Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hernando County real estate transactions


2450 Batten Rd., to Andrew Mcclure & Rebeca Mcclure by Ruth K. Hemmingway & Richard E. Hemmingway, $850,000, 03/17/2017.

14812 Copeland Way, to Donald M. Kelley & Veronica Kelley by Prestige Homes Inc Of Delaware, $220,000, 03/27/2017.

30745 Water Lily Dr., to Kristine Bailey & Mariana Rotolo by Lgi Homes Florida LLC, $199,900, 03/15/2017.

10173 Wallien Dr., to Edward Kasprowicz & Patricia Cato by Bank Of America Na & Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc, $178,000, 03/02/2017.

4672 Lisette Cir., to Thomas S. Nastasiak by Brittany Pecsenka, $155,000, 03/31/2017.

663 White Flower Way, to Erc Rub & Christina D. Rub by Frank Ricker III. & Deanna M. Ricker, $145,000, 03/29/2017.

13205 Star Rd., to Michael Adam Garetano by Raymond L. Coller, $134,000, 03/16/2017.

27103 Wakefield Dr., to U S Bank Trust Na & Lsf9 Master Participation Trust by Matthew Pisarsky & Ann Richmond, $127,500, 03/10/2017.

14463 Brookridge Blvd., to Brian R. Senft & Vickie J. Senft by James R. Burtwistle & Carol A. Burtwistle, $108,000, 03/21/2017.

29340 Wilpayne Rd., to Deborah Ann Ruffner & Burl Victor Kuhns by Kenneth Connor & Carol Connor, $107,800, 03/30/2017.

12415 Old Crystal River Rd., to Samuel Ryan Pearson & Judy C. Pearson by Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2001 1 & Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2011 1 Mortgage Backed Securities 2011 1, $105,000, 03/20/2017.

20091 Suncrest Dr., to Ronald Edward Kelly III. & Nadine Marie Kelly by Peter M. Scrivener & Carolyn A. Tycer, $99,500, 03/31/2017.

14488 Dehaven Ave., to Paul D. Giles & Nancy A. Barnett by Sheryl L. Porder & Sheryl Porder, $85,000, 03/31/2017.

14308 Midfield St., to Francis M. Dames & Daniele Dames by Thomas James Potts & Potts Maureen Doogen, $78,000, 03/29/2017.

12305 Hallmark Ave., to Angela R. Colwell & Daniel M. Colwell by Murray F. Johnson Sr. & Sylvia J. Johnson, $70,000, 03/30/2017.

8258 Stockholm St., to Gary N. Wallace & Marlesia A. Wallace by Maria Grimaldi Gustin & Maria Grimalditrste Gustin, $68,000, 03/28/2017.

7280 Griffin Rd., to Timothy Barber by Frank Williams, $64,000, 03/31/2017.

14524 Brookridge Blvd., to Francis R. Swartz & Georgia L. Swartz by Owen J. Cusack Jr., $62,000, 03/15/2017.

12020 Kansas Rd., to Terry Turner by Richard W. Purchase & Carolyn R. Osborne, $56,000, 03/24/2017.


4956 Bluejay Ter., to Robin Smith by Anne Buckingham & Richard M Buckingham Revocable Trust, $78,000, 03/16/2017.


4066 Triggerfish Dr., to William J. Burrows & Dandra L. Burrows by Dennis R. Anderson & Vicki L. Anderson, $255,000, 03/20/2017.

4259 Columbus Dr., to Douglas P. Ortman & Janet E. Ortman by William James Guthrie & Marla Ruth Guthrie, $212,000, 04/03/2017.

4040 Centavo Ct., to 4040 Centavo LLC by Nalikos Investment Solutions LLC, $135,000, 03/31/2017.


1478 Brigadier Dr., to Christopher T. Johnson & Peggy R. Johnson by Cash M. Smith & Cathleen R. Smith, $252,500, 03/24/2017.

2267 Country Ridge Ln., to Robert Allan Freed & Yan Liu Freed by Kathy Anderson & Tracy Pluff, $249,000, 03/31/2017.

11050 Audie Brook Dr., to Thomas Collins & Catherine Evans by Robert D. Konczyk & Ricci S. Konczyk, $230,000, 03/24/2017.

13001 Jocelyn Way, to Gregory Smith & Amber Smith by Jeffrey D. Fishman, $220,000, 03/31/2017.

2324 Fairskies Dr., to Gregory J. Snyder & Jan L. Snyder by Joseph W. Coy & Lucille T. Coy, $213,000, 03/30/2017.

2535 Crystal Lake Dr., to Joseph F. Depace & Ellen A. Barker by Warren Stillwell & Linda Hirx Stillwell, $210,000, 03/08/2017.

309 Silas Ct., to James Randolph & Dale Randolph by Colin Chorlton & Janet Chorlton, $205,000, 03/30/2017.

7451 Breakers Ct., to Harold D. Hillock & Rosanne C. Hillock by Saul L. Leibner & Rosalind Leibner, $205,000, 03/22/2017.

5459 Panama Ave., to Robert E. Broach & Cynthia A. Broach by Christine M. Quigley, $189,000, 03/31/2017.

10276 Rosetti Ct., to Ross E. Bond & Cynthia S. Bond by David Riedel & Brian Riedel, $181,500, 03/30/2017.

4119 Castle Ave., to Myrna Smith & Vincent Smith by Breda M. Brocker, $179,900, 03/31/2017.

8034 Summerbreeze Ter., to Catherine E. Krueger by Kelly Callahan Succ Trustee & James G And Arlene M Ebbs Revocable Living Trust, $173,000, 03/17/2017.

14078 Twin Dolphin Dr., to Shinan LLC by Donald E. Pardo Sr. & Jacklyn S. Pardo, $170,000, 03/31/2017.

7256 Bottle Brush Dr., to Albert J. Beaudoin & Kathleen Beaudoin by Gerald J. Bransford Jr. & Deborah E. Bransford, $166,000, 03/23/2017.

11344 Leeds Dr., to James S. Doucette & Elaine R. Doucette by John David Hart & Gillian Ann Hart, $165,000, 03/31/2017.

12280 Coronado Dr., to Alyson Haddon by Joseph Ray Sandefur & Mona Rae Sandefur, $165,000, 03/22/2017.

8154 Spanish Oak Dr., to Connie Holland by Gary W. Bryant, $162,500, 04/03/2017.

7241 Aloe Dr., to Kevin L. Browne by Droptine Capital LLC, $160,000, 03/31/2017.

14155 Prospect St., to Dennis C. Royal & Ashlie M. Soucy by Damane B. Bilotta & Damane B. Massimino, $154,900, 03/28/2017.

10020 Vancouver Rd., to Robert Antonio Gomez & Jennifer Rojas Rodriguez by Rssa Properties LLC, $153,000, 03/31/2017.

1030 Indigo Run Ct., to Nancy Romayne Westerman Trustee & Nancy Romayne Westerman Trust by Herbert Cohen, $150,000, 04/03/2017.

13934 Linden Dr., to Edward P. Bromley & Belinda R. Bromley by Diane Hauler & Diane M. Hauler, $145,000, 03/24/2017.

5121 Teather St., to Margaret Baker by Teresa M. Wine, $143,000, 04/03/2017.

13400 Algoma Ave., to Edna Oliva by Kenneth Mileaf, $142,000, 03/18/2017.

5386 Elwood Rd., to Teresa Larson & Greg Larson by Arielle M. Johnson, $142,000, 03/24/2017.

9098 Blackstone St., to Kathy Marie Wilkerson by Chris Properties LLC, $142,000, 03/27/2017.

5377 Ayrshire Dr., to Billy K. Lummus III. by Sandra A. Tielli & Frank Tielli, $138,000, 03/20/2017.

204 Center Oak Cir., to Dwight D. Young by Carol A. Dunn & Carol A Dunn Revocable Living Trust, $137,000, 03/22/2017.

6396 Ocean Pines Ln., to Lamont P. Davis & Betty L. Davis by Jacqueline M. Petrucci, $130,000, 03/30/2017.

11772 Linden Dr., to Kevin Anderson by Eric Swensen & Debra Swensen, $127,000, 03/17/2017.

1474 Deltona Blvd., to Diona Ann Joseph & Richard F. Harmon by Saez Pascual, $127,000, 03/30/2017.

3249 Abeline Rd., to Meghan L. Babcock by William J. Mccord & Sherry L. Mccord, $125,000, 03/30/2017.

6040 Moongate Rd., to Elizabeth Anne Command & Carl Joseph Command by Peter Carlesimo, $125,000, 03/27/2017.

7372 Prince George Ct., to Ivanm Quinn & Rose M. Quinn by Timothy J. Goslin, $122,000, 03/22/2017.

6671 Water Oak Ct., to Robert D. Hanff & Helen L. Hanff by Agnes V. Mcsweeney & Agnes V. Mcsweeney Trustee, $120,000, 03/31/2017.

8366 Sunflower Dr., to David Desanti by Steven Vamos & Elizabeth Vamos, $120,000, 03/31/2017.

2455 Dustin Cir., to David L. Snuffer & Kay E. Snuffer by Rikky Lance Polizzi, $117,500, 03/24/2017.

1207 Melville Ave., to Richard Paquette & Pamela Paquette by Judith K. Kaltenbach & Aaron M. Kaltenbach, $117,000, 03/22/2017.

1149 Channing Ave., to Sandra J. Oxford by Elaine Lingerfelt & Holland Lingerfelt, $115,000, 03/20/2017.

11307 Dean St., to Alberto Velez & Velez Maria M. Duprey by Michael A. Kaczynski, $110,000, 03/24/2017.

6595 Andromeda Way, to Kathy B. Haas by Sheila A. Mamo Trustee & Sheila A. Mamo, $109,900, 03/03/2017.

9493 Bayside Ct., to Heather N. Paterson & Amy Paterson by Daryl Senica & Linnea Senica, $103,500, 03/28/2017.

7398 Flyway Dr., to Mona Amos Turner by Kimberly Lynn Ruoff, $101,500, 03/31/2017.

3353 Dorian Ave., to Uwe Stern & Evelyn Emily Stern by Ralph D. Haines & Janet Q. Haines, $100,000, 03/29/2017.

13391 Mauna Loa Ct., to Beatrice Deluca by Wells Fargo Bank Na, $95,000, 03/20/2017.

1192 Godfrey Ave., to Central Florida Legacy LLC by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, $91,300, 03/10/2017.

5215 Enfield Ave., to Mark J. Yunka & Laurie A. Yunka by Stephen B. Caudy, $90,000, 03/20/2017.

8160 Alhambra Ct., to Fred Snyder by John H. Lambert, $85,000, 03/28/2017.

8262 Norbert St., to Florida Eagle Investments LLC by Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2011 1 & Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2011 1 Mortgage Backed Securities 2011 1, $84,000, 03/23/2017.

6333 Hillview Rd., to Darrell Abner by U S Bank Trust & Lsf9 Master Participation Trust, $78,000, 03/27/2017.

2255 Canfield Dr., to Gulf Central Partners LLC by Property Investments In Florida LLC, $77,000, 03/24/2017.

13170 Thrush St., to Jose D. Desousa & Brenda L. Desousa by Brian Joseph Repic & Joann Catherine Bokanovic, $72,500, 03/30/2017.

6502 Treehaven Dr., to Zilzal Investments LLC by Simona Aretina Brinson, $63,000, 03/23/2017.

4507 Yorkshire Ave., to Cheryl Adams Trustee & Cheryl Adams Revocable Trust by Nathaniel Smeltz & Kailey Smeltz, $50,000, 03/29/2017.

7379 Apache Tr., to Florida Eagle Investments LLC by Curtis R. Stacy & Curtis R. Stacy Jr., $49,000, 03/28/2017.

7427 Tarrytown Dr., to Bertha H. Casco by Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York, $47,500, 03/28/2017.


12348 Mountain Dove Rd., to Dale E. Jones & Victoria L. Jones by Salvatore P. Zito & Joyce A. Zito, $410,000, 03/31/2017.

9373 Sugar Ct., to Mary L. Schuster by William J. Burrows & Dandra L. Burrows, $300,000, 03/20/2017.

8451 Delta Ct., to Jennifer Lynn Pippin by Jerry W. Joyner Trustee & Patricia S. Joyner Trustee, $216,500, 03/30/2017.

8749 Mississippi Run, to Robert Hayden & Kristina Hayden by Judith A. Jones & Judith A Jones Trust, $215,000, 03/28/2017.

11909 Osprey Ave., to Eric J. Smith & Amanda L. Smith by Paul H. Filieo & Cynthia E. Filieo, $198,500, 03/30/2017.

11181 Liberto Rd., to Mandy Jane Rowe by Paul H. Filieo & Cynthia E. Filieo, $162,500, 03/30/2017.

12054 Labrador Duck Rd., to Sandor Kallai & Aniko Kallai by Craig Greiner & Tina Baesman, $138,000, 03/30/2017.

Clearwater looks to move out of City Hall to speed up Imagine Clearwater waterfront redevelopment

Clearwater looks to move out of City Hall to speed up Imagine Clearwater waterfront redevelopment

CLEARWATER — Elected officials have talked about relocating City Hall from the downtown bluff for a good 30 years. Now there’s a jolt of urgency to actually do it.Voters backed a referendum in November that essentially greenlighted the $55 million re...
Updated: 1 hour ago
Shrinking supply of Tampa Bay condos and townhomes drives up prices

Shrinking supply of Tampa Bay condos and townhomes drives up prices

Sales of condos and townhomes in the Tampa Bay area jumped 9.5 percent in March, hitting a median of $156,000. The price gain was prompted in part by a supply shortage, with sales down 7.5 percent amid a dwindling inventory. Statewide, sales also lag...
Published: 04/25/18
Three artists picked to create art for St. Pete’s new pier

Three artists picked to create art for St. Pete’s new pier

ST. PETERSBURG — Pelicans will return to the pier in fanciful form.A California artist has been selected to create an enormous, red origami sculpture of a pelican that will serve as a metal perch for three more lifelike, but no less fanciful, imitati...
Updated: 8 hours ago
Career Q&A: Disillusioned with grind of telecommute

Career Q&A: Disillusioned with grind of telecommute

Q: I have become very disillusioned with my telecommuting job. I accepted this position about a year ago because I liked the idea of working from home. However, I now have so many assignments that I can barely keep up. I was recently given a huge pro...
Updated: 10 hours ago
Pinellas County commits $41.7 million to Blue Jays Stadium

Pinellas County commits $41.7 million to Blue Jays Stadium

DUNEDIN — The Pinellas County Commission pulled the final trigger Tuesday on dedicating $41.7 million in bed taxes for upgrades to the Toronto Blue Jays’ stadium and spring training facilities, a pledge that amounts to covering more than half of the ...
Updated: 12 hours ago
Florida’s small businesses need more skilled workers, survey says

Florida’s small businesses need more skilled workers, survey says

Florida small business owners say their top concern is a lack of skilled workers, according to a recent survey by the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Workforce quality has been a recurring issue for small businesses, according to previous surveys. In th...
Published: 04/24/18
Marriott CEO: Our three-hotel bet at Water Street Tampa reflects how Tampa is evolving

Marriott CEO: Our three-hotel bet at Water Street Tampa reflects how Tampa is evolving

TAMPA — The world’s biggest hotel company already has 29 properties in the Tampa Bay area, but its CEO says a plan to put more than 1,400 rooms in three Marriott-branded hotels within a few blocks of each other says something about how Tampa is evolv...
Published: 04/24/18
Study ranks Florida No. 8 for most aggressive drivers

Study ranks Florida No. 8 for most aggressive drivers

If you’ve ever complained about other motorists on the road, you may have been justified. The Sunshine State ranked No. 8 on GasBuddy.com’s list of states with the most aggressive drivers."Our findings indicate that states with densely populated citi...
Published: 04/24/18
First curbside delivery, now Amazon leaves packages with no one in the car

First curbside delivery, now Amazon leaves packages with no one in the car

Amazon is taking the growing curb-side delivery trend a step further — now shoppers don’t even have to be inside their cars to get their items.The online retailer announced Tuesday it has begun delivering packages to newer cars with OnStar service in...
Published: 04/24/18
Ex-Yahoo paying $35M to settle SEC charges over 2014 hack

Ex-Yahoo paying $35M to settle SEC charges over 2014 hack

WASHINGTON — The company formerly known as Yahoo is paying a $35 million fine to resolve federal regulators’ charges that the online pioneer deceived investors by failing to disclose one of the biggest data breaches in internet history. The Securiti...
Published: 04/24/18