, will run the new 519-room hotel that the Water Street Tampa project is building next to the Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina, developers announced Friday.Construction on the 26-story hotel is ...
Published: 12/08/17

Gravel spill shuts down parts of northbound Howard Frankland Bridge

TAMPA — Authorities are cleaning up a load of gravel spilled onto the northbound Howard Frankland Bridge on Friday afternoon, shutting down at least two lanes of traffic.The incident was reported at 2 p.m. on the stretch of the bridge drivers approac...
Published: 12/08/17
A longer wait: Some now try nearly 3 years to get disability insurance

A longer wait: Some now try nearly 3 years to get disability insurance

By the time Teralyn Fleming could finally plead her case to get federal disability insurance, she had been waiting two years and three months. The wait was not a peaceful one — a blood clotting disorder pushed her out of the workforce in 2015 ...
Published: 12/08/17
Why has bitcoin’s price shot up so fast?

Why has bitcoin’s price shot up so fast?

SAN FRANCISCO — Bitcoin has been in a bull market like few the world has ever seen.At the beginning of the year, the price of a bitcoin was below $1,000. It hit $5,000 in October, then doubled by late November. And on Thursday, less than two weeks la...
Published: 12/08/17