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Real estate transactions

Hernando County real estate transactions for Sept. 11


14494 Copeland Way, to Kevin M. Clark & Debra J. Clark by Christiana Trust & Savings Fund Society Fsb Wilmington Trustee, $175,000, 07/31/2013.

6081 Zirkels Cir., to John A. Kottmyer & Jessica Ann Kottmyer by Low Cost Homes LLC, $145,000, 07/19/2013.

9527 Southern Charm Cir., to Kristina K. Garofano by N. P. Dodge Jr. Trustee & N. P. Dodge Jr., $135,000, 07/29/2013.

14025 Wake Robin Dr., to Joseph B. Ward by Eric E. Reese & Colleena A. Reese, $115,000, 07/24/2013.

11024 Flicker Rd., to Michael J. Brink & Joan M. Brink by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $113,000, 07/19/2013.

204 June Mar Ln., to Elina Whitmore by U S Bank Na & Asset Backed Securities Corporation Home Equity Loan Trust Series Nc 2005 He8, $103,000, 07/17/2013.

14219 Holly Hammock Ln., to Freo Florida LLC by Christine Berry Trustee & 14219 Holly Hammock Lane Brooksville Florida 34613 Trust, $87,600, 07/23/2013.

6472 Ashmont Ave., to David P. Balogh by Annette Woullard, $85,000, 07/30/2013.

31138 Park Ridge Dr., to Gary J. Gornowicz Jr. by Scott C. Balha, $80,000, 07/25/2013.

8414 Silverbell Loop, to Joseph Derrick Branscomb by Sara Sabo & Sara L. Sabo, $79,900, 07/23/2013.

1101 Mondon Hill Rd., to Tony C. Brown by Gerald J. Polony, $66,000, 07/18/2013.

8427 Highpoint Blvd., to Jack Dempsey & Judith Dempsey by Norma M. Metzger & Roger E. Metzger, $55,000, 07/25/2013.

14858 Brookridge Blvd., to Ronald T. Silvia & Jeanette Mae Silvia by Barbara J. Lucibello & Daniel Copeland, $46,000, 07/25/2013.

110 E Early St., to Ian Donald Kaffrissen & Diane D. Kafrissen by Diane M. Lawson, $45,000, 06/28/2013.


3173 Gulfview Dr., to Jeffrey Philip Longo & Linda Margit Liconti Longo by Gloria L. Lewine, $319,900, 07/18/2013.

4277 Flexer Dr., to Tracy J. Ward & Leann A. Ward by Bernard Zak & Bernard Zaklukiewicz, $280,000, 07/22/2013.

3461 Crape Myrtle Dr., to Rickey A. Carver & Rebecca S. Carver by James T. Holley Jr. & Nancy C. Holley, $252,000, 07/19/2013.

3423 Palometa Dr., to Stephen E. Klesius & Janell P. Klesius by Fred M. Kirchhoff & Wanda Kirchhoff, $246,000, 07/19/2013.

3491 Gulf Coast Dr., to David B. Earp & Christine M. Peskar by Maureen Cooper, $187,000, 07/19/2013.

4169 Des Prez Ct., to Rodney Coffey & Elizabeth Coffey by James P. Marheine & Timothy J. Marheine Atty In Fact, $125,000, 07/19/2013.


399 Monroe Ave., to Charles W. Wise & Sandra J. Wise by Leon Maria Rosario De, $70,500, 07/24/2013.

16176 Wilson Blvd., to George R. Farley & Beverly J. Farley by Joshua J. West & Lauren A. West, $54,800, 07/11/2013.


15116 Edgewater Ave., to Pasqualina Iamurri by Judith A. Murray & Judith A. Murray Succ Trustee, $85,000, 07/18/2013.


10305 Velvetseed Cir., to David J. Spirko & Debra G. Spirko by Phelps N. Swett III. & Phelps N. Swett III. Trustee, $236,800, 07/30/2013.

5074 Golf Club Ln., to William J. English & June A. English by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Shuler Solomon Spector Foyle &. Singer Pa Kass, $215,000, 07/23/2013.

5112 Secretariat Run, to Lee B. Burch by John Cicarelli, $209,900, 07/31/2013.

10393 Locker Dr., to Dennis J. Daniello & Barbara Daniello by Larry Dukette & Diane Dukette, $160,000, 07/25/2013.

3356 Harrow Rd., to Donald R. Taulbee & Kimberly M. Taulbee by National Mortgage Association Federal & Marder Pa Greenspoon Atty In Fact, $160,000, 07/16/2013.

12446 Winston Ct., to Samuel L. Henson & Christine L. Henson by Edward Dinola & Edoardo Dinola, $155,000, 07/19/2013.

12419 Jocelyn Way, to Charles Paul Gilbert & Lea Etta Mae Riddiough Gilbert by Cheryl Cannon & CherylCannon, $149,000, 07/23/2013.

2487 Misty Meadow Ct., to Clyde Begley Jr. & Paula A. Begley by Luis Rosario & Irma Rosario, $145,000, 07/26/2013.

2145 Rio Cir., to Clarence A. Lyons & Vicki M. Lyons by B. M. Bullwinkel, $135,900, 07/24/2013.

2363 Whisper Walk Dr., to Margaret Didora by Eloise G. Dennis & Eloise G. Dennis Trustee, $135,000, 08/01/2013.

2472 Brooklawn St., to David E. Maar & Mary A. Maar by Paul W. Lavoie & Lucille B. Lavoie, $126,000, 07/15/2013.

2434 Anchor Ave., to Beno Zajos & Ilona Zajos by John F. Hlivyak & Aud Helen Hlivyak, $125,000, 08/12/2013.

2529 Running Oak Ct., to Thomas M. Madonia & April L. Madonia by Richard A. Melton, $125,000, 07/24/2013.

9360 Sesame Ct., to Luis Alfredo Gutierrez by James Pickard & Nancy Lou Peters, $122,000, 07/19/2013.

12447 Drayton Dr., to Kimberly Bretton by Jon W. Hancock & Amy D. Hancock, $120,000, 07/18/2013.

14051 Pullman Dr., to John G. Hill by Betty J. Wajerski, $120,000, 07/31/2013.

8159 Shorecrest Ct., to Brian P. Roos & Jennifer A. Roos by Robert O. Meredith & Mary A. Meredith, $119,900, 07/19/2013.

11364 Elgin Blvd., to Linda C. Ray by Gregory A. Karr & Nancy J. Karr, $119,500, 07/22/2013.

2347 Danforth Rd., to Mary E. Niswonger & Edward K. Niswonger by Sandra K. Dixon, $119,000, 07/31/2013.

5439 Berrien Ave., to Linda A. Phillips by Katherine Weimann & Kathrina Weimann, $114,000, 07/30/2013.

5178 Roble Ave., to Suzzanne Asaff by Florida Low Income Housing Associates Inc, $109,000, 07/24/2013.

2165 Orchard Park Dr., to Miguel A. Rivera by Robert W. Grabowski, $102,500, 07/31/2013.

11242 Mercedes St., to John Kevin Doll by Caleb Joesph Cornelius & Jennifer A. Cornelius, $100,000, 07/19/2013.

11065 Cranston St., to Campground Estate Properties LLC by Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York, $98,000, 07/17/2013.

12203 Bluefield St., to Clinton D. Brown by Bonnie Kay Glickfield & Bonnie Kay Clouse, $97,500, 07/26/2013.

6420 Lost Tree Ln., to John B. Trubiano & Andrea J. Trubiano by Joseph H. Mcdermott & Martha E. Mcdermott, $95,000, 07/19/2013.

13031 Huntington Woods Ave., to 1st Choice Homes LLC by Thomas A. Strausbaugh & Linda K. Strausbaugh, $91,600, 07/25/2013.

3321 Grayton Dr., to Anthony J. Truglio by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & Lp Hometelos, $85,000, 07/24/2013.

5386 Elwood Rd., to Arielle M. Johnson by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $84,900, 07/19/2013.

6517 Pine Meadows Dr., to Lynne M. Caulkett & Lynn M. Caulkett by Malcolm W. Hartig & Dorothy C. Hartig, $84,900, 07/30/2013.

272 Killinger Ave., to Daylon D. Toole by Robert E. Karbowniczek & Deborah A. Karbowniczek, $84,000, 07/26/2013.

2044 Meredith Dr., to Penny L. Crawford & Abraham Crawford by Marcia L. Flora & Robert E. Flora, $83,000, 07/26/2013.

1150 Hallcrest Ave., to Lauren M. Osner by Anthony B. Mazur, $81,000, 07/19/2013.

2224 Merion Ct., to Kenneth Brandel by Joseph G. Katos & Marian A. Katos, $80,000, 07/25/2013.

3229 Blythe Ave., to Norman R. Langford by Roberta J. Conner, $77,000, 07/12/2013.

5142 Colchester Ave., to Laurence C. Blotcky by Rogello A. James & Ivone E. James, $77,000, 07/19/2013.

4297 Peacock Rd., to Sandra Valentin by Zygmunt Brzezinski & Mary Brzezinski, $75,000, 07/19/2013.

7367 Skylark Dr., to Brian Norton & Emilia Norton by Christa Breymann, $75,000, 07/15/2013.

6390 Hillview Rd., to Formosa Investment Corp by Hayden S. Newton & Newton Pauline Noel, $74,900, 07/23/2013.

6527 Landover Blvd., to Lawrence T. Creighton by Daniel A. Dancsak Jr. & Christina G. Dancsak, $70,000, 08/01/2013.

12301 Ascot Ln., to Dolores Alonzo by Patrick D. Bushell & Beverly Bushell, $67,000, 07/16/2013.

7403 Landmark Dr., to Sang T. Nguyen by Louis A. Giglio Jr. & May Giglio, $63,500, 07/22/2013.

2239 Lema Dr., to Cruz Fernandez Martinez by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $62,000, 07/18/2013.

6495 Fairlawn St., to Deborah A. Salsini by Carol A. James & Robert P. James, $59,300, 08/23/2013.

4398 Montano Ave., to Florida Eagle Investments LLC by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Offices Of Daniel C. Consuegra Pl Law Atty In Fact, $59,100, 07/05/2013.

6309 Newmark St., to Nicholas Jon Gennusa by Georgiana Stires, $59,000, 07/22/2013.

9156 Century Dr., to James W. Davis Jr. by Evelyn F. Wilson & Thomas P. Wilson, $58,500, 07/24/2013.

2433 Lackland Ave., to James Garguilo by Daniel Eugene Meeks & David Wayne Meeks, $57,500, 07/24/2013.

6487 Pinehurst Dr., to Albert S. Kitchen Jr. by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $57,300, 07/09/2013.

13008 Killian St., to Michael Mandich by U S Bank Na & 2006ks8 Rasc, $52,200, 07/18/2013.

8136 Philatelic Dr., to Hong Zheng by Peter P. Zahos & Pantelis P. Zahos, $50,500, 07/24/2013.

12259 Foothill St., to Carmine A. Cino by Dale A. Barto & Pauline Barto, $50,000, 07/19/2013.

5236 Springwood Rd., to Hernando Cuervo by Antonio L. Resto & Maria A. Resto, $49,000, 07/18/2013.

3354 Dorian Ave., to Mark Swanson by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $42,000, 07/30/2013.

11266 Homeway St., to Premier Technology Systems LLC by Laura Roman, $40,000, 07/18/2013.


9132 Tarleton Cir., to Maryann Mangano by Elizabeth A. Bleich & Elizabeth A. Bleich Trustee, $230,000, 07/19/2013.

4279 Rachel Blvd., to Charles D. Flanigan & Mary D. Flanigan by Barbara A. Blevins & Barbara A. Blevins Trustee, $190,000, 07/16/2013.

11367 Linnet Rd., to Jeffrey Murphy & Regina Murphy by James E. Peterson & Jeannette Peterson, $185,000, 07/18/2013.

8323 Mobile Cir., to John O. Ball & Ball Caroline White by Jo Ann Hammack & Norma Ruth Quance, $182,500, 07/26/2013.

9129 Penelope Dr., to Mary Kathleen Smith by Darlene E. Bailey & Darlene E. Bailey Trustee, $180,000, 07/22/2013.

9665 Southern Belle Dr., to Bruce Raemisch by Maedella Penny Oade & Robert E. Oade, $114,900, 07/26/2013.

12410 Charlton Dr., to Robert E. Koszarek Sr. & Carol Koszarek by Frances Miller, $104,000, 07/11/2013.

11308 Mahopac Rd., to Scott William Felix by Andrew Kendera & Victor Kendera, $95,000, 07/29/2013.

9013 Glenarm Way, to Elmer S. Nichols by Christiana Trust & Savings Fund Society Fsb Wilmington, $95,000, 07/25/2013.

11451 Trip Ave., to Peggy A. White & Marcia Krueger by Carol B. Woodman & Carol B. Woodman Trustee, $80,000, 07/19/2013.

10584 Woodland Waters Blvd., to Sullivankerry by Wells Fargo Bank Na, $75,000, 07/02/2013.

7420 Galloway Rd., to Kornelia Bryant by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $56,000, 07/22/2013.

6287 Waverly Rd., to George R. Krusey & Elizabeth D. Krusey by William I. Mcalister & William I. Mcalister Trustee, $53,000, 07/26/2013.

Hernando County real estate transactions for Sept. 11 09/09/13 [Last modified: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 6:23pm]
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