Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hernando County real estate transactions for Sept. 8


5346 Southern Valley Loop, to Dominic Ambrosio & Ann Marie Ambrosio by Gary F. Shapiro & Joann M. Shapiro, $378,000, 07/19/2017.

180 Mt Fair Ave., to Greg Anthony Mys & Joanna Compton Mys by Marty William Vanarsdale & Milana Rose Vanarsdale, $217,000, 07/11/2017.

7155 Potentilla Ct., to Brian Eger by Gary W. Martin & Debra L. Martin, $198,000, 07/17/2017.

12196 Ponce De Leon Blvd., to Trudy E. Blake & Teri Blake by Maria Cirlig & Maria Cirlig Family Trust, $195,000, 06/30/2017.

14034 Wake Robin Dr., to Patrick Faieta & Mindy Faieta by Ryan Russell & Adianez Figueroa, $195,000, 07/14/2017.

537 Painted Leaf Dr., to Wesley Pipe & Frederick Ernest Pipe by Linda K. Ruhlig, $181,000, 07/19/2017.

4413 Caliquen Dr., to Robe D. Young & Bonnie S. Young by Craig D. Coe & Tammy L. Coe, $180,000, 07/14/2017.

137 Mt Fair Ave., to Suzanne C. Henry by Edward R. Doyle & Sheila M. Doyle, $175,000, 06/21/2017.

15194 Copper Loop, to Chad Naegele & Kristina Vernon by Timothy Achenbach & Danaleigh J. Achenbach, $175,000, 07/14/2017.

769 Sugar Camp Way, to Hogun Kang & Miriam Kang by Scot Andrew Kortright & Jillian Made Kortright, $174,000, 07/18/2017.

15412 Atwater Dr., to Robert O. Melle & Jill A. Melle by Larry James Farmer, $166,000, 07/13/2017.

7207 Sherman Hills Blvd., to Amy Suzanne Krusko by Howard Robinson & Laura Robinson, $156,000, 07/19/2017.

15004 Bailey Hill Rd., to Douglas D. Weaver & Arlene Y. Weaver by Gregory P. Stephens, $130,000, 07/17/2017.

7181 Goodway Dr., to Robert William Mccumber Sr. by Nelson Andrew Watts Kranz & Aaron C. Kranz Atty In Fact, $128,000, 07/14/2017.

7242 Griffin Rd., to Nathan C. Hodges & Robin M. Hodges by Hope E. Hillabrand, $115,100, 07/13/2017.

7402 Eagle Dr., to William G. Olsen by Bella Liberty Enterprises LLC & 7402 Eagle Drive Land Trust, $105,000, 06/29/2017.

20139 Suncrest Dr., to Curtis Pratt & Belinda Pratt by Elizabeth R. Debusk & Elizabeth R Debusk Trust, $76,000, 07/11/2017.

7363 Brookridge Central Blvd., to Linda A. Alonso by Michael F. Horn & Letha T. Horn, $75,000, 07/14/2017.

18132 Celia Ave., to Tiffany A. Turner by Valerie J. Gee, $72,500, 07/19/2017.

12323 George Dr., to Clifford D. Stevens & Norma J. Stevens by Edward G. Strongarone, $64,000, 06/29/2017.

27124 Simona Ave., to B Rite Associates LLC & Molly Lous Multi Services Corporation by Vetzel Holdings Inc, $56,000, 07/05/2017.

21421 Beasley Rd., to Lillian M. Amundsen by Mermaid Land Investment LLC & Catherine J. Mercogliano Trustee, $54,000, 07/14/2017.

249 A St., to A Street LLC by Picketts Properties LLC, $48,000, 07/14/2017.

7407 Gordon Loop, to Vanessa Schultz by Joseph H. Heet & Joann Heet, $45,500, 07/14/2017.


3241 Spanish Bayonet Dr., to Andrew Stuart Duffen & Diane M. Duffen by Tbv Enterprises LLC, $355,000, 07/07/2017.

3495 Croaker Dr., to Michael V. Garetano & Deborah Garetano by Philip Lamonica, $265,000, 07/14/2017.

4046 Centavo Ct., to Ronald J. Hogan & Kelly Purdy by Charles L. Smith & Caroline M. Smith, $185,000, 07/11/2017.

3190 Hibiscus Dr., to Paul S. Gray & Pamela Y. Gray by Jacqueline J. Victor & Terrence R. Malowney, $140,000, 07/10/2017.


15051 Edgewater Ave., to Kenneth Ray & Erin Ray by Karen A. Eichhorn, $110,000, 07/07/2017.


5352 Championship Cup Ln., to Devin N. Caress & Stacie D. Caress by N. P. Dodge Jr. Trustee & N. P. Dodge Jr., $339,900, 07/17/2017.

5008 Panther Dr., to Gregory Cochran & Debra Newman Cochran by James A. Tuminello & Coleen A. Tuminello, $229,900, 07/14/2017.

1331 Fergason Ave., to Keith D. Mott & Nicole R. Mott by Warren D. Devaney & Destiny E. Devaney, $229,300, 07/10/2017.

11721 Linden Dr., to Alien Molina Nunez by John P. Nigro & Dianne Nigro, $225,000, 07/18/2017.

4048 Chesterfield Dr., to John J. Moore by Patrick B. Mccarthy & Krista K. Mccarthy, $220,000, 07/18/2017.

7191 Big Bend Dr., to Patrick J. Kavanaugh by John F. Cahill & Lynda Cahill, $220,000, 07/18/2017.

5274 Lydia Ct., to Jesse Sipos & Bethany Sipos by Robert G. Engeman & Patricia E. Engeman, $219,000, 06/30/2017.

10027 Huckleberry Dr., to Ricky D. Hicks & Brenda K. Humphrey by Bobby H. Simpson, $215,000, 07/18/2017.

13366 Blythewood Dr., to Ronald Kerry Black Jr. & Ashley Black by Kenneth S. J. Foley & Shelley Foley, $215,000, 07/06/2017.

3047 Abeline Rd., to Phillip Beck & Andrea Beck by Jacqueline Schlick, $210,000, 07/17/2017.

6048 Schalekamp Dr., to Christopher Noel Ringelstein & Heather Renee Wood by David B. Morrill & Rosemarie Morrill, $210,000, 07/14/2017.

6321 Radford St., to Alan R. Papenheim by Jon Brian Kelly & Raeann Kelly, $205,000, 07/17/2017.

13594 Dunwoody Dr., to Brunilda Montaz & Angel Montaz by John Michael Sivon Jr. & Naomi Lorraine Sivon, $198,000, 07/10/2017.

10050 Sleepy Willow Ct., to Andres Molina Nunez by Susan Alfano & Mcniff Susan Cymball, $195,000, 07/17/2017.

8174 Winding Oak Ln., to Deborah Jane Millett & Stanley Glenn Millett by Robert E. Vitiello & Janis M. Vitiello, $188,500, 07/14/2017.

470 Florian Way, to Kenneth B. Mcdonald & Lori A. Mcdonald by Armand Petronella Trustee & Armando Petronella Trustee, $185,000, 07/14/2017.

11704 New Britain Dr., to Margaret Callaghan Trustee & Margaret Callaghan Trust by Ellen Rodimary & Sam Rodijoseph, $180,000, 07/07/2017.

5296 Slater Rd., to John F. Cahill & Lynda Cahill by Barbara J. Salmi, $180,000, 07/18/2017.

9208 Eldridge Rd., to Eva Rodriguez by Monti L. Butler & Walter Butler III., $180,000, 07/14/2017.

1356 Clovis Ln., to Christopher L. Clifford & Tina A. Cavallino by James T. Parker & Laurie B. Parker, $175,000, 07/14/2017.

6501 Pine Meadows Dr., to Robert F. Thalheimer & Martha C. Thalheimer by Lawrence Curl & Joan M. Curl, $165,000, 07/12/2017.

3778 Braemere Dr., to Eduardo A. Benitez Perez by Triton Real Estate Holdings I LLC, $164,000, 07/14/2017.

11250 Copley Ct., to James Kelly & Karen Kelly by Dan R. Livey, $157,900, 07/17/2017.

11436 Spring Hill Dr., to R E Odyssey Capital LLC by Joel Fritton, $150,000, 07/06/2017.

6088 Mountain Way Ave., to Melanie Difrank by Lelia D. Walsh & Daniel G. Walsh, $149,900, 07/31/2017.

13123 Odham St., to Christopher Ruiz by Paul Day, $147,000, 07/14/2017.

4258 Cavehill Rd., to Michael C. Muhammad & Rose M. Bell by Katerina Hewitt, $147,000, 07/14/2017.

1355 Autumn Rd., to Curbelo Guillermo & Theresa A. Curbelo by Andrea J. Hanvey & Dennis R. Hanvey, $145,000, 07/12/2017.

12373 Brookside St., to Property Owner 2 LLC by Chris E. Serfass & Barbara J. Gardner, $144,000, 07/19/2017.

7492 Harding Ave., to Mildred Ward Hall by J Johnston Properties LLC, $135,200, 07/14/2017.

7499 Philatelic Dr., to Virginia F. Williams by David B. Olson Trustee & Judith P. Olson Trustee, $134,000, 07/17/2017.

475 Aladdin Rd., to Hope A. Harris by Ruth Anne Shea & Thomas P. Shea, $133,000, 07/14/2017.

11009 Lapaz Ct., to Migdalia Vasquez by Edward Nostadt, $132,000, 07/17/2017.

2252 Lytham Ct., to Edward W. Stanley & Joyce C. Stanley by Marylee B. Abare & Marylee Abare, $130,000, 07/11/2017.

7088 Crown Oaks Dr., to John L. Hooker & Linda M. Teagle by Thomas R. Camasso Trustee & Helga R. Camasso Trustee, $130,000, 07/20/2017.

7476 Philatelic Dr., to Robert Wrzosek by Daniel Arnold, $130,000, 07/05/2017.

14162 Trollman St., to David W. Supple & Brianna F. Supple by Ajl Management Corp, $127,500, 07/19/2017.

2293 Mariner Blvd., to Evelyn Calero & Gloria Rodriguez by Amparo S. Rivera & Victor M. Rivera, $125,000, 07/18/2017.

2430 Birdie Ln., to Gary J. Kerr & Elizabeth Kerr by Louis Badami Jr. & Anne Badami, $120,000, 07/11/2017.

8088 Clipper Ct., to Angel Israel Rosario Deliz & Sonia E. Rondon Montanez by Hiram N. Lopez, $120,000, 07/05/2017.

12343 Ascot Ln., to Daniel Linares Jr. & Lisa A. Linares by John C. Mcgee & Sandra S. Mcgee, $119,900, 07/14/2017.

2195 Meadow Lark Rd., to Richard Perry & Margaret Perry by Anthony Giancola & Barbara Puzzo, $118,000, 07/19/2017.

7422 Balsam St., to John W. Allen & Elisabeth Allen by Mary Bowhan & Bridget Rooney, $111,000, 06/30/2017.

4129 Thunderbird Ave., to Arthur M. Giordano & Lillian R. Giordano by Joseph G. Lamarche & Jeannie P. Lamarche, $108,500, 07/13/2017.

1037 Anderson Snow Rd., to Mohamed A. Shahout & Rasha Zaher by James R. Smith, $100,000, 06/30/2017.

6290 Covewood Dr., to Assunta Torluccio & Ottavio Torluccio by Karen Rose Bort, $95,000, 07/11/2017.

7344 Landmark Dr., to Russell Englerth & Criquett Englerth by Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York, $92,000, 07/17/2017.

2223 Forester Way, to Eleanor J. Wearshing by James Andrew Tymon Jr., $85,000, 07/10/2017.

6326 Covewood Dr., to Eleana Feasal Souki Souki by John T. Arruda & Isabel A. Arruda, $79,000, 07/20/2017.

8319 Coral St., to Elwyn C. Leavitt & Mary S. Leavitt by Edward Elisha Martin & Cathryn S. Martin, $70,000, 07/11/2017.

2271 Rio Cir., to Quick Turn Properties LLC by Lourdes M. Sanchez, $65,000, 06/30/2017.

452 Edgehill Ave., to Easy Street Consulting LLC by Maureen Y. Bittar, $65,000, 07/14/2017.

1026 Cobblestone Dr., to David J. Gies by Marlene S. Vasquez, $63,000, 07/14/2017.

9278 Gerona St., to Daisy Diaz & Michael Gonzalez by Aramax Inc, $60,000, 07/18/2017.


9465 Whisper Ridge Tr., to Carmen A. Pelose & Patricia M. Pelose by Angela M. Dilisio Trustee & Louis J. Dilisio Trustee, $355,000, 07/17/2017.

9085 Justine Dr., to Thomas L. Wilson & Cheryl E. Wilson by Hilbert C. Lehman & Hilbert C. Lehman Trustee, $335,000, 07/12/2017.

9600 Southern Belle Dr., to Judith Chengerian by David Bryant & Ellen Bryant, $275,000, 07/10/2017.

9585 Southern Belle Dr., to John W. Hendrix & Cynthia E. Hendrix by Kristin K. Wee & Daniel Day And Kristen K Wee Trust, $224,000, 07/10/2017.

8126 River Point Dr., to Paul J. Weckbacher Ii. & Kelly B. Weckbacher by Ted L. Jones Sr. & Judith A. Jones, $174,500, 07/14/2017.

9306 New Orleans Dr., to Paula Lethiot by Donna Marie Quackenbush & Karen Ann Homler, $160,000, 06/29/2017.

8158 Sturbridge Ct., to Brian Keith Sita by Rey D. Cortes & Sonia J. Cortes, $73,500, 07/14/2017.

9476 Nakoma Way, to Frederick Albert Kranz Jr. Trustee & Betty Jane Kranz Trustee by Elaine Warringer & Elaine Warringer Revocable Trust, $70,000, 07/18/2017.

7620 St. Andrews Blvd., to Roy L. Garner & Dolores A. Garner by Mary Ann Ryan, $65,000, 07/13/2017.

Tampa Bay jobs chief Ed Peachey making top dollar

Tampa Bay jobs chief Ed Peachey making top dollar

For years, Edward Peachey has bragged about the number of jobless people he has helped find work.As president and CEO of CareerSource Pinellas and CareerSource Tampa Bay, he’s in charge of the two main government agencies that provide training to the...
Updated: 7 hours ago
Inspector General launches investigation into Tampa Bay’s local career centers

Inspector General launches investigation into Tampa Bay’s local career centers

The state has opened an investigation into CareerSource Pinellas and CareerSource Tampa Bay, days after the Tampa Bay Times asked about whether the two regional job centers were inflating the number of people they had helped get hired. The agencies, ...
Published: 01/19/18
Tech firm TranferWise moves to Ybor City, illustrating a new chapter in Tampa’s business history

Tech firm TranferWise moves to Ybor City, illustrating a new chapter in Tampa’s business history

TAMPA — You could sketch an economic history of the city of Tampa — and maybe get a glimpse of its future — just by looking at the old J. Seidenberg & Co./Havana-American Cigar Factory.It opened in 1894, making it Ybor City’s second-oldest brick ciga...
Published: 01/19/18

Want to buy into an exchanged-traded bitcoin fund? You might have a long wait

NEW YORK — It may be a while, if ever, before investors can buy an exchange-traded fund made up of bitcoin and other digital currencies. Federal regulators have a long list of questions they want answered before they’ll approve a digital currency fun...
Published: 01/19/18
Child psychologist weighs in on mom who charges 5-year-old ‘rent’

Child psychologist weighs in on mom who charges 5-year-old ‘rent’

A Georgia mother has gone viral for charging her 5-year-old "rent." Yup — the kid pays up for food, water, cable and electric, too.Essense Evans described in a Facebook post how she handles her daughter’s allowance. The post, written on Saturday, was...
Published: 01/19/18

Addicted to your smartphone? Now there’s an app for that

Did you text? Sorry, I can’t see messages right now. Arianna Huffington locked my phone.The media tycoon turned wellness entrepreneur wants to keep you out of your phone, too, with a new app called Thrive. Its goal is to make it cool for a generation...
Published: 01/19/18
Proposed monument near St. Pete pier would honor Tony Jannus history-making flight

Proposed monument near St. Pete pier would honor Tony Jannus history-making flight

ST. PETERSBURG — Tony Jannus’s history-making flight in an early seaplane — simultaneously as ungainly and graceful as a pelican on the wing — is what Mayor Rick Kriseman calls an "under-told and under-appreciated" story, but a team of local history ...
Published: 01/19/18
Learn how bus rapid transit (and rail) could work in Tampa Bay

Learn how bus rapid transit (and rail) could work in Tampa Bay

ST. PETERSBURG — The newest hope for transportation in the Tampa Bay area is a bus rapid transit system projected to cover the 41-miles separating St. Petersburg from Wesley Chapel and attract 4,500 new riders at a fraction of the cost of light rail....
Published: 01/19/18
Five things Tampa Bay needs to know about bus rapid transit

Five things Tampa Bay needs to know about bus rapid transit

ST. PETERSBURG — Transportation planners on Friday unveiled a new transit vision for Tampa Bay leaders on Friday morning: Bus rapid transit.Also known as BRT, it has arisen as the leading option in an ongoing study to find the best regional transit p...
Published: 01/19/18
Amazon boosts monthly Prime membership fees by 20 percent

Amazon boosts monthly Prime membership fees by 20 percent

NEW YORK — Amazon is raising the price of its Prime membership monthly plan by nearly 20 percent. The fee of $99 for an annual membership will not change, the company said Friday. The online retailer had added the monthly payment option about two yea...
Published: 01/19/18