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Hernando County real estate transactions for Oct. 6, 2017


26055 Olympia Rd., to Patrick J. Shaver by Rbmd Investments LLC, $260,000, 07/28/2017.

18445 Mutiny Rd., to Gary J. Currier & Cathy A. Currier by Lisa C. Gumm, $200,000, 07/27/2017.

3535 Celebration Dr., to Troy Charles Russo & Kitty Russo by Jeremy T. Gambrel & Jennifer R. Gambrel, $166,000, 08/14/2017.

31077 Water Lily Dr., to Ana E. Abrams & Soto Luis Abrams by Benjamin S. Boncaro & Christine S. Boncaro, $147,000, 08/07/2017.

8594 Pinetop Ridge Ln., to Paul C. Bacus by Charles L. Weyand Trustee & Mary E. Weyand Trustee, $131,000, 08/02/2017.

8235 Stockholm St., to Michael Roy & Diane Roy by John Mcguire & Colleen Mcguire, $102,000, 08/04/2017.

10198 Patrick St., to Maritza E. Fuentes by Mary Gene Patrick & Paul T. Patrick Sr., $85,000, 07/21/2017.

27156 Thorncrest Ave., to Ira Services Specialized & Clayton Hamilton Alexander by Shelby Holdings LLC, $80,000, 08/07/2017.

119 Ederington Dr., to Charlene P. Rodriguez by Edgardo Lebron, $76,500, 08/04/2017.

302 Walker Ave., to Devon C. Emery by Santo Bonelli & Anabel Bonelli, $70,000, 07/31/2017.

14581 Brookridge Blvd., to Astrid Dorothe Finster by Kevin Callaghan & KevinCallaghan, $67,000, 08/10/2017.

15798 Brookridge Blvd., to Kevin G. Oneill by William James Gamba & Camille Gamba, $62,000, 08/02/2017.

8043 Fairlane Ave., to Carol A. Jones by Chester J. Lewis, $62,000, 07/21/2017.

14198 Edmonds St., to Roger D. Dunn & Angeline Dunn by Rrcap Sfr LLC, $54,500, 07/27/2017.

7412 Fairlane Ave., to Julia Margarita Fernandez by Daniel R. Verhelle & Kim R. Verhelle, $48,000, 08/01/2017.

14288 Brookridge Blvd., to Stephanie Popp by Emma P. Weaver Trustee & Emma P. Weaver, $45,000, 07/25/2017.

14347 Action St., to Kimberly Danner by Charmin Kuhn, $45,000, 08/02/2017.


34433 Cedarfield Dr., to Thomas F. Trainor & Mary B. Trainor by Joseph B. Rayborn & Marlene F. Rayborn, $150,000, 08/14/2017.

35079 Whispering Oaks Blvd., to Thomas P. Carson & Bonnie L. Carson by Doris F. Webb, $95,000, 08/07/2017.


4060 Centavo Ct., to Michael A. Finsterbusch & Stacy L. Finsterbusch by Maurice A. Ryman Trustee & Christina D. Ryman Trustee, $425,000, 07/27/2017.

4391 Tahiti Dr., to Joel Hayes & Vicki Hayes by Michael W. Kirk & Susan M. Kirk, $400,000, 08/11/2017.

3465 Gulf Coast Dr., to Steven R. Jones & Susan Jones by Harold Jay Sherman, $320,000, 08/09/2017.


14221 Eastmount Rd., to John Timothy Schatzan by Barry Greenleaf & Nancy J. Greenleaf, $244,000, 08/07/2017.

13371 Twinberry Dr., to Mark K. Bramer by Bobina N. Cummings & Douglas R. Feingold, $235,000, 08/04/2017.

14137 Andrew Scott Rd., to Jorge M. Rodriguez & Aquilena Rodriguez by Jeffrey David Brinkman, $235,000, 08/02/2017.

8234 Rhanbuoy Rd., to James Fred Paradise & Patricia Lynne Paradise by Rosario Todaro & John Todaro Atty In Fact, $226,200, 07/26/2017.

13319 Lawrence St., to Stephen Maniaci Jr. by Edward R. Pazo & Ray Rosado Atty In Fact, $208,000, 07/31/2017.

1315 Overland Dr., to Ryan L. Thornton & Rhozine A. Thornton by Chris Serfass & Barbara J. Gardner, $202,000, 08/02/2017.

11465 Emerald Ridge Ct., to Jerome Leader & Marita Ann Leader by Jackie L. Bispo & James C. Bispo, $195,000, 07/28/2017.

9426 Lorendale Cir., to Jason Patrick Thomas & Patricia A. Snitker by Ivanlopez Gonzalez, $195,000, 08/02/2017.

13128 Montego St., to Tomas Llorens by Rrcap Sfr LLC, $189,900, 07/31/2017.

14520 Bensbrook Dr., to Scott Woltering by Dallas E. Latham Jr. & Michelle A. Latham, $185,500, 08/10/2017.

7476 Clearmeadow Dr., to Rafael Rodriguez & Philomena Rodriguez by Dorothy Krzesinski, $185,000, 07/28/2017.

1042 Altoona Ave., to Jane Azzurro & Ralph Azzurro by Karen R. Depace & Gerard P. Depacer, $182,600, 08/05/2017.

8097 Pinehurst Dr., to Florence Jordan by John F. Killory & Teresa A. Killory, $181,500, 07/26/2017.

329 Greenwich Cir., to Phillip J. Harris Jr. & Juliana M. Harris by Joseph A. Palumbo & Carol M. Palumbo, $180,000, 08/10/2017.

9311 Spring Hill Dr., to John D. Brittingham by Kelly Falcone Ott & Tracy Falcone Coburn, $170,000, 08/09/2017.

1416 Matico Ave., to Erica Enriquez & Jonas Christian Kee by Stephen Gardner & Carrie Gardner, $169,900, 08/10/2017.

2582 Crystal Lake Dr., to Richard W. Buckenroth & Barbara R. Buckenroth by Kurt M. Glacy & Tasha M. Vincent, $169,000, 08/08/2017.

2327 Ring Rd., to James Will & Angel Will by Angela Marie Paxton, $168,000, 08/03/2017.

5119 Silhouette Ct., to Gerald M. Stubblefield & Latina M. Stubblefield by Cuong T. Nguyen & Mi K. Nguyen, $166,000, 07/31/2017.

12460 Lombardy St., to Nickalus Bailey & Johanna Bailey by Jennifer L. Ayala, $165,000, 08/03/2017.

2388 Dustin Cir., to Louis W. Caputo by Donna L. Spicer & William J. Spicer, $165,000, 07/20/2017.

4032 Dristol Ave., to Anna Karrin Hart by Brian J. Baker & Kicha M. Baker, $157,000, 08/02/2017.

5362 Ayrshire Dr., to Judith Lewis & Jack Wayne Carlton Jr. by Paul Jallo, $155,000, 08/08/2017.

6319 Covewood Dr., to Shaun R. Mays & Ashante D. Mays by Morales Jessica Soto & Jamie Soto Morales, $155,000, 08/07/2017.

10207 Jordan St., to Steven Howland & Tiffany Howland by Billie J. Illi, $154,900, 08/07/2017.

2460 Magellan Ave., to Ivelisse Muniz Suarez by Nature Coast Installation And Service LLC, $154,900, 08/04/2017.

4528 Secretariat Run, to Robert D. Wasielewski by Andrew James Habony Jr., $154,700, 08/03/2017.

2676 Royal Ridge Dr., to Raymond Curtis Henschen & Rita L. Henschen by Marcia Krueger & Krueger Peggy A. White, $153,000, 08/07/2017.

11019 Lapaz Ct., to Sid D. Watson by Peter G. Xenos & Pota Xenos, $142,000, 08/04/2017.

4267 Burnside Pkwy., to Casey A. Baughn & Kia A. Baughn by Todd Garten & Yang L. Garten, $138,000, 07/31/2017.

12229 Legend St., to James M. Zorman by Laura L. Deon, $137,500, 08/03/2017.

2239 Ancho Ave., to Albert Giles by James Degross, $129,900, 07/26/2017.

8336 Apple Orchard Rd., to Richard Doan & Joanne Doan by Marcene Cook Trustee & Cook Family Trust, $126,800, 07/28/2017.

11287 Copley Ct., to Ruth L. Mcvay Trustee & Ruth L Mcvay Revocable Trust by Robert W. Mackey & Nancy E. Mackey, $126,500, 07/31/2017.

10290 Adler St., to Okha Rayan by Ellen B. Cuarta, $125,000, 08/16/2017.

2396 Brewton Ave., to Marlena Kristi Vergona by Gerard Gosselin, $125,000, 07/31/2017.

5336 Baldock Ave., to Gilbert Kerrigan & Catherine Kerrigan by Dann Stembridge, $120,000, 08/04/2017.

7437 Blackhawk Tr., to Xiafang Wang by Adam Rollins, $118,000, 07/28/2017.

9177 Jena Rd., to Charles E. Richardson & Kelly Marie Richardson by Otto E. Snow Trustee & Otto E Snow Trust, $118,000, 08/03/2017.

7400 Hiawatha Pkwy., to Emmanuel Dabreo by Patiance M. Justice & Kirby D. Justice, $116,000, 07/31/2017.

8042 Sealawn Dr., to Ruth Miller by Scott R. Murphy & Cynthia Murphy, $115,000, 08/01/2017.

6455 Freeport Dr., to Derek Rongo & Breanna Rongo by William Pitman & Brendon Grandfield, $104,900, 08/11/2017.

5203 Woodridge Ln., to Ahmed M. Alhomsi by Joesph Mcdonald & Cindy R. Mcdonald, $103,000, 07/24/2017.

257 Clearfield Ave., to Cynthia Nims Benson by Karen Sue Hayden, $99,000, 08/07/2017.

2235 Canfield Dr., to Jacqueline Elaine Stiff by Vanessa M. Hager, $98,500, 07/28/2017.

4346 Craigdarragh Ave., to Tampa Bay Flippers LLC by Steve Allen Blueford & Diane Blueford, $97,000, 07/21/2017.

5036 Deltona Blvd., to Justin A. Febles by Noel Roa & Blanca Roa, $96,000, 07/31/2017.

2199 Carriage Ln., to James A. Cronkhite & Frederick R. Cronkhite by Nationstar Mortgage LLC & Mortgage Company Champion Atty In Fact, $95,000, 07/27/2017.

11259 Libby Rd., to Vicki L. Germino by Patrick M. Scott & Annette D. Scott, $92,000, 08/04/2017.

11547 Norvell Rd., to Archbell Pa Jay by James F. Hand & Karen A. Hand, $90,000, 08/14/2017.

2450 Coronet Ct., to Omar Noa Acosta & Claudia Noa by Arns Inc & Residential Lp Altisource Atty In Fact, $88,100, 07/26/2017.

2260 Maximilian Ave., to Laguna Blue LLC by Maria Santiago Torres & Maria Anglero, $84,000, 07/28/2017.

5143 Springwood Rd., to Blue Pearl Capital LLC by Antoinette M. Chapa & Walker Family Property Trust, $80,000, 08/11/2017.

12431 Fish Cove Dr., to Sri Butler & Miranda Williams Butler by Robert W. Freda & Sheila M. Freda, $78,000, 08/11/2017.

13304 Drysdale St., to Thomas L Homan Pa Inc & Thomas L. Homan Jr. by Vary Ann Varga Martinez, $75,000, 08/02/2017.

6129 Nodoc Rd., to Americo Menendez & Maria E. Martinez by Vincent M. Ambrosino & Vincent Ambrosino, $75,000, 07/27/2017.

5571 Mariner Blvd., to Offerpad Spvborrower12 LLC by Timothy H. Brown & Lilia A. Brown, $72,000, 08/10/2017.

7001 Mayhill Ct., to Philly Boys 2 Florida LLC by Allan C. Merkle, $71,500, 07/26/2017.

8506 Spring Hill Dr., to Ltd Family Trust LLC by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates Series 2006 R1, $67,000, 07/27/2017.

8153 Philatelic Dr., to Great Savings Of Hernando LLC by Nicole Dungey, $60,000, 07/28/2017.

7112 Barclay Ave .Apt D, to Steven L. Miller & Gui Miller by Maria E. Melendez, $47,500, 08/07/2017.

7660 Pinehurst Dr., to Fernando Travieso & Yahaira Travieso by Sigfredo Rodriguez & Norma Martinez, $47,400, 08/11/2017.


11268 Shivering Owl Ave., to Brian Melby & Brenda Melby by Ryan M. Kosanke & Angela M. Kosanke, $288,000, 08/08/2017.

9423 Apple Valley Dr., to Edward C. Lasusky & Charis M. Lasusky by Rebecca A. Lothe & Rebecca A. Monroe, $180,800, 08/02/2017.

8064 Nightingale Rd., to Joseph Shivley & Danielle Caldwell by Henry Taylor & Linda F. Taylor, $170,000, 08/04/2017.

11245 Kiska Wren Rd., to Scott Christine Nicole Miles & Nickolas Alexander Ball by Ryan L. Taylor & Tiffini S. Bronson, $168,000, 08/08/2017.

12497 Sooty Tern Ave., to Richard Fraccica by Willam S. Power & Sharon M. Power, $167,000, 08/03/2017.

5253 Tropical Pt, to Andrew Thomas Mellon by Sharon Pellera & Linda Vandersyde, $165,000, 07/28/2017.

14133 English Sparrow Rd., to Miguel A. Ramos by David Rowden, $143,000, 07/26/2017.

11135 Horned Owl Rd., to Tinman Property Group LLC by Christine Allopenna, $130,000, 07/27/2017.

5287 Palisade Dr., to Walter Roush & Mary Roush by William B. Pent Jr. Succ Trustee & Mary Evanell Pent Trust, $130,000, 08/09/2017.

7012 Schering St., to Brian L. Swindle by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Saxon Asset Securities Trust 2006 2 Mortgage Loan Asset Backed Certificates Series 2006 2, $61,000, 08/08/2017.

Hernando County real estate transactions for Oct. 6, 2017

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