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Real estate transactions

Hernando County real estate transactions for Oct. 21, 2016


19020 Phillips Rd., to Lavonne Sutton by Jose R. Fernandez Trustee & Jose R Fernandez Revocable Trust, $372,000, 09/09/2016.

25447 Croom Rd., to Luis Ruiz & Carmen A. Laporte by Randall S. Bluhm, $315,000, 09/12/2016.

1981 Trillium Blvd., to Alexander Luna by Pulte Home Corporation, $185,400, 09/26/2016.

900 Moonlight Ln., to Jamie Ann Robinette by Terravest Group LLC, $179,900, 09/22/2016.

13289 Joy Path, to Timothy Mosshammer & Teresa Jane Meeks by Robert Church & Lori M. Church, $164,300, 08/11/2016.

24079 Ragan Dr., to Jacob Lee Johnson & Nicole Ashley Mundreanu Johnson by Lucy Anna Scott & Lucy A. Reihsmann, $160,000, 09/19/2016.

8540 Southern Charm Cir., to Troy F. Ball & Cheri Ann Ball by Rita Rappa, $148,500, 09/22/2016.

8271 Cresap St., to Leonilda Semidei & Pierre Semidei by John Roland & Katherine Roland, $140,000, 09/14/2016.

25430 Ash St., to Barbara A. Adelwerth by Wiyda Karen D. Henning & Karen D. Henning Wiyda, $110,000, 08/29/2016.

10200 Weatherly Rd., to Bruce Barnes by Daniel H. Graham & Sheryl Graham, $100,000, 09/20/2016.

31073 Castle Ridge Dr., to Johnny Ray Herndon & Marian Herndon by Patricia A. Lyons & Kevin W. Cody, $97,000, 09/12/2016.

12512 Fairway Ave., to Michael Vougiatzis by Lawrence J. Welch & Elaine G. Welch, $71,000, 09/22/2016.

27339 Thrush Ave., to James H. Hawthorne by Rodney J. Sapp, $65,000, 09/20/2016.

636 Garden St., to Sarah Ann Clark by Evelyn W. Burrell, $60,000, 09/21/2016.

14556 Brookridge Blvd., to Cynthia A. Silva & Karen Sousa by Franklin E. Mccarthy & Carol A. Mccarthy, $56,000, 09/16/2016.

18032 Celia Ave., to Laine Dailey Papke & Papke Laine Dailey by Harold Klair, $54,000, 09/13/2016.

6339 Boxwood St., to Alfred Collera & Joyce Y. Collera by Clotilde Valdes, $52,500, 09/19/2016.

12315 Club House Rd., to Rashelle Ponchaud & Gary Ponchaud by Mary C. Seebeck, $51,500, 09/08/2016.

2092 Culbreath Rd. Lot A28, to Deborah J. Vanfossen Trustee & D J Vanfossen Trust by Harold E. Keefer & Susan M. Keefer, $50,000, 09/15/2016.


4010 Jewfish Dr., to Anthony L. Willis by Michelle L. Fontaine & Michelle Lyn Masson, $112,500, 09/17/2016.


10350 Audie Brook Dr., to Judith A. Bates by Catherine A. Osborn & Richard H. Osborn, $245,000, 09/01/2016.

3082 Polk Ave., to Joan L. Smith by T & K Shaurette Inc, $235,000, 09/26/2016.

9099 Orchard Way, to William Strickland & Dorothy Strickland by Harvey Schonbrun & Harvey Schonbrun Trustee, $199,500, 08/26/2016.

13494 Cooper Rd., to Stephen W. Zimic by Peggy A. Caskey, $195,000, 09/23/2016.

10297 Rosetti Ct., to Daniel J. Murphy & Varanun Tasnapakdee by Yolanda Demarino Trustee & Frank W. Demarino, $189,000, 09/20/2016.

5279 Berrien Ave., to Jerry Dehart by Richard A. Voisinet & Jennifer Voisinet, $188,000, 09/23/2016.

4481 Birchfield Loop, to Steven Henkel Moffett & Jeannine Moffett by Qian Qian Zheng & Lin Feng, $182,000, 09/15/2016.

4084 Misty View Dr., to Jean Mingot & Witledge Gedeon by Sebastian Dottavio & Carmela Dottavio, $175,000, 09/23/2016.

4164 Candler Ave., to James W. Aanes by Gary E. Dutton Jr. & Samantha Dutton, $175,000, 09/09/2016.

6472 Grapewood Rd., to Hp Florida 1 LLC by Emmit Riley Jr. & Marisol Riley, $175,000, 09/21/2016.

14078 Sullivan St., to Gadiel Ramos by Maria Treuthart, $169,000, 09/21/2016.

2077 Breezy Way, to Raymond E. Cunningham & Marjorie S. Cunningham by Keith Mott, $168,000, 09/23/2016.

3260 Gretna Dr., to Juan Carlos Ocasio Caballero & Caballero Juan Carlos Ocasio by Timothy Mullins & Deborah Mullins, $165,000, 09/16/2016.

8075 Sugarbush Dr., to William A. Fill & Deborah A. Fill by Sherwin K. Baril, $164,000, 09/15/2016.

9647 Jeffers St., to Lisa Belcher by Thomas H. Oversmith & Jennifer Oversmith, $160,000, 09/13/2016.

6204 Roxboro St., to John S. Tauber & Thuy T. Tauber by Sean F. Kane & Christina T. Kane, $157,000, 09/16/2016.

10306 Elgin Blvd., to Hp Florida I LLC by Thomas J. Fowler & Tammy L. Fowler, $156,900, 09/23/2016.

7243 Rosemont Ln., to Richard O. Spencer & Sheryn L. Spencer by George P. Langan III. & Laura Langan Roberts, $153,000, 09/13/2016.

5215 Hope Ln., to Kayla Alysa Paiz by Felicia M. Leo & Felicia M. Cerrone, $147,500, 09/16/2016.

1184 Corolla Ave., to Robert H. Lau by Thomas O. Kidder & Thomas Kidder, $145,000, 09/13/2016.

1327 Coble Rd., to Gregory N. Hawkins & Sue P. Hawkins by Jerry S. Shore & Rose S. Shore, $145,000, 09/22/2016.

2137 Anchor Ave., to Gisele J. Pellizzari by Wells Fargo Bank Na & Wells Fargo Bank Southwest Na, $141,600, 10/05/2016.

11194 Holbrook St., to William H. Sherman by Louann M. Camilletti, $135,000, 09/14/2016.

343 Killinger Ave., to Alexandria D. Phillips by Andrew K. Tuttle, $127,000, 09/19/2016.

2481 Whitewood Ave., to Daniel S. Giametta & Jenny N. Giametta by Donna Ganzel & John Ganzel, $121,300, 09/16/2016.

5155 Keysville Ave., to Dennis L. Miller & Constance S. Miller by Ronald Williams & Geneva Williams, $121,000, 09/22/2016.

1281 Valiant Ave., to Patricia Perrone by Philip Bomhoff, $120,000, 09/16/2016.

13381 Lawrence St., to Hm Investing LLC by Nancy M. Quintin & Steven M. Schroder Atty In Fact, $120,000, 09/16/2016.

6173 Newmark St., to Jose Melendez by Michael Vougiatzis, $118,000, 09/22/2016.

8192 Forest Oaks Blvd., to Andrew Holzem & Amanda Holzem by Diana Burmann & Michael Burmann, $118,000, 09/14/2016.

11242 Riddle Dr., to Timothy J. Gunsteens & Judy L. Gunsteens by Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York, $116,200, 09/15/2016.

13082 Santee St., to Gary A. Beer Sr. by Francine L. Sedlack, $115,000, 09/23/2016.

8325 Colma St., to Rande H. Brown by Bruce J. Bennett Jr., $115,000, 08/25/2016.

2697 Royal Ridge Dr., to William G. Bryan & Tonie Jane Bryan by Rodney E. Clausen, $112,500, 09/21/2016.

11368 Beechdale Ave., to Lisa Noll by Nationstar Hecm Acquistion Trust 2016 2 & Savings Fund Society Fsb Wilmington Trustee, $112,000, 09/13/2016.

10098 Sleepy Willow Ct., to Ttg Properties Inc by Cathy M. Bartolomo Trustee & Bruce R And Cathy M Bartolomo Living Trust, $110,000, 09/15/2016.

6592 Andromeda Way, to Kenneth Brian Hogan & Carol Anne Hogan by Dennis L. Miller & Constance S. Miller, $110,000, 09/21/2016.

4472 Bayridge Ct., to Henry J. Derosier by Agatha A. Fedyski & Agatha A. Fedyski Trustee, $104,000, 09/07/2016.

8434 Braganza St., to Mirem Tziganuk by Metis LLC, $95,000, 09/13/2016.

498 Fieldstone Ln., to Anthony Gomez by Metis LLC, $93,000, 09/13/2016.

11177 Elgin Blvd., to Adam Rollins by Tinman Property Group LLC, $89,900, 09/02/2016.

11194 Tuscanny Ave., to Patrick T. Keenan & Irene Keenan by Rssa Properties LLC, $86,000, 09/19/2016.

2470 Stanton Ave., to Ryan Kramer by Arthur D. Alexander, $82,000, 09/02/2016.

10045 Elgin Blvd., to Lealand W. Lapoint & Terri L. Lapoint by Dallas Latham Jr. & Michelle Latham, $78,000, 09/19/2016.

2457 Matheson Ave., to Brijnilda Tranchita by Chris Farrell & Jeffrey M. Coleman, $75,000, 08/27/2016.

4404 Keyes Ave., to Terri L. Rummel by Emily Clark & Emily Farnsworth, $74,500, 09/07/2016.

3533 Plaza Ave., to Carlos R. Garcia Ruiz & Yousi Mediavilla Calerin by Joy D. Shadduck, $66,500, 09/16/2016.

5055 Crescent Rd., to Kathleen Trombley by Robert L. Freeman & Rosemary T. Freeman, $64,100, 09/15/2016.

6390 Post Ct., to Rhett Inc by Victor B. Longo, $41,200, 09/02/2016.


35351 Ranchette Blvd., to Joshua N. Oliver by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Soundview Home Loan Trust 2005 4 Asset Backed Certificates Series 2005 4, $155,000, 08/10/2016.


11336 Woodland Waters Blvd., to James Lupichuk & Rhonda M. Cassidy by Miguel A. Bisono & Jenny T. Delacruz Atty In Fact, $345,000, 09/16/2016.

8117 River Point Dr., to Larry S. Roderick & Linda M. Roderick by Steven H. Barnhart & Deborah A. Barnhart, $317,500, 09/16/2016.

12164 Osprey Ave., to Jimmy P. Diehl & Melanie J. Diehl by Clifton L. Cavitt & Helen M. Cavitt, $184,000, 09/22/2016.

12025 Robina Rd., to Rose Cervizzi by Vic A. Cervizzi, $171,700, 09/06/2016.

7861 Floral Dr., to James R. Boncimino & Gayle G. Boncimino by William P. Proia & Gloria A. Prioia, $155,000, 09/16/2016.

11280 Fool Duck Ave., to Dennis Cisek Sr. & Frances Cisek by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Home Equity Mortgage Loan Asset Backed Trust Series Inabs 2006 A, $85,000, 09/22/2016.

14232 Cinnaman Ln., to David Franz & Jennifer Franz by Cit Bank Na & One West Bank Na, $75,000, 09/09/2016.

7332 Glen Cove Rd., to Trans Am Sfe LLC by Nationstar Hecm Acquisition Trust 2015 2 Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb & Carrington Property Services LLC, $73,000, 08/05/2016.

Hernando County real estate transactions for Oct. 21, 2016 10/18/16 [Last modified: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 5:24pm]
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