Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hernando County real estate transactions for Sept. 15


10112 Weeks Dr., to Joseph J. Fastaia & Margaret K. Fastaia by Steffanie Wickham, $339,000, 07/21/2017.

26071 Olympia Rd., to Steven M. Huntington & Rena L. Huntington by Wanda J. Latimer, $268,200, 07/13/2017.

30538 Satinleaf Run, to Dare Moore by Lgi Homes Florida LLC, $230,900, 06/30/2017.

16180 Seminole Blvd., to Richard A. Zwell by Miller H. Karnes III. & Antoinette L. Adkins, $210,000, 07/24/2017.

439 Trillium Blvd., to Christopher Lewis Bayliss & Pamela Sherwood Bayliss by Pulte Home Company LLC & Pulte Home Corporation, $201,600, 07/27/2017.

4466 Caliquen Dr., to Angela V. Barone & Angelo M. Marcelo by Jack L. Switzer & Mavis A. Switzer, $190,000, 07/20/2017.

22084 Powell Rd., to Randy Byrd & Darlene Byrd by Jonathan D. Hamilton & Anita Hamilton, $185,000, 07/31/2017.

30524 Satinleaf Run, to Holly Smith by Lgi Homes Florida LLC, $182,000, 07/07/2017.

30507 Satinleaf Run, to Beth Powers & Stephen Powers by Lgi Homes Florida LLC, $181,900, 06/30/2017.

30555 Satinleaf Run, to Zalana Doe by Lgi Homes Florida LLC, $181,900, 07/11/2017.

30525 Satinleaf Run, to Douglas A. Priebe by Lgi Homes Florida LLC, $178,900, 06/30/2017.

30485 Satinleaf Run, to Wilfredo Soto Gonzalez & Milliam Collazo Cruz by Lgi Homes Florida LLC, $175,900, 07/18/2017.

10373 Fieldvue Rd., to John A. Mavrakis by Charles IVory, $172,000, 07/20/2017.

30497 Satinleaf Run, to Nickeisha Richards by Lgi Homes Florida LLC, $164,900, 07/26/2017.

31306 Spoonflower Way, to Charles Depalo by Kenneth G. Kneiss & Michelle D. Kneiss, $155,000, 07/24/2017.

789 Nodding Shade Dr., to Jennie L. Bernhardt by Tiffany Marie Trentino, $150,000, 07/21/2017.

8796 Fetterbush Ct., to Michael Paul Dow by Seborn E. Blackburn & Sylvia Blackburn, $146,500, 07/17/2017.

181 Husek St., to Taylor Pieta by David Bellman, $145,000, 07/14/2017.

6167 Zirkels Cir., to Joseph Tavares by Sharon K. Stanley, $127,500, 07/24/2017.

12323 Club House Rd., to Sheila P. Morelli by Robert P. Gowing Succ Trustee & Gowing Family Trust, $125,000, 07/07/2017.

9056 Southern Charm Cir., to Justina L. Soderberg by Jerry Velazquez & Carmen Y. Colon Aguila, $105,000, 07/25/2017.

730 Shayne St., to John Busch & Kelley Busch by Shelby Holdings LLC, $87,000, 07/18/2017.

9156 Salisbury Dr., to Henry D. Shepard Jr. & Joann D. Shepard by June Ruth White & June Ruth White Trustee, $78,000, 08/11/2017.

19187 Fort Dade Ave., to Dru D. Tschoepe & Amy N. Lynn by Benjamin P. Ressel & Cynthia L. Ressel, $75,000, 07/21/2017.

14313 Evermore St., to Harold Gene Teachenor & Joy Ann Delridge Teachenor by Daniel S. Morrill & Roberta A. Morrill, $73,000, 07/12/2017.

14988 Brookridge Blvd., to Suzanne W. Walsh by Dolores H. Olafson, $72,000, 07/19/2017.

14287 Brookridge Blvd., to John J. Mench by Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2011 1 & Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2011 1 Mortgage Backed Securities 2011 1, $62,000, 07/25/2017.

16112 Schaffer St., to David J. Rowland & Diana Rowland by Rocky J. Rothwell Sr., $50,000, 07/17/2017.


3275 Lugustrum Dr., to Ld LLC by Elizabeth A. Donaldson & John Donaldson, $245,000, 07/11/2017.


5498 Firethorn Pt, to Carrie Cameron by Joshua David, $578,000, 08/03/2017.

5480 Firethorn Pt, to Joseph G. Amato Sr. & Carol A. Amato by Steve Nadler & Pamela Thomas, $430,000, 07/14/2017.

187 Dandelion Ct., to Nathan Alan Swartz & Theresa Marie Swartz by Elias S. Mourra & Patty E. Mourra, $292,500, 07/27/2017.

13442 Whitehaven Ct., to Edward C. Murphy Ii. & Darlene K. Murphy by Lori A. Mcdonald & Kenneth B. Mcdonald, $283,500, 07/14/2017.

4251 St. IVes Blvd., to Jeffrey David Morocco & Keri Ann Morocco by Hogun Kang & Miriam Kang, $245,000, 07/17/2017.

11331 Orangewood Ct., to John P. Walton Jr. & Darise M. Walton by Julio C. Morales & Mirtelina Morales, $220,000, 07/20/2017.

6017 Schalekamp Dr., to Michael D. Chapman & Lisa M. Chapman by Denise D. Tellone & Stephen Tellone, $200,000, 07/18/2017.

10010 Langan St., to David Rueth by Eleanor Flack & Eleanor E. Flack, $190,000, 07/21/2017.

475 Mistwood Ct., to John Dale Smith Jr. & Patricia A. Smith by Livia K. Nagy, $190,000, 07/19/2017.

11448 Palomar St., to Patricia A. Toyas Trustee & George N. Toyas Trustee by Thomas King & Patricia King, $185,000, 07/24/2017.

2407 Summercrest Ln., to William B. Evans & Mary S. Evans by Marie Ida Mitten, $185,000, 07/24/2017.

10412 Ventura Dr., to Frederick Nagel by Earl Hutchison Trustee & Kelly Hutchison Trustee, $180,000, 07/27/2017.

8541 Bay Dr., to Anthony Ayala & Heather Ayala by Jodil Warden, $177,000, 07/27/2017.

7302 Fourwind Ln., to Miguelina Batista by Sandy Rodgers & Robert L. Rodgers, $176,000, 07/20/2017.

1782 Larkin Rd., to Thomas M. Mccowan & Jenifer Mccowan by Diane Pettit, $175,000, 07/14/2017.

4263 Blakemore Pl., to Darren Dewitt & Rebecca Dewitt by Antonio Jose Soriano & Ana Maria Artes, $174,000, 07/21/2017.

4056 Braemere Dr., to Michael B. Smellie by Aaron D. Latsha, $170,000, 07/17/2017.

4424 Azora Rd., to Phillip D. Elliott & Cheryl V. Elliott by E Loans Mortgage Inc & E L M Land Trust Holdings, $165,000, 07/31/2017.

4380 Puritan Ln., to Judith Didio & Jose Didio by Monique Reiter & Monique Desanto, $164,000, 07/20/2017.

3137 Abeline Rd., to Wilfredo Torres & Jean A. Cassel by Richard F. Gosnell & Donna L. Gosnell, $162,000, 07/18/2017.

3248 Bluestone Ave., to Christopher D. Meyer by Elton R. Street Jr., $160,000, 07/14/2017.

14654 Edgemere Dr., to Cynthia Geske by Residential Home Acquisitions Inc, $159,900, 07/24/2017.

2390 Ring Rd., to Amie Lynn Stevenson & Michael Lee Stevenson by Michael D. Richard & Michael R. Richard, $159,000, 07/20/2017.

11279 Heathrow Ave., to Patricia Cerrachio & Albert Cerrachio by George P. Vroustouris Succ Trustee & Hanson Revocable Living Family Trust, $158,000, 07/20/2017.

14377 Sterling Run, to Richard M. Krieger by Charles Pohlman, $156,000, 07/27/2017.

11107 Heathrow Ave., to Gayl F. Rische by Betty Kern & Edwin G. Kern, $155,000, 07/19/2017.

9226 Bladon St., to John A. Ikola by Janice Kimberlain & Carl Kimberlain, $155,000, 07/21/2017.

1466 Overland Dr., to Vincent J. Koster & Marilyn J. Sanford by Gary L. Timchuck, $150,000, 07/20/2017.

2323 Hidden Trail Dr., to Russell E. Riegert & Riegert Carolyn Oconner by Jennifer L. Crane & Jennifer L. Crane Trustee, $150,000, 07/28/2017.

13220 Linden Dr., to Robert Franco by Joseph A. Balestrieri & Susan C. Balestrieri, $145,900, 07/18/2017.

13375 Angler St., to Hp Florida I LLC by Sunchoice Properties LLC, $145,000, 07/25/2017.

3192 Appleblossom Tr., to Stephen Mumm & Jane Mumm by National Leasing Ltd Renfrew, $145,000, 07/21/2017.

4383 Landover Blvd., to Laura Elizabeth Casey & Brandon Shane Casey by Robert A. Hopkins & Michelle Gocelin Guliett Dustin, $143,000, 07/19/2017.

8173 Philatelic Dr., to Diana Deniz by Dynamic Progressive LLC, $141,000, 08/23/2017.

4614 Gondolier Rd., to Shaun D. Fee by Megan Washington, $140,000, 07/21/2017.

2489 Matheson Ave., to Lowell John Scott LLC by Laura A. Ferrara & Joseph Desantis, $139,000, 07/19/2017.

13208 Montego St., to Grisell Dones & Angel A. Silva by Mario L. Ramirez, $137,000, 07/28/2017.

8491 Gibralter St., to Revolution Holdings LLC by G. Deloris Allen & Gwendolyn Deloris Allen, $135,000, 07/26/2017.

9520 Century Dr., to Liudmila Lopez by Yoania Zaldivar, $135,000, 07/18/2017.

8137 Pagoda Dr., to Wayne A. Stille & Mary Jane Stille by Michelle Y. Browne, $132,800, 07/19/2017.

1393 Arbuckle Rd., to Eric J. Ross & Cassandra N. Ross by Christine Grigsby, $131,000, 07/20/2017.

2219 Springmeadow Dr., to James Scully Trustee & James Scully Revocable Living Trust by National Leasing Ltd Renfrew, $129,000, 07/18/2017.

8018 Wooden Dr., to David Brown & Tracey Curtiss Brown by Darin J. Robertson & Robertson Cynthia L. Bright, $128,000, 07/14/2017.

11343 Collingswood St., to Jayne H. Fingerhut by Joel Curtis Herge & J. Curtis Herge, $125,000, 07/24/2017.

9861 Horizon Dr., to Kara K. Mance by David Edward Williams & Allison Dawn Williams, $120,000, 07/24/2017.

11291 Countrywood Ct., to Masters Property Investments LLC by Capital Mortgage Dlj & Portfolio Servicing Inc, $113,000, 07/12/2017.

13415 Bondstone St., to Theodore J. Newell Jr. by Alicia Hoover & Alicia Marie Sibilia, $112,800, 07/14/2017.

2443 Dustin Cir., to John H. Brymer Ii. by Vilmar F. Tavares & Vilmar F. Tavares Succ Trustee, $112,000, 07/24/2017.

1465 Matico Ave., to Lori S. Pauly by Melissa Beck & Melissa Meccia, $110,000, 07/24/2017.

204 Sawyer Ave., to Capital City Bank & Capital City Bank by Roscoe Theall & Elizabeth Theall, $106,200, 07/26/2017.

10485 Gifford Dr., to Offerpad Spvborrower14 LLC by Harold J. Sanderson & Gerisue Sanderson, $97,500, 07/20/2017.

10382 Spring Hill Dr., to Daniel Harper by U S Bank Na & Structured Asset Investment Loan Trust Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2006 Bnc1, $96,000, 07/12/2017.

2479 Statler Ave., to Andrew Hartman by Reginal Don Goodman, $85,900, 07/19/2017.

1423 Larkin Rd., to Patricia A. Fillmore & Annmarie L. Fillmore by Cathryn Hay & Olga Milton Living Trust, $85,000, 07/14/2017.

5127 Wellington Rd., to Gladys Ramos by Gary A. Stewart & Florence Stewart, $82,500, 07/17/2017.

3086 Greynolds Ave., to J Johnston Properties LLC by Robert T. Gunnis & Jo Ann Gunnis, $82,000, 07/28/2017.

11176 Portsmouth St., to Vanessa Penalbert by F. David Madigan & Madigan Family Trust, $80,000, 07/14/2017.

6742 Treehaven Dr., to Jayn Construction Inc by Erich F. Deagostino, $75,000, 07/18/2017.

9467 Melrose St., to Gomez Pedro Torres & Pedro Torres Gomez by Vasilios M. Kapareliotis, $74,900, 07/21/2017.


7078 Porpoise St., to Roger Smith & Brenda Smith by Teresa Lee Dodgins & Charles S Taylor Living Trust, $750,000, 07/17/2017.

9470 Tooke Shore Dr., to Kevin Atkins & Debra Sparks by Debra Louise Rubrecht & Vincent Rubrecht, $415,000, 07/24/2017.

9227 Cypress Cv, to Diane E. H. Bellegarde & Paul A. Bellegarde by Clifford J. Williams & Eluned Williams, $395,000, 07/21/2017.

11140 Centralia Rd., to Michael J. Cupp & Carole S. Cupp by Leon Smith Construction Inc & Leon Smith, $215,000, 07/21/2017.

11305 Old Squaw Ave., to Teresa Killory & John Killory by J. Bryan Bowles & Bryan J. Bowles, $200,000, 07/25/2017.

10340 Calico Warbler Ave., to Sandra Faye Coles & Shanna Faye Weaver by James E. Fredenburg, $190,000, 07/28/2017.

6331 Theodan St., to Randall C. Schwader & Lisa Love Schwader by Phyllis Nordman & Richard Nordman, $185,000, 07/12/2017.

9043 Hernando Way, to George W. Kekovich III. & Shawn Kekovich by Albert J. Panter & Aj Panter, $164,000, 07/21/2017.

6478 Eisenhower St., to Michael Waskey by Jay A. Johnson, $134,900, 07/28/2017.

8431 Mazette Rd., to John C. Bridges III. & Janet Kay Bridges by Barbara J. Anderson, $110,000, 07/12/2017.

10423 Snowbird Ave., to Shakona L. Smith & Lenard White by Marion City Investments LLC & Marion City Investment Corporation, $88,800, 07/19/2017.

Exploring the incredible color, cuisine, culture of India

Exploring the incredible color, cuisine, culture of India

DELHIAs I slid my shoes off and handed the man a five-rupee note before entering the Jama Masjid mosque, I could feel the heat from the red stone against my heels. I could also feel the intense stares of the Delhi locals. I don’t know which made me s...
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Florida hospitals call for more funding in effort to address looming doctor shortage

Florida hospitals call for more funding in effort to address looming doctor shortage

The number of doctors practicing in Florida has not kept up with the state’s surging population growth, and more money is needed to recruit and keep them here, hospital leaders said Wednesday.The shortage is particularly acute in four speciality area...
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Allegiant Air mechanics ask to be represented by Teamsters

Allegiant Air mechanics ask to be represented by Teamsters

Allegiant Air mechanics filed with the federal government Wednesday to be represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. If the petition is passed, the union would negotiate on behalf of the mechanics and related technicians on issues suc...
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Federal Reserve boosts key interest rate for third time this year

Federal Reserve boosts key interest rate for third time this year

WASHINGTON — The Federal Reserve is raising its benchmark interest rate for the third time this year, signaling its confidence that the U.S. economy remains on solid footing 8˝ years after the end of the Great Recession. The Fed is lifting its short-...
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Pasco Business Digest for Dec. 15

Pasco Business Digest for Dec. 15

Business digestWho’s newsHOSPITAL APPOINTS ASSISTANT CHIEF NURSING OFFICER: Registered nurse Courtney Stephenson, board certified nurse executive advanced, was recently appointed assistant chief nursing officer at Medical Center of Trinity. Stephenso...
Published: 12/13/17

Hernando Vendors for Dec. 15

Vendors are needed for the following nonprofit events:• Vendors and volunteers are being sought for a National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day event from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Dec. 21 at Crescent Community Clinic, 5244 Commercial Way, Spring Hill. During t...
Published: 12/13/17
Tampa airport ranks No. 4 for most affordable parking rates

Tampa airport ranks No. 4 for most affordable parking rates

TAMPA — Holiday flight prices may be high, but parking rates at Tampa International Airport are a little more manageable. TIA has the fourth-cheapest parking rates in the country, a study by travel and expense app company TravelBank said. TIA, the st...
Published: 12/13/17

Hernando Business Digest for Dec. 15

EventsDISCOUNT OFFERED TO THOSE WHO DONATE TO HELP HOMELESS: In advance of National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day, BonWorth clothing store, 12987 Cortez Blvd., Spring Hill, will offer a 10 percent discount on purchases to those who donate unwanted c...
Published: 12/13/17
Target aims to boost same-day delivery by acquiring Shipt

Target aims to boost same-day delivery by acquiring Shipt

NEW YORK — Target plans to boost its same-day delivery capability by paying $550 million for Shipt, its latest move to try to catch up with Amazon. Shipt delivers groceries to its members, who pay $99 a year. Target says it will add more products to...
Published: 12/13/17
Spirit Airlines names new president, CEO for 2019

Spirit Airlines names new president, CEO for 2019

Spirit Airlines, the South Florida-based budget airline, is gearing up for new leadership. Bob Fornaro, president and CEO since January 2016, will step down from his position in early 2019. He will be succeeded by Ted Christie, the airline’s current ...
Published: 12/13/17