Monday, December 11, 2017

Hernando County real estate transactions for March 3, 2017


1039 S Mildred Ave., to Debra L. Williams & Virgil L. Williams Jr. by Innovators Investment Group LLC & Daniel L. Pitts, $349,000, 01/18/2017.

8390 Langworthy Dr., to Lynn J. Dumond by Richard Whitelaw, $263,700, 01/20/2017.

25218 Celmar St., to Raymond Zinser & Tina Zinser by Mary Long & Freed W. Long, $189,900, 01/24/2017.

7209 Periwinkle Ct., to Christopher G. Vanpetten by Amy E. Harwood & Amy E. Phillips, $175,000, 02/03/2017.

23175 Foreside Ave., to Fletcher Deidre Lynn by Judy S. Toler, $132,000, 01/30/2017.

28393 Cortez Blvd., to James B. Cady Sr. & Susan M. Cady by Joel Brown, $120,000, 01/27/2017.

26378 Eahnestock St., to Melanie Ann Casey by Damien C. Rodriguez & Amanda C. Rodriguez, $107,000, 01/27/2017.

8116 Country Club Dr., to Denise Susan King by Leslie J. Nelsen & Lara Nelsen, $86,000, 01/24/2017.

7099 Carpenters Way, to Victoria Mclaughlin by Sandra Gomez & Pablo Suarez, $83,000, 01/25/2017.

16030 Brookridge Blvd., to Delores Sulfaro & Vincent Sulfaro by Sandra L. Smith & Timothy E. Smith, $79,000, 01/30/2017.

15685 Brookridge Blvd., to Edna Trumble by Larry T. Cote & Larry T Cote Living Trust, $75,000, 01/24/2017.

18042 Ferry Ave., to Kristie J. Gilliam by Paul A. Zambrano, $67,400, 02/02/2017.

11117 Sweet Peach Rd., to Sariah Rose & Kostas Poniros by Wells Fargo Bank Na, $61,000, 12/29/2016.

9464 Scepter Ave., to Anita Ross by Cheryl L. Clifton, $48,000, 01/10/2017.

9121 Rock Dr., to William Deligne Ortiz Jr. & Brian William Ledford by Swi Holdings Of Tampa LLC, $47,000, 01/27/2017.

9445 Scepter Ave., to Rosemary Bray by Lucretia M. Bloh, $45,000, 01/26/2017.


13115 Whitmarsh St., to William L. Saffore Jr. & Angelique N. Saffore by Randall S. Bluhm, $325,000, 01/27/2017.

575 Tierra Dr., to Kevin R. Goddard & Debra L. Goddard by William Ryan Homes Florida Inc, $311,400, 12/16/2016.

560 Tierra Dr., to Alfonso G. Alfaro & Marianne Alfaro by William Ryan Homes Florida Inc, $306,500, 12/19/2016.

548 Tierra Dr., to Carl Swenson & Donna Swenson by William Ryan Homes Florida Inc, $276,900, 12/22/2016.

5050 Freeport Dr., to Bert Steinman & Jennifer Steinman by Richard Bucco Sr. & Carol A. Bucco, $269,900, 01/25/2017.

1070 Hook Dr., to Carrie J. Hanks & Cecelia H. Hains by Danna Kyritz & John Kyritz, $230,000, 01/27/2017.

14098 Finsbury Dr., to David Borys by Ih Central Florida LLC, $201,000, 12/21/2016.

14099 Finsbury Dr., to Fysal Shebaro & Julie Shebaro by Ih Central Florida LLC, $185,000, 12/21/2016.

14225 Mansfield Rd., to Karim A. Ahmed & Esraa Mohamed by Tammy Dangelo & Patricia Papageorge, $177,500, 01/20/2017.

10451 Keystone St., to Michael Ptak by Rachel Stephanie Eddleston, $174,000, 02/03/2017.

11296 Salters St., to Michael K. Morris & Morris Giavanna B. Cherry by Paul A. Zambrano, $167,000, 12/28/2016.

14933 Edgemere Dr., to Marvin Williams & My B. Williams by Kronprindsens Quarters Inc, $166,000, 01/27/2017.

2263 Fairview Rd., to Hp Florida I LLC by Bella Property Investments LLC, $165,500, 01/26/2017.

6374 Plantation Rd., to Robert Brandt & Charlotte Brandt by Michelle Perry Succ Trustee & Mary E Grashof Revocable Trust, $144,900, 01/30/2017.

276 Rochester St., to Deborah D. Wintish & James P. Wintish by Thomas Mccoy & Veronica Mccoy, $143,000, 01/27/2017.

13311 Lawrence St., to Judith Castillo & Omar Oliva by Hsbc Bank Usa Na & Fremont Home Loan Trust 2006 E Mortgage Backed Certificates Series 2006 E, $141,900, 12/22/2016.

13379 Little Farms Dr., to John E. Hofmeister & Rita M. Hofmeister by Franz J. Jansen & Joanne E. Jansen, $136,000, 01/27/2017.

8353 Forest Oaks Blvd., to Wayne Chaisson & Evelyn Chaisson by Marie Bouton & William Bouton, $134,900, 01/25/2017.

2316 Rolling View Dr., to Kenneth G. Sabourin & Virginia L. Sabourin by Terese Czaplicki Trustee & Terese Czaplicki, $130,000, 01/30/2017.

4537 Ayrshire Dr., to Gerald C. Spezzano by Lisa Wyrick Rowell, $130,000, 01/26/2017.

12497 Harper St., to Laurin M. Herrera & Shane C. Herrera by Sd Trust Services LLC & 12497 Harper Trust, $129,900, 01/27/2017.

11450 Corrigan St., to Petra K. Howe by Patricia M. Shaw & George Martinez Jr., $125,000, 01/19/2017.

1392 Hathaway Ave., to Thomas S. Ingram by J Johnston Properties LLC, $120,000, 01/27/2017.

7073 Everest St., to Angel G. Woyak by Normand A. Terault & Ann D. Terault, $119,900, 01/23/2017.

6338 Pine Meadows Dr., to Brenda Butkovsky by Gary Kagel, $118,000, 01/30/2017.

1418 Bishop Rd., to Tracy Grady & Eric Grady by Gonzalez Martha C. Diaz De & De Gonzalez Martha C. Diaz, $115,000, 01/27/2017.

4092 Montano Ave., to Peter A. Victor by Maria Dutkiewicz & Elzbieta Reeves, $115,000, 01/18/2017.

3001 Polo Ln., to Daniel J. Bell by Pauline M. Perkey, $111,500, 01/27/2017.

7241 Aloe Dr., to Droptine Capital LLC by Debra Brown & Sheri Osburne, $110,700, 01/30/2017.

3209 Abeline Rd., to Frederick A. Johns by Kimberly May & Kimberly Trent, $110,500, 01/31/2017.

10345 Velvetseed Cir., to Elm Land Trust Holdings & E Loans Mortgage Inc by Foc 1 LLC & Foc Investments LLC, $110,000, 01/27/2017.

7328 Lindhurst St., to James Michael Walizer & Mary Walizer by Darlene Kline, $109,000, 01/30/2017.

5127 Odin St., to Erin L. Goyeneche & Luiben Goyeneche by Jamie B. Amaral, $104,800, 01/27/2017.

6229 Dalton St., to Basil Randazzo by Phyllis M. Addie, $104,000, 01/27/2017.

8277 Kingsdale St., to Carlos Villacis & Cristina Villacis by Jack Micciantuono & Genevia Jan Micciantuono, $104,000, 01/24/2017.

5141 Abagail Dr., to Jody V. Grimmer by S And S Usa Investment LLC, $96,300, 12/30/2016.

8440 Aralia St., to Lynn B. Fahnestock by Nancy B. Davis, $87,000, 01/18/2017.

12401 Brookside St., to Steinheiser Investments LLC by Emil T. Boss & Gloria M. Boss, $83,000, 01/26/2017.

13072 Montego St., to Picotino LLC & 13072 Montego Land Trust by David A. Epler & Margaret E. Epler, $80,000, 01/27/2017.

10170 Vancouver Rd., to David C. Myers by Florida Eagle Investments LLC, $77,900, 02/01/2017.

6233 Kelvin Ct., to Frank F. Arena by Jonathan Ciampa, $50,000, 01/26/2017.

7358 Toucan Tr., to Charles Burliegh Edgerly by Steven M. Peck & Steven Peck, $45,000, 02/01/2017.


10221 Feather Ridge Dr., to David E. Alexander & Vesta S. Alexander by Joseph Lowman, $300,000, 01/31/2017.

13040 Quigley Ave., to Matthew P. Robinson & Ghislaine J. Robinson by Lonnie Ralph Taylor Jr. & Carolyn Taylor, $235,000, 01/24/2017.

7032 Oregon Chickadee Rd., to Albert M. Lemire by James S. Davidson & Heather M. Davidson, $180,000, 01/31/2017.

11481 Ehrenwald Dr., to Julia B. Nelson by Danielle K. Sanford & Danielle K. Michiaels, $175,000, 01/27/2017.

9146 Rhett Ln., to Amal G. Chleil by Crosslyn Max LLC, $154,500, 01/26/2017.

7191 Algonquin St., to Glenda P. Shaheen & Ashley Caye by John R. Yager & Virginia A. Yager, $120,500, 01/25/2017.

Tampa: Hundreds protest Trump’s decision on Jerusalem

Tampa: Hundreds protest Trump’s decision on Jerusalem

TAMPA — Hundreds rallied near the University of South Florida on Friday night to protest President Donald Trump’s recent declaration that the United States will recognize the divided city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.The protest was organize...
Published: 12/08/17
Updated: 12/09/17

Duke outage leaves 7,700 without power near Pinellas Park

PINELLAS PARK — Up to 7,700 customers across Pinellas Park, Lealman and Kenneth City lost power in a Thursday night outage, according to Duke Energy.The outage impacted a cloverleaf-shaped area of customers, with pedals extending in the cardinal dire...
Published: 12/08/17
Express lanes set to open on Veterans. They’re free -- for now.

Express lanes set to open on Veterans. They’re free -- for now.

TAMPA — Drivers on the Veterans Expressway will gain an extra lane from Gunn Highway to Hillsborough Avenue starting Saturday.But there’s a catch: Once drivers enter the lane, they won’t be able to leave it — not until a designated exit about six mil...
Published: 12/08/17
St. Petersburg chamber of commerce charts ‘Grow Smarter’ economic development strategy

St. Petersburg chamber of commerce charts ‘Grow Smarter’ economic development strategy

Times Staff WriterST. PETERSBURG — What started more than five years ago as an exploratory conversation among a handful of business leaders blossomed Friday into a full-blown community discussion of how to nurture business while working to make sure ...
Published: 12/08/17
Visit St. Pete/Clearwater makes Orlando tourists a top target

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater makes Orlando tourists a top target

In a decision driven by some major data crunching, Visit St. Pete/Clearwater next year will focus its tourism advertising on three target markets: Orlando, New York City and its Tampa Bay home."Research is going to dictate our behaviors and direction...
Published: 12/08/17
Having JW Marriott run Water Street Tampa’s new 519-room hotel expected to help Tampa pursue more upscale conventions

Having JW Marriott run Water Street Tampa’s new 519-room hotel expected to help Tampa pursue more upscale conventions

TAMPA — JW Marriott, a luxury hotel brand new to Tampa, will run the new 519-room hotel that the Water Street Tampa project is building next to the Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina, developers announced Friday.Construction on the 26-story hotel is ...
Published: 12/08/17

Gravel spill shuts down parts of northbound Howard Frankland Bridge

TAMPA — Authorities are cleaning up a load of gravel spilled onto the northbound Howard Frankland Bridge on Friday afternoon, shutting down at least two lanes of traffic.The incident was reported at 2 p.m. on the stretch of the bridge drivers approac...
Published: 12/08/17
A longer wait: Some now try nearly 3 years to get disability insurance

A longer wait: Some now try nearly 3 years to get disability insurance

By the time Teralyn Fleming could finally plead her case to get federal disability insurance, she had been waiting two years and three months. The wait was not a peaceful one — a blood clotting disorder pushed her out of the workforce in 2015 ...
Published: 12/08/17
Why has bitcoin’s price shot up so fast?

Why has bitcoin’s price shot up so fast?

SAN FRANCISCO — Bitcoin has been in a bull market like few the world has ever seen.At the beginning of the year, the price of a bitcoin was below $1,000. It hit $5,000 in October, then doubled by late November. And on Thursday, less than two weeks la...
Published: 12/08/17
U.S. employers added 228,000 jobs in November, unemployment rate stays at 4.1 percent

U.S. employers added 228,000 jobs in November, unemployment rate stays at 4.1 percent

WASHINGTON — U.S. employers added a robust 228,000 jobs in November, a sign of the job market’s enduring strength in its ninth year of economic recovery. The unemployment rate remained at a 17-year low of 4.1 percent, the Labor Department reported F...
Published: 12/08/17