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Real estate transactions

Hernando County real estate transactions for May 19


60 Ederington Dr., to Hollow Properties Broad by Sea Drift Cove Investments LLC, $390,000, 01/07/2014.

13027 Bridle Path, to Robert T. Price & Jane B. Rizzo by Darle Canova & Jacqueline Canova, $360,000, 01/29/2014.

19584 Lily Pond Ct., to Raymond H. Conageski & Ann E. Conageski by David L. Anderson & David L. Anderson Trustee, $270,000, 01/27/2014.

24185 Westminster Ct., to Annette C. Blue by Susan L. Hathaway & Rebecca L. French, $205,000, 01/22/2014.

326 S Brooksville Ave., to Isiabelle B. Ramsey by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Offices Of Daniel C. Consuegra Pl Law Atty In Fact, $105,000, 01/03/2014.

6415 Alberta St., to Kenneth D. Addis & Kim Veronica Ann Addis by Hsbc Bank Usa Na & Nomura Home Equity Loan Inc Asset Backed Certificate Series 2006 Af1, $93,900, 01/16/2014.

9045 Highpoint Blvd., to William E. Harding & Elizabeth V. Harding by James A. Mcsorley & Mary K. Mcsorley, $75,000, 01/08/2014.

7695 Moriah Ave., to Joani Horvath & Rodney Ackroyd by Jay Nelson & Karen Nelson, $73,000, 02/03/2014.

8334 Pinewood Ave., to George C. Bishop by Earl Potterton & Joyce Potterton, $68,000, 01/24/2014.

9111 Salisbury Dr., to Charles W. Clark & Kathleeen A. Clark by Angel L. Martinez Jr., $64,500, 01/31/2014.

12338 Fairway Ave., to Donald Vidito & Susan Vidito by David Desanti & Donnamarie Desanto, $55,000, 01/17/2014.

31178 Park Ridge Dr., to Jeremiahs International Trading Company Inc by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Morgan Stanley Abs Capital I Inc Trust 2007 He3 Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2007 He3, $54,700, 01/17/2014.

8390 Fleetway Ave., to Carol M. Perkon by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Connors Llp Aldridge Atty In Fact, $53,000, 01/24/2014.

16251 Brookridge Blvd., to Thomas D. Digregorio & Patricia E. Digregorio by Lorenz F. Callahan & Jean M. Callahan, $51,500, 01/24/2014.

27047 Hiawatha Blvd., to Ryan K. Mabe & Heather K. Mabe by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $50,000, 01/09/2014.

822 Peach St., to Michael Tortorici by Jeremiahs International Trading Company Inc, $40,000, 01/17/2014.


3114 Gulf Winds Cir., to Marcello N. Tedesco & Brenda L. Tedesco by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $355,000, 01/30/2014.

3487 Triggerfish Dr., to Jeffrey Duane Smith by Alycia Kranzburg, $265,000, 01/17/2014.


1114 Monroe Ave., to Lawrence Jesse Labelle & Mark Lawrence Labelle by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $47,000, 01/22/2014.


4914 Championship Cup Ln., to Gyorgy Z. Vasvari Toke & Helen E. Vasvari Toke by Lillian J. Huber & Lillian J. Huber Trustee, $279,500, 01/28/2014.

1435 Maximilian Ave., to Randall B. Coleman & Lindsay C. Coleman by Michael G. Beckwith & Cathy J. Beckwith, $278,000, 01/31/2014.

2132 Maximilian Ave., to Harry K. Staub by Joseph M. Tehan, $255,000, 01/24/2014.

2215 Orchard Park Dr., to Dale A. Price & Nita F. Price by David A. Wright & Susan M. Wright, $176,000, 01/28/2014.

13103 Haverhill Dr., to National Mortgage Association Federal by Joyce Avarello, $148,100, 01/15/2014.

306 Winthrop Dr., to Allison Cross by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $146,900, 01/24/2014.

9416 Belvedere St., to Glenn E. Laplante & Michelle L. Laplante by Clyde A. Tyner Trustee & Clyde A Tyner Trust, $145,000, 01/31/2014.

1226 Lansing Dr., to Marcia Jones by Wells Fargo Financial System Florida Inc & Wells Fargo Bank Na, $140,000, 01/29/2014.

252 Kestrel Ct., to Paul C. Au & Linda L. Au by Ronald Passarelli & Ronald Passarelli Succ Trustee, $139,000, 01/24/2014.

13063 Zarbis Dr., to Pisamai Boonyathitisuk by Constance M. Rebozo & James A. Meyer Jr., $137,500, 01/23/2014.

4708 Larkenheath Dr., to Elizabeth Scalise by Hsbc Bank Usa Na & Ace Securities Corp Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2007 He3 Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates, $135,000, 01/21/2014.

11408 Deercroft Ct., to George K. Dono by Kenneth E. Ensley & Donna M. Ensley, $134,000, 01/24/2014.

13338 La Casita Ave., to Enrique Scott by Hartland Homes Inc, $132,900, 01/13/2014.

5355 Courtland Rd., to Aaron E. Krause & Shannon Krause by Edward Z. Mason & Mason Marilyn J. Richards, $132,000, 01/17/2014.

3033 Polo Ln., to Paul A. Lewis & Moya A. Lewis by Hartland Homes Inc, $131,000, 01/14/2014.

2454 Brooklawn St., to Stuart Mcgowan & Brenda Mcgowan by Edward G. Ludwig & Phyllis Ludwig, $130,000, 01/17/2014.

1376 Fayetteville Dr., to Kenneth Ruck & Rosann Ruck by Jeffrey L. Bulkeley & Julie M. Bulkeley, $121,500, 01/31/2014.

1064 Vista Fina Ct., to Robert P. Watson & Gloria H. Watson by Arthur E. Svendsen & Rebecca A. Svendsen, $120,000, 01/24/2014.

4380 Las Palmas Ave., to Scott Hess & Jodi Hess by Jack M. Tassiello & Blanche E. Tassiello, $119,000, 01/24/2014.

13352 Mandalay Pl., to Daniel J. Samburgh by James Lomot & Patricia Lomot, $117,000, 01/30/2014.

6188 Prestwick Ct., to Burton G. Amos & Marianne Waters by William G. Hood, $116,000, 01/27/2014.

2066 Quailwood Ln., to Carolyn S. Jaques by Joan L. Smith & Joan Carolyn Leet Smith, $110,000, 01/24/2014.

3372 Hartley Rd., to Elysia R. Kracke by Victoria Fierro Succ Trustee & Marilyn S Lowe Revocable Trust Of 1998, $109,900, 01/30/2014.

6429 Wedgewood Dr., to Fe V. Rivas by Jeff Magnuson & Richard D. Magnuson, $105,000, 01/31/2014.

5491 Moongate Rd., to Mary Manning by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Offices Of Daniel C. Consuegra Pl Law Atty In Fact, $103,000, 01/17/2014.

11352 Palomar St., to Richard Misiano Genovese by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust 2006 Ff11, $102,000, 01/09/2014.

7383 Turf Ln., to Billy E. Turnipseed by S. Ahmedialek & Ahmedilida, $101,000, 01/22/2014.

11245 Leland St., to Howard A. Lang Trustee & Marilyn Lang Trustee by Nancy J. Ballance & Nancy Ballance, $100,000, 01/13/2014.

4473 Bayridge Ct., to Walter Foster Southard III. by Joanne M. Posillico & Joanne Posillico, $93,000, 01/22/2014.

3263 Grayton Dr., to Schools Federal Credit Union Suncoast by Carol R. Whatley, $90,600, 01/10/2014.

13392 Twin Lake Ave., to La Rosa Jose L. De Jr. by Florida Eagle Investments LLC, $90,000, 01/30/2014.

9315 Mallard St., to Lutchman Kissoon & Lesa R. Kissoon by U S Bank Na & Wachovia Bank Na, $89,900, 01/21/2014.

9395 Oak Grove St., to Juan J. Rodriguez by Barry L. Gordon & Deborah K. Gordon, $89,500, 01/24/2014.

11146 Thornberry Dr., to Richard A. Caron Sr. by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $85,500, 01/21/2014.

2177 Carriage Ln., to Craig Cornish & Cheryl C. Cornish by Robert T. Painter, $80,000, 01/24/2014.

8396 Dora St., to Daniel L. Spoon & Rebecca L. Spoon by Arthur Jack Anderson & Carol Mae Anderson, $78,500, 01/24/2014.

11155 Monarch St., to Chad Eric Wright & Stacie Ann Wright by Ronald Herbert Sr. & Dale K. Herbert, $77,500, 01/31/2014.

6248 Danbury St., to Hjalmar C. Hammerstad by Brian Cameron, $77,500, 01/24/2014.

173 Austin Ave., to Keisha S. Hall by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $77,000, 01/30/2014.

8499 Vicksburg Rd., to Rpa4 LLC by Bank Of New York Mellon Trust Company Na & Bank Of New York Trust Company Na, $75,100, 01/06/2014.

2205 Pomeroy Rd., to Carmasse Prpoerty Management Assoc LLC by Randall S. Bluhm, $75,000, 01/29/2014.

5001 Winterville Rd., to Richard Zabrzyski & Grazyna B. Machnik by U S Bank Na & Bank Of America Na, $72,100, 01/09/2014.

8318 Colma St., to Richard Zabrzynski & Grazyna B. Machnik by Reoco Inc & Residential Credit Solutions Inc, $70,900, 01/07/2014.

12378 Harper St., to Charles W. Zwaan by Augie T. Leutchen & Carol Leuchten, $68,500, 01/21/2014.

2671 Royal Ridge Dr., to Francis T. Geoffroy & Sally A. Geoffreoy by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $66,000, 01/17/2014.

5166 Mosquero Rd., to Formosa Investment Corp by National Mortgage Association Federal, $61,300, 01/29/2014.

123 Hallam Ct., to Marco Padilla & Marleen Sunsin by Wells Fargo Bank Na, $60,000, 01/28/2014.

3195 Converse Ave., to Damon Joseph Hite & Cynthia Carol Hite by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary, $56,800, 01/17/2014.

8063 Toucan Tr., to Peter Morton & Kathleen Morton by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Law Group Pa Morales Atty In Fact, $55,000, 01/24/2014.

8376 Camphor Dr., to David Love by Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York, $52,600, 01/23/2014.

10091 Heathcliff St., to John A. Garofano Jr. & Joanne Garofano by Damon Pulaski & Kari Pulaski, $52,300, 01/23/2014.

5004 Abagail Dr., to James Hudy & Rene Hudy by Cheryl Adams & Cheryl Adams Trustee, $52,000, 01/30/2014.

4071 Windswept Ave., to Formosa Investment Corporation by Linda Daugherty & Linda D. Dougherty, $51,500, 01/17/2014.

1158 Bentley Ave., to James Mario Garguilo by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $50,000, 01/10/2014.

1421 Haulover Ave., to Marcel F. Leroy & Marilyn Leroy by National Mortgage Association Federal & Florida Foreclosure Attorneys Pllc, $50,000, 01/21/2014.

4299 Burnside Pkwy., to William Houck by John David Stephens & Charlotte T. Stephens, $46,000, 01/01/2014.

8254 Norbert St., to Alvin A. Fernandez by Miguel Reyes & Evelyn Reyes, $46,000, 01/21/2014.

13092 Barrow St., to Garth A. Layne & Jennifer Layne by Thomas W. Butler & Donna K. Butler, $45,000, 01/17/2014.

2341 Covington Ave., to David N. Love by Wells Fargo Bank Na & Soundview Home Loan Trust 2007 Opt4 Asset Backed Certificates Series 2007 Opt4, $44,200, 01/17/2014.

11252 Gifford Dr., to Ali Hamed by Don Copeland, $44,000, 01/24/2014.

3113 Keeport Dr., to Andrea Tilli by Financial Federal Credit Union Grow, $40,500, 01/27/2014.

1352 Bishop Rd., to James Garguilo by Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York, $40,000, 01/10/2014.


11492 Marvelwood Rd., to Jose Miguel Zapata by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $183,000, 01/30/2014.

9171 Alexandria Dr., to Karen A. Crawford & Donald T. Sears by Corrine T. Skonieczny & Corrine T.Skonieczny, $115,000, 01/15/2014.

7261 Mc Ginnes Ct., to Sam Marc Realty Inc by Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York, $50,000, 01/21/2014.

Hernando County real estate transactions for May 19 03/17/14 [Last modified: Monday, March 17, 2014 5:25pm]
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