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Hernando real estate listings for Oct. 16


24130 Winding Creek Dr., to Paul Curry & Joan Curry by Thomas E. Shell & Sharon Shell, $390,000, 08/30/2013.

5070 Emerson Rd., to Hope M. Scollan by Thomas A. Nott & Janice G. Nott, $280,000, 08/16/2013.

4059 Gevalia Dr., to Clifford K. Mullins & Myrtle M. Mullins by John G. Rebbert Jr. & Patricia A. Rebbert, $259,900, 08/23/2013.

4330 Caliquen Dr., to Richard Massicotte & Nancy Massicotte by David A. Milliman & Brenda L. Milliman, $224,500, 08/29/2013.

1080 Katie Wood Tr., to David G. Griffith & Jennifer Griffith by Michael J. Sklenar & Caroline T. Sklenar, $197,100, 08/29/2013.

11004 Golden Warbler Rd., to Randell A. Hedge by Anolan Navas & Miriam Bello, $134,500, 08/30/2013.

10049 Weeks Dr., to Marilyn Bologna Mitchell & Michael Sam Mitchell by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & Ltd Pemco, $121,500, 08/20/2013.

15086 Bailey Hill Rd., to Joshua Wieder & Ashley Wieder by Maryanne Macnair, $78,000, 08/28/2013.

7018 Hilton Dr., to Deborah Shanks by Doris R. Garman & James E. Garman, $45,000, 08/29/2013.

6445 Raley Rd., to Frederick G. Foote by Sue Ellen Dalby, $40,000, 08/30/2013.


3394 Eagle Nest Dr., to Andrew K. Tuttle & Heather S. Tuttle by John W. Springstead Trustee & Chan W Springstead Revocable Trust, $280,000, 08/30/2013.

4452 Bahama Dr., to Donald L. Millard by Emery Foote & Norma Foote, $260,000, 08/30/2013.

4357 Biscayne Dr., to Bartholomew J. Horrigan & Mary Ellement Horrigan by Ronald E. Grambo & Shelley N. Grambo, $235,000, 08/30/2013.

4410 Biscayne Dr., to Joseph A. Americo by Leon C. Eisenhower & Margo E. Eisenhower, $195,000, 08/30/2013.


95 Rabbit Holw, to Scott J. Gray & Amanda Gray by Ronald C. Trout & Heike H. Trout, $205,000, 08/29/2013.


4367 Millwood Rd., to Millwood Capital LLC by Branch Banking And Trust Company, $750,000, 08/29/2013.

5101 Championship Cup Ln., to William Keith Mullen Sr. by Scott D. Bienstock & Janine Bienstock, $300,000, 08/26/2013.

425 Rio Vista Ct., to Richard R. Riley & Martha A. Riley by James Okeefe & John Okeefe, $250,000, 08/27/2013.

1037 Rudolph Ct., to Michael W. Hlista by Helmut W. Quitschau & Helmut W. Quitschau Trustee, $215,000, 08/30/2013.

563 Cressida Cir., to Lori Ann Russo Graves by Margaret E. Mcpherson & Rudolph G. Mcpherson, $195,000, 08/30/2013.

3283 Guava Ln., to Cindy Michelle Bundrick by Randall S. Bluhm, $163,000, 08/30/2013.

11379 Stacy St., to Bonita J. Tyree by Randy J. Kasberg & Jina M. Kasberg, $150,100, 08/30/2013.

14209 San Antonio Rd., to Samir Shakfeh by Jacq S. Staubs, $145,000, 08/20/2013.

315 Maywood Ave., to Beverly J. Gomez by Richard B. Hoyt & Kelly S. Hoyt, $145,000, 08/30/2013.

5492 Legend Hills Ln., to Dennis L. Huffman & Gloria W. Huffman by Roberta A. Hilliard & Richard J. Lichamer, $145,000, 08/23/2013.

2450 Sunrise Ct., to Timothy M. Goodman Jr. by Beresford Spence & Alice Spence, $140,000, 08/21/2013.

4327 Canongate Ct., to Sean M. Borgo & Anne Borgo by Thomas S. King & Diana L. King, $135,000, 08/28/2013.

9191 Lavina Ln., to David E. Tucker by Franco V. Mezzacapo & Frank Mezzacapo, $132,500, 08/26/2013.

10458 Bedford Rd., to Pakaporn Sanders & James W. Sanders by Mildred Trozzo & Mildred Y. Trozzo, $130,000, 08/22/2013.

11880 Valley Falls Loop, to David Little & Victoria W. Little by Deborah G. Whitehouse & Deborah G. Whitehouse Trustee, $130,000, 09/03/2013.

9723 Langan St., to Charles S. Budd & Tanya L. Budd by Ronnie Allen Shew & Ronnie Alan Shew, $128,000, 08/23/2013.

2686 Royal Ridge Dr., to Patrick J. Luzzi & Carol A. Luzzi by George Ramos & Gloria Ramos, $118,000, 08/26/2013.

284 Royal Palm Way, to Robert G. Fortin Trustee & Joelyn L. Fortin Trustee by Lois A. Sleep & Ralph E. Sleep, $113,500, 08/23/2013.

13187 Linden Dr., to Marie D. Dardignac & Jean F. Dardignac by Erica A. Papp Potomic & Erica Papp Potomic, $108,000, 08/14/2013.

14545 Silversmith Cir., to Michael Gordon by Joseph Acone & Antoinette Acone, $108,000, 08/30/2013.

14457 Sterling Run, to James F. Cummings & Phyllis J. Day Corson by William G. Leach & Judith R. Leach, $105,000, 08/30/2013.

5341 Joyner Ave., to Gaspar Jesus Cedeno Laboy by Corrie Clarke & Keith Carlton Clarke, $105,000, 08/27/2013.

3345 Abeline Rd., to Robert Mckenzie by U S Bank Na & Homebanc Mortgage Trust 2005 4 Mortgage Backed Notes Series 2005 4, $103,400, 08/02/2013.

8393 Camphor Dr., to Wesley D. Stephens & Frances R. Stephens by Domenica Merlino & Louis C. Merlino, $102,000, 08/23/2013.

2354 Westchester Blvd., to Donald S. Constable Jr. & Nina M. Constable by William E. Replogle & Queen L. Replogle, $97,500, 08/26/2013.

3261 Lambert Ave., to Chad Wright & Stacie Wright by Gulf Coast Management Fund Inc, $97,000, 08/23/2013.

4501 Maya Ct., to Robert E. Jackson by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $96,500, 08/21/2013.

5064 Odin St., to Roberto J. Vicente Colon by National Mortgage Association Federal & Title Company Stewart Atty In Fact, $95,000, 08/29/2013.

14017 Tudor St., to Orforiland Premium LLC by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $94,000, 08/27/2013.

1394 Alameda Dr., to Charles W. Harrington & Diane M. Harrington by Joseph Krivacek Jr. & Deborah A. Krivacek, $90,000, 08/29/2013.

4367 Berkeley Heights Ave., to Roy Cracknell & Christine Cracknell by Bank Of New York Mellon Trust Company Na & Bank Of New York Trust Company Na, $85,000, 08/19/2013.

4337 Union Springs Rd., to Myrtle Hall & Susan K. Gilio by John H. Campbell & Edward J. Campbell, $82,000, 08/19/2013.

9113 Dupont Ave., to William C. Petteruto by Action Jackson Buys Houses Inc, $79,900, 08/26/2013.

11202 Lindsay Rd., to Rune Ingebretsen by Nelson Cuevas & Naomi Lorraine Cuevas, $77,000, 09/03/2013.

1367 Leeward Ave., to Jonan Morales & Demaline Serrano by Elefteria Amico, $70,500, 08/30/2013.

126 Candlewick Ave., to Thomas J. Penkava by National Mortgage Association Federal & Law Firm Plc Vanness Atty In Fact, $70,200, 08/27/2013.

2261 Bolger Ave., to Thomas Alan Mcmillan by Schools Federal Credit Union Suncoast, $70,000, 08/28/2013.

1449 Fergason Ave., to Deborah J. Viveiros by Lisa Harris & Ron Valure, $65,000, 08/30/2013.

6112 Layton Ave., to Suzhen Lin by John J. Morrison & John J. Morrison Succ Trustee, $65,000, 08/30/2013.

10348 Claymore St., to Christian James Gordon & April Joy Yates by Douglas M. Fowler & Helene L. Fowler, $64,000, 08/23/2013.

173 Portland Ave., to 173 Portland Ave Land Trust & Sunshine State Deals Inc by Wolf D. Timm & Irmgard Timm, $57,500, 08/30/2013.

7255 Prince George Ct., to William E. Replogle & Daniel T. Replogle by John Mamo & Joseph R. Giordano, $57,000, 08/28/2013.

6115 Kimball Ct., to Jean Defalco & Alberta Defalco by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & J P Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust 2007 Ch1 Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates, $55,000, 08/15/2013.

5045 Elwood Rd., to Island Motocross Of New York Inc by Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York, $46,900, 08/12/2013.

3017 Lema Dr., to Jeremiahs International Trading Company Inc by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Natixis Real Estate Capital Trust 2007 He2 Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2007 He2, $43,300, 08/21/2013.

11256 Blythville Rd., to Bruce Hartman by Dennis P. Callaghan & Elizabeth A. Furlong, $40,000, 08/28/2013.

8254 Norbert St., to Miguel Reyes & Evelyn Reyes by Michael Anthony Copertino & Rosanne Piecuch, $40,000, 08/30/2013.


9335 Southern Belle Dr., to John A. Sabatini & Margaret M. Sabatini by Caroline E. Oconnor, $165,000, 08/02/2013.

8004 Jasbow Jct, to James W. Lupichuk & Rhonda M. Cassidy by Henry Martinez & Haydee Martinez, $153,000, 08/21/2013.

9406 Southern Belle Dr., to William David Robinson & Faye Elizabeth Robinson by Kevin Goff & Natalie Goff, $136,000, 08/26/2013.

17338 Mediterranean Cir., to Stanley D. Roberts by N. P. Dodge Jr. Trustee & National Equity Inc, $130,000, 08/23/2013.

5097 Oyster Ct., to Gary G. Rustad by Audrey M. Swenson & Robert Swenson, $120,000, 09/09/2013.

4431 Gaston St., to Frank J. Dare & Regina M. Dare by Angela Fumando, $111,000, 08/28/2013.

6326 Sebring St., to Kevin Thomas & Michele Thomas by Joan E. Johnson & Edward C. Johnson Sr., $90,000, 08/13/2013.

9359 Ashley Dr., to Beatriz Falcao & Jose M. Falcao by James M. Jefferson & Linda L. Jefferson, $85,000, 08/30/2013.

8471 Heather Blvd., to Robert A. Lee by Jeremy Wayne Illes & Joyce A. Lambert Atty In Fact, $80,000, 08/30/2013.

10404 Noddy Tern Rd., to Pamela J. Mervine by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Gsaa Home Equity Trust Asset Backed Certificates Series 2005 10, $59,400, 08/16/2013.

Activists call for tech companies to drop NRA’s digital TV channel

Activists call for tech companies to drop NRA’s digital TV channel

Activists are calling for Apple, Amazon, Google and other streaming companies to drop the National Rifle Association’s digital TV channel in the wake of the mass shooting at a Florida school last week, putting the companies in the delicate position o...
Updated: 7 hours ago
Edward Peachey demands severance from CareerSource before stepping down

Edward Peachey demands severance from CareerSource before stepping down

The head of the Pinellas and Hillsborough career centers under multiple investigations into the way they report job placement figures says he has no intention of stepping down.That’s unless he is paid five months severance.In a letter from his attorn...
Published: 02/23/18
Terminally ill Valrico man dies a month after marrying junior high sweetheart

Terminally ill Valrico man dies a month after marrying junior high sweetheart

VALRICO — During his final few days, 19-year-old Dustin Snyder moved to a hospice house, surrounded himself with belongings from home, swam in a pool and visited the beach in Ruskin.Wherever he went, the terminally ill Valrico man had family beside h...
Published: 02/23/18
Tampa Downtown Partnership gets initial city okay to expand north

Tampa Downtown Partnership gets initial city okay to expand north

TAMPA — The Downtowner may be heading to Tampa Heights — but not until Oct. 1.That’s because the nonprofit Tampa Downtown Partnership this week won initial City Council approval to expand into Tampa Heights."Tampa Heights is becoming an important gat...
Published: 02/23/18

Tampa lawyer gets 27 months in federal prison for insider trading

Tampa lawyer Walter "Chet’’ Little was sentenced this week to 27 months in federal prison for engaging in an insider trading scheme that reaped him and a friend profits totaling nearly $1 million.According to federal authorities, Little accessed comp...
Published: 02/23/18
More companies are cutting ties with gun lobby as #BoycottNRA movement gains steam

More companies are cutting ties with gun lobby as #BoycottNRA movement gains steam

Three major companies — Enterprise Holdings, First National Bank of Omaha, and the cybersecurity giant Symantec — have ended co-branding partnerships with the National Rifle Association as a #BoycottNRA social media movement picks up steam.Enterprise...
Published: 02/23/18
Citi to refund $330 Million to credit card customers it overcharged

Citi to refund $330 Million to credit card customers it overcharged

Citigroup is preparing to issue $330 million in refunds after the bank discovered it had overcharged nearly 2 million credit card customers on their annual interest rates, a spokeswoman said Friday.The bank, which has about 150 million credit card ac...
Published: 02/23/18
Girl Scouts camp sold to member of Tampa’s Lykes family

Girl Scouts camp sold to member of Tampa’s Lykes family

ODESSA — The 63-year-old lakeside summer camp had no air conditioning or electricity. Cabin floors were often covered in grime, and cobwebs clung to the windows.But under new ownership, the 18.6 acres of Florida woods known as Camp Scoutcrest to memb...
Published: 02/23/18
BB&T cites ‘technical issue’ in outage affecting customers

BB&T cites ‘technical issue’ in outage affecting customers

Millions of BB&T customers were unable to access their accounts after a service outage which the bank blames on an equipment malfunction. The Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based bank posted a statement on its Twitter page saying the problem persiste...
Published: 02/23/18
Realtors are ‘every 10 feet’ in Florida but more want in the business

Realtors are ‘every 10 feet’ in Florida but more want in the business

ST. PETERSBURG — Tired of working as a yacht captain, Pancho Jiminez decided to get into real estate even though he knows it’s a highly competitive field in Florida."Realtors are every 10 feet around here," he says.Nonetheless, Jiminez is among 30 st...
Published: 02/23/18