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Real estate transactions

Hernando real estate transactions for April 2


25278 Olympia Rd., to Nolly Felts & Erin Felts by Richard Hudson & Shannon Hudson, $360,000, 02/18/2014.

26365 Spike Rd., to David W. Morris & Tracy Lynnette Morris by Bob Fornabio & Robert Fornabio, $280,000, 02/14/2014.

9094 Langworthy Dr., to Carl L. Norton Jr. & Alicia M. Norton by John G. Sellers & Roseann A. Sellers, $249,500, 02/14/2014.

202 E Liberty St., to Derr Shanta Coleman & Shanta Coleman Derr by Jerry R. Dye & Marilyn J. Dye, $194,000, 02/25/2014.

1418 Mondon Hill Rd., to Hector Santana Lopez & Cindy Montano by Sonya V. Kennedy, $165,000, 02/21/2014.

4096 Gevalia Dr., to Western Financial LLC & Tam 4096 Gevalia Trust by Roger D. Cripe & Joan P. Cripe, $140,000, 02/19/2014.

1146 Hill Flower Dr., to Adena Govindan & Sita Govindan by John Holahan & John Holahan Trustee, $112,000, 02/28/2014.

514 Jeff A Lee St., to Corey L. Juanis & Maria Juanis by Paul A. Zambrano, $102,000, 02/21/2014.

15309 Durango Cir., to Michael Edward Laird by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Hallinan Plc Phelan Atty In Fact, $100,000, 02/14/2014.

590 Sea Holly Dr., to Carmelo Velez by Jeremy C. Dunn & Terri Jo Dunn, $96,500, 02/11/2014.

31112 Park Ridge Dr., to Brian C. Josey by Wells Fargo Bank Na, $90,000, 02/13/2014.

9065 Dickens Ave., to Franklin B. Young & Sandra C. Young by Rose T. Giovinco, $88,000, 02/24/2014.

1008 S Mildred Ave., to Todd Pickett by Susan Mattison & Leonard Mattison, $71,300, 02/07/2014.

803 Laurelridge Ct., to B M Bullwinkel LLC by John Davis & April Davis, $70,000, 02/08/2014.

12199 Greenwood St., to Carolyn S. Badger by Kathleen Deneweth & Noel Pioszak, $68,500, 02/14/2014.

12323 Hallmark Ave., to Ronald L. Steffey & Sandra J. Steffey by William E. Harding & Elizabeth V. Harding, $61,500, 02/14/2014.

915 Candlebrook Ln., to Trina Nguyen by Wayne R. Baldwin & Susan C. Baldwin, $60,000, 02/27/2014.

12341 Hallmark Ave., to Roger Ouellette & Kathleen Ouellette by Margaret L. Burt, $55,000, 02/13/2014.

14721 Brookridge Blvd., to Ronald L. Barlow & Margaret L. Barlow by Marc A. Poulin & Lucie Pristow, $54,000, 02/28/2014.

6461 Robinswood Ave., to Michael D. Beckwith & Renee L. Beckwith by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & R. Wolfe &. Associates Pl Ronald Atty In Fact, $50,000, 02/12/2014.

214 Peak Dr., to Phyllis Juanita Stapleton Trustee & Phyllis Stapleton Revocable Trust by Edward T. Downing & Edward T. Downing Trustee, $48,500, 03/05/2014.

16080 Pensacola St., to Cortez Investments Group Inc by Michael Joihnson & Cristina Johnson, $46,000, 02/20/2014.

16153 Tampa St., to Nicholas David Hellman by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & Lp Hometelos, $45,000, 02/26/2014.


3272 Gulfview Dr., to Terry D. Wright & Leanne K. Wright by Clint Burgess & Lisa Burgess, $340,000, 02/24/2014.

3226 Nassau Dr., to Robert R. Corrado by Benito P. Vivar & Asuncion V. Vivar, $230,000, 02/26/2014.

3557 Flamingo Blvd., to Wayne T. Vance & Darla Vance by Melvin D. Benschoter & Joyce E. Benschoter, $130,000, 02/26/2014.


1103 Springfield Dr., to Jon W. Eshleman Trustee & Jon W Eshleman Trust by Eugene Vairo & Ann Vairo, $269,000, 02/19/2014.

170 Dahoon Ct., to Ronald J. Harbour & Kathleen A. Harbour by Barbara J. Grimes & George F. Grimes, $261,000, 02/28/2014.

8443 Dora St., to Jack Monnier & Barbara Monnier by Ramon M. Pinon & Catalina F. Pinon, $215,000, 02/28/2014.

12289 Glen Haven St., to Larry K. Miller & Lynda K. Miller by Harry Kenneth Staub & Harry K. Staub, $212,500, 02/14/2014.

11747 Fairfield Ct., to Vincent R. Kovic & Elizabeth A. Kovic by Geraldine M. Ford & John J. Ford, $205,000, 02/27/2014.

2244 Country Ridge Ln., to James W. Bassett & Linda J. Bassett by Francis A. Tarantino & Camille V. Cato, $194,900, 02/24/2014.

4334 Dottie Ct., to Paul Rene Debusschere & Kim Leslie Debusschere by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Hallinan Plc Phelan Atty In Fact, $180,300, 02/17/2014.

13357 Weatherstone Dr., to Robert Alan Yencsik Ii. & Courtney E. Yencsik by D R Horton Inc, $180,000, 02/25/2014.

472 Castille Dr., to Anthony P. Parente & Maryann L. Parente by Kenneth J. Puchalski & Judith L. Puchalski, $169,900, 02/13/2014.

1102 Hook Dr., to September Dohrmann by Charles L. Henry, $167,500, 02/18/2014.

513 Bent Oak Ct., to Geraldine M. Ford by Doris J. Stratakis & Peter C. Stratakis, $165,000, 02/27/2014.

10428 Fairchild Rd., to Douglas Taynton & Maria Taynton by Candace Glazier, $160,000, 02/05/2014.

12805 Ione Way, to Patricia Anne Kashansky by Mcmunn Company Inc, $155,000, 02/21/2014.

10295 Fairchild Rd., to Safet Sam Mulaj by Kerri L. Duffey, $152,500, 02/28/2014.

13151 Whitmarsh St., to Lorraine A. Kent & Brandon Buyea by Joseph V. Marchiselli & Lorraine Marchiselli, $152,000, 02/19/2014.

4420 Plumbago Ct., to Donald E. Emberg & Judith I. Emberg by Domenico Ferrara & Maria Ferrara, $145,000, 02/14/2014.

11428 Sand Hill Ave., to Robert Sanchez Jr. by Deborah L. Mitstifer & George E. Mitstifer, $142,500, 02/20/2014.

3200 St. IVes Blvd., to Ned B. Reno by Andrew K. Tuttle, $136,500, 02/26/2014.

6464 Putters Cir., to Vincent J. Palmieri & Mary Ann Palmieri by David E. Short & Mary E. Short, $136,000, 02/27/2014.

13349 Little Farms Dr., to Paul T. Monaghan by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Anschutz &. Schneid Pl Robertson Atty In Fact, $135,000, 02/14/2014.

4229 Hoffman Ave., to Fred R. Hudson & Arleth C. Hudson by Alan H Fuhremann Revocable Trust, $135,000, 02/03/2014.

8021 Summerbreeze Ter., to Gordon S. Devries & Ann V. Thomas by Larry M. Kessler & Barbara D. Kessler, $135,000, 02/21/2014.

5453 Freeport Dr., to Martin Javier Mejia San by Andres Gonzalez, $132,500, 03/03/2014.

11636 Trumbull Dr., to Richard D. Keith & Pamela Johanna Keith by Darliene F. Hardy & Darleine F. Hardy Succ Trustee, $130,000, 02/28/2014.

3001 Appleblossom Tr., to Phyllis Patterson & Joan Patterson Risser by Rose M. Obrien & Rose M. Obrien Trustee, $130,000, 02/14/2014.

2299 Dressel Ave., to Maria Fernandez & Nilsa Fernandez Atty In Fact by Michael F. Scali & Sonja Scali, $128,500, 02/21/2014.

11049 Auburndale St., to Jason O. Barrett & Kristen S. Barrett by Sayeeda Williams & Brodie Family Trust LLC, $128,000, 02/27/2014.

3026 Meadowsong Ln., to Francis E. Newkirk & Lena F. Newkirk by John M. Ogorzalek & John M. Ogorzalek Succ Trustee, $124,000, 02/26/2014.

3241 Ambassador Ave., to Alfred Sarvaideo Trustee & Sarvaideo Trust by Portia Desimini & Portia Desimini Trustee, $123,000, 03/04/2014.

4995 Kirkwood Ave., to James E. Schumacher & Christina Schumacher by Howard J. Forlong, $120,000, 02/21/2014.

2240 Lema Dr., to Barry L. Gordon & Deborah K. Gordon by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $113,900, 02/27/2014.

12228 Bonview Ln., to Leonora Lubrano by Home Loan Mortgage Federal & Hallinan Plc Phelan Atty In Fact, $111,000, 02/11/2014.

4350 Vienna St., to Mary Ann Deters Trustee & Deters Family Trust by Dmd Investors Inc, $111,000, 02/28/2014.

13294 Cecil Ct., to John A. Caccamise by U S Bank Na & Structured Asset Investment Loan Trust Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2006 3, $110,300, 02/24/2014.

5188 Elwood Rd., to John F. Obrien & Bonnie E. Obrien by Ams Homes LLC, $110,000, 02/10/2014.

1164 Barranca Ave., to Vinsen Inman & Betty Inman by Howard A. Stoneley & Virginia A. Stonely, $109,900, 02/14/2014.

8273 Annapolis Rd., to Tangie Poole by Patricia A. Begley, $107,900, 02/21/2014.

2231 Grandfather Mtn, to John A. Gervase Jr. & Joan A. Gervase by Dietlind A. Coan & Dietlind A. Coan Succ Trustee, $107,500, 02/18/2014.

11193 Tuscanny Ave., to Sherrell S. Johnson by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $107,000, 02/10/2014.

4179 Bayridge Ct., to Yaneth Patrocinio & La Zerda Dila L. De by Bank Of New York Mellon Trust Company Na & Bank Of New York Trust Company Na, $104,800, 01/30/2014.

8420 Eric St., to John A. Alspaugh & Judith E. Alspaugh by Mary Ellen Tosetto & Carl John Tosetto, $103,000, 02/15/2014.

4285 Newton Rd., to John Roger Hadley & Tamara Lea Hadley by Janet M. Martel & Janet M. Martel Trustee, $100,000, 02/28/2014.

6312 Darien Way, to Michael Riley & Zelma A. Riley by David C. Humbles Trustee & Kenneth P. Klein Trustee, $100,000, 02/12/2014.

9573 Christine Ln., to Daniel J. Golden & Brian E. Golden by Elizabeth C.Pokorny & Donn Edward Pokorny, $100,000, 02/13/2014.

15044 Silversmith Cir., to Maria T. Patton by Robert R. Bolin & Dena M. Bolin, $97,000, 02/27/2014.

12152 Elston St., to Kenneth B. Tomlin & Elaine A. Tomlin by Jeremiahs International Trading Company Inc, $95,000, 02/07/2014.

2286 Westchester Blvd., to Donald R. Smith & Patty A. Smith by Mary M. Alfano & Mary M. Alfano Trustee, $95,000, 02/17/2014.

12407 Fish Cove Dr., to Haimraj Somwaru & Homwati Somwaru by Suntrust Mortgage Inc, $94,000, 02/19/2014.

11076 Tilburg St., to Thomas Dominic Douglas Korinis & Cassie Korinis by Walter J. Curtis & Maureen A. Curtis, $93,500, 02/25/2014.

12332 Drake Ln., to John Salazar & Leanne D. Salazar by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Hsi Asset Securitization Corporation Trust 2006 He2, $93,500, 02/18/2014.

9239 Spring Hill Dr., to Gregory Alan Brandt & Linda Sue Brandt by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Hallinan Plc Phelan Atty In Fact, $91,000, 02/12/2014.

12087 Beck St., to Michael John Oliva by Sullivanjames, $90,000, 02/21/2014.

8256 Goodrich St., to Jose C. Riberiro & Ana Ribeiro by Srmof 2012 1 Trust & U S Bank Trust Na, $90,000, 02/18/2014.

11246 Roland St., to Charlotte M. Marozas & Dean R. Marozas by Jerry L. Surface, $89,000, 02/21/2014.

6279 Ocean Pines Ln., to Thomas M. James by Timothy T. Opper & Margaret J. Opper, $88,500, 02/14/2014.

12185 Coronado Dr., to Ted Barr & Megan Barr by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $88,100, 02/12/2014.

280 Gulfport Ln., to David A. Way by Richard Lee Horstmanshop & Sharyle J. Bender, $87,000, 02/14/2014.

2255 Gold Rd., to Irene J. Ferris by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $86,000, 02/28/2014.

7458 Philatelic Dr., to Miranda Macri & Rinaldo Macri by Bradley Feldt, $85,000, 02/28/2014.

188 Tulsa Ave., to Leon Storm & Lamairlet Storm by Beverly J. During & Jeffry D. During, $84,500, 01/30/2014.

2432 Allegro Ave., to David Scott Stone & Vickie Faye Stone by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $83,500, 02/14/2014.

8438 Day St., to Tery Kilburn by Betty H. Haas & Betty H. Haas Trustee, $83,000, 02/24/2014.

1353 Finland Dr., to Reginald J. Gardner & Pamela A. Gardner by Elinor Stephens & Hollis Hayden, $80,000, 02/18/2014.

6507 Mayhill Ct., to Richard L. Grubb by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Anschutz &. Schneid Pl Robertson Atty In Fact, $79,900, 02/12/2014.

6641 Inverary Ln., to Donald L. Irving & Joyce M. Irving by Thelma Dubois & Howard A. Dubois, $78,000, 02/12/2014.

2575 Rim Dr., to Raymond F. Cousens by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Connors Llp Aldridge Atty In Fact, $77,000, 02/26/2014.

9347 Horizon Dr., to James Boardman & Lorraine Boardman by Christopher B. Parry & Caron L. Parry, $76,000, 02/19/2014.

2271 Lake Forest Ave., to Derek P. Zmuda by Mary M. Rickards & Mary M. Richard, $75,000, 02/12/2014.

2357 Restmere Ln., to Marquis LLC by U S Bank Na & Abs 2006 St1 Bs, $75,000, 02/17/2014.

6401 Grapewood Rd., to John A. Caccamise by Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $73,500, 02/04/2014.

12057 Cradock St., to Community Housing Partners Corporation Of Florida by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $73,300, 02/06/2014.

2499 Glenridge Dr., to Steven Vamos & Elizabeth Anne Vamos by Danny L. Eldridge & Danny L. Eldridge Trustee, $73,000, 02/24/2014.

2044 Arbuckle Rd., to Jennifer Alicea by Sharen M. Adams & Sharen M. Bertram, $72,900, 02/14/2014.

5251 Fairhaven Ave., to Edward F. Smith & Lucinda Kay Duehring by Timothy Cogswell, $72,800, 02/21/2014.

11171 Heathwood Ave., to Sfra LLC by Stress Free Property Management Inc, $72,000, 03/03/2014.

5095 Higate Rd., to Matthew Kirkland by Florida Eagle Investments LLC, $69,900, 02/17/2014.

13053 Spencer Ct., to Jacqueline Gibson by U S Bank Na & Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2005 5, $69,300, 02/20/2014.

2490 Stanton Ave., to Richard Banville by National Mortgage Association Federal & Marder Pa Greenspoon Atty In Fact, $68,500, 01/29/2014.

2145 Linwood Ave., to Erik S. Manchester & Stephanie R. Manchester by Robert Tremblay & Joan Tremblay, $67,800, 02/26/2014.

6096 Mountain Way Ave., to Dennis Fahey & Pauline Fahey by Wells Fargo Financial System Florida Inc & Wells Fargo Bank Na, $67,500, 01/23/2014.

10131 Vancouver Rd., to Danny R. Nystrand & Pamela J. Nystrand by Gary W. Riggs & Carol A. Riggs, $67,000, 02/27/2014.

2381 Restmere Ln., to Thomas Peter Haas by Cynthia K. Wiley, $65,000, 02/19/2014.

5530 Landover Blvd., to Carmasse Property Management Assoc LLC by Gmac Mortgage LLC & Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, $65,000, 02/20/2014.

6379 Nature Preserve Ln., to Diane M. Duron by Ervin Lodyga & Patricia Lodyga, $65,000, 02/18/2014.

11359 Salters St., to Brett M. Juanis by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $63,000, 02/21/2014.

1292 Valiant Ave., to Pete And Heron Universal LLC by Ralph T. Gilligan & Donna R. Gilligan, $63,000, 02/11/2014.

13367 Bonita Ave., to Jennifer A. Giannizzero & Michael A. Giannizzero by Gloria Richardson & Linda Sue Sabo, $62,000, 02/21/2014.

4280 Landover Blvd., to Pete And Heron Universal LLC by Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $60,400, 02/04/2014.

11339 Stacy St., to Cody L. Hayworth by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $59,900, 02/26/2014.

1342 Aladdin Rd., to Metis LLC by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Shuler Solomon Spector Foyle &. Singer Pa Kass, $59,000, 02/17/2014.

3215 Dothan Ave., to John Sfraga & Karen Sfraga by Pennymac Loan Trust 2011 Npl1 & Pennymac Loan Services LLC, $58,000, 02/05/2014.

2219 Hillandale Ave., to John T. Arruda & Isabel A. Arruda by Florida Eagle Investments LLC, $49,900, 02/12/2014.

13270 Pinellas Ave., to Jennifer L. Gotts & Kenneth C. Gotts by National Mortgage Association Federal & Marder Pa Greenspoon Atty In Fact, $47,500, 02/13/2014.

4092 Redwing Dr., to Madria Shaw by Evelyn M. Winslow & Stephen B. Voigt, $47,000, 02/26/2014.

4461 Keyes Ave., to Eduardo Rivera & Celeste Garcia by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $46,500, 02/18/2014.

11320 Riddle Dr., to Florida Eagle Investments LLC by Of Housing And Urban Development Department & &. Associates Pc Ofori Atty In Fact, $46,200, 03/03/2014.

11125 Upton St., to Nina Christine Herrera by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $44,000, 02/19/2014.

5322 Springwood Rd., to Medical Resources Inc by Patricia H. Rodebush, $41,000, 02/28/2014.


9236 Lake Cypress Loop, to Pamela Lawler Trustee & Pamela Lawler Living Trust by Robert Michael Seay & Robert Michael Seay Trustee, $320,000, 02/24/2014.

11414 Warm Wind Way, to Jacob Schaper & Debra M. Faiola by Carol Corbisiero, $231,000, 02/20/2014.

9730 Southern Belle Dr., to Gary C. Ablard & Linda W. Ablard by Victor S. Ronchetti & Linda S. Ronchetti, $227,000, 02/21/2014.

7258 Tropical Dr., to William F. Trump & Aimee S. Trump by Henry Pierson & Linda Mae Pierson, $205,000, 02/21/2014.

9200 Butler Blvd., to Thomas M. Cummings & Michelle H. Cummings by Constance M. Jones & Constance M. Jones Succ Trustee, $170,000, 02/18/2014.

11317 Pheasant Ave., to Guillermo L. Urquieta by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Shuler Pa Kass Atty In Fact, $144,900, 02/28/2014.

12481 Maycrest Ave., to Allen O. Kirkland & Esther Kirkland by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust 2006 Ff11 Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2006 Ff11, $127,500, 01/24/2014.

9434 Mississippi Run, to Kathleen A. Cline & Sharon C. Petrowicz by Chester J. Pieleski & Claire S. Pieleski, $93,500, 02/21/2014.

15141 Pomp Pkwy., to Julia E. Williams by Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York, $62,000, 02/06/2014.

8151 Big Tr., to Dana Porter & Carol Porter by Kenneth V. Ellis & Cheryl L. Ellis, $58,000, 02/14/2014.

6543 Blackbird Ave., to Royal Writers Corporation by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $57,000, 02/27/2014.

6105 Colony Cir., to James E. Phillips by Esther C. Braden Trustee & Esther C Braden Living Trust, $50,000, 02/21/2014.

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