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Real estate transactions

Hernando County real estate transactions

Hernando County real estate transactions


25459 Withrow Rd., to Donald M. Mccathran Jr. & Carla M. Mccathran by Jeffrey Connor & Michele Saklaczynski, $328,000, 05/15/2014.

5107 Southern Valley Loop, to Gail Paulsen by David Raudman & Claire Raudman, $285,000, 05/15/2014.

5346 Southern Valley Loop, to Gary F. Shapiro & Joann M. Shapiro by Victor Allen Sietsema & Danette Sietsema, $252,000, 05/20/2014.

10028 Preston Rd., to James R. Orr & Cynthia Lynn Orr by Matthew B. Mccullough & Rebecca L. Mccullough, $211,000, 05/13/2014.

24172 Westminster Ct., to Raymond Shaver & Trilby Shaver by Judith A. Boucher, $200,000, 05/14/2014.

14608 Copeland Way, to Claudia Lopez by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Connor Llp Aldridge Atty In Fact, $165,000, 04/14/2014.

26063 Olympia Rd., to Judith Ulloa by U S Bank Na & Residential Asset Securities Corporation Home Equity Mortgage Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates Series 2005 Ks3, $157,000, 04/15/2014.

4482 Lisette Cir., to Angel Franc Andersonasencio by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $129,000, 05/09/2014.

31332 Satinleaf Run, to Alan Chambers & Karla Chambers by Ned Anderson & Judy Anderson, $117,000, 05/19/2014.

9588 Scepter Ave., to Allan J. Blair & Vivian M. Blair by Alexander R. Schafer, $115,000, 05/21/2014.

10253 Flagstone Rd., to Cemex Construction Materials Florida LLC by Dara Mccleery Dougherty, $90,000, 05/15/2014.

15323 Blanford St., to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC by Jeremy A. Edwards & Aleisha L. Edwards, $82,800, 04/29/2014.

8457 Southern Charm Cir., to Thomas A. Dannaker by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & C. Zahm Pa Douglas Atty In Fact, $77,500, 04/28/2014.

8520 Silverbell Loop, to Tor Steve Bowen by Anna Glinski, $77,000, 05/16/2014.

12041 Diplomacy Ave., to Grace G Chapman Trust & Grace G. Chapman Trustee by Charleen A. Scime, $74,000, 04/10/2014.

26038 Shamokin Dr., to Ucfc Mh Trust 1008 3 & Deutsche Bank National Trust Company by Alan Richart & Lynnett Richart, $67,700, 05/07/2014.

12142 Boondocks Dr., to Victoria A. Goodridge & Jerry Goodridge by Lindsay Diane Schultz, $65,000, 05/09/2014.

22419 Paul Dr., to Carol J. Conklin & Jack E. Conklin by Shirley A. Taber & Hervey W. Taber, $50,000, 05/14/2014.

2892 Kingswood Cir., to Neil B. Morrisette & Marie T. Morrisette by James Thompson, $49,000, 04/24/2014.

12201 Evantide Ave., to Kathryn J. Craft by 12201 Evantide Land Trust & Tinman Property Group LLC, $48,000, 05/02/2014.

12128 Club House Rd., to Raymond A. Posante by Luis Diaz Jr., $44,500, 05/12/2014.

8085 Tower St., to Dale E. Burgess & Evelyn D. Burgess by Betty Lou Case & Betty Lou Case Trustee, $40,000, 04/12/2014.


4266 Columbus Dr., to Joseph Desario & Jacqueline Desario by Donna King, $275,000, 05/15/2014.

3484 Minnow Creek Dr., to Sander Gonczol by Wells Fargo Bank Na, $206,000, 05/12/2014.

4375 3rd Isle Dr., to George J. Rosicky Trustee & George J Rosickey Family Trust by Bessie F. Hall & Ralph H. Hall, $173,000, 05/21/2014.


258 Lincoln Ave., to Vernon C. Sanders by Helen Rudy & John Rudy, $45,000, 05/12/2014.


275 Planter Rd., to Sherri L. Dehner by PhilipBomhoff Jr. & Lester W. Harness, $267,100, 05/06/2014.

13654 Hunters Point St., to Thomas P. Biro & Konnie J. Biro by A. Otamendijuan Jr. & F. Otamendiluisa, $216,000, 05/15/2014.

1009 Tournament Dr., to Mary Anne Deters Trustee & Deters Family Trust by Michael D. Pinon, $207,000, 05/09/2014.

12910 Diamond Head Ct., to Daniel Orourke & Cari Orourke by Douglas R. Dalton & Debora A. Dalton, $196,000, 05/07/2014.

3325 Cedar Crest Loop, to Curtis D. Thomas & Emily K. Thomas by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $184,300, 05/16/2014.

12479 Kearney St., to Bruce Warren & Maryjane Warren by Edward Falk & Teri Falk, $152,000, 05/14/2014.

13151 Enchantment Dr., to Karen M. Mercaldo & Neil D. Crouch by John Serricchio & Giovanni Serricchio, $149,900, 05/16/2014.

11220 Addison St., to Wells Fargo Bank Na & Wells Fargo Bank Southwest Na by Maria Gonzalez Trustee & Maria Molina Trustee, $145,700, 04/08/2014.

2128 Bolger Ave., to Jeffrey R. Prokop & Jennifer L. Prokop by Suntrust Bank, $145,000, 05/08/2014.

5041 Secretariat Run, to Frederick Laura & Xiao Mei Teng by William J. English & June A. English, $145,000, 05/15/2014.

8240 Sugarbush Dr., to Ann Tolton Bergamo by Paula J. Nocita & Henry F. Currier Jr., $142,500, 05/05/2014.

3501 St. IVes Blvd., to Jose Sanchez & Alice Sanchez by John Lovell Succ Trustee & Walter R & Suzanne C Lovell Trust, $142,300, 05/06/2014.

2345 Amherst Ave., to Kimberly L. Mcneeley & William G. Mcneeley by William S. Hosman & Diane Hosman, $141,000, 05/05/2014.

2229 Lema Dr., to Colleen Maldonado by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $135,000, 05/15/2014.

3148 Windbrook Ave., to James J. Kelly & Karen J. Kelly by Liberty Trust Holdings LLC & 3148 Windbrook Ave Land Trust, $132,500, 05/13/2014.

11374 Doxsey Hill Cir., to Padilla Jennifer Mangual & Jennifer Mangual Padilla by Leo V. Keane & Catherine M. Keane, $130,000, 05/15/2014.

2330 Morning Glory Tr., to Janet F. Reimann by George R. Simard & Helen Simard, $125,000, 05/13/2014.

6413 Pine Meadows Dr., to C. . Richard Baker & Jacqueline Baker by Tracey L. Griffin & Sharon L. Moore, $125,000, 05/14/2014.

8189 Wysocki Ct., to Jack R. Watkins & Jane A. Watkins by John Frueh & John Frueh Trustee, $125,000, 05/16/2014.

11008 Red Coach St., to Giuseppe Randazzo & Josephine Mangiapane by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Hallinan Plc Phelan Atty In Fact, $122,000, 05/07/2014.

2229 Dove Hollow Dr., to Charles A. Danisch & Barbara A. Danisch by Steven E. Kelshaw & Alan D. Kelshaw, $121,000, 05/22/2014.

5621 Brackenwood Dr., to Ricky A. Clotter & Betsy U. Clotter by Jeffrey L. Fossen & Jamie Fossen, $120,600, 05/08/2014.

10107 Heathcliff St., to Charles Lester & Stormy Lester by Robert S. Schointuch & Michele A. Schointuch, $115,000, 05/05/2014.

13047 Partridge St., to Ann Cancel by Wells Fargo Bank Na & Mortgage Fsb Wachovia, $114,000, 04/03/2014.

2324 Danwood Dr., to Robert J. Rink & Eleanor O. Rink by Ellen W. Ruckstuhl & Richard Waldbusser, $113,000, 05/08/2014.

3475 Dothan Ave., to Leslie Ruiz & William Ruiz by Wayne Dion & Edward G. Dion, $112,900, 05/21/2014.

11272 Topaz St., to Keith Douglas Kahler & Linda Kahler by Walter A. Sugalski & Richard J. Sugalski, $110,000, 05/15/2014.

2213 Grandfather Mtn, to William E. Replogle & Queen L. Replogle by Victor L. Wiggins Sr. & Rosemary A. Wiggins, $110,000, 05/16/2014.

2488 Anchor Ave., to Jose E. Marquez by Dennis W Maxwell Pa Inc & Anchor Land Trust, $107,500, 05/16/2014.

369 Swallow Ln., to Edwin Yates & Rochelle L. Yates by Marilyn Gardner & Cheryl Ball, $104,000, 05/14/2014.

130 Dandelion Ct., to Hoa T. Butler by Josefa Bala & Clemente Bala Jr., $100,000, 05/19/2014.

7429 Nature Walk Dr., to Christian J. Pisano & Michele L. Pisano by Gary S. Shields & Gary S. Shields Succ Trustee, $99,000, 05/13/2014.

5342 Woodridge Ln., to Eugene R. Michael by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $91,000, 05/02/2014.

2207 Fairview Rd., to Kenneth Wayne Sallings & Katia Gom Santos by Susan M.Noble & Lorraine T. Macclellan, $89,900, 05/12/2014.

3304 Landover Blvd., to Eugene R. Michael by Jpmorgan Chase Bank Na, $87,000, 05/15/2014.

1208 Altoona Ave., to Susan Almy by John E. Kling & Marguerite J. Kling, $86,000, 05/13/2014.

1197 Muscovy Dr., to Lynn Thomas by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Harborview Mortgage Loan Trust Loan Pass Through Certificates Series 2005 11, $80,000, 04/15/2014.

5509 Moongate Rd., to Marjorie M. Paon & Susan Patnaude by Donald E. Russell Jr. & Tami A. Russell, $80,000, 05/08/2014.

1557 Waterfall Dr., to Peggysue Pentecost by Eugene Lopes & Isaura M. Lopez, $78,000, 05/23/2014.

2244 Lytham Ct., to Harry Luth & Gayle Luth by Janice Lynch, $78,000, 05/14/2014.

5363 Fairhaven Ave., to Vicky A. Haswell & Lawrence Haswell by Kimberly Stapleton & Tyler A. Stapleton, $77,900, 05/12/2014.

12109 Linden Dr., to Jacqueline Gibson by Bank Of New York Mellon Trust Company Na & Bank Of New York Trust Company Na, $76,000, 04/29/2014.

1534 Gold Rd., to Btra V LLC by Cisco Reyes, $75,000, 05/08/2014.

6602 Inverary Ln., to Donald C. Reed Sr. & Eileen L. Reed by Glenn R. Pittson Jr. & Pittson Nancy Ann Kapec, $75,000, 05/12/2014.

1221 Godfrey Ave., to Kathleen T. Seyfried Trustee & Kathleen T Seyfried Revocable Trust by Greg Wimer & Jenine Wimer, $70,000, 05/19/2014.

7346 Philatelic Dr., to Barbara J. Anderson by ElizabethKrukowski & HenryKrukowski, $70,000, 05/09/2014.

7377 County Line Rd., to Larry Dodson & Penny Dodson by Raymond G. Danhires & Gregg Danhires, $67,000, 05/20/2014.

13003 Lombardy St., to Efharis Kourkoumelis & Vasilios Kourkoumelis by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $63,000, 05/20/2014.

14053 Allston Ave., to Stephen J. Marteski by Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York, $58,500, 05/19/2014.

10361 Dunkirk Rd., to Alexander David Hall by Jpmorgan Chase Bank Na, $55,000, 05/16/2014.

6449 Crowley Ct., to Barbara J. Anderson by Campground Estate Properties LLC, $55,000, 05/15/2014.

6959 Pinehurst Dr., to Jacqueline B. Whatley & Michael D. Ebeling by David Franklin Huddleston & Kathleen Huddleston, $51,000, 05/14/2014.

10316 Bannister St., to James Garguilo by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Connor Llp Aldridge Atty In Fact, $50,000, 05/19/2014.

5027 Panther Dr., to Kenneth T. Korejwo by Robert D. Weber & Sylvia J. Weber, $50,000, 05/16/2014.

5083 Forest Glenn Dr., to Harriet S. Pritchett by Catherine M. Bond & PatriciaWhite, $50,000, 05/05/2014.

7537 Pinehurst Dr., to Joseph C. Gambrell Jr. by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $49,500, 05/08/2014.

6063 Airmont Dr., to Ronald A. Weihs & Norma E. Weihs by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Florida Foreclosure Attorneys Pllc, $48,000, 04/29/2014.

13474 Neville Dr., to Chester B. Heather Jr. by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Offices Of Daniel C. Consuegra Pl Law Atty In Fact, $44,000, 05/01/2014.

428 Copperfield Rd., to Joshua C. Watson & Teliah M. Watson by Mark Kochan, $43,900, 05/16/2014.

7374 Acorn Cir., to Lcs E! Enterprises LLC by U S Bank Na & Asset Backed Securities Corporatin Home Equity Loan Trust Series Aeg 2006 He1 Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates Series Aeg 2006 He1, $40,200, 05/08/2014.


3443 Sandcastle Ln., to Lisa Davies by Thomas R. Jablonski & Gloria A. Jablonski, $192,500, 05/15/2014.

9027 Lismore Ct., to Debra Skeens Sommers by George R. Peck III., $113,500, 05/02/2014.

8189 Delaware Dr., to Robert J. Bomson & Cathy Lynn Bomson by Us Bank Na & Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage Securities Corp Home Equity Asset Trust 2004 4 Home Equity Pass Through Certificates Series 2004 4, $105,000, 04/14/2014.

8412 Dunnellon Rd., to Peggy Ann Boyles & Brent Boyles by Thomas R. Stapf & Patricia E. Lydersen, $62,000, 05/14/2014.

6230 Bear Tr., to Phillip Mednick & Maria Mednick by Mary Elida Mayo & Zahumensky Mary Elisa Mayo, $60,000, 05/15/2014.

9159 Rhett Ln., to Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $57,800, 05/08/2014.

Hernando County real estate transactions

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