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Hernando County real estate transactions for March 24, 2017


7175 High Corner Rd., to Frederick Charles Sutter III. & Sherry Teresa Sutter by Arthur L. Lent III. & Arthur L. Lent, $265,000, 02/15/2017.

16429 Pawnee Dr., to Craig E. Warner by Carpenter Heather M. Goad & Joseph D. Weyhrauch, $245,000, 01/31/2017.

18159 Clearview Dr., to Jerome B. Imhoff by Joseph Michael Bromm & Kathleen Ruth Bromm, $179,000, 02/10/2017.

1021 Nodding Shade Dr., to David Acosta & Evelyn V. Acosta by Rosemary Hamacher & Wesley Hamacher, $175,500, 02/08/2017.

15187 Traverse Ln., to Kristopher M. Baker & Kelly M. Baker by Matthew J. Mozdziak & Virginia L. Mozdziak, $169,900, 02/17/2017.

1081 Nodding Shade Dr., to Krista V. Olson by Nick Lacerra & Lisa Lacerra, $162,000, 02/17/2017.

31324 Spoonflower Way, to Keith E. Huhn & Saudra L. Huhn by Roberta Mae Newman, $159,000, 02/17/2017.

14388 Dehaven Ave., to Gerald R. Buckley & Cindy J. Buckley by Laurel Vance, $83,900, 02/13/2017.

8021 Mission St., to Martin J. Riehl & Carmen A. Riehl by James G. Russell & Jean M. Russell, $79,000, 02/13/2017.

827 Village Dr., to Janessa Rivera by Prestige Homes Inc, $79,000, 02/09/2017.

7356 Thorpp Ave., to James G. Russell & Jean M. Russell by Morris Manuel Myers & Morris Manuel Myers Trustee, $72,000, 02/13/2017.

14100 Brookridge Blvd., to Myron L. Hastings Trustee & Myron L Hastings Revocable Trust by Rosemary Burrow & Fred W. Burrow, $68,000, 02/15/2017.

11460 Star Rd., to Nicole Darrigo by Velaina Clayart, $65,000, 02/14/2017.

7478 Fairlane Ave., to Manual S. Branco by Jerry E. Johnson, $65,000, 02/10/2017.

8095 Mission St., to Allen P. Sutton by Carolyn J. Petrous & Carolyn J. Petrous Manno, $65,000, 01/24/2017.

8166 Modena Ave., to Doris M. Thompson & Norman E. Langlois by Cynthia N. Darling, $64,900, 02/09/2017.

23136 Selkirk Ave., to Deanna Marie Marozas by Jennifer A. Lawson, $57,500, 02/15/2017.

7522 Fiat Ave., to Phyllis T. Cooprider & Kelley Wood by Leslie J. Nelsen & Lara Nelsen, $52,200, 02/09/2017.

8040 Eastern Circle Dr., to Robert Janashak Trustee & Janashak Family Trust by Mark Noel Tebo & Bonnie Jean Tebo, $52,000, 02/15/2017.

14873 Brookridge Blvd., to Hector Alvarez & Elsa Alvarez by Keith W. Stackhouse & Barbara J. Stackhouse, $50,000, 02/13/2017.

12333 Obrien Ave., to Joseph A. Corso & Judy A. Corso by Debroah A. Zona, $49,000, 02/16/2017.

19427 Oakdale Ave., to Debra Shakleford by Carlos Castillo Trustee & Oakdale Trust, $44,900, 02/22/2017.


3298 Gulfview Dr., to Felicia A. Wagman by Noel Betancourt, $390,000, 02/14/2017.

4116 Diaz Ct., to Ramona R. Miller by Sean R. Malone, $245,000, 02/16/2017.


13381 Lawrence St., to Eric O. Leonard & Leonard Iris Acevedo by Hm Investing LLC, $209,900, 02/03/2017.

11108 Thornberry Dr., to Wascar Polanco & Mirian E. Polanco by Sean L. Reynolds & Shanna Reynolds, $207,000, 02/10/2017.

2244 Grandfather Mtn, to Paul M. Rugg & Judy L. Rugg by Delbert D. Miner & Bonnie J. Miner, $199,900, 02/15/2017.

9329 Benrock Rd., to C L P Property Management 1 LLC by Paul P. Flak & Timea Flak, $195,000, 02/10/2017.

2260 Grandfather Mtn, to Elizabeth Wilcox by Robert D. Buckley & Arden P. Buckley, $189,900, 02/07/2017.

1202 Muscovy Dr., to Lonna Keller by Kevin Landry & Joanne C. Landry, $165,000, 02/10/2017.

3090 Hoban Ave., to Richard Sheldon & Carole Sheldon by James O. Kimble & Normie P. Kimble, $165,000, 02/17/2017.

8329 Steward Ct., to Carl Scarano by John M. Brodski & Maureen A. Brodski, $165,000, 02/10/2017.

2435 Hidden Trail Dr., to Catherine M. Walter Trustee & John S. Hoch Trustee by Robert T. Streeter & Diane L. Streeter, $160,000, 02/21/2017.

3090 Dow Ln., to Danielle Brijbag & Daniel Brijbag by Larry D. Tschoepe Jr., $159,900, 02/03/2017.

6072 Nardello Ave., to Juan Ramon Marquez & Gladys E. Marquez by Eric Lapre, $158,000, 02/17/2017.

4404 Gaston St., to Kary Rahaman by Heinz Goetz & Ursula Goetz, $157,000, 02/09/2017.

5304 Idleweise Ct., to Derrick M. Powers & Amy L. Powers by Anne E. Russell, $155,800, 02/13/2017.

2183 Godfrey Ave., to Diana Rivera by Alfred Lewis Zamparelli & Polly Ellen Zamparelli, $154,900, 02/13/2017.

5582 Brackenwood Dr., to Ashley Scotland by Kevin Coogan & Kevin M Coogan Inter Vivos Trust, $154,100, 02/17/2017.

7443 Willow Brook Dr., to Rosanna Kurys & Allan Kurys by Michael J. Malone, $146,500, 02/15/2017.

11133 Belltower St., to Paul James Benore Sr. & Cheryl Lynn Benore by Elm Land Trust Holdings & E L M Land Trust, $145,000, 02/03/2017.

13332 Bondstone St., to Nigel S. Dobbie & Janet A. Dobbie by Anna Pritchard, $145,000, 02/17/2017.

578 Winthrop Dr., to Lilia Salari by Richard R. Miller & Joan T. Miller, $143,000, 02/10/2017.

6271 Darien Way, to George R. Ward & Ivy I. Ward by William L. Thompson & Sharon A. Thompson, $143,000, 02/10/2017.

2226 Dove Hollow Dr., to Miller Jennifer E. Jones & Jennifer E. Jones Miller by Richard Callahan & Richard P. Callahan, $142,500, 02/10/2017.

11083 Cherrywood Ct., to Lana Wright Dooley by Brenda Cheesman, $140,000, 02/17/2017.

9191 Spring Hill Dr., to Douglas N. Hartman & Patricia M. Hartman by Nancy Gomez, $132,900, 02/15/2017.

14355 Switch Back Rd., to Marie A. Klim & Michael C. Klim by Edward R. Melvin & Kathy Melvin, $130,000, 02/01/2017.

9289 Benrock Rd., to Thomas G. Sangwin & Paula A. Sangwin by Michael A. Ahlers & Trina Louise Ahlers, $130,000, 02/17/2017.

5156 Quintilis St., to Brendon D. Johnson & Melissa R. Johnson by Jeffrey D. Nicholas & Claudia M. Nicholas, $124,900, 02/15/2017.

4051 Longbranch Ct., to Alan Alfredo Garcia & Jennepher Garcia by Gottfried H. Floer & Stephanie Floer, $122,500, 02/10/2017.

9115 Mccormick St., to Guy A. Bleau & Phyllis B. Bleau by Lawrence D. Odell & Dawn R. Burns, $115,000, 02/17/2017.

11016 Claymore St., to Ricky Allen Patterson & Brenda Patterson by Ashley Leighton & Phillip Jarrell, $114,000, 02/20/2017.

9456 Swiss Rd., to James M. Vest Trustee & Patricia L. Watts Trustee by Sharon K. Robb & Sharon K. Reimsnider, $110,000, 02/10/2017.

11391 Salters St., to Alice Faye Goolsby by Dmd Investors Inc, $98,000, 02/21/2017.

5175 Colchester Ave., to Debra Ann Pardo & David F. Russell by William Mandrell, $88,500, 02/17/2017.

6376 Pinestand Ct., to Eugene H. Forney & Carol Forney by Deborah R. Fox & Joseph J. Fox, $85,000, 02/21/2017.

370 Hallcrest Ave., to Kenneth Brooks III. & Tiffany A. Thomasino by Anthony Derosa & Nancy Derosa, $79,000, 01/31/2017.

8484 Beach Rd., to Ariel Rivero by Isabal Silva Grecco & Grecco Isabel Silva, $75,000, 02/03/2017.

3167 Dothan Ave., to Cents And Sensibility LLC by Wells Fargo Bank Na, $66,000, 02/02/2017.

5467 Mariner Blvd., to Enrique Flores Guzman & Margarita Medina Vargas by Enrique Flores, $60,000, 02/15/2017.

7084 Fairlawn St., to Kimberley G. Breviario by Tessa Blackketter & Sharon Lee Wheeler, $60,000, 02/13/2017.


9004 Jericho Rd., to Anthony Giarratano & Veronica Giarratano by John A. Limbeck & Miriam F. Limbeck, $350,000, 01/23/2017.

12358 Hooker Rd., to Wade A. Anderson & Theresa Anderson by Regina Walasek, $285,000, 02/02/2017.

10109 Lenox Blvd., to Charlie Warren Pippin & Mary Ann Pippin by Henderick Hugo Jozef Jongeneel & Poel Patronella Liduina Maria Vander, $215,000, 02/06/2017.

16061 Man O War Rd., to Frank Matthew Ramsey & Deborah Delores Ramsey by Jason M. Zimmerman & Melissa Zimmerman, $158,900, 02/17/2017.

12325 Jaybird Rd., to Patricia A. Larkin by Rrcap Sfr LLC, $155,000, 02/15/2017.

15378 Glossy Ibis Rd., to Jason M. Zimmerman & Melissa Zimmerman by Ronald C. Cable & Ruth A. Cable, $149,000, 02/17/2017.

9318 New Orleans Dr., to Douglas A. Howard & Teresa A. Howard by Nelson E. Martin & Patricia T. Martin, $145,000, 02/13/2017.

6502 W Richard Dr., to Benny Allen Morris & Constance P. Morris by Floyd E. Walleker & Linda H. Walleker, $95,000, 02/17/2017.

Tampa Bay jobs chief Ed Peachey making top dollar

Tampa Bay jobs chief Ed Peachey making top dollar

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Sunday Conversation: Lightning VP Keith Harris strikes a chord for the Boys & Girls Clubs

Sunday Conversation: Lightning VP Keith Harris strikes a chord for the Boys & Girls Clubs

Keith Harris fondly looks back on some memorable days from his Tampa upbringing when he worked as a lifeguard at a pool next to a Boys & Girls Club. ¶Whenever it rained, he watched as the kids retreated to the safe haven of the club. They entered int...
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Updated: 01/21/18
Inspector General launches investigation into Tampa Bay’s local career centers

Inspector General launches investigation into Tampa Bay’s local career centers

The state has opened an investigation into CareerSource Pinellas and CareerSource Tampa Bay, days after the Tampa Bay Times asked about whether the two regional job centers were inflating the number of people they had helped get hired. The agencies, ...
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Tech firm TranferWise moves to Ybor City, illustrating a new chapter in Tampa’s business history

Tech firm TranferWise moves to Ybor City, illustrating a new chapter in Tampa’s business history

TAMPA — You could sketch an economic history of the city of Tampa — and maybe get a glimpse of its future — just by looking at the old J. Seidenberg & Co./Havana-American Cigar Factory.It opened in 1894, making it Ybor City’s second-oldest brick ciga...
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Want to buy into an exchanged-traded bitcoin fund? You might have a long wait

NEW YORK — It may be a while, if ever, before investors can buy an exchange-traded fund made up of bitcoin and other digital currencies. Federal regulators have a long list of questions they want answered before they’ll approve a digital currency fun...
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Child psychologist weighs in on mom who charges 5-year-old ‘rent’

Child psychologist weighs in on mom who charges 5-year-old ‘rent’

A Georgia mother has gone viral for charging her 5-year-old "rent." Yup — the kid pays up for food, water, cable and electric, too.Essense Evans described in a Facebook post how she handles her daughter’s allowance. The post, written on Saturday, was...
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Addicted to your smartphone? Now there’s an app for that

Did you text? Sorry, I can’t see messages right now. Arianna Huffington locked my phone.The media tycoon turned wellness entrepreneur wants to keep you out of your phone, too, with a new app called Thrive. Its goal is to make it cool for a generation...
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Proposed monument near St. Pete pier would honor Tony Jannus history-making flight

Proposed monument near St. Pete pier would honor Tony Jannus history-making flight

ST. PETERSBURG — Tony Jannus’s history-making flight in an early seaplane — simultaneously as ungainly and graceful as a pelican on the wing — is what Mayor Rick Kriseman calls an "under-told and under-appreciated" story, but a team of local history ...
Published: 01/19/18
Learn how bus rapid transit (and rail) could work in Tampa Bay

Learn how bus rapid transit (and rail) could work in Tampa Bay

ST. PETERSBURG — The newest hope for transportation in the Tampa Bay area is a bus rapid transit system projected to cover the 41-miles separating St. Petersburg from Wesley Chapel and attract 4,500 new riders at a fraction of the cost of light rail....
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Five things Tampa Bay needs to know about bus rapid transit

Five things Tampa Bay needs to know about bus rapid transit

ST. PETERSBURG — Transportation planners on Friday unveiled a new transit vision for Tampa Bay leaders on Friday morning: Bus rapid transit.Also known as BRT, it has arisen as the leading option in an ongoing study to find the best regional transit p...
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