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Real estate transactions

Hernando real estate transactions for Aug. 14


26214 Mountainview Blvd., to Robert J. Cardinal Jr. by Richard A. Layton & Rebecca J. Layton, $218,000, 06/28/2013.

22093 Carr Creek Dr., to Charles Dale Henna & Virginia Rosa Henna by Justin G. Bauknight & Sara Ashley Bauknight, $178,000, 06/14/2013.

16219 Tampa St., to Carl A. Klug & Christopher C. Klug by Terry Lee Mills Jr. & Rosa Mario Mills, $175,000, 06/07/2013.

10141 Foley St., to Carl F. Askenback & Mary L. Askenback by Robert D. Johnson & Bonnie K. Johnson, $92,000, 06/28/2013.

8184 Country Club Dr., to Dean A. Hecker & Phyllis S. Hecker by Patsy P. Cummings & Patsy P. Cummings Trustee, $90,000, 06/27/2013.

12203 Birch St., to Glen R. Russell & Sarah A. Russell by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & Lp Hometelos, $84,000, 06/26/2013.

7041 Windmere Rd., to Jodia Simkins by Edward R. Deloy, $78,000, 06/26/2013.

9397 Southern Charm Cir., to Paul D. Villanueva & Noemi B. Villanueva by Judith A. Cimafranca, $70,000, 06/17/2013.

14685 Rialto Ave., to David B. Geelen by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $65,000, 06/07/2013.

360 Culbreath Rd., to James S. Flannery by Terry L. Graves, $62,000, 06/25/2013.

8542 Highpoint Blvd., to David Parnin & Marilyn Parnin by Ronald L. Steffey & Sandra J. Steffey, $60,000, 07/01/2013.

16042 Brookridge Blvd., to William L. Hackney & Georgia A. Hackney by Henry J. Crafa & Mildred S. Crafa, $56,000, 06/27/2013.

7646 Dinsmore St., to Madelane F. Smith & Patricia A. Krotje by Richard A. Ammen & R. A. Ammen, $55,000, 05/31/2013.

14281 Edgeknoll St., to Keurst Eleanor Ter Trustee & Bernard L And Eleanor Ter Keurst Trust by Ronald O. Rule, $47,700, 06/04/2013.

15211 Brookridge Blvd., to Dale E. Henna & Kay K. Henna by Mary Anne Bowman & Mary Anne Bowman Succ Trustee, $46,000, 06/21/2013.


3400 Palometa Dr., to Tommy L. Richmond & Benchamas Richmond by Martin B. Shirley & Jill M. Shirley, $275,000, 07/01/2013.


1289 Osowaw Blvd., to Hayward Rossum Trustee & Elizabeth Rossum Trustee by Carol Caughey & Carol Caughey Trustee, $375,000, 06/21/2013.

2430 Fairskies Dr., to Terry R. Rowe Trustee & Terry Rowe Revocable Trust by Jerome Patrick Little & Karen Charlotte Little, $259,900, 06/28/2013.

15030 Surrey Bnd, to Ray D. Gustafson & Cindy Perez by Vincent Todd Buckman & Karen Pham, $255,000, 06/21/2013.

2276 Country Ridge Ln., to Thomas E. Mcqueeney Jr. & Linda W. Mcqueeney by Cynthia R. Kirkdorfer & Cynthia R. Kirkdorfer Trustee, $220,000, 06/26/2013.

420 Archway Dr., to Don E. Riggans & Kimberly E. Riggans by Francisco J. Ojeda & Cynthia L. Ojeda, $188,000, 06/21/2013.

13410 Weatherstone Dr., to Riccy H. Tirado by Bruce Raemisch, $179,300, 06/25/2013.

9252 Brady St., to John P. Crumpler by Daniel P. Gardner & Jacki M. Gardner, $175,000, 06/28/2013.

12312 Padron Blvd., to Ellen M. Normandin & Paul E. Normandin Jr. by Virginia M. Pera, $172,000, 06/26/2013.

7085 Myrtlewood Ln., to Carol S. Hebert by Helen G. Saar & Helen G. Saar Trustee, $159,900, 06/28/2013.

11357 Mcnally Dr., to Terry R. Friedli & Arlene A. Friedli by Joanna Deinnocentiis & Joanna Davis, $155,000, 06/20/2013.

4298 Edenrock Pl., to William Perez & Aurora Perez by John Delriccio, $150,000, 06/26/2013.

13095 Bamboo St., to William Streeter & Tina M. Streeter by Leonard D. Schuneman & Karen Schuneman, $142,000, 06/26/2013.

5442 Queen Ave., to Todd Gosk by Mary Anne Deters, $142,000, 06/26/2013.

4555 Golf Club Ln., to Donald G. Crouse Trustee & Joyce M. Crouse Trustee by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Imh Assets Corp Collateralized Asset Backed Bonds Series 2004 10, $140,000, 06/18/2013.

3153 Wiltshire Ave., to Hans Dikomey & Margery A. Dikomey by Walter Colondres & Monserrate Colondres, $139,900, 06/28/2013.

5276 Slater Rd., to David Cooke & Michelle Cooke by Andrew Mullin, $135,000, 06/28/2013.

4308 Dewberry St., to Virginia Townsend by Kenneth L. Kaehn, $132,000, 06/25/2013.

1328 Overland Dr., to Joseph Selig & Cheryl D. Selig by Adele J. Nye, $125,000, 06/28/2013.

4363 Hoffman Ave., to Theresa R. Foley by George Morrison & Michele Morrison, $124,500, 07/01/2013.

3321 Dorian Ave., to Leslie R. Oconnell & Robert L. Oconnell by Judith A. Dobbs & Judith Ann Dobbs, $122,500, 06/26/2013.

3380 Indian River St., to Alyce R. Brentari by Mayumi Cook, $119,900, 06/21/2013.

1401 Maximilian Ave., to Ronald Schwartz & Debra Schwartz by Bank Of New York Mellon & Bank Of New York, $118,000, 06/18/2013.

2073 Towering Pines Ter., to Kevin C. Mcguire & Roberta H. Mcguire by Frederick Mcguire & Florence Mcguire, $117,500, 06/24/2013.

2317 Laredo Ave., to Robert Joseph Morgan & Debralee Morgan by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $116,500, 05/30/2013.

257 Oriana Dr., to Neil J. Aymond by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation & Law Offices Pc Udren Atty In Fact, $109,000, 06/04/2013.

2455 Crystal Lake Dr., to Stewart French & Patricia French by Nancy M. Hill & Nancy M. Hill Trustee, $105,000, 06/28/2013.

11578 Sheffield Rd., to Johnny Lee Jackson III. by Mary Alice Cowgill, $102,000, 06/28/2013.

11258 Heathrow Ave., to Catherine Kelly by Barbara A. Lipera & Barbara A. Lipera Trustee, $97,000, 06/28/2013.

1472 Maximilian Ave., to Steven R. Kirsner by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $96,000, 06/21/2013.

2189 Timber Lodge Ln., to Norman F. Mccauley & Doreeta F. Mccauley by Patricia R. Smith, $95,000, 06/26/2013.

10424 Clarion St., to Robert Siemon by Teresa Morahan, $92,000, 06/28/2013.

12402 Spreading Oak Dr., to Kay L. Robbins by Carolina S. Winger, $84,000, 06/19/2013.

5304 Mentmore Ave., to Pr Real Estate Group Inc by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company & Onewest Bank Fsb, $84,000, 06/12/2013.

5411 Roble Ave., to Sfra LLC by Sunshine State Deals Inc & 5411 Roble Ave Land Trust, $83,000, 06/27/2013.

4453 Lamson Ave., to Celestina F. Smith by National Mortgage Association Federal & Title Company Stewart Atty In Fact, $81,000, 06/25/2013.

13050 Hanley Dr., to Thomas D. Walsh III. by Billye A. Hampton, $80,000, 06/25/2013.

2406 Gallagher Ave., to Nancy J. Reinhart by Edward A. Wright & Joan A. Wright, $80,000, 06/21/2013.

6233 India Dr., to Brian Wragg & Angela Wragg by Noeleen Jones & Robert O. Jones, $80,000, 06/27/2013.

9237 Belvedere St., to Alan J. Copeland & Lynda D. Copeland by Gerald Martin, $80,000, 06/25/2013.

1141 Carmona Ave., to William Mulligan & Janet Mulligan by Pilar Cintron, $75,000, 06/21/2013.

2287 Amherst Ave., to William Hall & Patricia Hall by Mary Ann Young, $75,000, 06/28/2013.

6272 Pinehurst Dr., to Michelle M. Larratta by Abraham Rosa & Ana Irma Osorio, $75,000, 06/28/2013.

2614 Royal Ridge Dr., to Dwain C. Schott & Linda Schott by John Lesser & Betty Lesser, $74,200, 06/21/2013.

11066 Lightwood St., to Jianill M. Trujillo by Michael Sapp & Katherine Sapp, $74,000, 06/24/2013.

2456 Lake Forest Ave., to William A. Dumont & Carol Hebert by Louis Furrier, $74,000, 06/20/2013.

1069 Tryon Cir., to Mary Lou Munna by Carol D. Cahill & Fred Michael Womack, $73,000, 07/01/2013.

10113 Bannister St., to Yamir Ferro by Steven G. Simmons & Steven G.Simmons, $70,000, 06/18/2013.

8018 Philatelic Dr., to Gloria Itmaiza & Sydney Talley by Campground Estate Properties LLC, $70,000, 06/27/2013.

4307 Almond Ct., to Bernard C. Carrigan by Marian C. Wakeling & Thomas D. Kokai, $69,600, 06/28/2013.

7597 Landmark Dr., to David L. Fifield by Michael K. Sydney & Kathleen M. Sydney, $69,000, 06/26/2013.

275 Plumtree Ave., to Manuel C. Branco & Irma M. Branco by Arthur Brasky & Traci Lyn Brasky, $65,000, 06/21/2013.

8333 Forest Oaks Blvd., to Richard H. Geraci by National Mortgage Association Federal & Mae Fannie, $64,200, 06/21/2013.

13410 Candia St., to Jbl Ventures Inc by William E. Kreiling & Joyce M. Kreiling, $61,000, 06/25/2013.

467 Aladdin Rd., to Joel Hernandez by Denise Campbell & Denise V. Campbell, $55,000, 06/21/2013.

2215 Hawthorne Rd., to Robert Evans Wright by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & Ltd Pemco, $50,000, 06/24/2013.

1560 Autumn Rd., to Patrick J. Mcnair by Allan Chasse & Allan N. Chasse, $40,000, 06/13/2013.

4760 Keysville Ave., to Steven M. Pini & Daria Duin by James J. Marino, $40,000, 06/26/2013.


3341 Burwell Rd., to Matthew Mcconnell by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & Lp Hometelos, $50,900, 06/12/2013.


8980 Michigan Ave., to Mark E. Holley & Vanessa A. Holley by Rodney L. Saunders, $250,000, 06/27/2013.

11515 Pamela Cir., to Cheryl S. Brors by Mae Fannie & National Mortgage Association Federal, $220,500, 06/21/2013.

8237 Delaware Dr., to Sanad Yousef & Angela Yousef by Jeffrey B. Golubeff & Jennifer Golubeff, $196,000, 06/24/2013.

5365 Patricia Pl., to David Lane by Tudisco Family Trust & Alfredo Tudisco, $160,000, 06/28/2013.

9436 Southern Belle Dr., to Ronald M. Barnes & Gertrude D. Barnes by Robert B. Collins & Colleen E. Collins, $149,000, 06/20/2013.

5363 Tuscawilla Dr., to Roy Adkins & Janice Adkins by Robert M. Pointer & Diane M. Pointer, $145,000, 06/26/2013.

9343 French Quarters Cir., to Eugene Ferrante Jr. by Richard A. Hill & Mary F. Hill, $130,000, 06/14/2013.

9451 Mississippi Run, to Peter L. Ray & Marilyn W. Ray by Peggy Jean Marshall & Peggy JeanMarshall, $128,500, 06/21/2013.

5190 Felker Dr., to Pelham Gray Finney & Jan K. Finney by Elspeth J. Hogg & Stanton B. Hogg, $127,700, 06/14/2013.

15287 Coot Rd., to John L. Fengarinas & Rebecca A. Fengarinas by N. P. Dodge Jr. Trustee & National Equity Inc, $125,000, 06/20/2013.

9360 French Quarters Cir., to Regina Plank by Howard J. Daly III. & Howard J. Daly III. Succ Trustee, $118,000, 06/25/2013.

7404 Glasgow Rd., to William Dargan & Eileen P. Dargan by Viola Ostrander & Viola M. Ostrander, $94,000, 06/26/2013.

15003 Gonzo Rd., to Ashley Mackenzie Kuhn by Of Housing And Urban Development Secretary & Ltd Pemco, $66,200, 06/24/2013.

Hernando real estate transactions for Aug. 14 08/13/13 [Last modified: Tuesday, August 13, 2013 12:18pm]
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