Monday, April 23, 2018

Hernando real estate listings for Nov. 6


5111 Delacroix Dr., to Michael W. Orourke & Robin G. Orourke by David Mentink & Stephanie Mentink, $289,900, 09/18/2013.

4314 Gevalia Dr., to Kevin B. Daugherty & Jamie D. Daugherty by Everett Bray & Rosa L. Bray, $227,000, 09/10/2013.

9223 Basil St., to Kondaur Capital Corporation & Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2012 3 by Rome Trust Holdings LLC & Rome Trust Holdings LLC, $165,600, 09/10/2013.

560 Hancock Lake Rd., to Kent W. Gee & Cassandra L. Gee by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Residential Asset Securitization Trust 2005 A15 Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2005 O, $149,000, 08/29/2013.

24104 Peppermill Dr., to Jennifer A. Lawson by Martha A. Miller Trustee & M A Miller Living Trust, $145,000, 09/23/2013.

15263 Merle Ct., to Amada Acosta by Erin Allen Succ Trustee & Grace P Lindsey Revocable Trust, $140,000, 08/28/2013.

8119 Stockholm St., to Donald Shaw & Diana Shaw by Amy Gorman & Sarah J. Hutchinson Lindsay, $125,000, 09/16/2013.

7345 Oakado St., to Brian N. Brooks & Elizabeth Letts by 14k Enterprises Inc, $73,500, 09/20/2013.

7209 Ursula Ave., to Quick Cash Closing LLC by Florida Bank, $65,000, 08/28/2013.

8024 Moriah Ave., to James F. Rodier & Susan L. Rodier by John Fermane, $49,000, 09/12/2013.


3495 Triggerfish Dr., to Fred M. Kirchhoff & Wanda Kirchhoff by Sally A. Lee, $205,000, 08/30/2013.


29140 Lake Lindsey Rd., to Craig Higgins by Rex G. Mckeen & Kathy L. Mckeen, $110,000, 09/23/2013.


3502 Conifer Loop, to Peter Maggiore & Maria Maggiore by Michael J. Pannone & Roberta Pannone, $240,000, 09/19/2013.

10281 Locker Dr., to Michael K. Schreck & Diana Schreck by Michael A. Zampella & Laura A. Zampella, $217,000, 09/18/2013.

5134 Golf Club Ln., to Norman T. Raynal by Nicholas J. Walsh & June R. Walsh, $192,400, 09/11/2013.

13530 Coronado Dr., to Deborah S. Harrison & Lowell T. Harrison by Michael Pace Sr. & Janet Pace, $185,000, 09/13/2013.

5483 Legend Hills Ln., to Kevin J. Casey & Margaret C. Casey by Richard C. Conger & Grace L. Conger, $177,500, 09/17/2013.

2087 Breezy Way, to Ronald H. Daugherty & Linda H. Daugherty by Gary R. Bright & Barbara A. Bright, $172,500, 09/12/2013.

1229 Muscovy Dr., to Lawrence J. Niesen & Megan A. Burrell by Theresa V. Holland & Joseph Holland, $167,500, 09/04/2013.

5139 Secretariat Run, to William J. Cheevers & Rosewyn P. Cheevers by William J. Brush & Jocelyn Brush, $153,000, 09/12/2013.

315 Quane Ave., to Thomas Hudson & Diane Lee Hudson by James L. Davis & James Leslie Davis, $152,000, 09/24/2013.

5177 Florentine Ct., to Edward B. Janssen & Mary L. Janssen by Dorothy T. Naruszewicz & Casimir A. Naruszewicz, $140,000, 09/16/2013.

11388 Mcnally Dr., to Robert E. Wilson & Elaine A. Wilson by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $139,000, 09/16/2013.

437 Bloomfield Dr., to Gregory Perkins & Cynthia A. Perkins by Curits E. Kittelson & Luann Kittelson, $135,000, 09/16/2013.

11366 Riddle Dr., to Lisa M. Reynolds by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $133,000, 09/11/2013.

3000 Stanton Ave., to Paul E. Horn Jr. & Martha S. Murray Horn by Catherine Kelly & Catherine Kelly Trustee, $132,500, 09/09/2013.

3351 Blythe Ave., to Wayne Rabideau & Joann Rabideau by Mk Affordable Properties LLC, $129,900, 09/23/2013.

14658 Coronado Dr., to Edith Benuck & Robert Benuck by Anna M. Welshoff Trustee & Anna M. Welshoff, $128,000, 09/16/2013.

6293 Grapewood Rd., to Richard E. Lester by William S. Doerr & Dawn P. Savona Doerr, $128,000, 09/12/2013.

7718 Holiday Dr., to Ronald Lee Weston Jr. & Jessie E. Dunn by George Ann E. St & Ann Elizabeth St George Marano, $128,000, 09/11/2013.

8080 Spanish Oak Dr., to Arthur Farjeat & Leanne Farjeat by William Dent & William Dent Trustee, $118,900, 09/12/2013.

14167 Cornewall Ln., to Amanda J. Rizzo by Eleanor Contratto & Robert J. Contratto, $118,000, 09/20/2013.

4528 Secretariat Run, to Ronald M. Perella & Carol S. Perella by Bothwell Holdings Inc, $115,000, 09/23/2013.

159 Hague Ct., to Larry Somerville & Betty Somerville by Gertrude Sharvin & Walter E. Sharvin, $106,400, 09/04/2013.

6837 Royal Ridge Ct., to Charles Sabin Schunk & Jeannette A. Schunk by Stephen J. Garrison & Debraann Garrison, $105,000, 09/13/2013.

2180 Springmeadow Dr., to Glenn Lynds & Jacqueline Lynds by Brenda H. Fivecoat Succ Trustee & Brenda H. Wolfert Succ Trustee, $102,000, 09/05/2013.

10116 Cherryhill Pl., to Karen Payne by National Mortgage Association Federal & Law Firm Plc Vanness Atty In Fact, $100,000, 09/13/2013.

2425 Sonnet Ave., to Pensco Trust Company & Lincoln Trust Company by Pierre Nevard Joseph & Kimberly Ann Joseph, $100,000, 09/13/2013.

1355 Altoona Ave., to Silvana Ayers by Salvatore Pellerito & Shirley Pellerito, $95,000, 09/11/2013.

3089 Gloria Ave., to Christie D. Miller by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Shuler Solomon Spector Foyle &. Singer Pa Kass, $94,000, 09/23/2013.

6310 Lorraine Ln., to Gloria M. Zengel & John A. Zengel by Quinn Family Trust 6310 Lorraine Ln & Liberty Trust Holdings LLC, $90,000, 09/17/2013.

7419 Woodhollow Rd., to Wolf D. Timm & Irmgard Timm by Dorothy D. Blanchard & Dorothy D. Blanchard Trustee, $86,000, 09/11/2013.

9075 Gibralter St., to Michael Kilduff & Carol Kilduff by Richard A. Straukas, $84,000, 09/05/2013.

2482 Hidden Trail Dr., to Joseph P. Nagy & Sandra Nagy by DorisMoran & Maxine M. Wells, $81,500, 09/14/2013.

12124 Laramore St., to Robert P. Leopold & Robbin A. Leopold by Denise MaeGamary & Denise MayGamary, $80,000, 09/12/2013.

2401 Bent Pine Ct., to Stephen J. Garrison & Debraann Garrison by Theresa Guarino, $80,000, 09/11/2013.

2666 Royal Ridge Dr., to Martin P. Masone & Julia Masone by Donald R. Lemay & Donald Lemay, $77,000, 09/16/2013.

3149 Cloister Ct., to Louis J. Picciuto & Sherry L. Fitzpatrick by Robert C. Tremor & Richard J. Tremor, $76,900, 09/06/2013.

3214 Ambassador Ave., to Mark Piribauer by Lunohah Investments LLC & Lunohah Investments LLC, $75,700, 09/19/2013.

2448 Anchor Ave., to Felipe Vazquez Rivera & Ramonita Diaz Medina by Lloyd Busscher & Marilyn Busscher, $75,000, 09/20/2013.

6628 Williamsburg Ct., to Robert Janicke Sr. & Bernadette Janicke by Karen R. Origlio, $73,000, 09/20/2013.

14181 Cornewall Ln., to Bothwell Holdings Inc by Terry Undestad, $72,000, 09/12/2013.

10133 Heathcliff St., to Florida Eagle Investments LLC by U S Bank Na & Bank Of America Na, $71,500, 09/11/2013.

9620 Eldridge Rd., to Rebecca Trumpka by Steven Champion, $69,900, 09/19/2013.

8493 Belmont Rd., to Richard E. Tubbs & Cheryl A. Tubbs by Ellen Geneva Hargis & Ellen Geneva Hargis Trustee, $67,000, 09/11/2013.

2421 Ainsworth Ave., to Paul A. Zambrano by Jpmorgan Chase Bank Na, $61,000, 09/10/2013.

11452 Cavern Rd., to Florida Eagle Investments LLC by Beverly E. Morris & William A. Morris, $60,000, 09/17/2013.

5407 Ashland Dr., to Kenneth L. Roberts by Gloria D. Ralston, $58,000, 09/16/2013.

8007 Philatelic Dr., to Ganderton Inc by Jerome G. Signorelli & Mary Jo Fay, $56,000, 09/12/2013.

1296 Bentley Ave., to Stress Free Property Management Inc by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Bankers Trust Company Of California Na, $52,300, 09/16/2013.

7367 Price St., to Carole Lee Haynes Trustee & Barbara Michelle Schwartz Trustee by Ruby G. Jones & Roger H. Jones, $52,000, 09/12/2013.

11081 Keene St., to Robert C. Phillip by Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $50,000, 09/05/2013.

11342 Redgate St., to Sonia L. Stokes & Michael S. Stokes by Bart C. Albero & Constance M. Albero, $50,000, 09/10/2013.

1399 Leeward Ave., to Russell Desalvo by Michelle Byrnes, $46,000, 09/13/2013.


7299 Tropical Dr., to Pletcher Ray L & Pletcher Sheila D by Rosa Merle Smith Rossi & Randall P. Rossi, $234,500, 09/16/2013.

7400 Delaware Dr., to Christopher Hammond & Janet A. Hammond by Harold Russell Sr., $230,000, 09/12/2013.

4427 Rachel Blvd., to Mark David Wilkins & Andrew James Ricketts by Dennis Meckulch & Sharyn Meckulch, $220,000, 09/13/2013.

10084 Duffy Cir., to Deborah Piazza by Lydia Lebron, $178,000, 09/09/2013.

9223 Bonnie Cove Dr., to Cynthia Virden by Michael Richman & Lois Richman, $120,000, 09/09/2013.

10403 Marsh Owl Ave., to Victor Dairo & Penny Dairo by Christopher J. Fiore, $117,300, 09/13/2013.

9463 Mississippi Run, to Mollie Cutler by Charles A. Seibel, $115,000, 09/10/2013.

9152 Niagara Rd., to Jeffery T. Drexler & Debra L. Drexler by Holdings Patriarchal Trustee & Niagara Road Trust 9152, $105,000, 09/12/2013.

18010 Nuthatch Rd., to Louis Smith & Lois Smith by Terry Ovsianik & James Ovsianik, $100,000, 09/19/2013.

12501 Maycrest Ave., to Jonathan Tellini & Amanda Tellini by Kristal L. Knox & Kristal L. Reithoffer, $87,600, 09/13/2013.

9211 Lingrove Rd., to James S. Polhemus & Gloria L. Polhemus by Dennis G. Farquhar & Maureen E. Farquhar, $76,000, 09/16/2013.

16021 Scaup Duck Ave., to Matthew Plumadore by Steven Casey Parry & Steve Casey Parry, $75,000, 09/10/2013.

7289 Pindo Palm Ct., to George R. Hudson & Beverly J. Zufelt by Manuel C. Espinosa & Graciela E. Espinosa, $75,000, 09/16/2013.

12174 Redrose Ave., to Debra A. Hansen by Arthur L. Jenkins & Susan A. Jenkins, $50,000, 09/13/2013.

Swimmer Michael Phelps to headline Crystal Lagoon grand opening Saturday

Swimmer Michael Phelps to headline Crystal Lagoon grand opening Saturday

WESLEY CHAPEL ó Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps will splash down Saturday at the Crystal Lagoon in Wesley Chapelís Epperson development.Phelps, a global ambassador for Crystal Lagoons, will appear at the grand opening of the first Crystal Lagoon...
Updated: 26 minutes ago
Big visitor calls at Port Tampa Bay

Big visitor calls at Port Tampa Bay

TAMPA ó The 750-foot-long Ireland, one of the biggest cargo vessels ever to call at Port Tampa Bay, arrived Sunday.The Ireland is on its inaugural voyage, having left a shipyard in China for a stop in Mexicoís Yucatan peninsula to pick up 64,865 shor...
Updated: 29 minutes ago
Tampa Bay gas prices rocket 17 cents over a week

Tampa Bay gas prices rocket 17 cents over a week

Floridians are paying plenty at the pump for a combination of spring gas prices and high oil prices this week. Gas jumped 11 cents per gallon over the week in Florida, averaging $2.74 per gallon Monday, according to AAA, The Auto Club Group. Thatís t...
Updated: 1 hour ago
Apartments planned for shuttered stores at Pascoís Gulf View Square mall

Apartments planned for shuttered stores at Pascoís Gulf View Square mall

PORT RICHEY ó The new owner of two shuttered department stores at Gulf View Square mall wants to demolish the former retail outlets and replace them with nearly 400 apartments.The complex, called Gables at Gulf View, would be on the west side of the ...
Updated: 1 hour ago
Harley-Davidson is offering a dream internship to eight college students

Harley-Davidson is offering a dream internship to eight college students

Picture it: Hitting the open road on your hog, speaking with interesting people, witnessing beautiful places and sharing the whole thing on Instagram while getting college credit.Harley-Davidson has announced its seeking eight interns for a 12-week p...
Updated: 3 hours ago

Pasco Business Digest for April 27

Business DigestEventsCHAMBER RIBBON-CUTTING: The Greater Zephyrhills Chamber of Commerce will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Culverís of Zephyrhills, 6386 Gall Blvd., Zephyrhills at 10 a.m. April 30. For information, call (813) 389-8621.COMMON GR...
Published: 04/23/18
Some people are paying for cuddles. And itís not what you might think.

Some people are paying for cuddles. And itís not what you might think.

When Samantha Hessís marriage ended five years ago, she felt she was lacking a basic human need: Physical touch. As a woman in her late 20s living in Portland, Oregon, she found plenty of men interested in dating, but sexual contact was not what she ...
Published: 04/21/18
Another surge in Tampa Bay home prices as sales sag

Another surge in Tampa Bay home prices as sales sag

Homes sales tumbled in Tampa Bay in March, once again pushing up prices. Hillsborough saw the biggest decline as year-over-year sales of single family homes plunged nearly 9 percent. But prices continued to climb, with Pasco leading with a 9.5 perc...
Updated: 1 hour ago
Judge: Foreclosure defense lawyer Mark Stopa violated numerous rules of conduct

Judge: Foreclosure defense lawyer Mark Stopa violated numerous rules of conduct

Tampa Bay foreclosure defense lawyer Mark Stopa has violated numerous rules of professional conduct and caused two clients to nearly lose their homes because he failed to tell them about settlement offers from their banks. Those were among the prelim...
Published: 04/20/18
Updated: 04/21/18
Goodwill to open second store in greater Brandon

Goodwill to open second store in greater Brandon

Times staffThe greater Brandon area will celebrate the grand opening of its second Goodwill store beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday (April 28) at 1407 U.S. 301. The new store will add another 12,000 square feet to the complex, which includes a 200,000-...
Published: 04/20/18
Updated: 04/21/18