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Hernando County real estate transactions for Sept. 18


23415 Eppley Dr., to Courtney S. Butler & John L. Butler Jr. by Claudette Anderson & Claudette M. Sikes Trustee, $128,000, 07/16/2013.

21491 Lake Lindsey Rd., to Gerald Hart & Christina Hart by Dale Stevens, $115,000, 07/11/2013.

15482 Sonora Dr., to Harold L. Shepard & Jeannine H. Shepard by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $103,000, 07/17/2013.

23155 Fitzhugh Ave., to Troy M. Payne by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $99,000, 07/17/2013.

5344 White Rd., to Premier Housing Investments LLC by Deborah Stahl, $93,000, 07/25/2013.

7469 First Circle Dr., to Ronald W. Eason Sr. & Katrina D. Eason by Diane Kirchner & Diane Kirchner Succ Trustee, $50,000, 07/15/2013.

14233 Montclair Dr., to Kenneth J. Weidman & Edna M. Weidman by William D. Miller & Craig S. Miller, $47,500, 07/24/2013.

610 Kinnear Dr., to Craig D. Ellinghuysen by Robert M. Stepbach & Pattie L. Stepbach, $42,700, 08/02/2013.


6047 Sundown Dr., to Michael W. Hellstern & Janice I. Hellstern by John Gregor & Dane Gregor, $120,000, 08/01/2013.

6173 Beechwood Dr., to Lynne M. Mccoy by Robert M. Parker & Alice A. Parker, $65,000, 08/02/2013.


449 Monroe Ave., to Kenneth J. Lovelly & Margaret Lovelly by North Shore Bank Fsb, $101,500, 08/05/2013.


1226 Lansing Dr., to Wells Fargo Financial System Florida Inc by Robert W. Brinker & Tammy Brinker, $209,400, 07/19/2013.

13445 Twinberry Dr., to Eric B. Wey by Christiana Trust & Savings Fund Society Fsb Wilmington, $179,100, 08/01/2013.

2092 Sparkling Waters Way, to Lynn C. White & Ann Marie White by Dorothy Hannan & James F. Hannan, $175,000, 07/30/2013.

2047 Overbrook Ln., to Christopher Barry Reilly & Brenda Anne Foskett by Donald D. Pollard & Elizabeth M. Pollard, $173,000, 07/30/2013.

12387 Coronado Dr., to Annette M. Normandin by Haylie R. Claussen, $145,000, 07/29/2013.

12431 Spreading Oak Dr., to Corwyn Cortez & Vicki L. Cortez by Adrienne Arlotta & Steven Arlotta, $137,800, 07/23/2013.

3483 Chadwick Ave., to Wesley R. Murray & Caitlin R. Murray by Joseph E. Mckinley, $129,000, 07/31/2013.

7071 Big Bend Dr., to Denise L. Flint by Darrel F. Mcmillan & Darrel F. Mcmillan Succ Trustee, $129,000, 08/02/2013.

2257 Giralda Ave., to Jose C. Soto by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & R. Wolfe &. Associates Pl Ronald Atty In Fact, $128,000, 08/19/2013.

189 Center Oak Cir., to Edmond A. Sherry & Kathleen A. Sherry by Phyllis Jackson, $122,900, 07/19/2013.

4424 Las Palmas Ave., to Vance Hawks & Elizabeth J. Hawks by Genna Green LLC, $122,000, 07/26/2013.

4297 Everett Ave., to Derek H. Saunier & Rebecca J. Saunier by Donna Sturgis & Donna Sturgis Succ Trustee, $117,500, 07/22/2013.

2323 Waterfall Dr., to Mary Anne Deters by Kim Lawson & Stephen A. Lawson, $117,000, 07/30/2013.

7374 Baywood Forest Cir., to Jeffery Todd Gregersen & Steven D. Gregersen by Melba Green, $114,000, 07/29/2013.

5388 Idleweise Ct., to Leland J. Armstrong & Nancy S. Armstrong by Debernardihenry & Debernardihenry Trustee, $111,300, 07/22/2013.

14520 Silversmith Cir., to Nrc Holdings LLC by Bothwell Holdings Inc, $110,000, 07/31/2013.

6152 Muirfield Ct., to William Henry Roberson & Joan E. Roberson by Paul J. Greenwood & Mary Elizabeth Greenwood, $109,000, 07/31/2013.

7388 Meadow Brook Ln., to Robert G. Rice & Donna K. Rice by Elizabeth M. Hartley, $109,000, 08/01/2013.

1117 El Portico Ln., to Antoinette M. Kelly by Carlos E. Galarza & Mildred Galarza, $104,000, 07/31/2013.

13001 Fish Cove Dr., to Charles Franceschini & Carmen G. Franceschini by Edgar Deligne Jr., $100,000, 08/02/2013.

11332 Copley Ct., to Roger D. Hunt & Julietta J. Hunt by Liberty Capital And Trust LLC & Sullivanfamily Land Trust 11332 Copley Court, $95,000, 08/05/2013.

6368 Plantation Rd., to Francis J. Typrowicz & Virginia A. Typrowicz by Calvin G. York & Susan E. York, $93,900, 08/02/2013.

3082 Montague Ave., to Ivonne Coello by Julianne Stitt Bush & Bush Julianne Stitt, $93,000, 07/22/2013.

2201 Coachman Rd., to John F. Treischmann & Cheryl D. Treischmann by Larry G. Somerville & Betty L. Somerville, $89,300, 08/22/2013.

11355 Linden Dr., to Michael L. Douglas by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Shuler Solomon Spector Foyle &. Singer Pa Kass, $88,500, 07/31/2013.

241 Cavalier Ave., to Leeanne M. Boudreau by Bryan A. Hoffman & Karin Hoffman, $82,000, 07/19/2013.

5408 Birchwood Rd., to Anna C. Deluca by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & And Associates Pc Ofori, $81,300, 08/05/2013.

6298 Ocean Pines Ln., to Joy M. Whitaker Orr by Terrance G. Hotz Sr. & Carol J. Hotz, $80,000, 07/26/2013.

2324 Hillandale Ave., to Courtney E. Hayes by Jennifer M. Merschbach & Jennifer M. IVory, $78,000, 08/02/2013.

1401 Deborah Dr., to Richard Nicolini by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $76,900, 07/31/2013.

2304 Canfield Dr., to Jerry Rodgers by Hsbc Bank Usa Na & Ace Securities Corp Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2006 He4 Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates, $75,400, 07/18/2013.

6081 Spring Hill Dr., to Catherine Rodriguez by Susan Lawyer Willis & Lynzee Marie Lawyer, $73,000, 07/23/2013.

13101 Drysdale St., to Chester C. Cook & Debra L. Cook by Polymathic Properties Inc, $70,500, 07/26/2013.

14181 Cornewall Ln., to Terry Undestad by Pauline Plumer, $70,000, 07/29/2013.

2129 Point O Woods Ct., to John T. Houseworth & Marie T. Houseworth by Lillian M. Hughes Kalemba & Lillian M. Hughes Kalemba Trustee, $69,000, 07/31/2013.

13054 Huntington Woods Ave., to Apt Properties LLC by Mary A. Murphy & James E. Murphy, $68,000, 08/05/2013.

13197 Lawrence St., to Lawrence Clark by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $65,500, 07/19/2013.

1536 IVydale Rd., to Marie A. Montoya & Robert L. Montoya by Angela Covell & Anna Liisa Covell, $65,000, 07/31/2013.

7355 Lagoon Rd., to Helen R. Kingsland by Rachael Hindman & Racheal Hindman, $65,000, 07/26/2013.

11307 Dean St., to Michael A. Kaczynski by Brian M. Florek & Carmen Malouf Florek, $64,000, 07/30/2013.

5143 Landover Blvd., to Island Motocross Of New York Inc by Linda Love & Nicole Love, $59,500, 07/19/2013.

4350 Vienna St., to Dmd Investors Inc by Bank Of America Na & Lasalle Bank Na, $56,000, 07/25/2013.

6153 Kinlock Ave., to Randall S. Bluhm Trustee by John Cunningham & Pamela Cunningham, $55,000, 08/02/2013.

1449 Fergason Ave., to Ron Valure & Lisa Harris by Gregory Assadourian & Gregory Assadourian Trustee, $50,000, 07/31/2013.

4459 Odin St., to James Besse & Renee Besse by Jack Thomson & Danielle Thomson, $47,500, 08/02/2013.

4487 Higate Rd., to James Kapsalis by David Theron Bristol & David T. Bristol, $45,000, 07/30/2013.

6568 Treehaven Dr., to Frank Impemba & Deborah Impemba by Jericho Road Ministries Inc, $45,000, 07/31/2013.

8279 Norbert St., to Vico Louis P. De & Vico Lucy N. De by Jason A. Fisher & April M. Fisher, $45,000, 08/05/2013.

9133 Century Dr., to D W Watkins Properties LLC by Florida Eagle Investments LLC, $44,500, 07/31/2013.

3088 Deltona Blvd., to Great Home Improvements LLC by Linda Black, $43,000, 07/31/2013.


9173 Lake Cypress Loop, to David A. Wilkins & Margaret Wilkins by Douglas M. Calligar & Dorothy M. Calligar, $335,000, 08/05/2013.

11200 Centralia Rd., to David W. Kohnen & Louise E. Kohnen by Kathleen R. Root, $210,000, 07/17/2013.

8280 Delaware Dr., to Alexis J. Troche & Kylee A. Troche by Home Buyers Of Pinellas LLC & Delaware Land Trust, $145,000, 08/02/2013.

16380 Cayman Rd., to James E. Terrill Jr. & Marilyn S. Terrill by Gina Dent, $115,000, 07/26/2013.

7260 Arbordale Dr., to William B. Bailey & Sharon C. Bailey by Phillip E. Chaffin Sr. & Phillip E. Chaffin, $94,000, 07/31/2013.

7260 Westwind St., to James M. Goller Trustee & Laurel L. Goller Trustee by Norma L. Martin & Norma Lee Martin, $40,000, 08/06/2013.

Hernando County real estate transactions for Sept. 18 09/16/13 [Last modified: Monday, September 16, 2013 3:43pm]
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